41 Top Haircuts the Mohawk Fade Offers; Trendiest Cuts

The Mohawk has been a popular hairstyle amongst young men globally. In some areas, it is also referred to as iro. It is so because the name was derived from Iroquis. However, unlike modern times, the style incorporated the hair being physically plucked from the head. The hairstyle is thought to have existed between 392 BCE and 201 BCE. The Mohawk fade is a typical haircut found on a global platform. Wearing such would automatically put you in the shoes of a real man.

For millions of years, the Mohawk has existed and has been a favorite look amongst men. In fact, in 2003, a 2000-year old fossil was found in Dublin which was styled with plant oil and pine resin.

In modern times, the Mohawk fade is the new current trend in town. Visiting any barbershop globally, you would find it among the significant hairdos. We will review various fades the Mohawk represents in detail below.

1Modern Mohawk with Beard

Modern Mohawk with Beard Mohawk Fade Haircuts
Credit / @TheTrendSpotter

With this style, a beard finishes the look by giving it a classy look. The taper fade is clear with two lines carved into a design. Moreover, one can dye the taper with either brown or dark polish in relation to color.

2Taper Skin Mohawk

Taper Skin Mohawk Fade Haircuts

In this type of haircut, its sharpness makes it look classy and elegant for a Mohawk. It is common with the career type of men who would not want to conflict their hairstyles and their professions. The faders are short hence having the Mohawk at the center with a thick fabric of hair.

3Short Mohawk Skin

Short Mohawk Skin Fade Haircuts

The synthesis of the short Mohawk came about because of not wanting to grow a full-blown Mohawk. Also, the fader which is incorporated brings about a complete classy look to the wearer of the hairstyle. It establishes a youthful yet commanding look.

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4Long Hair Mohawk Skin

Long Hair Mohawk Skin Fade Haircuts

The hairstyle includes a mid or low fade on the sides of the head with the taper being extra-long as compared to other Mohawks. The essence of the look is to bring out the youthfulness of the client. Young men go for the haircut whereas older men willing to maintain their youth go for the hairdo.

5Low Skin Mohawk

Low Skin Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The fade starts at the temples, which leaves some hair meant for the styling of the taper. The overall impression of this hairdo is simply cool. It is so because the hairstyle is manageable as well as easy to handle.

6Burst Skin Mohawk

Burst Skin Mohawk Fade Haircuts

It is common among men who are willing to highlight their huge locks of hair. The signature looks in this style include a longer strand of hair going back to the neckline. It allows for the integration of the Mohawk with the fade.

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7Side Mohawk Skin

Side Mohawk Skin Fade Haircuts

The hairstyle incorporates a subtle approach and a daring gesture. The look is not that exaggerated in terms of the height of the taper but it is significant. Also, the look is attained by pushing the taper onto one side of the head.

8Mohawk Skin with Line

Mohawk Skin with Line Fade Haircuts

In this hairstyle, a cut line symbolizes the epitome of the overall look. It incorporates shaving the sides into sleek lines. With the extended line running from the forehead to the neckline, the hairdo makes it classy and elegant to wear regardless of career.

9Black Mohawk Skin

Black Mohawk Skin Fade Haircuts

Over the last couple of years, young men have rocked the black Mohawk skin on a global platform. However, it is essential for one to have naturally dark thick hair. Furthermore, the structure of the taper determines the level of styling to use.

10Curly Mohawk Skin

Curly Mohawk Skin Fade Haircuts

In this hairstyle, curls are gelled to the shape of a Mohawk. However, one might let go of the curls and make them appear natural and traditional punk. The high taper allows the Mohawk to stand tall with curls all over.

11Skin Fade Mohawk

Skin Fade Mohawk Fade Haircuts

In this hairdo, the impression is that of a Viking. The hair on the sides of the head is faded to the skin to allow the taper to be bold. It is important to note that the deeper the fade, the bolder the Mohawk will look. For a subtle look, it is important to cut the fades low. Moreover, for a much bolder look, the taper is worn high.

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12Thick Hair Mohawk Skin

Thick Hair Mohawk Skin Fade Haircuts

The particular hairstyle requires a lot of effort to implement. The outcome foretells on the input put during the creation of the thick hair Mohawk. Since the styles significant attribute is thick hair, mid or low fades are recommended. Also, some gel is encouraged.

13Straight Hair Mohawk Skin

Straight Hair Mohawk Skin Fade Haircuts

With this style, one has to have straight hair for the look to be complete. A fade is created using clippers in accordance to the clients’ preference. After clipping your hair, apply gel and comb the hair upwards and towards the center to create a Mohawk.

14Afro Mohawk

Afro Mohawk Fade Haircuts
Source / @TheTrendSpotter

The look requires the client to wear an afro in the first place. The gel might be required for the taper to appear full, as it will ease the process of achieving volume and height of the Mohawk. A taper fade is recommended in this type of hairdo.

15Blonde Mohawk Skin

Blonde Mohawk Skin Fade Haircuts

The style is thought to be that of a rebel as it adds in-depth character to the wearer. Also, a number of European young men prefer this look as it establishes a specific code of command. It is a typical hairdo in the 21st century.

16The Green Hawk

The Green Hawk Fade Haircuts

In this haircut, it is typical in the sense that there is a significant green pastel on top of the fader giving it its signature look. It has an elegant spiky muddled look with long locks at the forehead running down to the neckline.

17Smooth and Stacked Top with Buzzed Sides

Smooth and Stacked Top with Buzzed Sides Fade Haircuts

The buzzed faders ensure that the tapers are in good straight condition. The look is common amongst the people from the United Kingdom. The slightly cut locks give the look an elegant appearance even from afar.

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18Voluminous Pompadour Bangs

Voluminous Pompadour Bangs Mohawk Fade Haircuts

Concerning the ancient pompadour hairstyle, however, it can be made modern by texturizing the top locks and making them appear voluminous. It would give the wearer of the style an impeccable appearance. The high fade on the sides makes sure the tapers are in accord.

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19Two Toned Mohawk

Two Toned Mohawk Fade Haircuts

In this hairstyle, the wearer gets to color the tone of their Mohawk. With this hairdo, the skin fade from the sides of the head is needed. Also, the afro textured afro makes it easy to implement the Mohawk. On the lower segment of the taper, add a brown or dark dye to add to the classic look.

20Spiky and Fun

Spiky and Fun Mohawk Fade Haircuts

In this coiffure, the taper is higher as opposed to other Mohawk. One can wear the faders at low or medium length in order to maximize on the taper itself. The spiky strands at the top of the taper can be created using wax or even gel. The look brings out a punk character.

21Faded and Lined up Curls

Faded and Lined up Curls Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The hairstyle comes in handy especially if the wearer has some natural curly hair. All one needs to do is to curl up the thick hair in the middle of the head having put on some faders. Also, one can complete the look using a regular lineup.

22Textured Hawk with Zero Fade

Textured Hawk with Zero Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The signature if this hairdo is the volume and texture of the locks of hair found at the middle. The taper then creates and extraordinary Mohawk that is worn primarily by young men mostly in the United Kingdom. The faders are usually cut next to the skin in order to put emphasis on the taper.

23Mohawk with Sponge Curls

Mohawk with Sponge Curls Mohawk Fade Haircuts

In the African American culture, this hairdo is typical amongst them. Primarily because of their thick natural, texture which is easy to manipulate. The faders might either below or mid-fade sizes. The result of this hairdo creates a well-polished Mohawk.

24Edgy and Tapered Cut

Edgy and Tapered Cut Mohawk Fade Haircuts

In this hairdo, the faders are usually low with the Mohawk taking all the attention. Styling is appropriate it brings out the hardcore character found deep in the wearers. The taper can be waxed or gelled to achieve the desired style.

25Mid Fade Elegance

Mid Fade Elegance Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The haircut incorporates a mid-sized fader which brings out create a fashionable Mohawk. Also, the hairdo has a curly appearance which allows the overall look delightful. The style is common among models and people who love fashion. The mid-fade allows the taper to be significant thus bursting a stylish Mohawk.

26High and Neat

High and Neat Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The hairdo is termed to be the evolution of the high and tight cut. With the style, the faders are short and usually next to the skin leaving the tapers at the middle. Apparently, the taper is abnormally high as opposed to other styles.

27Fantastic Front Sweep and Tapering

Fantastic Front Sweep and Tapering Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The signature look in this one is the high fade found at the crown of the Mohawk. The faders are usually between low and mid-sized according to the user’s preference and taste. Afterward, sweeping of the hair in the front direction gives it its signature look.

28Classic Tapered Fade

Classic Tapered Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The class and elegance that accompanies the hairdo is the taper fade that is exceptional. Also, the faders get to cover with a perfect line-up. The front sweep is incorporated in the hairdo. The hairstyle is typical among young men in Europe.

29Punk Spikes and Tapering

Punk Spikes and Tapering Mohawk Fade Haircuts

Men who would go for a unique look might want to go with this style. The spikes add spice and flavor to the hairdo giving it a punk character. The faders are trimmed to the right size so as the taper gets high.

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30Modern Pompadour Fade Cut

Modern Pompadour Mohawk Fade Haircuts

However difficult it was for a pompadour to create a Mohawk, it has proved itself worthy. The style is a polished classy piece of elegance. On the sides, there are lines that help in designing the hairdo. Moreover, the primal aspect that incorporates this hairdo is the fade.

31Silky Copper Brown Hairs with Undercut

Silky Copper Brown Hairs with Undercut

Men with silky hair are the most preferred to wear this hairdo. The taper is then gelled with brown dye giving the Mohawk a gorgeous look. The look is common in the United Kingdom whereby young men rock this hairstyle. Either the faders might be low or medium cut to magnify the taper, which happens to be dyed.

32Exotic Mohawk

Exotic Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The signature look on this one happens to be a messy curly haircut. The faders are cut short near to the skin to maximize the attention. Most young men prefer this type of Mohawk as it is acceptable in the job arena. The faders are purposed to be ultra slim to allow the look to appear classy.

33Short Fancy Mohawk with Sharp Fade

Short Fancy Mohawk with Sharp Fade

The advantage of wearing this look is the shine on the beautiful hairdo. Using the right hair brands is convenient for a perfect result. There are spikes on the Mohawk as well as sharp fades that give the look a classy touch. The design of the coiffure makes it look awesome especially to a young man.

34Blonde Hawk with Side Designs

Blonde Hawk with Side Designs

The style incorporates designs, which happens to give the overall look a magnificent appearance. Also, the style has a feathered mohawk; it is the signature aspect of this hairdo. The faders are buzzed to give the hairdo an awesome look.

35Crispy and Curly Two Toned Mohawk

Crispy and Curly Two Toned Mohawk Fade Haircuts

In this style, it is necessary to have to accommodate natural thick hair. The faders in this style are smooth to release an attractive curly look. The overall look is defined to be punk.

36Textured V-Line with Zero Fade

Textured V-Line with Zero Fade

With this hairstyle, the edges are cut in such a way that the hairdo still appears fancy. It is common among movie stars and actors. The back of the head gets to be shaved in a V-line coming from the back expanding as it goes to the forehead. The sides get to experience zero fading.

37Viking Look with Intricate Razor Lines

Viking Look with Intricate Razor Lines Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The advantage of wearing this hairdo is that with or without a beard, one is able to maintain a clear look that is classy enough. On the faders, some intrinsic razor designs are incorporated into the hairstyle.

38Side Swept Band and Undercut

Side Swept Band and Undercut Mohawk Fade Haircuts

Hair experts claim that how one plays with the locks in the middle determine the appearance you will get. In this hairstyle, it has long textured which are smoothly faded from the side.

39Temple Fade Mohawk

Temple Mohawk Fade Haircuts

In this type of style, the temple fade is shaven and gets longer as the radial pattern. The style has a low fade so as to manifest the taper can be recognized. It is common amongst young men.

40Wide Mohawk

Wide Mohawk Fade Haircuts

With the burst fade incorporated into this hairdo. The burst goes along the neckline to the forehead, which gives the Mohawk its wide appearance. The Mohawk is special because of its wideness. The style is common in the United Kingdom.

41Long Curly Mohawk

Long Curly Mohawk Fade Haircuts

Anyone wearing long curls can rock this hairdo. The faders are usually next to the skin making the curly hair stand. The taper is long and curly which happens to be its signature look. Also, having a longer thicker hair guarantees you a cooler mohawk.

Having discussed various types of Mohawk fades, the next time you enter into a barbershop looking for a Mohawk design, the truth will be you will be equipped with knowledge. The Mohawk skin is typical amongst young men or even men who are looking for the satisfaction of feeling young. History claims that the Mohawk began with the folks of North America who were living in the Mohawk Valley in New York. In 1939, the style was popularized globally.

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