40 Coolest Viking Hairstyles: Most Sought Trendy Haircut For Men

The Vikings were popular because of their typical hairstyle. Ancient Vikings used to wear their Viking hairstyle in a much fashionable manner. They were known to be savages and warriors who stood victorious in many battles. Also, they were historically known for their long distance trading activities in the sea. Somewhat a reason as to why they wore rugged hairstyles. Such made them get acknowledged by many men who desired to rock the hairdo. It is clear that it was sure a good hairstyle as it survived time. The style did not become extinct as opposed to some traditional styles, which are not common in todays’ barbershops. Critics claim the style is rather barbaric than it is a decent hairstyle.

History claims that in accordance to haircuts, they outlived their time. The beard especially brings out the badass attitude of a true Viking warrior ready for war.


I have come up with 40 of the best Viking hairstyle in 2019. The series Vikings relates with the hairstyle in a dynamic way. Ever since the start of season one, young people have embedded the hairstyle within himself or herself thus embracing the culture. Ultimately, the Viking haircut is with us to stay as it has always done for generations to generations making it the most trendiest hairstyle in 2019.

1. Temple Shave


In this shave, the temple is shaven to either mid or low level in accordance to the preference of the client. It is common knowledge to note that Vikings used to wear thick locks at the top with faders shaved close to the skin. The temple shave add an elegant look to the wearer of the hairdo.

2. Shaved Head with Beard

Instagram / @BEARD4ALL

As opposed to the famed belief that Viking Haircut must have thick locks, this style goes on and breaks the rules by having a clean-shaven head. The beard is crucial to completing the appearance making it look classy and elegant. It is advisable to grow a long beard with this hairdo.

3. Braided Part


The style came to the streets of the United States in the year 2017. The shave has seen it maintain in the top charts all through 2017, 2018, and now it is still hot in 2019. The look brings about a warrior appearance to the gents that rock it.

4. Loose Braid


In this hairdo, the braids are incorporated into the Vikings shave. Since long thick locks is a plus when rocking the coiffure, then a long lock behind your back coming from the top of your forehead would obviously look amazing.

5. Top Knot with Undercut


In this hairstyle, the Vikings part and the hipster integrate to come up with this particular hairdo. Incorporating a top knot embraced with an undercut at the bottom engages the shave into a classy elegant appearance.

6. Long Hair and Beard


If one is wearing this look, it is advisable to have thick loose locks of hair at your disposal. Also, adding a beard would meet the standard signature for the Viking hairdo. One can use sea salt spray to style up the locks thus improving texture.

7. Mohawk


It is known that rebels and Vikings shared the Mohawk hairstyle: Each modifying the look in accordance to their tastes and preferences. The faders are usually close to the skin to magnify the thick taper that runs from the forehead to the neckline.

8. Slicked Back Undercut


If you are looking for intensity in the Viking hairstyle category, this is the one to go for. The style incorporates longer sides and shorter tops; it gives the loo it signature appearance. The slicked-back undercut adds class and elegance to the appearance.

9. Messy Half-Pony


In this style, the rough and rugged appearance of the Viking is manifested in this hairdo. The long locks of thick hair that are left to be messy make the gent appear warrior-like. The style makes sure the elegant locks of hair are not in your face by creating a ponytail.

10. Half Bun


A half-bun is incorporated into the hairstyle to make it look exceptionally classy. Wearing a beard can promulgate the look to the next classy level as it makes it appear magnificent. The mane is plain and at medium size, which brings a warrior look.

11. Vikings Historical Version


Rocking this hairstyle would connect you with the ancestors of the fallen Vikings. The hairdo incorporated longer fringes and shorter hair at the back of the head. Moreover, history finds it difficult to place the ideal historical haircut into context.

12. Rugged Hairstyles


In this hairstyle, being rugged is the idea. From the beard to the mane at the top, resemble the typical Viking warrior look. The haircut would mirror fierce attitudes and character from the gent wearing it. The style is common among the punk living in the United States.

13. Modern Viking Hairstyle

Instagram / @STIKING1

In this hairstyle, incorporating a full beard is advisable in the sense that it adds composure to the shave. Modern Viking hairdo leans to modern times as opposed to the historical Viking style that was messy and rough. The look is cut perfectly to match the class and elegance of the gent.

14. Clean Undercuts with Man Buns


When wearing an undercut in the Viking hairstyle, one is considered to be at the epitome. It is a common fete to see skin fades and disconnected fades incorporated into the Vikings coiffure. The man bun magnifies the shaven fades.

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15. Vikings Coiffure with Two Braids


The two thin braids in the hairdo add some warrior syndrome to the overall appearance of the look. They add detail to the look by bringing out the picture of the hairstyle.

16. Undercuts with Ponytails


In this stylish haircut, one is required to have long thick hair incorporated with a spectacular undercut. Also, putting the ponytail adds an elegant fashionable appearance. The back-braided halo is added into the final appearance.

17. Viking Hairstyle with Bjorn Styles


It is a common fete to garner information that the series Vikings was the primal reason as to why many gents are rocking the hairdo. Bjorn who stars in the series, depicts a masterpiece hairstyle with which many young people globally emulate.

18. Pompadour Mohawks


By adding gel and wax to the taper, one can instigate a hairdo with a pompadour at the front. The style requires heavy thick locks and some backcombing the taper. The style can be worn with a beard depending on the taste of the young man.

19. Crew Cut Hairstyles


The hairstyle incorporates wearing a short hair as opposed to the famed Viking signature because of long hair. One might be unable to cater or maintain long locks and would go for shorter hair. The style needs a beard to complete the elegant look.

20. Short and Long Hair Combos


If you want to mix up some short and long locks, then this is the style to wear. The hairdo features the two variants. Also, by cutting the front part shorter than the back, you’ll have accomplished the signature look. The back part can be free or even a better option of getting dreadlocks is offered.

21. Nordic Viking Hairstyle

Instagram / @VIBRANN

In accordance to the hairstyle, having a rugged Viking look is the primal idea. Incorporating long messy locks maybe with an undercut would appear marvelous. One might slick back the taper therefore having a much more sophisticated look.

22. The Jumbo French Braid


The Vikings were accustomed to wearing braids from time to time. Facts reveal that they incorporated them into their manes especially during times of war. In the modern sphere, one might want to present a warrior-like character. It fits the shoe perfectly.

23. The Double Man Bun


In this style, instead of a single bun, twin ones are placed at the backside. The look is unique in the sense that it portrays creativity and masculinity at the same time. Actually, this means that the Viking’s attributes double.

24. Viking Hairstyles for Redheads


According to sources, the Vikings were fair in complexion and they wore their manes the wild way. The redheads were often linked to the Vikings in relation to their hairstyles. The style includes braids, ponytails, and a rugged beard.

25. Crisscross Man Braids


The style of braiding was a common fete amongst the Vikings. In modern societies, barbers have found out new ways to rock those braids. By crisscrossing them on top and finishing, that using a ponytail gives the shave a punk character.

26. Warrior Viking Hairstyles


If one wants to wear a warrior-like hairdo, this is by far the best choice. By having some hair like fall of the front hairline adds some rebellious character to the hairstyle.

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27. The Viking Braided Beard


The style incorporates a braided beard. Th number of braids solely depends on the clients’ tastes and preferences. The faders can be cut close to the skin with the primal purpose of magnifying the taper.

28. The Braided Fauxhawk

Instagram / @LASSELOM

By using long warrior tresses, one may create a unique look to the hairstyle. Also, by equipping one with an undercut could exemplify the appearance. The fades are braided to each other at the top.

29. Savage Viking Hairstyle

Instagram / @LEVISTOCKE

The Vikings who lived in ancient times used to wear their manes savage; if you are out to look savage, consider wearing this look. The manes are set free as they go down the back and shoulders. The look rather portrays the beastly nature of the Vikings.

30. Twisted Braids Viking Hairstyle


The style incorporates the character Boneless in the series Vikings: Boneless, who happens to be Ragnar’s son, rocks this hairdo to the max. The braids are twisted from the front to the back to show a magnificent appearance. The taper fade and cornrows make the look superb.

31. Mohawk with Braided Sides


If you want to wear a Mohawk yet do not want to shave the faders, braiding them would suit the need. The taper should appear messy to bring out a punk character. The look is common among young skaters as it symbolizes their outgoing lifestyle.

32. Viking Hairstyles with Tattoos


The artistry of tattoos can be implemented into the Viking Hairstyle. The series star Ragnar; wear his hair with tattoos rocking the faders. It is a brave look to wear as it is considered truly savage. After some time, one could get a retouch for a different tattoo design.

33. Shoulder-length Hairstyles


The hairstyle requires long hair that extends to the shoulders. However, if it happens to be short, one could put it into a ponytail. The shave brings out a masculine Viking appearance. Also, it is pleasing to look at.

34. Viking Hairstyle with Hair Tattoos


Apart from wanting tattoos on your head, one may incorporate hair tattoo, which happens to be awesome. The undercuts are designed to make shapes of art that make them appear appealing to the eye. Without forgetting the Mohawk taper, the look is magnificent.

35. Low Ponytail Haircuts


The look is typical amongst celebrities. In the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Shawn Michaels rocks this hairdo throughout his career as a wrestler. The style is easily manageable as well as comfortable to wear.

36. Vikings Hairstyles with Tied Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks bring out an edgy vibe and rocking them would do wonders if embedded into the Viking Hairstyle. Also, if dreadlocks are absent, one can use extended locks that resemble the missing dreadlocks. Afterwards, the dreads are tied into a ponytail at the back.

37. High and Tight Haircuts


In the military today, this style is rocked to the max. As for people with short hair, yet they dream of rocking the Viking hairdo, it is the best choice. The faders are usually shaved close to the skin thus leaving no hair on the sides. The taper has short hair to fit the description and nature of the haircut.

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38. Double Braided Beard Styles


When rocking the Viking hairstyle, a beard is considered a primal cog to complete the hairdo. In this typical style, two thick braids are created to bring a masculine appearance. The braids are separate to bring out a Vikings warrior character.

39. Viking Hairstyle with Cornrows


When one adds cornrows to the Viking hairstyle, it brings out a magnificent look. Braids are the primal essence of this particular haircut. By incorporating cornrows, one sophisticates the look by making it look amazing.

40. Twisted Office Hairstyles


It is common knowledge that the Viking hairstyle is messy and rugged. However, a neat shave can come out of a Viking shave. Moreover, the style is likely to appear beautiful especially with long hair. The look is common in most workplaces around the US.



The Viking hairstyle has been with us for some time. With every generation, the style gets to evolve into something better. In 2019, the style is much sought after by both young and old men. The Viking haircut is admired on a global platform as the Scandinavian culture is spread out through various hairstyles. The Vikings series was a revelation to many youths to rock the hairstyle.

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