Best High And Tight Haircuts For Men (Top 44 Picks)

The high and tight haircut is the military version of the crew cut. It is a very short hairstyle rocked by many, especially those in the military or involved in security service. It is one hairstyle that keeps you looking sharp and clean at all times and is worth giving a try as you sure won’t regret it. What then is this manly hairstyle about?

Also known as the walker, the high and tight is characterized by faded sides and back with a high top when compared to the rest of the hair but in reality, is also very short. Sometimes the sides and back are completely shaven and then blended with the top hair. It is a very easy to maintain hairstyle and has you ready to go with very little demand for any kind of attention. These days, it is not only worn by security personnel or military men, but also by gents who love the sharp and manly sophistication it brings. As a trendy hairstyle, it has many variations; surprising for a straight forward hairstyle right?  

Its many variations are meant to give you choices to pick from as you achieve the astonishing look you so desire. With almost nothing to do in terms of styling, it surprisingly gives you a striking look without you even doing it too much.

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Recommended Products For The Perfect Finish

Although it doesn’t need much styling or care, it is important to enhance the beauty of the magnificent haircut so as to get the best look out of it. The best way to go about the finish is with these products. Let’s take a look shall we;

Here now are the very best variants of the high and tight haircut;

1Classic High And Tight Haircut

Classic High And Tight Haircut
Instagram / @BARBERGREG

This is one hairstyle that will guarantee that you never go out of style. With the very short cut sides which blends into the longer strands on the top, the contrast is beautiful. It is perfect for those who want to look simple but drop dead gorgeous.

2High And Tight Fade Haircut

High And Tight Fade Haircut
Instagram / @_HAIR_ANNOINTING_

Having a fade go with your haircut is a choice you will appreciate. The subtle transition from the longer strands of hair at the top to the very short hair that blends into the skin at the sides is really striking. It gives you a manly appearance and has you ready for whatever occasion.

3Short High And Tight

Short High And Tight

Some gents love to have their hair very low. This is a great way to have really short hair without looking out of style. Going with a short high and tight haircut ensures that you have clean shaved sides and back and your top hair would also be short. Perfect.

4Long High And Tight Haircut

Long High And Tight Haircut

For that modern and outstanding take on the high and tight, you can keep your top hair to grow a bit longer and ask your barber to leave it. Ensure you don’t leave it to grow too long else it will look like an undercut. The length gives you the freedom to style a bit to suit your taste.

5Straight High And Tight

Straight High And Tight
Instagram / @MARKMAC89

The high and tight haircut is one with no favorites. It goes well on all hair types and textures, giving you the same masculine appearance. This variation is for those who have straight hair, you can rock the haircut and be top sexy in your appearance.

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6Messy High And Tight

Messy High And Tight

You can choose to play around a bit with your looks using this hairstyle. Traditionally, it is one hell of a haircut to convey seriousness and manliness but with this variation, you can have your tough look blending with a welcoming messy top hair.

7High And Tight Buzz Cut

High And Tight Buzz Cut
Instagram / @TAYTRODD

The buzz cut is also a hairstyle that is clean and has you looking sharp. Thing is it is plain and mostly single length and this is not fancy enough for some gents. If you want something fancy but in a very subtle way, you should opt for this haircut variant.

8High And Tight Afro

High And Tight Afro

If you have afro textured hair and love the look of the high and tight haircut, then this is the perfect go for you. In order to show off your beautiful hair texture, you should leave your top hair to grow up a bit but not too high, and then have the sides and back blended low. It is very easy to maintain and is perfect for every occasion.

9Forward Swept High And Tight Haircut

Forward Swept High And Tight Haircut
Instagram / @RPB_NQ

Choosing to have your top hair swept forward is a great way to carry your haircut. It leaves you looking sharp and refined. For perfect styling, you should apply smooth Viking hair care and then use boar bristle hair brush to brush your hair forward.

10Blonde Hair High And Tight Haircut

Blonde Hair High And Tight Haircut
Instagram / @LINODBARBER

This is another haircut that shows just how versatile the high and tight hairstyle is. It works with blonde hair just as good as it works with brunette hair. This is a great way to keep it simple and look top posh in your blonde hair.

11High And Tight Drop Fade Haircut

High And Tight Drop Fade Haircut
Instagram / @OSTEVENPO

A great way to style your hairstyle is to combine it with a drop fade. The combo is indeed a synergistic one. The fade starts in front as a mid-fade and goes down behind the ears to the neck line. It has a way of making you look really impressive and you are sure to get approvals from everyone.

12High And Tight Comb Over

High And Tight Comb Over

And you thought a comb over would only work well with very long hair didn’t you? You could still rock the comb over look even with your not too long top hair. It gives you a tough look while giving you a gorgeous appearance.

13High And Tight Pompadour Haircut

High And Tight Pompadour Haircut

This is like a mini pomp. It is stylish and simple. Keeping your hair just long enough so you can achieve the pomp look is cool and to wrap it all up in a great bang, you should Mister Pompadour natural beeswax paste product for a glossy finish and good hold.

14High And Tight Quiff

High And Tight Quiff

Just as you can rock the high and tight with the pompadour, you can also rock it with the messier quiff. It gives you an elegant and stylish finish but it depends on the styling too. For best results, you should use Style sexy hair hard up gel.

15High And Tight Haircut For Thin Hair

High And Tight Haircut For Thin Hair
Instagram / @JHZARA

The good thing about the shortness of hair strands in the high and tight is that for thick and thin hair, it doesn’t matter. Using this to your advantage is to go with this haircut. A great way to go about it is to go low even with the top hair.

16High And Tight Haircut + Curls

High And Tight Haircut + Curls
Instagram / @BARBERNICK386

Adding style to this military haircut will surely give a modern touch and elegant look to your person. A perfect way to style the top of your hair is to have it curled up if you do not have natural curls, but if you do have natural curls, this is a great choice for you.

17High And Tight Caesar Haircut

High And Tight Caesar Haircut
Instagram / @CURTISHOBBY64

These two haircuts when combined together look so beautiful, it’s like there were meant to go together. In order to nail this style, ask your barber to cut the sides and back into a fade and give you Caesar inspired hairlines. You are sure to nail this bro.

18High And Tight Haircut With Hard Part

High And Tight Haircut With Hard Part
Instagram / @MARKMAC89

The high and tight on its own is a stylish hairstyle, that keeps it simple but elegant. Like other hairstyles, there are accompaniments that are going to further enhance the masterpiece and beauty that is your hairstyle. A hard part is one great example of it and it gives a modern touch to your look.

19High And Tight With Beard

High And Tight With Beard
Instagram / @EDGARDAVISV

On its own, this haircut is sure to give you a tough but handsome look, that shows off your manly side gracefully. If you want to further show off your mannish side, keeping a beard would do the trick perfectly. The beard has a way of making you look really gorgeous.

20High And Tight Haircut + Color

High And Tight Haircut + Color
Instagram / @BARBER_BUSH

A very nice way to have an eye catching appearance is to dye your hair. The color will be eye catching and will place you in the spotlight. This is the very best way to go simple but extreme. It is low maintenance but nonetheless very fashionable.

21Spiky High And Tight

Spiky High And Tight

Styling your top hair in spikes is one very beautiful finishing to your haircut. It is top fashionable and the ladies are sure to dig it. This is one variant that speaks for itself and shows you off as being top classy and posh.

22Sleek High And Tight

Sleek High And Tight

It doesn’t always have to be straight forward. Sometimes, you need to up the appearance of your hair by making it sleek. Making this haircut sleek is a sure great way to stand out as stylish. Recommended hair product for this styling is Mister Pompadour natural beeswax paste.

23Wavy High And Tight Haircut

Wavy High And Tight Haircut
Instagram / @TSYOUR_BARBER

If you do not have curly hair, you could make your hair wavy. It gives great result and leaves you looking modish. It involves a bit of styling but it is totally worth it. Being appropriate for all occasions, you are covered as you will be the best looking man in the room.

24High And Tight With Bangs

High And Tight With Bangs

Adding bangs to your manly haircut gives it a bit of a teenage look. It has you looking young and strong with a rare form of gorgeousness. The bangs can be as you like it, but no matter what you go for, you can’t get it wrong.

25High And Tight For Receding Hairline

High And Tight For Receding Hairline

If you have got receding hairline, there is really no need for artificial hair to cover it all up. The short hair length makes it less conspicuous, and the masculinity it oozes gives you that confident look that makes you look really attractive.

26Side Part + Comb Over High And Tight Haircut

Side Part + Comb Over High And Tight Haircut

Obviously this is one hell of a combo. A side part just completes the beauty of the comb over and having that with the high and tight haircut brings out a masculine beauty that says tough and sexy. It is sure to have you looking drop dead gorgeous and most appealing.

27High And Tight Haircut + Long Messy Top

High And Tight Haircut + Long Messy Top

If you wish to have your hair a bit longer but still desire to rock the high and tight style, then you should totally opt for this. Having a longer top gives you the opportunity to style as you please and allows you achieve an obvious tousled top. It’s a care free style but still neat.

28High And Tight Haircut + Man Bun

High And Tight Haircut + Man Bun

Combining a man bun in this style is fascinating. You would have to keep your hair a bit longer though for you to pull this off. Cutting the sides and back of your hair really short would give you the look and is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

29High And Tight With Voluminous Hair

High And Tight With Voluminous Hair

For this hairstyle, you actually need a lot of hair. Surprised? The goal is to get a haircut that will show you off as really sophisticated. Having the sides and back of your hair cut really short in a fade will give you the required haircut, and for the top, use Challenger matte cream pomade and you will get nice results.

30High And Tight Haircut + Braids

High And Tight Haircut + Braids
Instagram / @KAY_CUTEM

A great way to keep your long hair well groomed is to have it braided. Braiding takes away the stress of styling whenever you want to go out, making it easy to maintain. It gives you a clean and sharp appearance and a great way to go about this is to add a beard.

31High And Tight Haircut For Mature Men

High And Tight Haircut For Mature Men

One hair color that works well with this haircut is grey silver color. It has a way of emitting so much confidence and manliness. With this haircut, you would have had the best combination that speaks of you as one hell of a classy man.

32High And Tight Haircut + Moustache

High And Tight Haircut + Moustache
Instagram / @CHARLER

Having a moustache has a way of giving you that confidence in yourself. I mean not everyone can grow one right? Having your walker haircut together with your moustache is a pretty grand style that will have you feeling really pleased with yourself.

33High And Tight Haircut + Flat Top

High And Tight Haircut + Flat Top

Apart from the style of the haircut, another aspect to be considered is the way the top hair is to be kept. Having the top flat is one way to carry your haircut and it is indeed a perfect way to go. It gives you a modern touch and has you looking top classy.

34High And Tight Haircut + Hipster Style

High And Tight Haircut + Hipster Style
Instagram / @KRISMAESEN

The military haircut also has a way of being the perfect style to complete the hipster look. No matter your preferences, the high and tight haircut has got you covered as is evident here. Have a good barber style you up this way and you are good to go.

35High And Tight Haircut + High Waves

High And Tight Haircut + High Waves
Instagram / @NIA.SCAR

If you are one who desires the thrill of full hair, but you have love for the military haircut, this is a variant of the style that is specifically for you. You can cut your sides and back really low while you style your long top hair into waves. The finish is really breathtaking.

36Side Swept High And Tight Haircut

Side Swept High And Tight Haircut
Instagram / @SJAY_JOHNSON

Another way to style your military haircut is to sweep the top to the side. Cutting the sides and back very low will take all the attention to the top hair. For a graceful look, use Style sexy hair hard up gel to style the top hair. Perfect.

37High And Tight + Hair Design

High And Tight + Hair Design
Instagram / @ERICKEATON

What a wonderful way to have your own unique look even among other guys who are rocking the same hairstyle. Adding a design to your hair in this way makes you stand out in the most elegant way, leaving you looking top gorgeous.

38High And Tight On One Side

High And Tight On One Side
Instagram / @JW_HAIRDESIGN

This hairstyle has one side shaved very short and the other of medium length. Keeping your top hair long will allow you brush it to one side, depending in the side you want to show off. It is classy and is sure to keep you trendy.

39Punk Style High And Tight Haircut

Punk Style High And Tight Haircut

This variation of the military haircut shows your rebellious side. It can be taken further extreme with the use of colors. Keeping medium length top hair with a high face all the way to the back will give you the result that you want.

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40Buzz Fade + Shape Up

Buzz Fade + Shape Up

Another great way to have your military look with style. Going further in being stylish is to have a shape up or a line up added to your hairline. It gives your look a beauty that comes with precision and maintaining this is just by maintaining your hairline.

41High Fade + Short Crew Cut

High Fade + Short Crew Cut
Instagram / @EDDIE_GLEAL

This is another way you can stylishly rock your military look. It gives you a tough look but nonetheless extremely charming appearance. The fade brings out the beauty of the top hair even though it is short and as easy as it is to maintain, it is a perfect fit for all outings.

42High And Tight + Line Up + Beard

High And Tight + Line Up + Beard
Instagram / @DRO_KNOWS

This is one hairstyle that is loaded with many accompaniments that are meant to up your beauty. There is no better way to have you looking stunning than with sharp hairline in a brush up style, and a beard to show off your masculinity. It is a perfect combination of beauty.

43Classic Military High And Tight + Beard

Classic Military High And Tight + Beard

Here, the transition from a bald fade to beard is really striking. The very low military standard haircut leaves you looking very smart and classy and as it ends in a beard, it’s like you living in two worlds which are in sync. Beautiful.

44Sponge Curls + Bald Fade

Sponge Curls + Bald Fade
Instagram / @RANDYDABARBER86

Stay Sharp With The High And Tight Haircut

The overall aim of being selective in our choice of hairstyle is to get that which would be a perfect fit for us and accentuate our beauty isn’t it? Well you can achieve that and so much more with these haircuts that have been selected just for you. With little or no effort, you can get that striking look you’ve always wanted so why waste time? When next you go to your barber, insist on getting any of the variants of the high and tight haircut. Get your masculinity in full display as you become the envy of your peers, and a figure of admiration for all.

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