Top 41 Punk Hairstyles For Men [2020 Choicest Collection]

There are a lot of classy and fashionable hairstyles out there to choose from; from the best Caesar haircuts, you just can’t get it wrong down to top quiff haircuts, and you are sure to always stand out in a crowd. But why not leave your comfort zone and try something different! Something crazy yet beautiful. Something outstanding. Why not try any of the punk hairstyles?

Punk hairstyles have an air of recklessness to them no doubt, but it could be tweaked a bit to suit you no matter what your preferences are. We all dare to be different once in a while, and a great way to do this is to stand out in our style; your style, and get the spotlight and positive vibes from your peers. These are the most daring of hairstyles, and often indicate an “I don’t care” attitude. So if you want to make a statement and ooze off a sexy bad boy aura with your looks, you should absolutely try out one of these as they have been carefully selected to give you the ruggedness you desire, whilst keeping you most fashionable at the same time.

Sit back and let’s take a look at them, as they are sure to blow your mind and leave you in awe.

1Spiky Mohawk

Spiky Mohawk - Punk Hairstyles For Men

This is a really impressive way to go punk. It combines two hairstyles to give the best results; a bad boy look with a touch of the finest fashion sense. It is definitely going to make heads turn and a brilliant finish is to make use of quality hair spray, so as to keep your hair in the right shape.

2Curly Punk With Undercut

Curly Punk With Undercut

Having an undercut gives you a look that you will love. The contrast between the shaved hair and the long hair is a beauty to behold. To go further extreme is to curl your top hair, that’s if you do not have natural curly hair. It lets you achieve the bad boy look you want, but you remain modish.

3Multi Colored Mohawk

Multi Colored Mohawk - Punk Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @KENERDALL

This has a way of letting you be creative as you get your signature look. If you desire this uniqueness but don’t know how to go about it, get a good barber give you the perfect Mohawk haircut, and style you further with amazing colors to wow your onlookers.

4Low Shaved Punk Hairstyle

Low Shaved Punk Hairstyle
Instagram / @SUPER_OLEG_GH

Shaving the sides on your hair very short but low allows you have the bad boy haircut and at a minimal level. This is a perfect example of a tweaked punk hairstyle according to your preference. Maintain sharp hairlines and you are good to go.

5Disconnected Undercut Punk Hairstyle

Disconnected Undercut Punk Hairstyle

Shaving your sides really low and leaving high top hair is too much but amazingly, it brings about a perfect look. It gives you a rebellious look kind of, letting you look hot and stylish. You could choose to have your hair slicked back, your choice. But you can’t get it wrong with this hairstyle.

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6Messy Top With Undercut Punk Hairstyle

Messy Top With Undercut Punk Hairstyle

Messing up your hair gives you an “I don’t care look” and astonishingly, the messy hair looks hot. Now add a disconnected undercut to that and you will have amazing results. It is relatively low maintenance, and applying good wax will give it a healthy shine.

7Dark Punk Hairstyle

Dark Punk Hairstyle

This is one sexy hairstyle. With locks of hair falling around you face and sides, it gives a brilliant finish to whatever you have going on in your eyes. Adding black dye and good hair product would give you that shine of perfection.

8Fanned Mohawk

Fanned Mohawk - Punk Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @B_RENICLES

With the very thin long hair at the top and the short shaved sides, this is a real classic. It really puts you out there looking different and rebellious. Well, isn’t that what this is about? It’s a nice option if you want to freestyle as it gives you a modern look.

9Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk - Punk Hairstyles For Men

Not all hairstyles have got to be with straight hair. You can equally rock your bad boy look with curly hair. It is really artistic to have your Mohawk look surely different with your curly hair. You would be killing two birds with one stone; fashion and a rugged look.

10Undercut With Long Hair

Undercut With Long Hair - Punk Hairstyles For Men

Growing your hair long can be made to stand out even more if accompanied with an undercut. This lets you style your hair as it suits you, but the good thing is, as you change your style, your statement remains unchanged.

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11Short Punk Hairstyle

Short Punk Hairstyle

Short hair is not a hindrance to achieving the extreme look this subculture has to offer. Shaving the sides of your hair in a fade, preferably a high one is sure to provide results. A brilliant way to give your look perfection is to give it that glossy appearance with hair wax.

12Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk - Punk Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @FAUXHAWK7

This is less extreme than a regular Mohawk, but depending on the level of crazy you want to go, a faux hawk is just as stylish and yet subtle. It is one of the coolest men’s hairstyle and going with this style is going to have you looking so chic and different from the crowd.

13Spiky Punk Hairstyle

Spiky Punk Hairstyle
Instagram / @SEEKERPUNX

Spiky hair would bring out the rebel look in you perfectly but not harshly. It is low maintenance too, only needing hair spray to keep your hair looking right. It is a good choice to add an edgy appearance to your style.

14Liberty Spikes

Liberty Spikes - Punk Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @JOSE_SCANDAL

This look is a classic, belonging to the punk subculture. It is named after the spikes on the head of the statue of liberty and styles you in long, thick, upright spiky hair like a stake for a vampire’s heart! LOL. It is a crazy hot hairstyle and you are sure to rock it.

15Subtle Mohawk

Subtle Mohawk - Punk Hairstyles For Men

You can abide by rules or codes for dressing with this very subtle punk look. This is the perfect fix for the problem of “no extreme hairstyles”. You can achieve your punk look but not do it too much as you keep your Mohawk low and shave the sides only just and not short.

16Liberty Spikes Mohawk

Liberty Spikes Mohawk - Punk Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @EMALIX

As is now obvious, liberty spikes are versatile, and can be rocked in a variety of classy ways. For instance, getting your Mohawk in liberty spikes has a great statement about you, as it takes you to the extremes of both fashion and crazy.

17Taper Fade Pomp

Taper Fade Pomp - Punk Hairstyles For Men

The pompadour is an all-time classic punk. It has got your back in fashion as it also has you looking unique. It requires attention as its styling is of top standard, but it is worth every bit of time. For perfect styling results, use good pomade to keep your hair in place.

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18Greaser Hairstyle

Greaser Hairstyle - Punk Hairstyles For Men

Ever wondered how your hair would look in a shiny and wet appearance? It’s truly fascinating and a must try. It is a rebellious hairstyle that also gives you a look of class. It requires lot of hair product and time but the look it gives is perfectly gorgeous.

19Layered Mohawk

Layered Mohawk - Punk Hairstyles For Men

Layered hair is known to give an impression of volume to hair. It is a picture-perfect way of looking different in your Mohawk. It shows you off as rebellious and top classy as this look is a very fashionable one.

20Punk Hairstyle For Dreadlocks

Punk Hairstyle For Dreadlocks

Hairstyles are great ways to express yourself. You can do as you please and get away with it most of the time. A combination of dreadlocks and a taper fade is one of such combinations with which you could express yourself, and look top stylish.

21Grunge Hairstyle

Grunge Hairstyle - Punk Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @TWIAKS

Grunge hairstyle for men gives you an awesome handsome as hell look. It lets you rock it without even trying. It has a devil may care attitude to the hair look but that is exactly what makes it awesome. Keep your hair long, and use good hair product and you are good to go.

22Punk Buzz Haircut

Punk Buzz Haircut - Punk Hairstyles For Men

A buzz cut give you a gentleman look or a military aura about you. If you already have one and want to try going punk, or you want to try out something really different, it would be perfect to try a buzz cut in punk style. A great way to do this is to dye your hair with an eccentric color.

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23Gothic Punk Hairstyle

Gothic Punk Hairstyle

Gothic hairstyles create a dark impression for you. It lets you flaunt your mysterious look as you alter your appearance greatly. It sure requires lot of time but is suitable for you especially if you have straight hair. So if you have a lot of time to style your hair, do it this way and you’ll be amazed at how enigmatic you will look.

24Textured Punk Hairstyle

Textured Punk Hairstyle
Instagram / @HAIRBY_SMALLS

Choosing any of the daring punk hairstyles could do better with this awesome finish. Using good gel and getting your hair textured will definitely enhance your rebel look, but keeping you very stylish at the same time.

25Hard Side Part

Hard Side Part - Punk Hairstyles For Men

Adding hard side part to your hair has a fancy touch to it. It also gives you a crazy look in a very hot way. Combining a hard side part this way with an undercut is definitely going to have people wondering, because you look daring and at the same time gentle.

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26Scene Punk

Scene Punk Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @6HOST.KID

For a scene hairstyle, you will need a good barber to style you up cos it’s one style that is really artistic. It can be done by razor cutting of your hair, and having your hair layered heavily. Getting multi colors there in combination with the scene style is a combo that will give you a crazy rebel look.

27Angular Fringe Punk Hairstyle

Angular Fringe Punk Hairstyle
Instagram / @MUCRIMME7768

Keeping your hair at the top long and styling into a fringe is a beauty. But a way to make your look even cooler and punk is to cut your fringe at an angle and rock the angular fringe. To have your statement even stronger, you should dye your hair and there you have it! Perfection.

28Death Hawk

Death Hawk - Punk Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @_RA_DI_AA_TI_ON_

If you think the Mohawk is extreme, wait till you top that daring look with the death hawk. It’s like a Mohawk but with spikes going down wards from the sides. It is sure to convey your very dark personality pretty fast and has a gothic look too.

29Punk Hairstyle With Long Bangs

Punk Hairstyle With Long Bangs
Instagram / @DAIANAMAD

Long bangs have an accompaniment of a rebel appearance. This is often the option if you want to keep your subculture patriotism on a low. Further enhancing the look is to dye your hair, in multi colors even and you are good to go.

30Rockabilly Punk Hairstyle

Rockabilly Punk Hairstyle

A rockabilly is one hairstyle that is associated with rock music and lifestyle. It is a sure way to show you care so little about society standards. It is high maintenance, involving the use of good hair product to keep your hair in the right shape, but you will love the look once you are done.

31Undercut With V-Shaped Neckline

Undercut With V-Shaped Neckline - Punk Hairstyles For Men

Having an undercut undoubtedly is classy and adds style to whatever haircut you choose it with and at the same time gives you a sexy bad boy look. One way to make your undercut stand out is giving your hairline a different finish; a v-shaped neckline will do it perfectly.

32Long Hair + Undercut

Long Hair + Undercut - Punk Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @DYLAN_AIRES

This right here is a particular favorite of mine. It lets you style your long hair anyhow you want, so you do not have to worry about having to shave off all your hair. Getting an undercut gives your full grown long hair a beautiful contrast. So posh!

33Punk Style Bowl Cut

Punk Style Bowl Cut

This is a punk haircut that gives you a classy modern look. You could choose to go soft on the rock lifestyle with a taper accompanying your bowl cut, or go all the way with an undercut. A great finish would be to dye your hair as it will make you stand out completely.

34Hair Tattoo Punk Hairstyle

Hair Tattoo Punk Hairstyle

You know you don’t always have to shave the sides of your head completely. You could give your hair an artistic look by going for a hair tattoo. Having a hair tattoo with a Mohawk for an extreme look, or a faux hawk for a more subtle look is a great combination.

35Devilock Punk Hairstyle

Devilock Punk Hairstyle

This is one very remarkable hairstyle created by Jerry Only. It screams of punk rock. It involves shaving the sides and back hair low, leaving the top hair long and combed forward. Adding hair wax to give it a glossy finish is an excellent choice.

36Professional Punk Hairstyle

Professional Punk Hairstyle
Instagram / @TNKIET

I bet you didn’t see this coming. You must be wondering what a punk hairstyle would be doing in a formal setting. This hairstyle just proves the adaptability of punk rock. If you are punk rock at heart you could still pull off the look this way with your layered hair.

37Artistic Punk Hairstyle

Artistic Punk Hairstyle

Show of your inner artist by being creative with your hair. The punk subculture is all about going against the normal, so whatever you do, you can’t get it wrong. Play with colors and style your hair in this creative way to stand out like a work of art.

38Viking Hairstyle

Viking Hairstyle - Punk Hairstyles For Men

Viking hairstyles are not totally punk, but they have a rugged look to them. They give you a masculine and stylish look. You could choose from any of the versatile Vikings hairstyle and add a little something here and there and you are good to go.

39Spiky Hair With Dyed Spikes On Top

Spiky Hair With Dyed Spikes On Top
Instagram / @BHIRENK

Keeping your long hair on top and make it into spikes, with a taper fade to accompany it; preferably a high taper fade. That is the description of a subtle punk hairstyle. Dying the top of your spikes just makes the look even cooler.


Dreadlocks - Punk Hairstyles For Men

Dreadlock hairstyle is quite a handful isn’t it? It makes you stand out; different from the rest. It is a classy look nonetheless and anybody can rock this. So when thinking about a hairstyle that will show your rock side and look good on you, go for dreads as they have got you covered.

41Mature Mohawk

Mature Mohawk - Punk Hairstyles For Men

Stay Different And Classy With Punk Hairstyles

So obviously there is a style for everyone, no matter the occasion or desired look. Punk hairstyles are all about being different in a rugged way and these styles have been carefully selected to meet that criteria. No matter your face shape or age, there is the perfect look for you. So when next you think of a hairstyle that will have you looking sexy without even caring, while allowing you keep your chic appearance, look no further than these punk rock hairstyles.

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