40 Finest Men’s Wavy Hairstyles (Endorsed By Top Coiffeurs)

Wavy hair really has a way of making you look like a work of art. It almost completes your look for you, only needing a few final touches to have you looking perfect. A lot could actually go wrong even with your beautiful wavy hair if you do not do it right, and that is why I’m introducing you to these highly recommended men’s wavy hairstyles that are sure to keep you in the trend, looking chic always. We wouldn’t want you having a hair disaster now would we?

Who said there isn’t such a thing as a perfect hairstyle? These hand-picked hairstyles are a sure bet to getting that dream look you have only imagined of. There are a lot of variations of this hairstyle and no matter the one you choose to go with, you are sure to nail it. It has got your back for that outing and is perfect for you no matter your predilections.

You know, the alluring appearance of your hair will no doubt make whatever haircut you go with really beautiful, and with such an advantage, isn’t it better to have the best out of your looks by having a combination that is for lack of a better word stunning? I thought so too. Here are the very best selections that are gonna blow your mind. Check them out;

1Wavy Hair + Textured Crop

Wavy Hair + Textured Crops - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

For a greater appearance of volume and beauty, it is a good thing to have your wavy hair textured. Then having a perfect haircut to follow suit would be golden and going for a crop haircut is the best alternative. The short sides and back give a beautiful contrast and you just can’t do it better.

2Side Part + Low Fade

Side Part + Low Fade - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

A low fade is an ideal hairstyle that keeps you in conformance with dress rules of an establishment or school, so if you are bound by such rules, you should go for this look as it adds style to your haircut without being dating. Going further in giving your appearance a good touch is with a side part. Simply gorgeous!

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3Short Wavy Hair + Fade

Short Wavy Hair + Fade - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

Generally, not everyone likes voluminous hair. We all have our preferences and you will nail that striking appearance if you have low hair and you go with this hairstyle. Using good hair product gives you the perfect finish and you are good to go.

4Sleeked Back Wavy Hair

Sleeked Back Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

For an eye catching and stunning look, get a good barber to give you a fade so as to accentuate the beauty of your longer wavy hair at the top. Adding good hair wax to your hair will indeed give it a glossy appearance that will have you looking trendy and glamorous. What a beauty to behold.

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5Thick Crop + Fade

Thick Crop + Fade - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @PAKSI_BARBER

You want to go punk with your wavy hair? Why not try it this way. By adding a generous amount of pomade to your hair and having it heavily textured, you can get the pleasant look of volume to your wavy hair. Now combine that with a fade and mehn! can they stop looking at you?

6Long Wavy Hair + Undercut

Long Wavy Hair + Undercut - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

Here is an easy way to carry your long wavy hair. By having an undercut to go with your long hair, you give it good definition and an alluring appearance. It’s quite easy to maintain as you only need to apply good hair product and your hair will have the perfect look.

7Wavy Faux Hawk

Wavy Faux Hawk - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @FAUXHAWK7

The faux hawk is a great punk style and when we hear of this hairstyle, what comes to mind is straight hair. That’s wrong as you can equally rock the faux hawk with wavy hair and stand out looking gorgeous in your style.

8Medium Wavy Hair + Line Up

Medium Wavy Hair + Line Up - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @DEV.CUTZ

Medium length hair is easier to manage and style isn’t it? But doing it right is a must as usual and that’s why you should try this haircut. Having a line-up with your hair is sure to give it an attractive finish. For a sharp line, you could go for a fade as this would further enhance the beauty of the line-up.

9Forward Wavy Hair + Fade

Forward Wavy Hair + Fade - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

As an alternative, you could style your hair forward, even into a fringe if you like. It has a way of showing off your waves in the most attractive way. A fade brings contrast and this shows off your beautiful hair in different lengths.

10Wavy Hair Comb Over

Wavy Hair Comb Over - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @BRINIE

A comb over not only works for straight hair, it works perfectly for wavy hair too. The wavy flow of your hair in this style is what is most fascinating about it. It gives you a gentleman look whilst having you looking sophisticated and fashionable.

11Wavy Fringe + Undercut

Wavy Fringe + Undercut - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

Having your wavy hair styled forward all the way to your forehead is a classic hairstyle. For an outstanding look, you should combine your long bangs with an undercut. Apply good product and your bad boy look is set and ready to rock.

12Classic Men’s Wavy Hairstyle

Classic Men’s Wavy Hairstyle - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @SIMPKINS_CUTS

This style speaks much of class and sophistication. With your medium length wavy hair, you can get an awesome appearance by having a little blend at your sides. It gets you ready for any formal occasion as you look top modish.

13Short Wavy Haircut + Fade

Short Wavy Haircut + Fade - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @_CUTZBYMEL

Cutting your wavy hair short by choice or because of rules you are bound by isn’t a problem as there are ways you can style your short hair and look trendy. Adding a fade to your short hair will definitely turns heads your way, and giving it a healthy glow with good product is an excellent choice.

14Tousled Wavy Hair

Tousled Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @J.GIMM

There is something about carelessly arranged hair. It shows you don’t care but the randomness of your wavy hair locks has an enthralling thing to it. You should try this for that bad boy look as chicks are sure going to dig this look. Sexy!

15Finger Combed Long Wavy Hair

Finger Combed Long Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @J.GIMM

Using your fingers to comb your long wavy hair is sure to give a messy hair do. Perfect for a low key punk life. It has a way of showing off your eyes along-side your beautiful hair texture. It’s easy to maintain, I mean, it is a messy style right? But for a graceful finish, use good hair product so your hair can stay perfect.

16Wavy Comb Over + Fade + Beard

Wavy Comb Over + Fade + Beard - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @FADEQUEEN_

Doesn’t a beard just have a way of making perfect, an already beautiful look? A well groomed beard is paramount for this look. A fade makes your beard and top hair stand out because of the distinction and it’s really a beauty to behold.

17Wavy Textured Top + Undercut + Line Up

Wavy Textured Top + Undercut + Line Up - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

After the magic of an undercut, the next thing is to go for a line up. It accentuates the beauty of your wavy undercut and getting your top long hair textured is a great way to heighten the beauty of your looks. So fashionable and breathe taking.

18Textured Wavy Quiff + Fade

Textured Wavy Quiff + Fade - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @SKILLS_BARBER

The quiff is one of the most sought after hairstyles today because of its beauty. Getting a fade to go with it, preferably a low one accentuates its beauty and then for the knockout touch, have your wavy locks textured with good pomade. Gorgeous!

19Short Textured Crop + Side Swept Bangs And Fade

Short Textured Crop + Side Swept Bangs And Fade - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

This is one sexy hairstyle that will leave you looking like an Adonis. The trick is in the styling. After getting your haircut short in a fade, you will need to apply good hair product and sweep your bangs from the back forward and sideways with your comb. Whatever side you choose, it’s going to be cool.

20Long Layered Wavy Hair

Long Layered Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

This is a subtle way to add beauty to your wavy hair. It gives your hair a perfect look without being blunt about it. Having your locks of different lengths; short top and long beneath gives your hair an appearance of volume and artistic beauty.

21Long Wavy Hair + Beard

Long Wavy Hair + Beard - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @RUICLSILVA

Not everyone likes to cut or blend any part of their hair at all. If you are one of those who loves to keep your hair intact and full, not a problem. You can still achieve a neat and classy look if you combine your wavy hair look with a beard. It has you looking more refined and stylish.

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22Messy Textured Wavy Hair + Taper

Messy Textured Wavy Hair + Taper - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @BARBER__SCHOOL

You sure will look ravishing with your wavy hair textured, as the texture makes more pronounced the beautiful flow of your waves. Leaving it messy adds style in its own way and gradually reducing your hair length in a taper is a subtle way to shorten the length of your side hair and it makes you stand out.

23Wavy Sleek Back + Hipster Beard

Wavy Sleek Back + Hipster Beard - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @MENSTYLETOP_

The hipster beard is on full force among men right now and it is a perfect combo with your wavy hair. You will need to grow your beard long before you can try this though. It is sure to heighten your masculinity in the sexiest way.

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24Full And Long Wavy Hair

Full And Long Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @MENSTYLETOP_

Keeping your hair full and long is a very beautiful sight as your long hair will end in curls. The way it seats on your head and flows with the wind is top sexy and will surely give you attention. You just need good hair pomade to have your hair looking good and well groomed and you are good to go.

25Thick Wavy Hair

Thick Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @MENSTYLETOP_

You have thick wavy hair? I’m sure it could be a bit of a headache sometimes. Not to worry as you can achieve the look of an Adonis with the right tweak. Having your hair sleek back with good pomade will show off your hair in the most beautiful way and that’s all you need to have that perfect look.

26Lightened Wavy Hair

Lightened Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @FADEHAIRCUT

A great way to go with your wavy hair is playing with colors, or no colors at all. Having your hair white totally or in a shade of grey will have an eye catchy thing about it. It put you out there with your head high as a man of fashion and style.

27Wavy Hair With Side Bangs

Wavy Hair With Side Bangs - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @MENSTYLETOP_

Standing out in a crowd and being different is all about being unique. One way you can be top classy and unique is by styling your bangs to the side. It has got your back for whatever occasion; a party or the office and either ways you are sure to nail it.

28Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

Oh what gorgeousness. Leaving your hair cascade down your shoulders is really a pretty sight. It is suitable for formal setting, and surprisingly goes well even for a bad boy look. Apply good hair product and comb all the way down for a perfect finish.

29Mid Length Wavy Hair

Mid Length Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

Having your hair at your jaw line or a bit lower gives you the chance to style your hair in different ways. It gives your face a long impression and is suitable for those with a bit of a round face. Having a polished finish gives you a great look in this easy to maintain hairstyle.

30Mature Wavy Hairstyle

Mature Wavy Hairstyle - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @MENSTYLETOP_

No matter your age or social status, there is a special haircut for you. For middle aged men who are going grey, a perfect way for you to carry your wavy hair is to cut it short. It flows and curls up in a perfect way that gives you magnificence in the most charming way.

31Wavy Haircut For Black Men

Wavy Haircut For Black Men - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

Most black men have wavy hair and the best way to show this off is to cut your hair really short. Maintaining sharp hairlines is prime to bring out the beauty in your hair. it leaves you looking neat and beautiful.

32Spiky Wavy Hair

Spiky Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

One of the most beautiful ways to style your hair is to add pomade to it for definition and style it in spikes. It kind of gives you a rugged look but without you being too much. This is one combo that is sure to have you looking top classy.

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33Textured And Tousled Locks

Textured And Tousled Locks - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

For a more beautiful way to show off your wavy hair flow, you can have them textured and separate the locks. Then let them have their random orientation as you can use your fingers to comb them into place. What a gorgeous look.

34Textured And Side Swept Top Hair

Textured And Side Swept Top Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

Having an undercut or a high fade always has a way of adding a modern touch to your hair do, making you look more refined. Using pomade before styling will give you long lasting style and a beautiful finish as you carry your hair this way.

35High Wavy Hair With Beard

High Wavy Hair With Beard - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

You could keep your wavy hair high and be still pulling it off. Combining a beard with this full hair look is going to give your face a mature and fuller impression. It is a fact that beards make all things perfect, so try this look out and have perfection beyond your imagination.

36Wavy Brush Up

Wavy Brush Up - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

This haircut is one perfect way to go with your wavy hair. It is like the two were made for one another. Styling your wavy hair upwards in a messy fashion gives it a stylish look as it beautifully flows. Adding an undercut or a fade is a great way to round up this beauty and have you looking great.

37Wavy Forward Fringe

Wavy Forward Fringe - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @THEB.MAG

Fringes can be carried in different ways as you deem fit. There is no going wrong there. But with your curly hair, styling it long and forward and made to stand rather than fall is going to set you apart. Blending the sides of your hair would make it more elegant and there you have it; the perfect look.

38Short Sleek Wavy Hair

Short Sleek Wavy Hair - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @FRESHCASSO

If you have short wavy hair, or you intend to cut your hair short and you are wondering the best way to carry it and have that top posh look? Look no further than this style. Adding good wax will give your hair that polished look and make it sleek. This is undoubtedly a suave appearance.

39Black Wavy Hair + Full Beard

Black Wavy Hair + Full Beard - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles
Instagram / @MIKESHARRPP

This has got to be the most beautiful haircut out there for black men. Cutting you wavy hair short shows it off in the best way possible as neat and beautiful. Having your hairlines stay sharp takes care of your looks as you apply good hair product to have a polished finish.

40Short Wavy Hair + Very Low Taper

Short Wavy Hair + Very Low Taper - Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

You can still have a very low taper and be top classy as is obvious here. The low blend always does the magic of giving you a more refined look while giving your sharp hairlines more definition. It is appropriate for any occasion as you are sure to look classy as always.

Stay Recherché With These Exquisite Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

In order to have an astounding look, you have to do things in an extraordinary fashion. These styles are the perfect ways to nail that look you really desire as they form a synergy with your hair type. You just can’t go wrong with any of these looks and you can change from one to another as you please. You will surely look trendy always. So lay back and relax as you allow these hand-picked men’s wavy hairstyle do the magic for you.

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