How to Rock Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts (27 HAIRSTYLES TO INSPIRE)

Ryan Reynolds haircuts have been diverse throughout his career in the Hollywood movie industry and cooler since he became the face of the Deadpool franchise. Reynolds has always been in the spotlight, having been an A-list artiste for a pretty long while now. However, it is hard to associate him with one particular hairstyle as he seems to be always trying something new albeit simple. From short and messy top haircut, to something tapered and uniform down to the curvy long top; for men who admire the Deadpool star, his style is easy to replicate.

Ryan Reynolds recent haircut which includes a beard is one of the most popular fashion trends in America mainly because of its similarity to the haircut worn by his onscreen character; Deadpool. While it looks incredible amazing on the star, in his usual simple manner the hair cut is basically low maintenance and can be worn by most men.

Without wasting your time further, check out these 27 simple and sweet haircuts worn by Ryan Reynolds.

1Short Messy Top

Short Messy Top - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Very straightforward haircut that fits any man easily, Reynolds rocks this effortlessly in a laid back, relaxed, holiday feeling manner. To achieve this haircut, all you have to do is leave some length on the crown; you style the hair by making it messy with your hands perfecting the look by tapering down the back and sides.

2Tapered and Uniform

Tapered and Uniform - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Although his simple and relaxed look may give the impression that all Ryan Reynold haircuts are the same style, this is not the case however. Take this tapered and uniform haircut for example that looks almost like the previous hairstyle. This particular style involves going with a classic taper, gradually reducing the size of the hair at the back to create a uniform length. In Reynold’s case, he pairs with medium stubble to create a polished look.

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3Wavy Top With Buzzed Sides

Wavy Top With Buzzed Sides - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

This is Reynolds pulling all the stops in the haircut universe with some extra length at the top and a buzz cut on the sides. Achieving this style involves styling the long strands at the top with a side part making it slightly wavy.

4Modern Pompadour Bangs

Modern Pompadour Bangs - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Apparently inspired by the classic Pompadour, the modern Pompadour Bangs rocked by Reynolds adds some modern twist to the haircut by giving the short bangs some extra texture and some creative styling to give it a slightly messy look. The haircut is perfected by brushing the sides back to make them look shorter than the bangs at the top.

5Curvy Long Top

Curvy Long Top - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Even with a curly haircut, Ryan Reynolds still looks stunning and polished. The curvy long top haircut is achieved by creatively styling moderate curls with a soft side part and tapering the sides to achieve that classic Reynolds polished appearance.

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6Soft and Short Waves

Soft and Short Waves - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

This particular haircut requires a touch of skill and professionalism; the classic fade being the major attraction on this one. The haircut is finished off with soft and smooth waves at the top, giving you that Ryan Reynolds trendy look.

7Formal Back Sweep

Formal Back Sweep - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

This hairstyle introduced Ryan Reynolds into the X-Men franchise, making him look very serious, professional and dangerously sexy. This particular Ryan Reynolds haircut involves brushing up the hair strands at the front to make them look longer and pushing them back slightly thereafter while the back and sides remain shortened to keep attention on the stylish appearance of the frontal hair.

8Side Part and Wavy Top

Side Part and Wavy Top - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Say hello to the Reynolds bad boy look with this smoking hot haircut. This haircut is spiced up with a part line on the side while giving the waves at the top a high fade on the sides to produce that manly look.

9Front Focus Ceaser

Front Focus Ceaser - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

This is a very common hairstyle with men who want to keep their locks short. Ryan however adds a modern touch to the Ceaser removing the bowl-like appearance while making the strands slightly layered and longer at the top than the sides and back.

10Simple Long Top and Short Sides

Simple Long Top and Short Sides - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

A very simple haircut that could make you look elegant depending on the way you carry yourself rocking this haircut. All this requires is give the back and sides of your hair a fade while leaving an inch of hair on the crown.

11Classy and Uniform

Classy and Uniform - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

The perfect star wars troopers look with just a pair of scissors in the right hand. Here, Ryan Reynolds haircut only involves chopping off a few strands off his hair to give them an equal look all around.

12Messy and Layered Short Bangs

Messy and Layered Short Bangs - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

This is perhaps the longest haircut we have seen on Ryan Reynolds in a long while. Here the sides and back and tapered while he styles his bangs by sweeping them sideways in a messy way. A natural grey shade completed the uniqueness of this haircut.

13Stylish Lumberjack Look

Stylish Lumberjack Look - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Ryan Reynolds rocks this modern version of the Lumberjack style perfectly well. This particular haircut involves chopping the hair strands to leave a long top and tapering the sides to match the level of your sideburns. Thereafter proceed to style the strands with a soft side path and a slight side sweep.

14Spicy Perfection

Spicy Perfection - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Reynolds rocks this spiky haircut to perfection effortlessly making him look trendy and fashionable. Replicating this look involves getting the spiky cut right and style with a gel or pomade; it’s honestly not that hard.

15Back Swept Quiff with a Fade

Back Swept Quiff with a Fade - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

This fancy haircut could easily transform you into the wolf of Wall Street or Christian Grey depending on your fetish. Reynolds takes this a notch higher by sweeping it to the back and giving it an incredible shine alongside a fade to the side giving him that polished, elegant look.

16Fancy Top Swirls

Fancy Top Swirls - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

While most men prefer to keep the hair strands on their crown longer than the rest in order to bring out their facial features, the style of the long strand is also important. In this haircut, Ryan Reynolds manages this strand well, making his own swirly while giving the sides perfect fades.

17Fantastic Upswept Short Bangs

Fantastic Upswept Short Bangs - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Ryan Reynolds really looks like a young Val Kilmer with this amazing looking haircut which according to our observation he has only rocked once or twice. This fashionable haircut involves chopping the strands short to create several textured bangs. Here the sides and back are shorter than the top; the lock is styled by sweeping them in a messy pattern.

18Short Shag Haircut

Short Shag Haircut - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

This haircut makes Reynolds look like your girlfriend’s hot baby daddy. This wavy shag rocked by Ryan here is a simple enough haircut that draws attention away from your facial features to other parts; like a great body. The fade on the sides gives Reynolds that secret service type look; did I hear you say 007?

19Chunky Natural Locks

Chunky Natural Locks - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Ryan Reynolds Haircut here makes him look like the main character of a romance novel; the object of desire for many virgins reading about the intimacies of s*x off book pages. This haircut is usually laid back and involves some moderate trimming and styling the hair by making it wavy; push the lock to the sides to layer the hair to complete the laid back lover boy look.

20Sleek and Elegant Gentleman Look

Sleek and Elegant Gentleman Look - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Achieving this look means your hair needs to be in a healthy shape. The shine on Ryan Reynolds Haircut allows you see the healthy condition of his hair. The haircut also involves some bangs on the top as well as tapered sides and back. A quick frontal upsweep gives the frontal some height and that’s all the styling you need.

21Gentleman Military Buzzcut

Gentleman Military Buzzcut - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

While the regular military buzzcut may be easy, its regarded as too severe for the office. Ryan Reynolds buzzcut manages to not only give the air of military discipline; it also works well on the beach and the boardroom as well. The style features a military-vibing skin fade side complete with stubble. It also entails a slightly longer, disconnected top section kept well under control with a good hair product.

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22DeadPool Haircut

DeadPool Haircut - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Making his first appearance as wade Wilson in the X-Men franchise and later in his own character movie as Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds wears a classic tapered haircut with short sides and longer hair at the crown. Layering is known to enhance hair texture making your hair look good even while messy.

23Taper Hairstyle + Beard

Taper Hairstyle + Beard - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

This was one of Ryan Reynolds signature haircuts last year with its tapered haircut and slick backed texture; it can be rocked with and without a beard. Groom this haircut with a fiber pomade, and finish of styling by simply running your fingers through it.

24Textured Style

Textured Style - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

Ryan’s haircut here gives him the quiet hardworking handyman who is unaware of how cute he really looks. This hairstyle is worn with a spiky texture to give the impression of a casual and modern gentleman.

25The Clean Professional

The Clean Professional - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

This was the most sought after haircut in America in 2015. On Ryan Reynolds, it’s a hairstyle that has that professional look; it can be rocked across all professions and faces. The hair is made longer around the crown proceeding to fade around the sides and back making use of a clipper. Like we said earlier, this hairstyle is popular because of its versatility. To perfect this hairstyle, tell your barber ask your barber to use a pair of scissors to remove some hair off the crown to about one and a half inches and a half; he should make sure to add some texture to the ends using a razor. He’ll have to use a clipper around the sides and back to taper down the hair length to around a quarter of an inch or slightly lower according to your taste.

26The High and Tight

The High and Tight - Ryan Reynolds Best Haircuts

This is a traditional military haircut adopted and updated by celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt. It’s a style that’s clippered high on the back and sides, cropped close and tight on the top; the style is considered as super manly. This military style, once a hallmark of conformity has become the opposite with modern variants like increased length at the crown, as well as slicked back styling and skin fades executed by skillful barbers.

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27The Ryan Reynolds Haircut

The Ryan Reynolds Haircut

We decided to save the best for last as we present the ultimate Ryan Reynolds haircut. Also known as the wade Wilson, this haircut debuted by Ryan Reynolds on the set of Deadpool doesn’t take very long to style. This haircut is a high and tight short back and sides; a semi-cross between a buzz cut and a crop.

As winter gradually gives way to spring, a lot of men would be looking forward to ditching the long winter hair for something more warm, friendly and well…accommodating. While you’re contemplating on your new spring look however, it is not easy to settle for a look that fits all parts of your everyday life. However, if you happen to have stubborn hair like most people have, having a good look at Ryan Reynolds Haircuts above should give you a good inspiration of where to start from.

Ryan Reynolds has always favored a simple-laid back style that manages to ooze sophistication and class from the A-list star. It is literally hard to think of Ryan with just one style of haircut for a long time because he seems to always manage to re-invent himself with extreme success; After Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds Haircuts became the most sought after in all of America and that is not a bad thing at all.

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