Quiet Garbage Disposal of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you find it annoying to deal with garbage in your home and kitchen, you need to consider buying a quiet garbage disposal and in our quiet garbage disposal reviews, we’ve listed the best rated to help you do the work in the fastest and most efficient way.

Leftovers, trash, and rubbish can cause health problems if left to accumulate in the home or kitchen; you must always get rid of it after every meal. When getting rid of these unwanted components, you need to do it in a way that it does not clog your drains. Thanks to the modern garbage disposers that are able to grind the trash, food waste or refuse into small pieces so it does not block your drains.

On this article, we’ve compiled all the information you need to find the best garbage disposal machine for your home and kitchen. We’ve also compared the best five, reviewed each one, shared a guide and at the end are the frequently asked questions. All this is meant to help you pick the right one for your home and kitchen. Just continue reading.

Quiet Garbage Disposals of 2020 –Comparison Table

Waste King L-8000InSinkErator Evolution CompactInSinkErator Badger 5XPWaste King Legend L-1001Moen GX50C
Motor(HP) 1.0 ¾ ¾ ½ ½
RPM-SPEED 2800 1725 1725 2600 2600
Weight (oz.) 11.94 18.8 15.35 9.05 12.9
Voltage 115 volts 120 volts 120 volts 115 volts 115 volts

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Quiet Garbage Disposal

Picking the best garbage disposal can be difficult. You are not just picking the lowest or the most expensive one. You need a machine that can help you in the fastest and most efficient way. In fact, the most expensive may not be as efficient as the cheaper one. To choose the best, you must know how often you will be using it plus the size of your family. Herein is a list of the factors you need to look at before you settle with a garbage disposal unit to buy.

Noise and Vibration
An efficient garbage disposal unit must get rid of the waste quietly and with the least vibration. Thankfully, the latest disposal units on the market are designed to produce less noise and vibration. Noise and vibration can be caused by the connection between the machine and the kitchen sink or the unit itself. This occurs when the grinder starts operating. A good disposal unit is one that minimizes noise and vibration by having a good mounting system. The units we’ve reviewed in this article are made with soundproof materials to minimize the sound impact well. The rubber baffle also reduces the vibration of the unit in your sink.
Power & Capacity
A good disposal unit will get rid of the kitchen waste and rubbish effectively. Note that the power of your machine will determine the capacity of waste it can handle. The unit with the most powerful motor will enhance the grinding and speed of operation. The latest garbage disposal units are designed with three types of motor power:

    1. ½ HP

A Garbage disposal that comes with this type of motor power is best for getting rid of a lower amount of kitchen waste. They are best for small families, especially with 2 members. These are the most affordable and are suitable for people working on a tight budget. Waste King Legend L-1001 and Moen GX50C are the most popular ½ Horsepower units today.

    1. ¾ HP

Disposal units with ¾ Horsepower are best for medium-size families, especially with 6 members. These garbage disposals can handle tough waste and rubbish. Disposals such as InSinkErator Evolution Compact and InSinkErator Badger 5XP  are best for such families and can handle more waste since they are less likely to jam and are bit stronger.

    1. 1 HP

These are the toughest and most powerful motor units that are capable of handling more waste since they can grind it faster and efficiently. We recommend these disposals for a big family with regular grinding needs. The Waste King L-8000 is one of the best 1 HP unit available in the market today.

How We Picked the Quiet Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal installed in under your sink is extremely convenient. In addition, it is an eco-friendly method. You want to make sure your food waste doesn’t pile up on the trash can. And you are preventing it from rotting. However, you do not have to pick any unit that you come across. In this article, we’ve picked the quiet and most efficient garbage disposal units that are not only budget-friendly but they are also easy to clean, install and maintain. We’ve considered units with high-speed motors and those that feature continuous feed to save time.

Best Rated Garbage Disposal of 2020 Reviews

Looking for a quiet garbage disposal unit but not sure how to go about the whole selection process? You are indeed on the right page. We’ve prepared this article with all the information to help you choose the best machine for your home and kitchen that suits your budget and family needs.

01. Waste King L-8000 1.0 HP- Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal (Best Overall)

Quiet Garbage Disposal - Waste King L-8000 1.0 HPTo keep your kitchen and home clean and hygienic, you need to dispose of food waste in the fastest and efficient way using a quiet garbage disposal unit. The Waste King L-8000 is a full horsepower unit and the most powerful garbage disposer for designed to grind tough food waste. This unit is suitable for a big family that needs to get rid of waste regularly.

The motor speed of this unit is 2800RPM/s and can pulverize refuse and leftovers faster and efficiently. This unit is easy to install and is designed with a heavy-duty stainless-steel chamber. This garbage disposal features anti-jam swivel impellers and works vigorously plus the continuous feed of food waste which makes this unit suitable for removing of more waste in seconds.

To minimize noise, the garbage disposal unit features superior sound insulation that keeps the motor operating quietly and smoothly when in use. The splash guard is removable and prevents food from being thrown out when grinding. Maintain of this unit is also easy and cleaning it is also hassle-free. What’s more? It features an EZ mounting system, plus a 36-inch installed power cord.

Note that like all home and kitchen appliances, the L-8000 unit requires maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis. Also, the unit is strong and reliable, but it will not pulverize waste like rubber, glass, plastic, and cloth. Overall the unit is made from high-quality materials.

When you buy this unit, you get a lifetime warranty which includes a limited mechanical, meaning your unit can be replaced free of charge in case it develops a mechanical defect. If you are looking for a quiet, strong and powerful unit, then this best-rated garbage disposal unit is for you.

        • It features superior sound insulation to reduce noise
        • It comes with a powerful, efficient and high-speed motor
        • The whole unit is easy to install and mount
        • It features a continuous feed system
        • It is affordable
        • The grinding chamber is made with heavy-duty stainless-steel to prevent rusting
        • For easy cleaning, the unit comes with a removable splash guard.
        • The EZ mount system is prone to leak
        • It features a small opening.
If you want a unit with ultra-powerful and high-speed motor, then you will not go wrong with the Waste King Legend 8000. This disposal unit is suitable for pulverizing heavy duty scraps since it features a powerful horsepower. When it comes to noise, the unit takes care of your ears since it features a superior sound insulation to keep it silent while operating.

02. InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HP- Best Quiet Stainless Steel Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Quiet Garbage Disposal - InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HPThe Evolution Compact ¾ HP is also another best garbage disposal unit from a trusted and well-known InSinkErator brand. This is a mid-range unit that features a multi-stage grinding system. If you want a disposal unit for your small house with a small space under your kitchen, this small-size unit is best for you. Although it is small in size, it is a powerful and highly efficient machine when it comes to grinding of waste.

The ¾ Horsepower Dura-Drive Motor plus a medium sized chamber made with stainless-steel grinding chambers material makes this unit great when it comes to pulverizing any tough food waste since it features the MultiGrind Technology with a two-stage grind. The stainless steel grind chamber and grind components make this unit to last longer and does not rust easily.

The Evolution Compact comes with the SoundSeal technology and an anti-vibration feature that helps to keep the unit quiet and the fact that it accepts a continuous feed of waste makes it a high-speed unit that is worth the investment. The Quiet Collar Sink Baffle also keeps the unit operations quiet, but it tends to make the process of grinding the waste a bit slow. However, the overall operation of this unit is excellent.

When it comes to installation, this unit is easy to set up, you do not need to seek the help of an expert unless you are a beginner. The overall housing of the unit is superior which makes it a durable unit to have in your kitchen. The drawback with this garbage disposal unit is that it does not come with a power cord.

        • The unit features an anti-vibration system to keep vibration at bay
        • It features the SoundSeal Technology meant to minimize noise
        • It features a metal housing which makes it durable
        • It is an easy-to-install garbage disposal
        • It features a MultiGrind Technology
        • It is designed with a powerful 3/4 Horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor
        • It is designed with a stainless steel large capacity grinding chamber
        • It comes with a 4-year limited house warranty.
        • Although the Quiet Collar Sink Baffle keeps the unit’s operations quiet, it tends to make the process of grinding the waste a bit slow.
        • It is a slightly higher-priced unit
The InSinkErator Evolution Compact is the best machine when it comes to pulverization of food waste and other trash and rubbish into a small residue that can easily be flushed down the drain. It is ideal for a medium size family looking for a good quality compact disposal unit.

03. InSinkErator Badger 5XP ¾ HP- Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Quiet Garbage Disposal - InSinkErator Badger 5XP ¾ HPIf you are looking for the best budget and a unit that is affordable, reliable, and won’t eat up your space, the InSinkErator Badger 5XP would make the best choice for you. This unit is designed to efficiently pulverize your daily food leftovers, trash, and other residues. It features a ¾ HP Dura-Drive induction motor with a continuous feed and is an ideal solution to get rid of all food waste from your kitchen.

The heavy-duty motor crashes tough and large quantities of food waste effectively and won’t produce noise when grinding food waste and other kitchen leftovers. The continuous feed is meant to allow the removal of large quantities of waste. With this garbage disposal unit, you are relieved of the worries of clogging and binding of your sink since it offers the amazing performance that you cannot get from a unit of its category. Whether you want to use it in schools, homes, restaurants or hostels, this unit will still deliver outstanding performance.

The Badger 5XP belongs to the prestigious Badger Series collection and is also made of heavy-duty a galvanized steel material which makes it stronger and suitable for regular use. It is easy to maintain the unit and is the ideal selection for your kitchen waste disposal needs.

You may think that it will produce a lot of noise when destroying large quantities of food waste, but that is not the fact with this unit; in fact, some people call it “the small and quiet waste grinder” since it is one of the quietest garbage disposal unit you can have in your kitchen.

        • It saves space since it features a compact design
        • It is a continuous feed garbage disposal unit
        • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel
        • It is ultra-quiet
        • It can grind large quantities of food waste
        • It is a reliable unit.
        • It is best for use in different areas such as the homes, hostels, hospitals and many other areas that require regular grinding of food waste.
        • It is a powerful and efficient garbage disposal unit
        • It is small in size.
        • It doesn’t come with a power cord
The InSinkErator Badger 5XP is one of the reliable, efficient and powerful garbage disposals for your home and kitchen. Maintaining this unit is hassle-free. It also reduces the gasses in your surroundings. However, if you want a cheap garbage disposal, this unit isn’t for you, although its price tag comes with many advantages you will never get from a cheaper unit of its category.

04. Waste King Legend L-1001 ½ HP- Continuous Garbage Disposal With Power Cord

Quiet Garbage Disposal - Waste King Legend L-1001 ½ HPIf you are running out of space down the sink, the Waste King Legend L-1001 garbage disposal is the best choice for you. This unit offers you plenty of outstanding features such as a compact design, a high-speed and powerful motor, plus a continuous feed. This garbage disposal features anti-corrosion material so; you don’t have to get concerned about the unit getting rust due to the water that runs continually through it.

The unit is easy to install since it comes with an installation manual you do not need an expert since it comes with a pre-installed power cord. The good thing about this unit is that it is lightweight and compact design, so it can fit well even in a small space. The unit comes with a ½ horsepower which is powerful enough to destroy any kind of tough food waste like rice grains and coffee beans.

The legend L101 features continuous feed system that is meant to smoothly grind kitchen waste without jamming and clogging the drain. This unit is ideal for use in septic tanks.

What’s more? The permanent magnet motor keeps jams at bay since it features anti-rust stainless steel propellers that spin in a fast speed. For greater performance, the unit contains features lubricated sleeve bearings meant to minimize friction and the pulverizing chamber features a glass-filled polyester to make the unit last longer. This unit packs all the amazing features you would want to get from an excellent garbage disposal at an affordable price. It also features a removable splash guard to prevent your kitchen sink from smelling.

        • It is easy to install and comes with mount components
        • It is a budget-friendly unit
        • It comes with a power cord
        • It features continuous feed system
        • The unit does not jam easily
        • It features a compact design
        • It is a quiet garbage disposal.
        • It features a removable splash guard
        • It is easy to clean and maintain
        • It lacks a wrench that is meant to clear jams, although it is not easy to experience any jams with this unit
        • The ½ HP motor is suitable for dealing with small quantities of food waste.
The Waste King L-1001 features non-corrosive parts and a durable impeller. While installation can be hard with any kind of garbage disposal, this unit comes with an instruction manual which makes it easy to install and you don’t need an expert to do it for you. It is an affordable unit and comes with a power cord. Its compact design is also another incredible feature of this unit.

05. Moen GX50C ½ Garbage Disposal

Quiet Garbage Disposal - Moen GX50C ½ Garbage DisposalDealing with daily food waste in your kitchen is made simple and stress-free when you equip your kitchen with a good garbage disposal under the sink. A disposer is one of the best and useful kitchen appliances that can save a lot of your time while at the same time keeping your environment clean and healthy.

How would you feel to have food waste thrown in your trash cans and bins, in times when the weather is humid? Once the waste starts to ferment, it will start to leak and hence attract flies and other disease-causing insects which can cause health problems for you and your family, and also pollutes the environment.

Moen is a brand that is popularly known for its high-quality and excellent sinks and bathroom accessories in the USA. Although the company does not specialize in the manufacturing of Garbage disposals, the Moen GX50C GX series is an outstanding unit available in the market today. It is a powerful unit and is great when it comes to pulverizing any type of kitchen scraps. It comes with the mounting components which makes installation of the unit easy.

Its motor is also impressive and grinds kitchen scraps in a fast and most effective way. It also comes with a Universal Xpress Mount system and power cord which makes it easy to install the unit right out of the box. The good thing about this unit if that it features a superior SoundSHIELD™ technology that minimizes noise, and keeps it quiet during operations.

        • It comes with Universal Xpress Mount system which makes installation of the unit simple
        • It features the SoundSHIELD technology to minimize noise
        • It is compact in design
        • It is lightweight
        • It comes with a pre-installed power cord
        • It is only ideal for use in small households
        • It tends to produce sounds during operations.
Coming from a well-known brand the Moen GX50C is a decent quality garbage disposal that is ideal for small to medium size households, but like other units, it cannot handle items such as glass, cloth, plastics, and rubber although it is strong and reliable. Note that, you should keep the cap on the opening of the unit when you are not using it.

What's Our Best Choice Among The Five?

This is our best choice for the best garbage disposal, the Waste King L-8000. This is the quietest unit you can have in your kitchen. It minimizes sounds in two ways: It features sound insulation system and anti-vibration components.

It will keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. It will handle food waste in the fastest and most efficient way. This garbage disposal features a full horsepower with a powerful motor to grind tough food waste. The unit is suitable for a big family that deals with regular disposing of food waste.

It also comes with a removable splash guard for easy cleaning and maintenance. All these outstanding features you will get from this unit come at an affordable price.

How to Choose a Quiet Garbage Disposal-Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The obvious consideration that comes into many people’s mind when buying a garbage disposal is how quiet the unit is during operation. However, there are many features that one needs to consider before deciding which unit to settle with. While all the units are meant to accomplish one function of disposing of food, all units are not the same.

To make your research process simple, in addition to our reviews, we’ve also prepared a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision. Let’s look at the features below.


The motor is the one that helps to make the unit functional. Although this information may not be helpful when choosing a quiet garbage disposal, we recommend you to know the power of the unit’s motor. The higher the HP the more powerful the motor and this makes the unit more effective.

While there is no variation in the construction material of the garbage disposals, units designed with heavy-duty stainless steel is considered to be durable and strong. When it comes to the grinding chambers, a unit that features stainless steel grinding chambers will not be vulnerable to corrosion or rust.
While it is good to consider the strength of the motor, it is also good to consider the grinding speed. The grinding speed is reported in RPM and the best units come with speed of 1725 to as high as 2800 RPM.
Continuous Feed Feature
A unit with this feature allows you to add food waste while the unit is running. Units with this feature save time.
Noise Minimization System
There are different technologies meant to minimize noise, but a good sound minimization technology is one that is properly insulated.

What Is the Best Garbage Disposal- Frequently Asked Questions

If you are always having problems disposing of your food waste after every meal, then you need to buy a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal will remove leftovers that you don’t want to rot in the dustbin. To ensure the unit serves your needs, you need to choose the right one for your kitchen since not all units work the same. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of questions and answers that might help you to get the right unit for your kitchen needs.

What Is the Ideal Garbage Disposal for My Home?
Although all garbage disposals are meant to dispose of waste food, they are different in the way they function and the capacity of waste they can handle. To ensure you buy the right unit for your kitchen, you need to consider the amount and type of waste the unit will be handling. Note that some units can handle even the tough food waste while others may not. Some can handle large quantities of waste while some may not. So, choose wisely according to your needs.
Do All the Garbage Disposals Come with Splash Guard?
No! Some units come with this feature but others don’t. However, we would recommend that you buy a unit that comes with a splash guard so that it can drain properly.
Do All Garbage Disposal Units Feature Continuous Feed?
No! Some units feature continuous feed while others don’t. However, we would recommend that you choose a garbage disposal that features continuous disposal. This will save your time. Note that, you will need to take care of the type of waste you are adding so that you do not a cause jam.

Final Words

We hope from the information we’ve shared on this post will help you choose the best quiet garbage disposal. Note that in this quiet garbage disposal reviews and buyer’s guide; we’ve shared only the best and top-rated in terms of performance and features.

There are numerous reasons to buy a garbage disposal unit in your home since it is an eco-friendly way to dispose of waste. A garbage disposal unit will also get rid of that unwanted smell of food decaying in your drains. One thing we would wish to make you know is that you need to remember the important features before you can purchase your garbage disposal.

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