44 Unique Mid Fade Haircuts for the Stylish Man (2019 TRENDIEST PICKS)

There are lots of hairstyles out there but none equals what we have in our collections. Start exploring our collections of the best mid fade haircuts and prepare to style one soon.

Haircuts are one of the choicest features that every classic gentleman should have. From the Ivy League, through the side part and down to the fade hairstyles, you can never go out of style. The latter has been growing in popularity and as more men style their hair with this, more trends keeping springing up. This explains the reason why there are different variations to the mid fade haircut. One remarkable feature of this cut is the diversification. You can style to the low or high fades and still look presentable.

Also, it is a professional cut that starts halfway from the sides and can complement other hairstyles. I bet your interest has been piqued and you can’t wait to learn more about this trendy haircut.


If other hairstyles don’t suit your taste or you’re looking at trying out new styles, we present you with 44 ideas you can inspire your barber with for your next haircut.

1. Mid Fade with Deep Side Parting


There are some styles that look better with this haircut. A deep side part after getting the hairstyle is a good way to show off your new looks. This goes beyond the traditional boyish look. The special touch comes when the cut is parted to one side and the back and sides are trimmed to a skin.

2. Textured Spiky Hair


If you’re looking for another way to bring out the gleam in your medium fade haircut, a textured spiky hairdo will be the best option. The sides put up two fades: a skin fade at the last lap and a medium fade at the top. The lengthy hair is combed upwards and spiked. This style looks good on the adventurous man.

3. Mid Taper Fade

This cut looks good on the trendy gentleman. Also, it is the best pick as it stands out from the high and low fades. For this style, the combination of the high and low fade haircuts are in place and to make it trendy, there is a thick brushed up hair at the top.

4. The Bald Style

Instagram / @MR.BARBERJUAN

Some strands of hair at the sides are not a favorite for some men. If you prefer bald at the sides, it will look better off with mid fade haircut. Your barber can trim the sides all the way down to skin and leave the top with some stylish strands.

5. Short Hair

Instagram / @SUCATA_FZS

A shorter hair looks good on the face and also brings out your facial features. The short pompadour at the top complements the thick and textured hairstyle. Further, it never goes out of style.

6. Brushed Back Hair

Instagram / @TOM.TRIMS

This is yet another cool hairstyle for men with medium hair length. You can actually make a lot of your medium hair length by brushing the strands back and keeping the sides and back trimmed. Pairing with a beard adds some spice to your looks.

7. Large Pompadour

Instagram / @EVG_VASILEV

Now that the medium fade can be teamed up with different styles, why don’t you pair up with a large pompadour? It looks great on men with large foreheads. A medium fade at the sides and back, well-trimmed beard and a large pompadour sitting at the top are all you need to get a great look.

8. The Undercut

The undercut hairstyle is yet to go out of style and has taken another form with this unique haircut. If you’re looking for something catchy, try this style! A side part and trimmed beard will spice things up for you.

9. The Mohawk Style

Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

Who says the Mohawk haircut cannot pair up with another style? The cut looks great with a medium fade. You won’t only look fashionable but also have one of the greatest hairstyles styled for you.

10. The Quiff


A side-swept hair also looks trendy with a medium fade. A textured hair at the top makes the deal worth the look. At the sides, you’ll be getting a medium fade which looks great with a side part.

11. Comb Over

Talk of getting two great styles at a go! The comb-over is one haircut you should try out this year. To spice things up, how about adding some touch of the medium fade? A side-swept hair and a hard part at the middle give the perfect finish.

12. Mid Skin Fade

This is not the haircut for the lily-hearted man. Be ready for the random stares and backlash. If you don’t like some strands at the sides, instruct your barber to shave off all sides; leaving only the medium fade. A Faux Hawk at the top adds some spice to the style.

13. Side Pompadour and Side Part


Here’s yet another style to try. You will be having the traditional pompadour but this time, the focus shifts to a side part and a medium length pompadour. With trimmed back and sides, the unique feature of the hard part is seen.

14. The Curly Top


You don’t need to be an Arab Prince to rock an impressive curly hair. Add spice to your curls with a medium fade at the sides. While a wavy and curly hair at the top can be some great deal to style, adding some waves and brushing the hair forward will give the desired look.

15. Thick Hair on Top

Instagram / @GINAAMMLUNG

A denser top makes a lot of show off with a medium fade. The back gets a trim and a skin cut sits on the sides. Adding a razor line at the sides will be great.

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16. Dreadlocks


Look great on dreads with our amazing medium fade style. Afro guys will find it effortless to pull off this style. Dreads falling from the top and medium faded sides give the faded look you always wanted.

17. Mid and High Fades


It is time to try out a new style with another version of the fade haircuts. This time, the onus falls on the high fade. There is not much work to do here. With a shorter hair at the top; a medium fade lies at the bottom and a high fade brings up the rear.

18. Wavy Hair

Instagram / @MRWHO_JR

A short and wavy hair has a lot of pairing to do with the medium fade. The cut deserves a chance and comes with a fade at the sides. A stylish beard is a great way of summing up the style.

19. Bangs

Instagram / @SASAPUPY

Bang hairstyles still look great with this cut. Even though they look messy, a great deal of styling brings it to the best. A front-staged bang with trimmed sides and back offers a dashing style to the lucky man.

20. Textured Long Hair


A voluminous hair at the top makes a lot of impressions. A gel would be helpful in styling this into place. Consider keeping the sides and back a little step below the top.

21. The Caesar Cut

You don’t need to be hardened as Julius Caesar before you get qualified to wear his inspired haircut. Add some spice to the traditional style by adding some medium fades at the sides and skin cut at the back.

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22. Drop Fade

How about dropping some of the fades? This is the traditional fade haircut but the difference lies in the styling. It will suffice to say that what we have here is a three-step haircut: a fade close to the skin comes below; a medium fade follows and the lengthy hair sits at the top.

23. Long Curly Hair and Beard


Flaunt your curls by adorning the sides with well-trimmed beards. You’ll be having a medium fade close to the ears with the upper part taking the rest of the voluminous hair. A gel will do a lot of good to the curls.

24. Short Faux Hawk


When we talk about the Faux Hawk hairstyle, the scope is not just on the longer versions. A short Faux Hawk looks trendy with a skin fade at the sides. Try adding a stylish beard to spice things up.

25. Hard Part and Spiky Hair

Instagram / @PRIMESALON_

This is a great combination we have here! The spikes are coming back with a new look. A side part at the middle of the hair is a sight to behold. To achieve this, comb the strands and keep the sides at skin cut.

26. Textured Crew Cut

The crew cut is between the borders of messy and suave. You can get the best of both worlds when a medium fade comes into the picture. The spikes point to the front and the sides get a touch of the low and medium fades.

27. The Zero Fade

Instagram / @_GOOFY23

This style is what some stylists call the “razor fade”. By this, they mean that the hair is patterned in a “zero form”. The entirety of the back is shaved but the sides keep touches of the medium fade.

28. Slicked Back Hair

Instagram / @ANDRE_ALMEIDA_07

Brushing the voluminous top backward is a nice way to achieve this style. While the top is combed, make sure the sides get the equal touch of the fades. A medium fade can run from the sides and finish at the nape.

29. Long Top


Try spotting a longer hair at the top and back it up with some fades. The faded and shaped up hair looks fashionable and pairs well with the fade we’re looking at. You can rock this in different styles: brushed up or combed forward.

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30. Low Fade


The style we have in the review also looks good with low fades. Men can style their hair with low fades and keep the sides trimmed to a skin. Also, a hard comb part over and lineup will add some impressions to your hair.

31. The Gelled Style

Instagram / @MADDZHAIR

Gel brings out the unique feature of a haircut and yours won’t be an exception. This is your regular pompadour haircut but this time, a gel comes in for styling. A beard looks good here and a side part won’t be a bad idea.

32. Flipped Over

Would you like to try something dramatic? The flipped over haircut comes in as a ready haircut to experiment the medium fade. The slicked back will draw the eye for a second look. With medium fades at the sides, you’re ready to go.

33. The Short Quiff

Instagram / @KAYTEE_POP

The quiff does not have to be that long before it catches your fancy. A shorter version looks goods and will best suit men with short textured hair. Now that the style can be clubbed with many styles, won’t you try your hands with a medium fade? Brush up the front to form a quiff and keep the sides short.

34. The Disheveled Look

This is not your regular messy hair but a rebrand. All thanks to the medium fade, you can now keep this style trendy without much maintenance. A handy clipper and pomade will do the magic.

35. Medium Pomp

Pompadours are not all that long. There are shorter versions you can try out. That’s one of the styles that you can derive from the medium fade haircut. With a trimmed back and faded sides, the short hair at the top with a side part brings out your handsome features.

36. Short Curls


Bring back the magic of the curly hair with shorter curls. This is a great chance to show off your natural curls. With medium length hair on top and faded sides and back complementing the looks, you will never go out of style.

37. The Back Side

Instagram / @WILSON.138

The short hairstyle looks great for the medium-length hair. The nape is exposed and the sides maintain a medium fade. The locks on top can be swept backward and a medium length hair sits at the crown.

38. The Buzz Fade

Instagram / @PATTY_CUTS

You can put up the style with a buzz cut. Showing off the sides with medium fades is a great showoff. The top can be left short but the sides get a skin cut. At the crown, the fades are also present.

39. The V-Cut

How about rocking a V-shaped neckline? This style suits the medium fade and can be paired with many other haircuts. It is the style for the trendy and adventurous man.

40. The Level Fade

Instagram / @ADZYJBARBER

This style blends well with skin cuts at the nape. The medium fade can run from the sides and stop at the back of the neck. The front brushes forward and a gel is the best tool to keep it shiny.

41. The David Beckham Style


The football superstar, David Beckham tries his hands at different haircuts. His medium fade style is one of the haircuts you can check out. The top is left spiky and the sides get two steps of low and medium fades.

42. The Sharp Mid Fade

Instagram / @OMARGADIER_78

The tops are styled and can be combed to a spot to give a great look. The well-textured medium fade can turn heads. The waves on top also add a modern look. This haircut is all about style and you should try it out if you love to look good.

43. The Sleek Hairdo


Hairstyles are meant to bring out the best facial features and the modern man takes this to the next level with a sleek hairdo. The layer starts at the front and extends all the way to the back.

44. The Short Afro

Instagram / @HAIR_HABIB_FORT1

A lot of hair does not really bring out the trendy look you crave. While some men chose to keep the top in place, the task is locating the best style to match it. With a short afro and medium fades, you’ll never go out of style with your afro cuts.


Keep Shining with a Fade

The hairstyle is a great fashion tool in the hands of modern men. They never step out for a walk or leave for the workplace without taking a look at their hair. While some haircuts do not allow you to keep your hands off your hair all day, the mid fade haircut is one of the choicest hairstyles that lets you look cute all day. If you’re still debating the best styling to use, the list above will be your guide.

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