42 Cool and Trendy Short Haircuts for Men (Best Hairstyles 2019)

There are various short haircuts for men to choose from. Some men don’t want to comb, but they still want to have an appealing and magnificent look. For this reason, many hairstylists are coming up to offer low-maintenance short haircuts that are fashionable.

We have collected 42 haircuts for men. You can choose a few for your hair stylist to check which will be the best for you.


1. Military Mohawk

Instagram / @THEGBLADE

You can consider the short Mohawk before having military Mohawk. The short Mohawks are not outrageous. You can attend some formal occasions with style. Some athletes, movie characters and other celebrities have endorsed this hairstyle in the recent past.

2. The Spiky Bangs

Instagram / @THE_ARONMAN11

The spiky bangs hairstyle is trending and does not like it will go out of style in the future. You can do anything with the rest of the hair but leave hair with more length to make the spikes. The remaining hair should be even.

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3. Use of Gel


You can use gel with any pixie haircut to look stylish. You may not need to style, apply the gel on the fingers and rum them through the slightly wet hair. You can style to have a slick look or spikes.

4. Simple Cut

A short haircut that is simple may be what you are looking for. This is ideal for those who don’t like visiting the barbershop. All the hair should be of the same length, and you let it grow as long as you desire.

5. Pompadour

The pompadour is an excellent hairstyle for both those who have full hair and those with receding hair at the temple. It is a timeless and classic style. The hair is cut short on the sides and at the back then blended with some long hair at the top.

6. Textured Layers


The style is textured, with a layered cut. It is great for mature men who have full hair and desire more length. The hair is cut in layers and styled with hair paste like Baxter of California pomade all over the head.

7. Short Caesar


The style is ideal for those who have thinning hair at the top. It is classic with ancient origins. The hair is cut in layers using a clipper or shears. It is won forward using light styling products. The hairstyle stands the test of time.

8. Buzzcut

A haircut is an option for those who desire a style that is of low maintenance. The style can be done at home if you want; you only need the right tools and skill. The hair is cut short or clipped using number 3-guard on the back and sides and number 4-guard on the top.

9. Short Crop

This is another great style for those who desire a low-maintenance style. It is also ideal for those who have thinning hair at the top. The hair is tapered shorter on the sides and finger length at the top. When styling, you can use cream or paste.

10. Ivy League Haircut


To make the style contemporary, you can have some length, it should not be too long. Use some texturizing styling product to make the hair stay in place and also add some dimension of the style. It is simple to style.

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11. Long Layers


The hairstyle is great even for those who have gray hair. Long layers style will keep you looking great and young. You can apply shampoo to maintain the brightness of the hair. The style continues to be popular as most men embrace it.

12. The Classic Taper


You can’t go wrong with a classic taper, no matter how old you are. The hairstyle never goes out of style. On the back and sides, the hair is cut short and blended with the long hair at the top. The hair can be worn parted neatly on the side or loosened for a casual look.

13. The Older Bald Man Haircut

Most men, who are losing hair, make a mistake of growing long hair. The long hair emphasizes the appearance of baldness and can make you look older. If your hair is thinning, cut it short, or a tight buzzcut can be better than having long hair.

14. Windblown Mohawk

Instagram / @VONELLIOTT

The haircut is short and has many options when styling. The top part can be grown long and styled to different directions to have a windblown look. The sides and the back should be shorter than the top. It is an old style but still in trend.

15. Spike It Up

Instagram / @SCHINDELER_86

If you have short hair, it can be changed within a few seconds. You can choose to have spikes at the top. No matter the style you choose, you can have the spikes at the top and have a stylish and attractive look.

16. Styled Curls


The style is cool for those who have curly hair. There are various ways that the curly hair can be styled. You can also have a skin fade or an undercut to stand out. For this style, you may need styling products.

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17. Tapered Mohawk


This style has the looks of a real Mohawk, but you will leave more hair on your sides so that the changes cannot be drastic. If you start with a full-blown Mohawk, it may seem scary for the first time with a taper fade.

18. Short and Promising

Instagram / @RUBINSINGER

The short and promising style can be amazing for those who have a widow’s peak. You can leave more hair on the front part. Don’t hide your hairline; you can emphasize it with more hair. This style is simple and easier to maintain.

19. Slight Mohawk


Some men love going out with their Mohawk, although there is no reason to have long hair at the top. You can leave about two inches of your hair with the sides shaved. This will give you a great and simple hairstyle.

20. Spiky Crest

Instagram / @RG.RHD

The spiky crest hairstyle is very simple. You don’t need to spend more time in front of the mirror. If you have a short hairstyle, you can transform it to spiky crest style. The style has been fashionable for a long time, and it remains stylish for men.

21. Keep It a High Haircut


The style is great and exciting for black men. Thick and curly hair can stand up on its own without any help. You can have the style well because it requires low-maintenance. The hair at the sides and back are cut short.

22. Spikes All Around

Instagram / @ABHY_NAVATHE

Spikes all around hairstyle is a creative way to a simple fade. You only need some gel to turn the hair into spikes. It is interesting and attractive for most people. It requires less time when styling. You use your fingers and little gel.

23. The Cowlick

Instagram / @STYLEX_WEAR

Cowlick has been in fashion for a long time, and it is not getting out of style. It is getting popular and different. You need to leave more hair at the front to create different styles like the cowlick. It is ideal for medium and even long hair.

24. Textured Slicked Back Hair with an Undercut

Undercut sides styles are trendy and can be styled on any hair. The hair at the top is slicked backward to give you a more unique and versatile style. The top hair can be styled differently using various styling options.

25. Textured Crop with a Razor Fade

Instagram / @CUBE_BARBERS

A short haircut with razor fade is a great style for outdoor activities and sports. It is manageable and looks appealing even when washed often. If you are busy and you don’t have styling time, this is ideal for you.

26. Comb Over with Edge up and Low Fade

Instagram / @HONEY.CUTS

Comb over hairstyle is a modern and classic hairstyle with a fashionable flair. The style is attractive and versatile. The low fade makes it a great option for most men. It looks great on all hair types and faces shapes.

27. Side Part with a Bald Fade

Instagram / @SPREABARBER

Side part with a bald fade is another classic style with a new flair. The side part offers a trendy style that is attractive. You can make this your signature style. It can be worn for both casual and formal events.

28. Faux Hawk with Low Fade


Faux hawk style is great for men and makes them took strong, masculine, and professional. The sides should have a low fade to make the top hair look fuller. The style adds a fresh touch on all hair types and face shapes.

29. Play with Colors Pixie


With this style, your fade will be impressive if you can add some color. You can decide to die the top part of the style. The color will create a contrast to make your look appealing and significant. You can ask your stylist if the style can look good for you.

30. Bowl Haircut

Instagram / @MASCULINO.E

The bowl cut has been around since 1990. It is now back, better and classic than before. The undercut looks edgy and can be styled by combing. You can have it with side bangs; this is more flattering than the original bowl cut.

31. Quiff Haircut


The hairstyle is one of the coolest styles for men; it is classical and appealing. The style requires maintenance and styling products, but it worth the extra effort. You can use hair pomade when styling, for example, shapeshifter for men.

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32. French Crop

Instagram / @DERBARTMANN

The French crop is a twist from Caesar style. It is convenient and attractive. The style features short hair and a fringe at the front. The fringe offers a fashion element to this style. It requires low maintenance and is easy to style.

33. Shaved Head

Instagram / @BALDFEST

Some people love very short hair. The look is great and powerful even when one is old. The style can be a cool factor or a way to hide balding. It requires low maintenance and less or no products when styling.

34. Classic Fade

Instagram / @NAPOLEEO

The classic fade helps to shape the hair after getting an undercut. It can also be used to clear a shaggy style. The top part can be styled using a hair pomade to seal this cool style. The style is for those who love retro looks.

35. Crew Cut

Instagram / @FEDORBARBER

A crew cut is a good option for receding hairline; it makes the hairline lass visible. The style reduces the contrast between the sides and the temple of the head. The thinner, shorter sides create an illusion that one has even hairline.

36. Natural Texture


The style requires a skilled barber to make the stellar cut. It takes few minutes to style, but looks classic and tidier. The layers should be in order to get a natural texture and volume. When styling, you can use blow dry spray before blow drying.

37. Messy Fringe

Instagram / @J.R.BARBERS

The style is ideal for all face shapes. A messy fringe is best for straight or curly hair. The hair is pushed to the front and a 1 or 2 fade to the sides.  The bangs are cut evenly and fall above the eyebrow.

38. High and Tight


The high and tight hairstyle is classical. The top is longer than the sides. It is a variation made on the crew cut. You can part the top to the side. The style requires minimal maintenance with less or no products.

39. Pomp It Up

Instagram / @BARBERERNAN

The hair is pushed upwards and worn over the forehead or around the sides. Instead of slicking the back, you can have the back and sides faded. Ensure that the hair at the front is longer than the hair at the back.

40. High Sky Skin Fade + Textured Top


It is also known as a flat top or high top. This is an old style that is still trending. The top hair is crafted into a boxy silhouette. The style is ideal for those who have a well-defined hairline. The style can be changed completely if a curl sponge is used.

41. Leftover

Source / @pinterest

The style has a layered look which is long at the front. The sides cut short. Texture and length are important in this style. You can let hair flow to the sides to create a playful look. Colors can be used to give the style an extra pop.

42. Bruv


The high fade defines the style. The top crop gives a sharp look and squared-off. The front is cropped to keep everything square. The sides are similar to the sky-high style, but it is a good style if your hair can’t be pulled off.


There are many types of short haircuts for men. Most of these styles require less time and skills to style them. Styling products are not much needed for these styles. You can choose your next inspiration from the list. Any short style looks great with beards, be it Mohawk or taper fade. The beards are getting trendier every day.

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