Regular Chainsaw Maintenance Tips: How to Clean Your Chainsaw

One of the first regular maintenance tasks when it comes to a chainsaw is cleaning. Keeping your chainsaw clean can make it last longer and also keep yourself safe from serious injuries that can lead to death. The cleaning process can be hectic, but it doesn’t have to. Follow our steps below to clean your chainsaw.

A chainsaw is a useful and multipurpose tool and most of the time it is used by homeowners and people working in workshops when cutting wood and other numerous tasks. Being a useful tool, the chainsaw can also be a dangerous tool when not handled properly. Its injuries can lead to death. In fact, a chainsaw that is not well maintained can significantly cause harm to the user.

Normally, when you work with your chainsaw, it gets dirty from the thick gobs of oil; the chain is covered with dirt and sawdust from the wood you are cutting. You need to extend and maintain the longevity of your chainsaw by keeping it clean and in good working condition. Regardless of whether your chainsaw is new or old, it cannot work for a long period without needing to be cleaned.

You need to understand that you must clean it the right way to extend its life. A chainsaw that is well-maintained, properly cleaned and kept in a good working condition can make you cut your woods and trees efficiently, without much effort and without getting injured.

Therefore, whether you are using a gas chainsaw or an electric chainsaw, you must ensure to clean it frequently, and especially after you use it. Even if you use it a few times per year, you should not fail to clean it.

You must also understand that different manufacturers make different chainsaws that require some specific maintenance procedures, but all is included in the instructions that come with your chainsaw. However, regardless of what chainsaw you work with, these three guidelines are recommended when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your chainsaw.

  • Before you start using your chainsaw, ensure there is sufficient oil, the chain and the blade is in good condition.
  • After using the chainsaw, remove any dust from the blade
  • Also, don’t forget to keep your chainsaw sharp always as this improves its performance.

How to Clean Your Chainsaw: A Step By Step Guide to Clean Various Parts of the Chainsaw

How to Clean Your Chainsaw: The Spark Arrestor

Different chainsaw models have the spark arrestor placed in different places. Some models have the spark arrestor behind the muffler. The spark arrestor is designed to prevent the chainsaw from overheating. The hot sparks produced when working with the chainsaw can ignite fires. The spark arrestor filters exhaust before it flows into the muffler.

If the spark arrestor is clogged with dirt, the exhaust might not be able to leave the motor and the chainsaw will stop running. To access the spark arrestor on most chainsaws, you will have to use a screwdriver to undo the bolts and remove the slotted plastic muffler cover. Check the screen for dirt and debris. If it is clogged or dirty, clean it with brake cleaner until it gets clean. But if it can no longer get cleaned, you’d better replace it.

How to Clean Your Chainsaw: Fuel/Gasoline Tank

If you are not going to use the chainsaw for several months, then you should always empty the gasoline/fuel tank. Also, you should clean the tank frequently for certain repairs. The process is simple as you will need to pull out the filter from the tank using your fingers and insert it into a solvent to remove any accumulation of solids.

Once you’ve emptied the tank, you can use a solvent such as toluene to clean gasoline varnish then rinse it with kerosene.

How to Clean Your Chainsaw: The Air filter

In most chainsaws, you may have to replace the air filter once per year but it is advisable to clean it after every 5 hours of use. A clogged air filter can prevent power from flowing through the chainsaw to the engine and can make it stop running.

The air filter in a chainsaw is meant to keep dust, dirt, and debris at bay. Apart from stopping the engine can also consume more fuel as a result of decreased horsepower. To keep the chainsaw in a good working condition, clean the air filter regularly.

To clean the air filter, you will need to remove it by turning the hold 90 degrees and take it out with your fingers. Once you’ve removed it, clean it with soap and warm water but you may also use compressed air. After you’ve washed it with warm water, give it some time to dry before you take it back on the machine.

The Saw Chain

The saw chain’s main purpose is cutting. If it is covered with debris, sawdust and dirt or oil, it may not work well and this can cause serious injuries. You will need a degreaser to clean the saw chain. Smear the degreaser on the chain and keep it for 10 minutes. Although hot water plus soap can do the work, the grease might not come out. Brush the sides of the saw chain and clean it with water, then drive out all the moisture with an air gun. Once done take it back.

Spark Plug

chainsaw spark plugA spark plug is an important component in a chainsaw and once it gets clogged with oil, dirt, and debris it might make the chainsaw to stop working. You can clean or buy a new spark plug for your chainsaw if the current one gets dirty after several usages. But cleaning the old spark plug can save you some money.

Remove the spark plug from the chainsaw using spark pull. If you spot dry or fragile deposits on the electrodes of the spark plug, clean them using a file before fixing the plug back to the socket. But if the dirt cannot be removed from the electrode, replace it with a new one.

Final Tips

When cleaning your chainsaw, ensure to place all the components you remove in a safe place to avoid misplacing them. Ensure to mark all the components so that you don’t get confused when getting them back into their respective places. By keeping your chainsaw clean, you will extend its lifespan and also stay safe while working with the machine.

Follow the steps above to clean your chainsaw!

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