Shaggy Haircut For Men: 44 Trendy Styles (2022 Update)

Do you want to look good in 2019 and beyond? A trendy hairstyle is what you need!

Haircuts for men are taking a different shape. Creativity is already creeping in and many people are seizing the opportunity to reinvent their hairstyles. You might have little time in your hands to prepare and get to the office in good time. The last thing you would ever wish for is to wait for minutes styling your strands into place.

The shaggy haircut is the best pick for every classic man that wants to integrate creativity and style. It is interesting to note that the style is unique, classy and easy-to-style. Without a doubt, you can still look good with this cut. Would you rather break a bank to get a signature hairstyle and spend more money to keep it afresh? Wouldn’t you rather spend a little amount to get a shaggy hairdo and let the weather and a few styling products keep it trendy?

We have made a list of 44 unique styles you can choose from and make the most out of your locks.

Recommended Products

It is important to have reliable hair styling products by the side. With these, you can maintain the texture and firm hold on your shaggy haircut throughout the hold. We have made choice picks, and we hope you would like to use them after styling.

1Wavy and Smart

Wavy and Smart

Contrary to popular notions, the shaggy hairdo does not have to be messy. With a variation as this, you can pull off a nice look without spending much. It will do you a lot of good if you have some volume at the top. With some texture accompanying it and a good styling product (pick one from our list) by the side, you can recreate this look without hassles.

2For the Bald Man

For the Bald Man
Instagram / @_HELLOYASMIKA

As we advance in adulthood, we tend to lose some vital parts of our body. The hair is not left out and it seems the journey starts from there. As the front hair starts receding, it will be a nice idea to take off eyes from the balding hair. Get your barber to style this cut for you and cover the receding hairline, while making a nice fashion statement.

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3Full and Edgy

Full and Edgy
Instagram / @NOBOSALON

It takes a whole lot of time and volume at the top to be able to pull off this look. Make some positive impressions with your wavy strands. With the barber trimming and tilting the top, let the sides have the same volume. Consider a connected sideburn to go along with the look.

4The Side Sweep

The Side Sweep

Gone are the days when the side-swept haircut maintains a short look. Now, it can actually get some wavy and shaggy volume at the top. Consider applying a styling product in the list to tag along with this style.

5Full Fringe

Full Fringe

What can you make out of the fringe haircut? Prop it forwards or style to a messy hairdo? The shaggy hairstyle makes a lot of difference when it gets applied to the cut. To pull it off, apply undercuts at the side and style the voluminous top to the front of the face.

6The Sleek Look

The Sleek Look

There is no need for trying your hands at large strands when you can stay comfortable with shorter hair. This style not only brings out your boyish look but also makes the facial features visible.

7The Real Shag

The Real Shag

How about a creative hairdo that defies every odds? This look is not worth breaking a bank, as you can style it at a go. The uniqueness is hinged on the blonde texture at the top and the not-too-visible sideburns that rock the sides.

8Undercut + Messy Top

Undercut + Messy Top
Instagram / @MICHAEL_LEE_114

The combination of the two classic hairstyles is quite inspiring. The undercuts take their place at the sides. For the top, apply any styling product of your choice (make a choice from our list) and prop the hair forward.

9Recreated Faux Hawk + Hard Part

Recreated Faux Hawk + Hard Part

The Faux Hawk hairstyle takes a different dimension. The game gets interesting as the strands make their way to the front. Apply low fades at the sides and make it creative with a surgical line.

10Front Sweep + Undercut + Beard

Front Sweep + Undercut + Beard

Talk of a trinity hairdo and this comes into view. The undercut takes a choice position at the sides and correlates with the medium hair at the top. It looks better when the texture is in place and the strands sweep forward. Finish with a colored sideburn.

11Textured Side Sweep

Textured Side Sweep

Throw some texture to the hair and bring forth this creative look. The secret to pulling this off is maintaining enough locks at the top and tossing a generous amount to the sides. For more creativity, let the hair cover a part of the eye.

12Creative Shaggy Hairdo

Creative Shaggy Hairdo

This looks weird and only adventurous men can take a swipe at it. You will need a textured volume at the top before you take to this style. Direct the barber to slick the strands forward and have them cover a good part of the face.

13Layered Cut

Layered Cut
Instagram / @AURIC.ALCHEMY

The layers offer a great way to style any type of hair. If you have some volume to show off, weave back a large number of this to form a ponytail kind of figure at the nape. Toss the locks at the top to the sides and front. Finish with sideburns.

14Textured Bangs

Textured Bangs
Instagram / @BOBSTDO

Make the bangs haircut work for you. Try your hands at this cut, especially, if you have enough volume to recreate it. Let the undercut feature at the sides and correlate it with the textured top. As a finish, toss some strands a few inches after the front hair and compliment with sideburns.

15Faux + Mohawk

Faux + Mohawk

The two classic hawk hairstyles make a comeback. They look good together when they work towards pulling off the shaggy hairdo. To make the look exquisite, shave a good portion at the sides, weave back enough volume, and toss the remnant to the front.

16Reggae Inspiration

Reggae Inspiration

The shaggy haircut does not stop at the traditional hairdos. The opening for creativity makes it possible for other styles to come in. If you love reggae or want to try your hands in another style, then, this is for you.

17Full and Messy

Full and Messy

This textured hairstyle combines with the wavy locks to pull off the shaggy look. With a generous application of a styling product, you can get more texture into the locks and pull off this great look.

18The Blonde Look

The Blonde Look

If you have a medium length at the top and blonde texture, then, this style is for you. It is quite easy to come by. In addition, it is not messy but still works on the premise of the shaggy hairstyle.

19Messy Bangs

Messy Bangs
Instagram / @LYSSNUTTZ

Take your bangs haircut to the next level. Before styling, get enough texture and throw some color into the top. Leave the face bare (no sideburns or beard), and maintain the cut with the right amount of styling product.

20Disoriented Look

Disoriented Look
Instagram / @KOLLGEORGE

You won’t have hassles in pulling off this look. With textured strands and a nice product (such as the ones on our list), you can make the best out of your volume. To achieve this, slick back and style to the side. In addition, you can take to the framework of the bangs hairdo.

21Short Bangs + Beard

Short Bangs + Beard

If you are blessed with a lot of volume at the top, try your hands at this style. Direct the barber to toss some lock to the front. Apply a full or well-trimmed beard at the sides, and connect a mustache to finish the job.

22The Redhead

The Redhead

This style works best for men with redheads and those that have sparse hair. Let the undercuts make their way to the sides, and leave the top with medium strands. Consider styling to the side or recreating into the fringe haircut.

23Medium Pomp

Medium Pomp

Pompadour haircuts are intriguing, and featuring on the shaggy hairdo makes a lot of impressions. Slick some portions of the wavy strands backward and leave the pomp shape at the top. Apply sideburns to make the look creative.

24For the Oldies

For the Oldies
Instagram / @JEFF_EMT

Older adults can still have a shot at the shaggy hairdo. Despite having medium locks, you can pull off this look by applying undercuts and tossing some hair to the side.

25Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut
Instagram / @JER_PHOTOGRAPHY14

Bowl-shaped hairdos can still look great when they get messy. Try your hands at this (with a medium hair). After getting the shape, comb some strands into the front to make it creative.

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26The Samurai Look

The Samurai Look + shaggy haircut

Even though the strands are not locked at the nape, this style looks every inch like the Samurai hairdo. You ought to have a full and textured lock to achieve this. Consider applying sideburns to finish the job.

27The Gentleman’s Look

The Gentleman’s Look
Instagram / @TCHALAMETFP

There is never an end to what you can achieve with medium or long locks. The secret behind the shaggy hairdo is that it cannot be messy all the time. You can also pull it off and look smart. The style we have is an attestation to that.

28Spiky Layers + Sideburn

Spiky Layers + Sideburn
Instagram / @JASONISABULL1987

The spiky haircut looks nice when it combines with the shaggy hairdo. The style we have here is neither disoriented nor messy. The layered top gives the cut an edgy, while the disconnected sideburns make the whole idea intriguing.

29The Creative Look

The Creative Look

This style is not just exquisite but innovative. Every classy man will go for this, as it offers a clean look. The spiky layers stick out at the front while the sideburn accentuates the sides for a unified look.

30Middle Part

Middle Part

Create a disoriented look in your hairdo by giving some space between the layered cuts. Make an opening at the middle, which will keep the strands at the sides apart. The face also gets a clearer and fresher look.

31All Blonde

All Blonde
Instagram / @BANGZBYBRE

Do you imagine what it looks like when the haircut rhymes with the skin color? This is the exact interpretation, and it is nice that the shaggy hairstyle makes this possible. The textured and layered blonde top tallies with the skin color. You can walk in the shadows of the blonde look and still look cute.

32Slicked-Back Pomp

Slicked-Back Pomp

This is not the traditional pompadour hairdo. With the shaggy outlook, the top slicks back a bit and finish with sideburns. The slicks look better when you get the right texture on it.

33Bangs + Mustache

Bangs + Mustache

Consider getting this cut if you want to make a lot of impression with the bangs hairdo. With enough texture at the top, leave some strands at the front and finish with a rounded mustache.

34Classic Side Sweep

Classic Side Sweep
Instagram / @HARRI_BO_01

The side-swept hairdo doesn’t demand much. All you have to do is maintain enough length at the top and toss a generous amount to the sides. You can get it to cover a part of the eye. Then, finish with medium sideburns.

35Cute Look

Cute Look

If you do not want to look tattered while making a fashion statement, it is a good bet to go for this style. Taper the sides, prop up the wavy top and finish with sideburns.

36Innovative Fringe

Innovative Fringe
Instagram / @MIRAQLE100

There is no limit to what you can make out of the fringe hairstyle. This time, the look is captivating, and you cannot resist the urge to get one. Extend the bald fade from the sides to the nape before getting to work on the top. For the top, slick the wavy hair forward and toss some length over the face.

37Short Bangs

Short Bangs
Instagram / @AED_FITNESS_1988

Keeping it short will not cost you a lot. Instruct the barber to trim the volume at the top, and leave you with short and layered fringes. You might consider spreading the hair evenly across the face or leave them locked down at the front.

38I Don’t Care Look

I Don’t Care Look
Instagram / @JODYDOWENS

Have you always wanted to call the bluff of people that do not like your hairdo? Take to this hairstyle and get them green with envy. It will be a good deal if the top gets some color and sideburns lock down the sides.

39All about the Color

All about the Color
Instagram / @SUGARSKULLS

If you love creativity and will want to take it to a higher level, consider getting this shaggy haircut. It does not only have the swag of the shags but also makes the look intriguing with the innovative coloring.

40Artistic Impression

Artistic Impression
Instagram / @SUGARSKULLS

This is all about the style, and the barber will have a lot of work to pull off this look. The colored volume at the top gets a better look with the artistic carving that adorns the shaved sides. Tag sideburns or a short mustache with this style.

41The Freeman

The Freeman
Instagram / @SUGARSKULLS

Let go of your worries and show it off with your hairdo. Show the world that you are the master of your game and you have nothing to bother about. The tossed strands at the top speak volumes and are a good way to make your freedom known.

42For the Bold Man

For the Bold Man
Instagram / @SUGARSKULLS

If you are bold and want to let everyone know about it, a nice haircut is a way to start. Luckily, the shaggy haircut takes a swipe at this style to deliver the impression you want to make. The colored volume at the top and the braided sides drive home the point.

43Color + Surgical Line

Color + Surgical Line
Instagram / @SUGARSKULLS

Consider applying some flashy colors to your shaggy haircut. The style in view is a nice approach to that. After, instruct the barber to finish the job with a surgical line that extends from the front and stops before the nape of the neck.

44Flashy Hawk Hairstyle

Flashy Hawk Hairstyle
Instagram / @SUGARSKULLS

It takes great skill to style this hairdo. The hawk-inspiration makes it creative. The messy strands are an attestation to the fact that the shaggy hairstyle can take shapes in every haircut.

Get Shaggy

Contrary to the notion held by many people, the shaggy hairstyle does not necessarily translate to a messy haircut. There are variations that are neat and cute. If you want to try your hands at a different hairstyle, you can be sure that the shaggy haircut can give you the befitting and classy look you seek. To complete the style, always use any of the styling products in our list. This helps you maintain texture and clean looks throughout the day.

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