46 Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles for Men (2019 ULTIMATE GUIDE)


The short sides long top haircut has been around for a while. This hairstyle has been favoured by celebrities and actors over the years. I recall seeing a few movies in which the main actors rocked many variations of this haircut, and I totally loved all the styles I saw.

All styles of this haircut are usually incredibly versatile. In some way, they can all be styled to reflect your own tastes and preferences. The long top can be styled into a variety of textures and colours. Also, the nature of the style means that you can rock it to any occasion; whether formal, business or casual.


Try out any of these short sides long top hairstyles to stay fashionable in 2019.

1. The Brushed Sides Hairstyle

Instagram / @UCHI_FUNIC

For this look, simply comb some part of your hair to one side. Place the other mass of hair on this side with some gel. Now, apply more gel around the piled up hair to keep it in place. You can rock this style on straight, curly or wavy hair.

2. The Straight Way Haircut


This hairstyle is quite easy to style. The long top hair is cut halfway while the sides of the hair are shortened; almost totally. For this style, the top of the hair is straightened. Rub some styling gel on the haircut to keep the style in place.

3. The Curly Faux Hawk Cut

Instagram / @LORIATROOTS

This style combines long top hair with trimmed side hair. The long top hair is kept very curly. Personally, I love this style because you can rock it on every attire; formal or casual. The style creates a balance that makes you stand out.

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4. The Contemporary Bowl Cut

Instagram / @BEAAASTYLES

While this haircut may appear geeky, it is actually quite fashionable. The contemporary bowl haircut looks really great over a buzzed undercut. You may go a step further with it by adding bangs to the front of your hair. Talk about geeky and classy!

5. The Gelled and Textured Haircut


This style works well with a little bit of gel. All you have to do is run little gel through your already-styled hair to add some texture to it and you are good to go. Of course, you will need to visit a professional stylist to get your hair trimmed.

6. Low-key Fade on Pampadours with Side Parting

Instagram / @DANSHAW5201

Pampadours always make a statement but what about side-parted pampadours? This haircut will certainly bring out your fashion A-game. It merges a gelled pompadour cut with some low-key fade around the short sides of your hair. Add some buzz around the pompadour to make it even more dramatic.

7. The Playboy Cut

Instagram / @MOZASTUDIO7417

This haircut gives you a stylish playboy appearance. Regardless of the length of the long top hair, you can achieve this look by leaving some extra hair hanging over your forehead. Leave the bangs hanging straight for a more rugged appearance. You’ll definitely stay in control with this one.

8. The Casual Side Cut


For this hairstyle, the short sides rest against the length of the long top. Then, the top hair is pushed to one side of your crown. Add some gel and hair spray and you are good to hit the road. Just like its name, it works well for a casual day out.

9. The Long Top with Undercut

Yes! Short sides long top haircut combine with neat undercuts in a perfect way. The style of this one is in the difference between the long top hair and the short sides. This haircut creates some stylish drama for you. Make it even better by adding some soft locks to your top hair.

10. Tapered Pompadours


This haircut comes with some volume around the pomp of your hair. It plays with the longer strands of hair and shorter strands around your top and side hair. This style makes you look effortlessly fashionable.

11. The Long Top with Neat Undercut


This haircut combines a neat undercut with the long top hair. To recreate this look, simply gel the top of your hair backwards while trimming the side hair. This gives you a very professional appearance.

12. Messy Short Sides Haircut

Instagram / @FINOFADES_

What I love most about this cut is the fact that it works well with any hair texture. Now, this style is big on hair freedom.  You have to let your hair do what it wants. You can add a little gel to create some attention around the parted hair.

13. The Unformed Pomp

This style looks very much like the pompadours we talked about. The big difference, however, is that the unformed pomp gives off some sort of rugged look. When your top hair is straightened, this haircut fits perfectly on it.

14. Flat Pomp and Side Parting

This look is both classy and timeless. It lays flat across the head while being parted to one side of the head. In addition, it does not have so much of volume unlike the other haircuts we’ve looked at. Add some gel to it and you are good to go.

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15. The Gelled Back Haircut

Instagram / @LITTTTTLEB

This style looks really good on trendy men. Somehow, it stands between ancient fashion and modern fashion. To achieve it, brush the top of your hair backwards with some gel. This will create some fine texture around your hair and make you stand out.

16. The Angular Pomp


Like the gelled back haircut, this creates a balance between antique fashion and a contemporary appearance. The haircut is some sort of trendy angular twist to the pompadour haircut. It’s definitely a stylish option you should consider this year.

17. The Messy Pomp with Shaved Sides


This haircut presents a sort of stylish contrast. While the top of the hair is kept really full, the sides are completely shaved off. The locks of the top hair stay all over the place; creating a stylish appeal.

18. The Greaser

Instagram / @ARMTHETIMMY

This style is very messy yet fashionable. The short sides and long top of the hair lie in different layers. The layers in the long top fall all over the place. This forms a greasy yet fashionable look for you.

19. The Tipped Faux Hawk Cut


This is your everyday hairstyle. Yet, this doesn’t make it any less fashionable. It combines a short back hair which moves to the front of the hair. The front hair forms a very high top right in front of your crown. This haircut gives you a very precise appearance.

20. Piecey Flat Haircut

Instagram / @HURTADONIK

If you have an angular face, then this is for you. For this hairstyle, the short sides of the hair rest just beneath the long strands of the hair. The hair is placed in layers and each layer is slightly roughened with gel to give it some dense texture.

21. The Man in Uniform Haircut


Ever wanted to look like a man in uniform? Then this style is a great option for you. However, this haircut stays extremely fashionable due to its long and voluminous top hair. It fits in well with shaved sides.

22. The Piecey BedHead Cut

You could consider this style if you want to rock something simple yet classy. The best part is, you don’t need any styling for this style. All you have to do is climb out of bed and you are ready to hit the road.

23. Bangs on Shaved Sides


The perfect starter kit for this style is shaved sides with a short back and a long top front hair. The hair is pushed forward to form bangs. Now, adjust the bangs with some gel to keep them in shape.

24. The Sleeping Faux Hawk

Instagram / @NEII_PENALOZA

Forget the name; there is nothing sleepy about this one. It merges short sides with long top hair. By some sort of magic, the top hair is styled into a mohawk. The style stays all over the place just like the bedhead haircut.

25. The Voluminous Cut

If you have really thick and full hair, then you should consider rocking this haircut. This style features short side hair and a thick and long top hair. The long top can be styled in a variety of ways based on your fashion intention.

26. The Gelled Back Cut with Side Parting

Instagram / @FINOFADES_

You can rock this style with either a buzzed tone or natural one. The hair is parted to one side with some gel so that it lies flat on the crown of the head. Add a lot of gel to achieve a densely textured look.

27. The Slightly Angled Faux Hawk

Instagram / @BLANCO.HAIR

This is another everyday look I love. It combines short sides with medium-length top hair. Tilt the top of the hair in a slight angle to give it some sort of mohawk appearance. This gives you a very desirable look.

28. The Fully Formed Piecey Faux Hawk


This style looks like the classic haircut. However, this style is not very uniformed. Apply gel to give the haircut some sort of fine shape. It works well with the texture of your natural hair.

29. The Windy Haircut


This is a very natural variety of the short sides long top hairstyle. You can achieve this look by applying some gel on your hair. The hair is swept backwards and sideways to give it some sort of wind-like appearance; like your hair is cut up in the wind.

30. The Textured Bangs

Instagram / @MIKEYYYYYYY_

The good thing about the textured bangs is that you can style it on every hair type and texture. To achieve it, all you have to do is place your hair in layers and then, add some gel to keep the hair in place. You can rock it in many ways.

31. The Spiked Cut

Instagram / @FINOFADES_

Just like the faux hawk, this look has short hair on the sides with lots of hair around the crown of your head. The big difference is that the hair is spiked up in pieces using a lot of gel. This look is very dramatic yet attractive.

32. The Textured Quiff


This textured quiff works with density and voluminous top hair. The top of the hair is pushed backwards and away from the face. The sides are shaved almost neatly. This look definitely makes a fashion statement.

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33. The Gelled Pompadours

Instagram / @VALIANT_FAE_

This is a great option for professional events. It presents a long top hair that resembles a quaff . However, for this style, the top of the hair is gelled into place to give it some texture. It’s definitely a show-stopper.

34. The Wild Side Parting Haircut

Instagram / @FINOFADES_

This haircut is quite dramatic. The long top of the hair hangs dramatically low around the shorter sides. Then, a parting is added around one side of the hair. This creates an interesting contrast that exposes one section of your hair while hiding the other part.

35. The Subtle Faux Hawk


This is a great look you can rock to parties and hangouts. The short sides of the hair work well with the long hair top. The two sides are pushed together to form some sort of faux hawk look-alike.

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36. The Wavy Cut

Instagram / @EBIZ_BARBER

Your short sides long top hairstyles also work with this hair texture. The sides of the hair are completely shaved off while the curly top is left loose and free. The back of the hair is combed backwards so that it connects with the shorter locks.

37. The Flowing Top Haircut


This looks like the wavy top hairstyle. The quaff of the hair flows smoothly across the crown of the hair. The style looks short at first then it gets longer as it moves from one layer of the hair to the other.

38. Man Bun on Shaved Sides

Nothing looks better than man bun and shaved sides coming together in fashion matrimony. Here, the sides of the hair are shaved away while the top of the hair is kept very long. The top hair is worked into a messy man bun. This blend is very exciting.

39. Edged Side Pomps


This is just like the pomp. For this style, however, the pomp is pushed to one side of the crown. On the other side, an edge cut is placed deep within the shaved hair. This look is stylish. It would leave you looking like you stepped out of a movie.

40. The Voluminous Undercut

Instagram / @ALL_ABOUT_MEN6

This is another interesting style for 2019. The sides of the hair are completely shaven while a very voluminous top hair is brushed to the side. The good thing is the hair can be flipped both ways or parted down in the middle to create a desirable appearance.

41. Platinum Bond Cut


While this is extremely bold and daring, it is also worth every bit of it. You can add a bit of texture to it to make it more appealing. The top of the hair is styled into layers and kept in place with some gel.

42. The Flipped and Gelled Cut

Instagram / @KortenStEiN

This style features a top hair that is brushed to one side with some gel to give it some texture. This is some very stylish cut that brings out the rockstar in you. It creates a lot of presence for you.

43. The Straight and Wavy Cut

Instagram / @KINAJ.ATHLETE

This works well with straight hair. One side of the hair is flipped and allowed to rest directly on the shaved sides of your head. To get the best out of it, place your hair in different layers. This makes it more appealing.

44. The Corporate Haircut


Announce your presence at business meetings with this haircut. One side of the head is parted and gelled over to form a small mound. The other side of the hair is kept long and tapers all the way down. Capture your clients with your look.

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45. Half-Pomp Haircut


For this style, the sides of your hair are shaved while the top is trimmed low to accommodate a pompadour. Use little gel to fix the pomp in place while letting some strands of the top hair to fall freely about. Talk about free and wild.

46. Tapered Fade Haircut

Instagram / @BARBER_BABE_

Talk about simple and classy. This style features length at the top that gradually tapers down in some sort of fade until there is nothing left of it. This haircut is very stylish yet simple. I will call it a practical style.

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Stay Stylish with Short Sides Long Hairstyles

Without doubt, this haircut is something you must not miss in 2019. The best part is it provides a range of options for you so that you stay stylish in the most comfortable way. In addition, it is really easy to style and works well with all hair types and textures.

Do not hesitate to head out to the salon to try out one of more of the short sides, long top hairstyle. You’ll be glad you did.


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