45 Trendiest Pompadour Haircuts For Men (Choicest Styles Covered)

Men have been going crazy for centuries now over the pompadour haircut. It is the most elegant haircut that is guaranteed to give you a classy appearance. It has been around for a very long time now and it has undergone some variations to keep it in the trend and make it better each time to suit any lifestyle or person who wishes to rock this style.

You may be wondering by now what the pompadour haircut is and who the person behind such genius is. The pompadour or pomp brushes the front hair upwards from the face and high over the forehead. It was named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV. The pomp is a more stylish version of the quiff as the former is carefully styled for that perfect finish, and the latter thrives in its messy nature. It is one very adaptable haircut as it can be combined perfectly with other top hairstyles like the fade, and is very suitable for any hair type; curly or straight hair. It fits perfectly for your lifestyle or occupation or whatever look you may desire. As is well known a fact that good things do not come easily, the pompadour is sure to give you the most entrancing look, but it is time consuming.

So if you are one who has time on his hands or doesn’t compromise when it comes to getting the best of looks, this is the perfect bet to getting that refined and stylish look you desire. Here are the very best variations of the pomp out there;

1Classic Pompadour

Classic Pompadour - Pompadour Haircuts For Men

This is the best move for those who cherish the look and beauty of the pomp but want to keep it professional. Going with a taper at the sides instead of a fade is a good way to go and leaving your front hair not too high will give you the formal look. Using Intrepid clay pomade will give your hair a pleasant look.

2Medium Length Pompadour + Taper Fade

Medium Length Pompadour + Taper Fade

Having medium length hair gives you the liberty to style your hair as you please while still looking proper. A great way to style this pomp is to reduce the length of your sides gradually until it gets to skin level. This subtle descent gives you a classy look. For a perfect finish, use dove men.

3Pompadour + Fade

Pompadour + Fade - Pompadour Haircuts For Men

Getting a fade always works with every haircut. It is a perfect accompaniment for every hairstyle you choose. For the best way to further beautify you pomp and make it stand out, surely the fade has got you covered. All you need now is Bucks burley hair cream and you are good to go.

4Pompadour Haircut + Hard Part

Pompadour Haircut + Hard Part

The hard part is another perfect touch to your perfectly cut and styled hair. It gives a modern touch to your hair and lets you stand out from other guys who may be rocking your same style. To further accentuate your haircut, use Rodante texture and you are nailing it.

5The Quiff Pompadour

The Quiff Pompadour

The modern quiff pompadour is a synergistic combo that gives a breath taking finish. The sides are cut short compared to the top hair and it gives you a very sophisticated and masculine look. With this cut, you are sure to be in the spotlight and a perfect finish will be with the use of Seven potions hairstyling clay.

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6Roll Back Pompadour Haircut

Roll Back Pompadour Haircut
Instagram / @Z_RAMSEY

The rollback is a very stylish way to look. It involves keeping your hair long, pushed forward and then rolled back. It is a great way to show off your thick hair but even if you have thin hair, you can achieve this classy look with the use of Smooth viking hair care.

7Short Sleeked Pompadour Haircut + Hard Part

Short Sleeked Pompadour Haircut + Hard Part

An excellent way to have a gentleman’s look but stay top classy is to go for this pomp variant. The short hair keeps you looking professional and with the use of Tigi bed head for men  and the addition of a side part, you are sure to be the classiest man in the room.

8Very Short Pompadour Haircut + Hard Part

Very Short Pompadour Haircut + Hard Part
Instagram / @KIMU__

Keeping it short and simple is by doing it this way. It is less demanding unlike the classic pomp but top classy nonetheless. Using Rodante hair product to make it sleek is a great touch to it. The side part makes it modern and gives you an elegant appearance.

9Curly Pompadour Haircut

Curly Pompadour Haircut
Instagram / @DEN_PASITO

Being fashionable entails being very creative. If you desire to stay at the top of the fashion trend with your haircut, you should do so with a cut that speaks of fashion and class. Styling your pomp into curls is sure to turn heads your way as you will obviously be a man of style. Use Kick hair cream for that grand finish.

10Undercut + Taper Pompadour Haircut

Undercut + Taper Pompadour Haircut

What more could be a better combo than this? Having an undercut will surely paly with the contrast of long and short hair and having a taper go with it just ends all in a perfect way. To give your pomp an elegant appearance, use Bucks burley hair cream for styling.

11Long Length Pomp

Long Length Pomp

A cool way to carry your long hair is with a pomp. Cutting the sides of your hair pretty short will give you a bit of a punk appearance and having your hair sleek will add beauty to your appearance. You can use Smooth viking hair care for a glossy finish.

12Pompadour Haircut + Mid Fade

Pompadour Haircut + Mid Fade

For a professional look, this is the best choice of haircut for you. It gets you ready for any formal setting whilst keeping you looking top fancy. Having your hair lines sharp is a great way to bring out the beauty of this haircut and for a healthy look, use Mitch clean cut styling cream.

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13Medium Pompadour + High Fade

Medium Pompadour + High Fade

There is no better way to rock punk fashion in a pomp than with this. It gives you a crazy bad boy look but not too much; just enough to have you look smoking hot. Having your barber give you a high fade after styling your hair perfectly is just what you need and with Mitch clean cut styling cream, you just can’t look any better.

14High Pompadour + High Fade

High Pompadour + High Fade

Voluminous hair just has a way of making your eyes pop as they give you the liberty to style your hair as you please in many different ways. A high fade is great to make the high top hair stand out and for a spectacular look, use Intrepid clay pomade in styling and you will have all the attention.

15Pompadour + Hard Part + Low Fade

Pompadour + Hard Part + Low Fade

On its own, a pomp is elegant. But when combined with other accessory haircuts, its beauty gets out of this world. A great way to have this astonishing look is to combine it with a hard part and low fade. The low fade puts you out without doing it too much. Use Seven potions hair styling clay to ke-ep your hair looking mesmerizing.

16Rockabilly Pompadour

Rockabilly Pompadour

Styling your top hair forward is a nice variation of the haircut. It will have you looking unique and in a very enthralling way. Cutting the sides short will center the beauty on the top and using Dove men care will have your hair stay right all day.

17Pompadour + High Fade

Pompadour + High Fade
Instagram / @NELL_CORTES

A great way to bring out the beauty of the pompadour is to blend the sides of your hair in a high fade. It is an extreme haircut but very stylish and sets you apart. It is a bad boy look that speaks of class and that chicks are sure to love. To attain the perfection of your looks, use Dove men care in styling.

18High Fade Disconnected Pompadour

High Fade Disconnected Pompadour

A disconnected pomp gives an abrupt transition from long top hair to the very short hair at the sides. Styling is very necessary here as all attention is drawn to your long top hair and this is an opportunity to show off your skills. Using good hair product like American Crew forming cream is sure to give you the much desired result.

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19Pompadour With Sideburns

Pompadour With Sideburns

I bring you great news. Did you know you can keep your sideburns without looking weird in any way? It’s true. In combination with the pomp, sideburns stand out and add to your masculinity and beauty. Just use Smooth viking forming cream to bring out the best look in your haircut and you are good to go.

20Short Pompadour + High Fade

Short Pompadour + High Fade

This is a classy style that is actually low maintenance. Being short, it doesn’t require all that heavy styling but what is fascinating is the way it gives you a chic appearance. Getting sharp hairlines will bring out the beauty perfectly and you are sure to look fashionable. Use Smooth viking styling clay for styling.

21Modern Pompadour + Fade

Modern Pompadour + Fade

The modern pomp is a variant of the traditional pomp. It is lower and more stylish than the original pomp and adding a fade is the best way to give it a more modern appearance. Styling is important and so the use of good hair product like Smooth viking styling clay is very essential.

22Wavy Hair Pompadour

Wavy Hair Pompadour

Wavy hair just has a way of making every haircut more fashionable. Styling your wavy hair this way is sure to show off the beauty of your hair as it gives you a refined and unique appearance. To keep your waves looking polished, make use of Hair cream for men by kick.

23Wavy Pompadour + Undercut

Wavy Pompadour + Undercut

A perfect touch to add beauty to the pomp is by making your hair wavy. It never fails to give you a top posh look. Going extreme with your looks is by adding an undercut. The undercut ensures the beauty of your wavy hair gets all the attention. Styling your hair with Layrite cement clay will give good results.

24Long Pompadour + Part + Design

Long Pompadour + Part + Design

After getting your long hair styled into a pomp, you can choose to add a side part. It never fails to bring out the best in your haircut as it gives it a modern touch. Making your hair more unique would be by adding a design to it and for the perfect finish, style with Mountain barber company pomade.

25Classic Pompadour + Beard

Classic Pompadour + Beard
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

For a look of sophistication and sexy masculinity, add a well groomed beard to your stylish haircut and you will for lack of a better word look gorgeous. Styling ought to be perfect to bring out the beauty of your hair, and so it is important to use good hair product like Rocky mountain barber pomade.

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26Tapered Sides + Messy Pompadour

Tapered Sides + Messy Pompadour
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

The idea of a messy pomp is a daring one but trust me, it has proven to be very classy. Having tapered sides go with the messy top doesn’t give so much attention to what is going on at the top, so there is gonna be something strangely hot about your looks, but it is not going to be too obvious. Use Rocky mountain barber pomade for styling and you will have a beautiful shine.

27Parted Pompadour + Mid Fade

Parted Pompadour + Mid Fade

After getting your barber skillfully style up your pomp, it is important that you add other accessories to your hair to make it even cooler. A side part and a mid-fade are one of the best ways to heighten the gorgeousness of your hair, especially if you use Matte cream pomade to style it. So striking!

28Disconnected Pomp + Line Up + Beard

Disconnected Pomp + Line Up + Beard

Here is one perfect way to go punk while still in style. Having your pompadour disconnected gives a beautiful contrast to the different lengths of hair, and combining that with a line up and well groomed beard shows you a really fashionable and know what you are doing. To round it all up in style, use Challenger shine pomade for a polished finish.

29Modern Pompadour Haircut + Thick Beard

Modern Pompadour Haircut + Thick Beard

The modern pomp is somewhat different from the original. It is actually shorter and has some fittings to go with it; like having a fade and a side part. These add a modern touch to the style and makes you look very posh. Adding a beard has your sexy masculinity in full display and for a healthy and attractive finish, use Challenger shine pomade.

30Textured Pompadour + Fade

Textured Pompadour + Fade
Instagram / @FLATMAX

Isn’t it enthralling, how pomade does magic to your hair. It makes styling perfect and gives your hair an appearance of volume and elegance. Getting your pomp textured adds a special kind of beauty to it and you can achieve this textured look by using Bad rabbit hair clay pomade

31Comb Over Pompadour + Fade

Comb Over Pompadour + Fade
Instagram / @OFUGAZZ

There are various ways to style the top of a pomp as is obvious here. It doesn’t always have to be brushed back, sometimes you can choose to style it to the side as in this comb over. For a great result and flawlessness in styling, use Smooth viking pomade.

32Long Pompadour + Fade + Full Beard

Long Pompadour + Fade + Full Beard
Instagram / @TRIMREAPER__

A long pomp kinds of takes us back to the original style and is ideal for those who have time on their hands for some serious styling. To stay in the trend, add a modern touch to it like a fade. It never fails to give you an up-to-date look. Use Baxter of California hair pomade to style for a faultless result.

33High Pompadour + Low Taper + Hipster Beard

High Pompadour + Low Taper + Hipster Beard

No matter the look or personality you want, the pomp has got your back. It is obvious here as the pomp makes a perfect blend with the hipster beard. It will surely give you a sophisticated appearance without you even doing it too much. Use Baxter of California hair pomade for styling.

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34Razor Fade + Textured Pomp + Thick Beard

Razor Fade + Textured Pomp + Thick Beard

A razor fade cuts your hair to where it meets your skin, and having this style grace your head together with your textured  pomp is sure to have you pleased with yourself. As usual, a beard is always there to make you ooze of sexiness and styling with Woody’s styling cream for men will give a perfect finish.

35Tapered Pompadour + Side Part

Tapered Pompadour + Side Part

This is a more subtle way to add a modern touch to your hair. The taper doesn’t cut your hair to the skin, making your haircut appropriate for any occasion. Combined with the side part, you will have an amazing look. Use American Crew pomade in styling.

36Mini Pompadour

Mini Pompadour
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

This is a perfect choice for you if you prefer the stylish look of the pomp but prefer to stay on the low. You can also rock this if your hair isn’t fully grown. It helps you stay stylish being drawing much attention. Use Vogarte hair styling clay wax for the perfect hair shine.

37Pompadour For Asian Men

Pompadour For Asian Men
Instagram / @HFZHLMN

This is a really stylish way of carrying the pomp for Asian men with straight and black hair. No matter your hair type; thick or thin, you are sure to pull this off. Particularly for thin hair, you need to apply Boldify hair thickening spray for a thick and voluminous finish.

38Blonde Pompadour

Blonde Pompadour
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

There are different ways in which you can choose to play with your hair. You could alter your hair texture, or play with the volume as well as the color. If you are not naturally blonde, you could change the color of your hair to blonde and it is a really eye catchy style as it makes you stand out nicely. Use Gatsby perfect hold wax so as to achieve a pleasant shine.

39Loosely Styled Pompadour

Loosely Styled Pompadour
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

You could tweak your pomp here and there to have your own signature look and be different in a beautiful way. It must not always be styled tight and thick, you could choose to let your locks hang freely while in place. A good way to keep your locks in check is to use Vogarte hair styling clay wax It will ensure your style remains all day and with a glow.

40Pompadour + Line Up

Pompadour + Line Up
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

After styling your hair up and admire the gorgeousness that is your looks, why stop there when you can do better? Adding a line up gives you a look of a well groomed man and makes your hair perfect. Use Vogarte hair styling clay wax for a polished look.

41Finger Combed Pompadour

Finger Combed Pompadour
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

For a messy look, style your pomp with your fingers after applying Percy Nobleman matt clay. The random and loose orientation of your hair locks are what makes this style so charming. It gives you a bit of a sexy bad boy look. Fascinating isn’t it!

42Loose Blonde Pompadour

Loose Blonde Pompadour

A great way to style your blonde hair is with a pomp. The color of your hair makes you eye catchy and going further to have your hair locks loose instead of the normal tight and thick sets you aside. You can’t get it wrong with this look and using Rosewood clay pomade will give you a great look.

43Pompadour + Temple Design

Pompadour + Temple Design

If you desire a signature look that will express your personality and have you looking different from the other guys who are rocking your kind of hair style, you should consider adding your personal design to an obvious part of your hair like the temple. Giving your hair a healthy shine is important and you can achieve this with the use of Tigi bed head for men.

44Pompadour + Tinted Layers

Pompadour + Tinted Layers

Styling your pomp in layers has a great way of giving an impression of volume to your hair in the most modish manner. Adding a tint to your layers adds beauty to your hair and gives you a pleasant finish. While styling, use Mister pompadour natural beeswax paste as you will get good results.

45Thin Grey Hair Pompadour

Thin Grey Hair Pompadour

Stay At The Top Of The Trend With The Pompadour Haircut

With the constantly changing fashion, the surest bet to stay at the top is to do it with an all-time classic that has been around for decades. There are many variations of the pomp to suit you no matter your taste, so you could try each one depending on the occasion and you are sure to look your best each time. So when considering the best haircut for your class and personality, go for the pompadour haircut. You just can’t get it wrong with this style.

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