45 Stylish Low Fade Hairstyles for Men (2020 Handpicked)

The low fade haircut is growing in popularity. Are you looking for a haircut that is sophisticated and will suit you?

The fades are one of the best hairstyle variations you can get your hands on. It seems women are dominating with diverse hairstyles that bring out their facial features. Now, men are joining the fray and are already showing signs that they will take over. The amazing haircuts that are readily accessible to the male folk and the different styles that they can be styled into are quite impressive.

The low fade haircut is an impressive hairstyle and is quite easy to style. One unique feature of this haircut is the varied styles that you can make out of it. It works well not just for fade haircuts but for other hairstyles.

So, if you are looking at a unique blend of haircuts that you can style on your next appointment with the stylist, these are some styles that will get you smiling after you leave the barber’s shop.

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Hair Styling Clay

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1Textured Quiff + Side Part

Textured Quiff + Side Part
Instagram / @ALPHAMENTV

This is for the men that are blessed with a volume on the top. The quaff hairstyle does not necessarily need to be messy. With this variation and the integrated side part, it won’t be a bad idea to secure the sides with low fades.

2Crew Cut + Sideburns

Crew Cut + Sideburns

The classic crew hairdo makes a reinvention when styled with a significant amount of fades at the sides. To pull off this look, maintain medium strands at the top and implement a clean cut at the sides. You can choose well-trimmed sideburns to tag along with the style.

3Low Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade
Instagram / @RPB_NQ

There is a clue to the fact that the low fades work in tandem with every other fade hairstyle (and other haircuts). Now, the direction tilts to the low skin fade. To achieve this, style the top hair forward, and make it a clear distance from the clean cut at the sides. A disconnected beard will be a nice way to complement the hairdo.

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4Textured Fringe

Textured Fringe
Instagram / @KGSALIAKBAR

Not many men love the fringe hairstyle but with inspiration from the low fade, there is no gainsaying the fact that you will fall in love with the cut. The textured format makes it a style to go for. The icing on the cake is the clean sides that are initiated by the fades. Consider a beardless face and mustache to go along with the look.

5Medium Comb-Over + Side Part

Medium Comb-Over + Side Part

The exquisite look that comes with this hairdo is compelling, as you might not resist the temptation to spot the haircut. The comb-over is a unique haircut on its own. Combining the low fades and introducing a side part adds a touch of glamour to the cut.

6High Quiff

High Quiff
Instagram / @ALPHAMENTV

This can be anywhere between being messy and decent. Depending on the stylist’s skills, you can pull off this look without much ado. All that is required is striking a difference between the high top and the short sides by fading the hair a few inches away from the ear. Texture the top and prop forward for a dignified look.

7Taper Fade + Long Top

Taper Fade + Long Top
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

Do you dream of rocking long top without getting in the way of distracted look? The hairdo version we have here lets you style the volume into a nice style. The fade starts from the temple, blurs the ear hairlines and disappears into facial hair. You can style the top into a medium fringe or pompadour, and style forward or backward.

8High to Low Spikes

High to Low Spikes
Instagram / @FLIP_THE_BARBER

The spiky haircut does not have one form. With this variation, you can move your spikes from the front to the back. This is opposed to the medial position that is obtainable in traditional spiky hairstyles. Differentiate the thick, short layers from the faded sides, and connect a beard to finish the look.

9Messy Top

Messy Top

There is no doubt that the messy hairstyle attracts a lot of stares. Despite the bushy look that comes with it, you can make a new statement when you choose to style with the low fade. To achieve this and get thumbs up from your friends, apply the fades at the sides and maintain a messy hairdo at the top.

10Large Pomp

Large Pomp
Instagram / @REUZEL

The pompadour haircut has been around for a long time and is not going away anytime soon. The secret to making the best out of it (especially, when looking at the low fade) is to rock high pomp and rocking clean cuts at the sides.

11The Buzz Inspiration

The Buzz Inspiration

In spite of the fact that the buzz haircut is not close to being a bald hairstyle, it still makes a great look when the fades appear at the sides. To pull off this thrilling look, apply the fades at the sides, trim the top, and complete with disconnected sideburns.

12Comb Back

Comb Back
Instagram / @EVO93BARBER

Reinvent your volume with the comb back haircut. Weave the strands backward but make sure they stop a little inch before the crown. This creates an orderly look and does not interfere with the fades that pass across the nape. Finish the top with a touch of gel for texture.

13Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

Have you ever tried two haircuts at a stretch? It might be a crazy idea but with the fade hairstyles, there is never a limit to what you can achieve. What we have here are two distinct haircuts; each working at its parameters. Low fades cover the sides while the top features a zigzag line that drops down to the jaw line.

14Curls + Fade

Curls + Fade

This is one of the simplest cuts you can get when working on the premise of the low fade hairstyles. All you have to do is to keep the sides clean with the fades and secure the wavy top with a gel, before styling.

15Bangs + Sideburns

Bangs + Sideburns

This is the gentleman’s signature haircut. Style the sides with the fade and secure the top locks by styling into the bangs hairdo. Disconnected sideburns will be a perfect finish for this cut.

16Textured Curls

Textured Curls

There are variations to curly hair. If you are not blessed with the waves, consider applying a texture to your locks. Do not keep sideburns and remember to run your fingers through your hair with gel after styling.

17Short Taper Fade

Short Taper Fade
Instagram / @HUDSON.HAIR

The tapers are companions to the low fades, and it is not a surprise that they make the list. Blow out the thick locks maintain clean cut at the sides.

18LineUp Haircut

LineUp Haircut
Instagram / @PATTY_CUTS

Sharp curves bring out the best features of the face. If you want to replicate this, consider getting this lineup hairstyle and start off your day with good looks.

19Side-Swept Bangs

Side-Swept Bangs

Take control of your bangs haircut and style accordingly with this inspiration. It will be a good idea for men with long locks. Apply low fades with some length and complete with a well-trimmed beard.

20The Fringe Hairdo

The Fringe Hairdo

Make the best out of your medium hair by styling into the fringe haircuts. Rock clean cuts at the sides and pull the textured hair to the front.

21Artistic Impression

Artistic Impression
Instagram / @BARBEIRO_MT

Lovers of adventure now have a way to bring their quest for more to life. Consider applying structural lines in the hairline as you style. Remember to keep clean sides and medium length at the top.

22Temple Fade

Temple Fade

Throw in some other fades (preferably the temple fade) and make positive impressions with your low fade haircut. Consider spotting medium waves and disconnected beard to complete the look.

23Afro Hairstyle

Afro Hairstyle

The vintage afro haircut is not limited to women. Men are now grooming their locks to heights and recreating them into an afro. Get inspired with this hairdo and make fashion statements with your voluminous hair.

24Wavy Pompadour + Hard Part

Wavy Pompadour + Hard Part

Integrate the razor line into your pompadour hairstyle and get admiration from friends. Keep the sides clean with the low fade and apply a texture to the pomp. Create a boundary between the top and short sides with a hard part.

25The V-Shape

The V-Shape

Remake your hair into the V-Shaped hairstyle. Round up the sides and back with the low fade and finish the strands at the crown into this shape. You can also keep the volume at the top.

26Slicks + Beard

Slicks + Beard

It’s all about the volume you are willing to show off. Consider connected beard to rhyme with the textured volume at the top. The low fades take a place at the sides, and you get to slick back the wavy hair afterward.

27Wavy Slick Back

Wavy Slick Back

If you want to pull up the fades to cover a large part of the head, it will be pertinent to have enough room for the hair. If the slick back is your choice, consider moving backward in a single file.

28Fashionable Sweeps

Fashionable Sweeps
Instagram / @TONYARNOLD88

There is a tendency that you are not conversant with this hairstyle. It takes a walk from the traditional side-swept – instead, it completes the hair tossing at the tip of the crown.

29V Slick Back

V Slick Back
Instagram / @WISSBARBER

Slick back your wavy hair in a single format. Get the barber to shave off a few inches of hair from the ear line before pulling the strand from the front to the nape of the neck.

30Slicked Side Sweep

Slicked Side Sweep
Instagram / @FADES_PLUS

This unique hairdo features a combination of the slicks and the side-swept hairstyle. However, both merge to create this uniform look, and a well-trimmed beard helps you complete this classy hairstyle.

31Drop Fade + Razor Line Up

Drop Fade + Razor Line Up

This classy look features the lineup and the drop fade. To add more glamour, consider slicking the medium top backward.

32Classy Afro

Classy Afro

This look is all about what you make of it. Perhaps, you are seeking for adventure! This classy afro hairdo lets you fade the sides and maintain volume at the top – which can slick back if you choose.

33Braided Man Bun

Braided Man Bun

The ever-popular man bun hairstyle gets a facelift with the introduction of the braids. Try your hands at this if you have enough hair to spare. Get the braids done, slick back into a man bun and secure with a hair band.

34Forward Swept Quiff

Forward Swept Quiff

The style is positivity in motion and you will certainly love the shorter version. To pull off this look, keep the sides clean with a low fade and texture the top if you want.

35Textured Crop

Textured Crop

The French crop is an exquisite hairstyle. Consider recreating it with some texture at the top, and fades at the sides.

36Side Sweep + Textured Fringe

Side Sweep + Textured Fringe

This style combines the amazing looks of the fringe and side-swept haircuts. The textured top makes it a hairstyle to look at. Complete it with sideburns for an impressive look.

37Textured Faux Hawk

Textured Faux Hawk
Instagram / @FAUXHAWK7

Take up the challenge and add some texture to your Faux Hawk hairstyle. Run your fingers through the hair to make the texture even. A side part can feature as a way to differentiate the layered top from the clan sides.

38Short Cut

Short Cut

A shorter hairstyle will certainly bring out your facial features. It doesn’t matter if you have medium or long hair. If this is what you want, get the barber to trim the strands and keep the sides clean with the low fade.

39The Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut
Instagram / @N2S_RONALD

This inspirational cut features wavy strands at the top and clean cuts at the sides. The style also lets you keep enough hair at the top without bothering about a messy look.

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40Stylish Part

Stylish Part

This is not anywhere close to the traditional side part haircuts. Rather, the razor line starts from the front, extends to the middle and finishes at the crown. It works best for people with short or medium hairstyles.

41The Colored Top

The Colored Top

Throw some color into your volume. Weave the wave strands to the sides; letting it cover the low fade at the side. It will be a nice approach if you leave the face with a beard.

42Modern Pomp

Modern Pomp

Add some style to this pompadour haircut by texturing the top and slicking back to the crown. Let the fades lock down the sides and finish the job with a well-trimmed beard.

43Blonde Side Sweep

Blonde Side Sweep
Instagram / @BULLJM_BARBER

Throw some into the side-swept haircut. Consider getting a blonde color on your strands and finish the job with disconnected sideburns.

44Slick Back + Comb Over

Slick Back + Comb Over
Instagram / @EM_BONJ

What a nice look you will get after combining the slick back and the comb–over hairstyles! The neat look gets added valor with the integration of a disconnected beard.

45The Dreads

The Dreads

Set your curly locks to work by styling into dreadlocks. To make the most out of this, keep the dreads at the top, then fades at the sides, and surgical lines beside the crown.

Lower the Fade

The fades are nice ways of styling almost any type of hairstyle. The low fade haircut is particularly patterned after different haircuts and you will have no hassles in getting one for yourself. We have made the collections of the best styles you can style and we do hope you find the one that suits you.

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