Best 40 Hipster Haircuts (Trendiest Choices)

The best way to go at the moment in the world of fashion and hairstyles is to have a hipster haircut. It has been around for long now and has come back in a very stylish and up to the minute way. This haircut gives you a new look which is pleasing and is sure to boost your self-confidence as it keeps you way up, going higher and higher in the fashion ladder. What then is so special about this hairstyle?

The hipster haircut basically involves short cut hair on the sides and longer hair at the top. The short sides could be styled as a taper; either a low, mid or high taper, fade; either a low fade, mid fade or a high fade, or as an undercut. The top hair is left longer and there is no limit to how long it can be kept. The length gives you the liberty to style as you wish and you could choose to go with any of the top styles like the pompadour, quiff, classy man bun, a comb over, beautiful sleek back and so on. The list is just endless.

You could also choose to take your style further with a hipster beard to accompany your look and bring out the best in your fashion. This classic is a perfect choice for you no matter your predilections, and with a little tweak here and there, you are sure to be top elegant.

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Let me now take you to the world of classiest and trendiest hipster cuts.

1Messy Quiff + Fade + Beard

Messy Quiff + Fade + Beard

Having a quiff has a way of going both ways when it comes to your looks. It has a rugged side to it and yet you can be formal with it. Adding a skin fade gives the messy top all the attention and puts it in the limelight. With a beard to this combo, you have got a very appealing masculinity to yourself.

2Taper Fade + Messy Comb Over

Taper Fade + Messy Comb Over
Instagram / @SELARU_RADU

A taper fade has a subtle way of blending your sides, adding a modern touch to your hair but without making it too extreme. With a messy comb over, your hair is styled to one side and it has a very charming look about it.

3Fade + Textured Brushed Back Hair

Fade + Textured Brushed Back Hair

Having your hair textured gives it volume and thickness that is really attractive. A great way to style your textured hair is having your locks brushed back. With a fade accompanying this, there’s no way you can have it wrong as you will undoubtedly stand out in the room.

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4Textured Sleek Back Hair + Beard

Textured Sleek Back Hair + Beard

Obviously, having your hair textured and sleeked back is a perfect way to go, and adding a beard to this beauty gives you that perfect and top notch hipster look. It completes your fashion impeccably and you just can’t look better.

5Braided Hair

Braided Hair

Having braided hair is a great way to keep your long hair. You could choose to tie it up in a ponytail or whatever way you prefer, but it sure completes your hipster look and gives you a chic appearance. What’s more is you can rock this style in a suit and in jeans.

6High Fade + Side Part And Spiky Hair

High Fade + Side Part And Spiky Hair
Instagram / @GENTSHAIR_CS

Having accompaniments to go with your hair is a great way to bring out the beauty that already is your haircut. This is one very fancy haircut that is a combination of classy additions. The fade and side part are for lack of a better word, perfect with your spiky hair, as they give you a more polished look.

7Fade + Pompadour + Beard

Fade + Pompadour + Beard
Instagram / @REUZEL

A pomp is an all-time classic and is a sure way to have your hair neat and stylish. Adding a beard and fade takes you beyond just stylish but adds a touch of a sexy masculinity to your look. With a fade, you will most definitely look modish and sophisticated.

8Short Sides + Comb Over + Beard

Short Sides + Comb Over + Beard

Cutting the sides of your hair short is a very stylish way of adding a modern touch to your hair. Furthermore, it gives all the attention to the top of the hair and makes your styling very well appreciated. Styling your hair in a comb over is pretty great and gives you a gentleman’s look.

9Textured Waves + Short Sides

Textured Waves + Short Sides
Instagram / @NIA.SCAR

For that gentleman and classy look, you should absolutely go with this haircut. Having your long hair trimmed at the sides so that there are shorter gives your hair a neat look and going further with getting your hair textured is amazing as it leaves you looking breathtaking.

10Undercut + Brush Up + Beard

Undercut + Brush Up + Beard

Want to have the sexy bad boy look? Get an undercut and grow a beard. The contrast between the hair at the top and the undercut, and the way your beard just begins out of nowhere is enchanting. It is a bit extreme but gives you an air of sophistication around you.

11Fade + Hard Part + Comb Over

Fade + Hard Part + Comb Over
Instagram / @KAMS_FL

There is indeed no better combination of styles than a hard part, comb over and a fade. There’s a lot going on here and each style compliments the previous one and gives you a gorgeous look in the end. What’s more? It is a perfect fit for any occasion.

12High Fade + Textured Comb Over + Beard

High Fade + Textured Comb Over

This right here gives you that manly look. It stylishly puts you out there without doing it too much. Using hair product can give you a perfect finish to your styling and beard product will make your beard outstanding. In all, you will have a look that you are going to be pleased with.

13Tapered Sides + Long Brush Up Hair

Tapered Sides + Long Brush Up Hair

Yea not everyone likes to go all out with cutting the sides of their hair very short. If you are in that category, then you can go with tapered sides. It lets you retain a little bit of hair at the sides but gives you a very classy look and combined with the brush up, no one has ever looked better. You can rock this anywhere bro.

14Sleeked Back Comb Over + Undercut

Sleeked Back Comb Over + Undercut
Instagram / @WIIINNYS

It isn’t always that an undercut has to be extreme. It can also be made to be right for a formal and professional look, so if you dig the undercut but can’t rock it cos of the extreme look it gives, this tweak is for you. It gives a subtle impression on your looks and the sleek hair has you looking posh.

15Low Fade + Quiff + Beard

Low Fade + Quiff + Beard
Instagram / @REALZATE

This right here is another stylish way to rock your quiff. It is a particular favorite of mine actually. The way the low fade shows your hair texture is really beautiful, and having a beard to continue from the fade makes you look really elegant and sexy.

16Long Hair + Top Knot + Beard

Long Hair + Top Knot + Beard

This is the perfect hipster look for men with long hair. It gives you the hipster appearance while you look neat as you knot your long hair at the top. Carrying your hair this way makes your eyes pop and it’s an opportunity for you to show off those killer eyes you have.

17Fade + Hard Part + Textured Top

Fade + Hard Part + Textured Top

Having your barber style you up real good in a fade gives you a very appealing look, but why stop there when there is more that can be done to make you look even better? You can go further with giving yourself a classy appearance by asking for a hard part and having your top hair textured.

18Low Taper Fade + Hard Part

Low Taper Fade + Hard Part
Instagram / @VLENDZ

A gentleman’s look indeed. Nothing too serious, nothing too extreme but there is something definitely going on here. A low taper fade is the most subtle way to reduce the length of your side hair. It is subtle but has great effect to your looks and with a side part, you are ready to go.

19Man Bun + Beard

Man Bun + Beard
Instagram / @HANK_GE

There is nothing hotter than a man in a man bun. It keeps your long hair arranged in a simple yet very elegant manner, giving you an awesome look of sophistication. Adding a beard to it just increases your Manish appearance and lets you have a sexy and tough appearance. Golden.

20Messy Curls + Short Sides

Messy Curls + Short Sides
Instagram / @EFFERVESCENT1985

This is an absolutely perfect choice of hipster haircut if you have curly hair but want to keep it simple but posh. Having your curly hair look all messy but glossy is a great choice. And having the sides reduced just a bit gives a modern touch to your look and gives you an overall beauty.

21Short sides + Wavy Hair + Beard

Short sides + Wavy Hair + Beard

If you have natural wavy hair, or you styled yours up, you could go with this haircut for that perfect look you desire. It keeps you in the trend and has you ready for any occasion as it is in fact nothing extreme, just top fancy.

22Taper Fade + Comb Over + Beard

Taper Fade + Comb Over + Beard

Who said formal has to be boring? A taper fade is a very subtle way of styling your hair but as subtle as the action is, never underestimate the result it gives. With a comb over and a beard, you can’t be more stylish and what’s more? It is low maintenance while making you stand out in the office nonetheless.

23Sleek Back Undercut + Beard

Sleek Back Undercut + Beard

This one screams of class. It’s all about the hair product for the very best finish though. Keep your top hair long enough and ask your barber to style you up in an undercut. Use hair pomade for men and you will have that sleek appearance.

24Wavy Crew Cut

Wavy Crew Cut
Instagram / @GQ_GERMANY

A great alternative to carrying your hair short is with a crew cut. It really has a way of bringing out the hipster fashion in you. Having a crew cut with wavy hair is simply breathtaking as it makes you look like a great work of art. Ravishing.

25Undercut + Sleek Pompadour

Undercut + Sleek Pompadour

As stylish as the pompadour is, there is never a limit to what can be done when it comes to making you look astonishing. A combo of an undercut and a pomp speaks of style and elegance and having your hair sleek this way will surely set you aside from the crowd. You are so gonna nail this.

26Wavy Brush Back

Wavy Brush Back

Having long wavy hair can leave you with options on styling. But if you want to keep it simple but nonetheless classy and elegant, you could just go with a brush back. It gives you a mature and sophisticated appearance.

27Messy Pompadour + Short Sides

Messy Pompadour + Short Sides
Instagram / @JEEVAA_ROMEO

This variant of the pomp has a lot of style to it. Having long hair would give you the liberty to style your pomp in this messy way and reducing the length of the sides gives your pomp a modern touch. The messy nature of the pomp gives attention to your eyes and is great for a show off.

28Side Swept Hair + Fade + Beard

Side Swept Hair + Fade + Beard

A great way to style your top hair is to have it styled to side in a sweep. It gives you a nice look and adding a fade to your style would give you a look that just couldn’t get any better. A beard makes all things sexier and this is no exception. You need to try this.

29Medium Length Hair + Bangs

Medium Length Hair + Bangs

This is one nice alternative to carry your medium length hair. Styling the front part of your hair to go forward in bangs is an excellent style. You could choose to have your bangs on one side, or asymmetrical or full forward bangs. It gives you a very appealing exterior.

30Undercut + Brush Up + Handlebar Mustache

Undercut + Brush Up + Handlebar Mustache

What is most spectacular about this hipster haircut is the mustache. The handlebar mustache has the traits of older hairstyles, but with a modern touch. The mix up of modern and old gives rise to a very refined and elegant haircut. It’s for lack of a better word, beautiful.

31Textured Sleek Back

Textured Sleek Back

Not everyone likes the idea of cutting their sides even in taper. But that’s okay as we have got your back here. You could just go with hair products like Every man jack to style your hair up into a textured sleek back. It is very fancy and a bit time consuming, but the results are so worth it.

32Taper Fade + Spiky Hair

Taper Fade + Spiky Hair

Another way to gracefully complete your hipster look is with spiky hair. Styling your spiky hair with a taper fade is just the accompaniment it needs to stand out looking drop dead gorgeous. It is a little extreme but you sure can pull it off.

33Modern Quiff

Modern Quiff

The quiff is an all-time classic; never going out of style. With the long top hair and shorter sides, you are sure to rock this look. No matter your hair texture, you have got this. It gives you a stylish and fun look and what’s more? It is appropriate for all occasions and has got you looking posh.

34Angular Bangs + Fade

Angular Bangs + Fade

This is one style that will set you apart from the crowd. Styling the fringe at an angle to the side can be very magical. You can take it to any side that pleases you, no problem with that. It completes your hipster fashion and style and has you looking irresistibly hot.

35Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk
Instagram / @FAUXHAWK7

And this is absolutely a grand way to style your full grown hair and complete your hipster style. A faux hawk isn’t something too serious but it drips of style and class. It shows you off as confident and one with a great fashion sense.

36Hand Brushed Layered Hair

Hand Brushed Layered Hair

Having layered hair gives your hair an impression of volume, with the short locks on top and longer locks of hair beneath. You can apply Volaire air magic texturizing spray and then use your fingers to brush your hair. It gives it a bit of a messy but top hipster finish.

37Crew Cut + Hair Design

Crew Cut + Hair Design
Instagram / @AIMILIOSBN

For fancy yet simple haircuts, you should totally opt for this fancy crew cut. Adding style to your haircut could be done in many ways but you should try adding a hair design like this. It is nothing too serious but does a lot to make you stand out and look top refined.

38Short Hair + Taper Fade

Short Hair + Taper Fade

The taper fade isn’t just for longer hair. It is a great way to add style and class even for short hair too. Reducing the hair by your sides in a gradual manner until it blends into the skin has a very fancy look about it and with short hair, it gives you a simple but classy finish.

39Fade With Design + Dye

Fade With Design + Dye
Instagram / @R.BRAID

Now not all fade styles are plain and straightforward. You could choose to have yours styled so that you can be unique. Having your barber add a design to your faded side would have a great finish. Going further in your styling would be perfectly done by adding a dye to your hair. Simply awesome.

40Brushed Up Blondie

Brushed Up Blondie

Stand Out With These Unsurpassed Hipster Haircuts

These hipster haircuts are the best and trendiest haircuts you can find and you just can’t do it better than with these. The haircuts have got all you need in a haircut in terms of style, sophistication, elegance, beauty and there are in the trend. So when next you visit your barber, ask for any of these cuts. There are sure to complete your hipster look and have you looking recherché.

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