How To Install Car Speakers Yourself: A Beginner’s Full Guide

Most car speakers that come with most cars produce low-first-class sound and most of them are lousy. For this reason, many car owners would prefer to update the built-in audio system and sometimes even install a superior audio system. The good thing is that you can get after-market speakers that are pretty economical when it comes to boosting your car’s audio capabilities and are also easy to install.

Currently, there are many types of car speakers out there but the most common and famous are the 6×9 speakers. These speakers come in oval and round shapes. Note that the oval-shaped speakers are believed to produce greater dynamic sound than the round-shaped of the same size.

That being said, in this article, we’ve shared a complete guide to help you install car speakers whether you are replacing default ones or you are just upgrading to a greater audio system.

You think that the process is complex? No! the process is pretty easy but before you proceed with the installation process you should read the manual that came with the speakers carefully to know the instructions. Another thing is to identify where you want to install your new speakers, that is if you are not replacing the default ones or those that came built-in your car. Many a time, car speakers are installed in the doors, the rear end of the car seating and the dashboard.

 How to Install Car Speaker’s – A Step By Step Guide

The process is pretty simple and can take about less than an hour. But you should take safety measures so that you don’t cause any damage.

What can cause damage to speakers?

You can damage car speakers during the installation process and this occurs when you don’t follow the appropriate procedures for installing them. These are cause for damage to car speakers:

  • A cracked cone
  • Fuse and magnetic coil damage
  • Short circuit

Before Installation Process- Gather Your Tools

When installing your new car speakers, you will need the following tools, however, you are not limited to using these ones:

  • Crimper tool
  • Wire cutter
  • Connectors
  • An electric drill and bits
  • Soldering iron
  • Socket wrench set
  • File
  • Varied screwdrivers
  • Electrical tape- Philips head and flathead
  • Toxy driver
  • Removal tool – for the door panel

What to do before you start the installation process

  • Disconnect the battery
  • If you wish to install the speakers in the doors of your car, you need to take apart the doors
  • If you want to replace the default speakers, take them out
  • You will also need to remove the back shelf interior boards so that you can access the speaker mounting place.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Car Speakers

Replacing default car speakers or installing new ones must be done with some important considerations such as:

  • Check the condition of the existing stereo system since some speakers come with simple stereo systems that are limited when it comes to the wattage and sometimes come with only four channels
  • Check the sizes of the existing car speakers. As mentioned above, speakers are available in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, you need to choose the speaker that is the same size as the one you are replacing. But the most common and most recommended by experts are 6×9 car speakers.
  • Choose high-quality sound performance speakers with good electronic characteristics so that you can easily add woofers, subwoofers, and tweeters in case you need them.
  • Know the wattage of your new speakers. Importantly, ensure the wattage is similar to the ones you are replacing.

Steps for Installing New Car Speakers

First things first: When dealing with all types of electrical tasks, you should always ensure you protect yourself from damages before your start. In this case, you should check to see that the battery is disconnected.  This helps to keep you safe from electrical shock or damage of the car stereo system that may be caused by short-circuiting.

Read the instructions that came with the new speakers carefully. Note that there are different types of speakers out there which make it hard to write a guide for all of them, but we’ve generalized the steps in this article. However, we would like to emphasize that people should defer to any instructions that came with the new speakers when installing them.

i. Take out the door panels

You need to get access to the existing or factory speakers so you need to take out the door panels. This is perhaps the toughest part when installing your new car speakers. Note that different cars need different tools, so you should have the right tools for your car door panel removal.

ii. Remove the existing or default speakers

You could be replacing the default or you could be installing new since the factory speakers are not producing the quality sound you expect so, you need to remove the existing ones to get access to the speaker mounts. Sometimes you may be required to unscrew one or more bolts and disconnect the wires. Note that you may need to install the old speakers so ensure to save any screw you remove in a good place.

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iii. Installing new speakers

Once you have removed the factory or default speakers, you need to install the new ones and in this case, you need to position them into mount and screw them carefully. Note that the speakers might fit well, but if they don’t, you can adjust the sections so that the speakers can fit well. Here, you will also want to drill some holes.

iv. Connecting the new speakers to the car’s electrical system

After you have drilled holes, it’s time to connect the new speakers to the car’s electrical system. This process is fairly simple since you need to check the positive and negative wires and carefully plug them into the receiver. Here, you need to be careful to match the polarity or the car and the speaker’s connections. The positive terminal is marked with “+” or a small dot

v. Clean up

Now that you’ve finished wiring, you should cover any live wire with tape. But ensure to clean unwanted wires.

vi. How to install car speakers: Testing the new speakers

Now that you have installed and connected your new speakers, you need to test the connections to ensure they are all working well. Reconnect the battery and turn on the car’s stereo. Play a song and listen to the sound they produce. If they don’t work, you could have done a mistake when connecting the speakers.

vii. Secure the new speakers

Once you have tested the speakers and they are working well, you need to secure them. In this case, you may need to a specially mounted bracket and this might come with the new speakers. You also want to defer to the instructions that came with the speakers.


Different cars have different ways when it comes to speaker installation. To install car speakers, you need to always read the manual that came with your new speakers carefully before you proceed with the installation. This will help you to avoid any damage. The process can take less than an hour to complete. We hope our guide will help you to make the process simple.

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