Top 9 Reasons to Write With a Fountain Pen

Fountain pens weren’t introduced just yesterday; they have been on the market for ages, and the reason why they are still loved by many is that they give you a writing experience you may never get on other types of pens. They are the most chosen writing tools by many professionals, and for good reasons.

Check our list of nine reasons to write with a fountain pen and if you are already an enthusiast, share with us your main reasons for using this outstanding writing instrument.

01. Good Grip On Hands

Good Grip On Hands

A fountain pen offers an amazing feel in hand, unlike other types of pens, unlike the plastic ballpoint pens. Note that when you are that person who spends long hours writing or drawing, you are likely to experience hand fatigue when using other types of pens, but with a fountain pen, you are relieved of such frustrations.

The good thing about writing with a fountain pen is that you don’t have to press the nib into the paper. You will just need to grip the pen lightly and sliding it smoothly over the page to give your hands a good comfort. Also, there are plenty of options to choose from, so you will never miss your preferred pen.

02. A Fountain Pen Is A Versatile Writing Instrument

Almost all writing tools are not versatile. When you buy a pencil, you will find that they are available in the same shape. When it comes to ballpoint pens, they are only designed to use black and blue refills. Although they can still help you in many writing needs, the experience with fountain pens is different.

Fountain pens are designed with different shapes, sizes, and offer you excellent writing lines: from the Fine Nib Lamy Safari to the Medium Nib Dryden Luxury. They all give you a better and outstanding writing experience.

If you combine the features and capabilities of a fountain pen, you will find that it is impossible to find a pen that caters for almost all your writing needs like a fountain pen, not to mention the affordability of these pens.

03. Feeling

This is one of the fantastic reasons you will like the fountain pen. Think of a situation where you’ve bought a stunning non-refillable pen from a shop or you’ve just been given it as a gift when you start writing with it before you get used to it, the ink goes empty. The worst thing, there are no such types of pens anymore.

Now, that’s not the case with a fountain pen. Once you buy your favorite on the market or you’ve been given as a gift, you can still find the pen on the market. Fountain pens are refillable and whenever it breaks let’s say, for instance, the nib, it can easily be fixed. For this reason, you rest assured to have a writing partner for a long period of time.

04. A Fountain Pen Helps You To Write Better

Yes, this is a fact. A fountain pen will help to improve your handwriting. If it is your first time to use it, you will need to learn how to write with it properly, in which case, your writing speed will slow down. This slowdown in speed will give you time to concentrate on writing one letter after another which will ultimately improve the way you write. Therefore, if you feel like your writing is always messy and you want to write better, buy the best fountain pen.

05. Outstanding Writing Experience

It is without a doubt that fountain pens are the smoothest writing tools today. Although you can get other pens with such experience, a fountain pen will prove to be the smoothest writing instrument you will ever get.

06. A Fountain Pen Offers You A Luxurious Experience

A fountain pen will slide effortlessly over the surface of your page releasing a steady ink, thus making outstanding strokes while exerting less pressure on the page. Thankfully, you can also write in a unique style by choosing your preferred nib.

07. Plenty Of Ink Color Options

Plenty Of Ink Color Options

Fountain pens come with limitless ink colors choices. When you buy a ballpoint pen, you are likely to get restricted to two ink color options, but when it comes to fountain pens, there are plenty of options for ink colors. The good thing is that there are many ink companies offering a variety of color types. The shading and smoothness of fountain pens also vary from one manufacturer to another.

You may be aware of how amazing it is to obtain different colors to improve your writing. Now just imagine having the option to choose from hundreds of different colors of in to perfect your exact flavor in ink. With fountain pens, you can pick colors that match your writing needs; you can buy ink that shimmers or even waterproof inks and many others in bottle form.

08. There Are Plenty Of Style Options

You will always get your style of a pen when it comes to fountain pens unlike with ballpoint pens. Whether it is a sleek design or an ultra-modern fountain pen, you will always get a style you prefer. The tons of color options, body design and materials, nib design and ink refill systems means you will get a pen that suits your design preferences.

09. Economy Of Ink

Another incredible reason to write with a fountain pen is the way the ink will last. A bottle of ink may last for many days when using it on a continuous basis and it comes at a cost of less than $20. Although you will incur some expense when it comes to replacing the nib, on the side of the ink, it will be more economical than when using a felt pen or a ballpoint pen.

The Bottom Line

There is a lot you can get when you use fountain pens. We hope this article will motivate you to want to use a fountain pen. If you are already a fountain pen enthusiast, what are your reasons for writing with this amazing writing instrument? If you’re yet to buy one, what’s making you not to do it now? Share it in the comment section below.

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