32 Coolest Hairstyles For Men (2020) [Best Men’s Haircuts]

Everyone loves to look good. Yet, there is no such thing as the ‘best hairstyle for men’. Even so, looking into the best hairstyles around can serve you well. Making a stylistic statement with a new haircut is easier than ever. With so many personalization options when it comes to pretty much anything related to hairstyles these days, you’ll be sure to please. After all, there are so many cool haircuts for men to choose from it can sometimes be daunting. Realistically, the only question we really need to be asking ourselves is, “How do I want to express myself?” In answering this questions, one of the first things guys turn to after they nail down a preferred clothing style is their hair. According to some interesting research, 81% of people surveyed said they would like to be happier with the way they look. If you are one of this 81%, get ahead of the curve by sporting one of this year’s 32 coolest hairstyles for men.

For a lot of guys, hair means a lot. Another study shows a whopping 90% of guys admit to pampering their hair in the mirror at least once throughout the day to make sure it still looks good since the morning grooming. According to the same study, eight out of ten guys say that they value their personal style as the #1 thing they have to express themselves.

64% of people say that the first thing they notice about someone when they meet is how attractive they are. We all know how important first impressions are. So, if your hairstyle is so important, what is your hair game looking like this year? Are you ready to make a lasting impression on everyone you meet?

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The 32 Coolest Hairstyles for Men 2020

So, are you ready to sport the best haircut you can get this year? We hope so. Here is a list of cool hairstyles for men you can reference and show your barber when you go for your next trim. We are moving away from the most popular men’s hairstyles in 2019 and bringing in the fresh cuts for 2020.

1. High Skin Fade with a Hard-part Comb-over

High skin fade with a hard-part comb-over

This is a very popular men’s haircut. It combines a high skin-close fade with a hard-parted comb-over. Achieving this look requires a commitment to a bare head. If you appreciate a skin-close scalp and a well-kept comb over styled with some product, you can have a great impact with this look.

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This is one of the short haircuts for men that you can count on giving you that sharp, clean, and refined look while still communicating your desire to stay contemporary in your approach to modern style. You can also pair a beard style with this haircut to give it your unique flair.

2. Crew Cut with High Fade and Full Beard

Crew Cut with High Fade and Full Beard

The crew cut with a high fade is one of the most popular hairstyles for men around. As one of the trending hairstyles, and topping the list of men’s hairstyles for 2018, you can be sure to look great and make an impression with this haircut. It’s one of the best haircuts for men around, providing a timeless look you can turn to year after year. Adding a beard layer can really help to bring out this look as well. If you opt for the full beard, make sure to keep it looking sharp and well-kept to compliment the clean look you get from the crew cut.

With the beard, this is a great style for athletes. It keeps the hair out of your eyes and allows you to grow a stellar playoff beard at the same time. If you opt out of the beard, this style goes well for ex-military personnel, police, politicians, and anyone looking for a clean, professional look.

3. Textured Top with Taper Fade and Beard

Textured Top with Taper Fade and Beard

This is a great way to make a crew cut look good after it’s grown out a bit. It’s a longer style, although still one of the short hairstyles for men (and one of the most popular short hairstyles of 2018). As one of the more popular men’s haircuts, this look requires some product to give it the textured appearance. This is not so much a glossy look as it is a matte finish. Opt for a matte pomade rather than a stiff glossy gel when preparing for this style.

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Like the crew cut, keep the beard well-groomed. It doesn’t matter what your beard style is, as long as keeping it looking trimmed is a priority. To boost your appeal, try using a beard oil or some key essential oils to add an air of regality to your presence. If you want to maintain the skin-close look around the scalp, grab an electric shaver and go to town. Be careful near the bottom of the fade, you still want it to look natural and may need to use a bit of finesse to get the edges nice. Overall, this is one of a few wonderful hairstyles for men that can look great year after year.

4. Slicked Back Undercut with Long Beard

Slicked Back Undercut with Long Beard
Source: Pinterest

When you want to look sharp and don’t have to worry about the unspoken (yet somehow important) traditional stylistic expectations of an office job, this hairstyle is a home run. It is a medium length style and one of the trendy haircuts for men that can help you stand out among your peers.

This is a great style when paired with a long beard. It can give the impression of a clean and professional style that still suggests you have a bit of a rogue attitude with an adventurous spirit. This is certainly a style for you if you have a rebel spirit and high sense of style.

5. Buzz Cut with Fade

This is the classic buzz cut. It’s definitely not a new hairstyle for men. If you were born in the 50’s this was the go-to for you. You probably remember being dragged into the barbers and put under the buzzer regardless of whether you wanted to or not. Fast forward to today, you find this style on many people who appreciate the super short and conventional military look.

This style can be very easy to maintain. This is doubly so if you have a great grooming kit and opt out of the beard. Some guys like to sport this style with a well kept 5-o’clock shadow. Either way, this is one of the classic hairstyles for men we are all familiar with.

6. High Skin Pompadour with Beard

High Skin Pompadour with Beard

If you look great in a men’s cut with a long top and short sides, the pompadour is a fun and sassy approach to this kind of style. It’s one of the new styles for men around and can make a stylistic impact. You will certainly stand out from your peers when sporting this look, and give the impression of a fresh and youthful attitude about life. This style also gives you the impression of some extra height as it adds volume to the top of the head with the ‘pomp.’

With an added beard worn with this style, you are really putting a trendy look together. If you like being on the trendier side of style, you will like the way this haircut feels.

7. Thick Curly Hair with High Bald Taper Fade

High Skin Pompadour with Beard

This is a favorite hairstyle among black men, and one of the most popular men’s haircuts of 2017. Not to worry though, it’s a timeless cut that will serve you year after year. It fits the kind of hair type that many black guys have and wears well under most conditions. Thick curly hair can be tough to manage, with most popular styles being completely inaccessible. The great thing about this style is that you can wear it however you like, beard or no beard.

Keep this style looking fresh with an electric razor, especially if you keep a shaved face. Like all skin-fades, if you choose to maintain the skin-close look yourself, be sure to mind the edges so they still look like a pro did the job for you. If you choose to include a lineup or beard with this style, you can really add some stylistic charisma to the look.

8. Side Part with High Fade

Side Part with High Fade
Source: pinterest

Otherwise known as the Ivy League haircut or Harvard clip, this is a classic style that both looks sharp and wears well. It goes with most clothing styles and can be worn with or without facial hair. If you’re looking for one of the best men’s haircuts with short sides and a long top, look no further. As one of the most popular short hairstyles of 2018, you can be sure to impress this year as well. If you are an ivy league type and often see this style around, it’ll now be no surprise as to why.

As with all high-fade cuts, if you plan to maintain this yourself make sure to tend the edges with finesse to prevent a jagged appearance. That said, you can use various methods to accomplish this. Keeping a steady hand and using the clippers on the right setting is the best approach.

9. Wavy Fringe with Low Taper Fade

Wavy Fringe with Low Taper Fade

This is a great style if you appreciate a bit more hair on your head compared to the high-fade styles. A low taper fade allows for a bit more hairstyle in your hairstyle. In other words, you have more creative freedom to make the hair do things you want it to.

Adding a heavy stubble beard to this style can give you a mysterious yet fresh look that’s sure to please. Keep the whole look fresh with a solid grooming regimen that includes keeping the beard lined up and well trimmed.

10. Burst Fade Fauxhawk [Fohawk]

Burst Fade Fauxhawk [Fohawk]
Source: Pinterest
The burst fade fauxhawk [fohawk] is a super edgy and rebellious look that serves artists and athletes alike. It’s also one of many great teen haircuts. In any event, it’s definitely one of the coolest styles around if you have the wherewithal to sport it. Not all workplaces are keen on this style, that is, unless you’re already a hair savvy billionaire.  

Bring a beard to this look, and take it over the top with cool factor. A beard gives this hairstyle a badass appearance while still having a professional enough capacity to impress when kept tidy and fresh.

11. Comb Over with Part and Taper Fade

Comb Over with Part and Taper Fade

If you have a penchant for looking dapper, this is a style you’ll appreciate. There are so many situations wherein wearing this hairstyle will be an unfair advantage. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to gain trust in the marketplace, your competitors are in for a tough round. A collared shirt and a tight sports jacket will make you an irresistible force to be reckoned with. This was one of the most popular among men’s short hairstyles in 2017 but will carry influence for many years to come. It’s also one of many great looking hairstyles for older men as well. It’s not just the younger guys that get to look this good.

The full beard makes this style really pop. It provides the distinguished appearance you’ll be able to advantage time and again in your favor. Keep everything tight and well kept to create a look that will be an envy to your peers.

12. Low Taper Fade with Long Textured Slick Back

Low Taper Fade with Long Textured Slick Back

If you like a medium style with a brushed back and contoured look, this hairstyle is for you. It looks great on most face shapes and can have an impressive contour when paired with a well-shaped short-beard. This style can fit many working environments and most clothing preferences.

This style is a bit more challenging to maintain than others if you plan on managing the long top hair. If not, then using a trimmer when you groom your beard will give this hairstyle a great edge that’s sure to impress.

13. Textured Quiff with Low Fade and Part

Textured Quiff with Low Fade and Part

If you like a laid-back look that still has a professional appeal, this hairstyle is a great option. This longer style requires a bit of product to stay in place all day at work though, so be prepared to get a good matte pomade. This style is still meant to be a natural looking non-glossy appearance, so a pomade over a gel is important.

Sporting a light stubble with this look gives it a bit more of an edgy look. Keeping the face clean shaven can elevate this style to look professional and still say something about your individualism.

14. Low Skin Fade with Shape Up and Pompadour

Low Skin Fade with Shape Up and Pompadou

Keeping a pompadour haircut looking fresh is not always easy, but worth the effort if this is a favorite style of yours. A low skin fade looks great with this style, especially if you have a line-up and well-kept short stubble. This style goes well with nearly all fashion and work environments.

You can choose a glossy or matte finish with the pompadour. Even so, the vast majority like to use a matte finish as it has a more natural and professional appearance. If you choose to maintain this look yourself, practice keeping a steady hand with a great trimmer. 

15. Brushed Back Hair with Long Sides

Brushed Back Hair with Long Sides

If you’d rather ditch the trimmer altogether and like a longer scissored style, this is a great look for you. It keeps everything short enough to look like you care about keeping things neat, while being long enough to preserve a more filled in appearance. This style is a great bridge between the longer styles and the fades.

Pair this with a beard of choice to get a style that meets your personal needs. Depending on the beard you choose, you can make this edgy and rogue or professional and conservative.

16. Short French Crop with High Bald Fade

Short French Crop with High Bald Fade

The French crop (aka the Caesar haircut) is a popular style among many people. This is one of the more versatile styles because it can be worn by nearly anyone with nearly any fashion. As you can tell by its name, this style been around for a long time. Even so, it still made the list of men’s short haircuts in 2017 and 2018. At this rate, it’s unlikely to see a falloff of popularity any time soon, so go ahead and safely sport this style at your leisure. Depending on how you wear your facial hair, you can modify the look over and again to conform to your lifestyle needs.

With a good shaver and sharp trimmer, you can get a really good maintenance routine going for this look. Keep a steady hand, and you’ll get to look fresh and clean for longer.

17. Faux Hawk with Skin Fade and Hair Design

Faux Hawk with Skin Fade and Hair Design

The faux hawk is a great style that can serve the rebellious spirit in a conventional world. If you have an edgy personality with a rogue approach to life, but still want to appear conservative, the faux hawk is a perfect style for you. When you add a little flavor with a hair design, you can really make a stylistic statement.

Add a badass beard to this look, and you can steer the direction of your appearance from rebel to conservative and back again. A good grooming kit can allow you to maintain this look, even the hair design. Pop out the trimmer to keep the design looking fresh and keep the fade sharp.

18. Man Bun with Beard

Man Bun with Beard

The man bun is a controversial look that has mixed reception among many men. As one of the trendy hairstyles of 2017, it has only gained traction (both in appreciation and disdain) over the years. Those who choose to sport it are raving fans and often would choose no other style moving forward. Other men find it unnecessarily over the ubersexual edge for their tastes. Even so, it’s the most popular among the long hairstyles for men this year and will be sure to impress.

The beard makes this look really pop. It gives the distinguished appearance of a modern naturalist, yet professional enough to pass the office test in most situations. Maintenance is mostly in the beard department as the long hair can be hard to self maintain without a bit of training.

19. High Bald Fade with Hard Side Part

High Bald Fade with Hard Side Part

The hard side part is a great addition to the vast array of comb-over styles out there. This style was one of the most popular haircuts of 2018, but will still continue to impress. It creates a permanent part that is carved in with a trimmer to define the edge sharply and cleanly. Some barbers do not like creating a hard part, while others suggest them as easier to maintain and style.

Like nearly all styles, you can opt for a beard of choice to pair with this look. Short beards or long stubble can be very nice with a slick comb-over. Even so, a clean shave is very good as well.

20. High Skin Fade with Quiff and Beard

High Skin Fade with Quiff and Beard

So many types of haircuts for men can make a great impression. This style is no exception. So many guys are opting for a longer top with skin fade sides this year. It looks good with the right maintenance. The high skin fade and quiff brings a refreshing stylistic approach to a classic look. The ability to add contour with a creative brush technique can add an additional layer to this style.

A medium beard can look really good with this style as it balances the height of the quiff with some length at the chin. Depending on your face shape, you may want to choose a beard with longer sides to balance the height.

21. Mid Skin Fade with Slicked Comb-Over Hair

Mid Skin Fade with Slicked Comb-Over Hair

When it comes to skin fades, a mid skin fade can be really sharp if you wear this style well. A slick comb-over is a very particular look that looks great on certain people. Not everyone likes to have the glossy top, but those that do often look amazing. It’s a classy look that pairs very well in professional attire, especially a jacket and nice pants.

A well kept short beard will give you a more mature look that gives an even more distinguished look. This style requires a bit of maintenance and product to really get it to pop, but it’s worth it.

22. Undercut Mohawk with Edge Up, Design, and Beard

Undercut Mohawk with Edge Up, Design, and Beard

One of the traditionally edgiest styles out there is the mohawk. When it comes to cool haircuts, if you never thought it could get more edgy, think again. With a fantastic edge-up, some side designs, and the undercut, your appearance screams artistic rebel with a mission to make an impression on the world.

This is a harder style to maintain, but can be done if you really want to. Like all short-trimmed fades, use an electric trimmer to tidy up any edges and keep the style looking fresh for a longer time after you leave the barber shop.

23. Undercut with Textured Top and Beard

Undercut with Textured Top and Beard

This style may be one of the coolest guys hairstyles around. There is something about the way the beard and side fade contrast with the longer textured top. It gives the look just enough of an edge to keep you interesting, yet still enough potential professional lustre to pass a liberal office style test.

The beard is where you focus the maintenance for this style. You can also keep the sides cleanly shaven with all the standard tools you use to trim and shave. Keep a steady hand and keep the edges fresh to preserve the look between barber shop visits.

24. High Skin Fade with Tramline and Wavy Thick Hair

High Skin Fade with Tramline and Wavy Thick Hair

When you have thick wavy hair, you know first hand just how hard it can be to achieve certain haircut styles. Don’t fret. With this style, you can sport your thick and curlies and look great while doing so. You may need a bit of product to keep the shape all day, especially if you are destined for windier weather. Cutting a tram line into the look can make a stylistic impression adding an edgier attitude to the overall appearance.

A well-kept lineup with long stubble gives you a really sharp look. This style can really pop when kept neat and tidy, capable of passing the professional test hands down. It still has a youthful enough appearance to be worn by a younger audience. Even so, it will look great on anyone looking to explore new styles.

25. Messy Side Swept Hair with Short Sides and Beard

Messy Side Swept Hair with Short Sides and Beard
Source: pinterest

If you really want to impress the ladies, give your boss a reason to give you a raise, and be the envy of your peers, this is the look for you. It’s one of the best hairdos for short hair around. Even so, this is a style that only works with certain hair types; but if you can sport it, do it. You will be very happy with the ease of maintenance and low product requirements.

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Add some natural oils to this style, a bit of pomade, and some strategic scruffage, and you have a home run. Keep the beard looking well-kept, and you will be the talk of the office for as long as you choose to sport this style.

26. Bald Fade with Pompadour

Bald Fade with Pompadour

If you’re looking for a short sides long top haircut this year, you may have found it. This is one of the most popular Asian styles out there right now. The hair type lends really well to making a style like this look its best. The pompadour requires a straight hair type with a medium to thin hair diameter, perfect for most Asian guys. Keep the edges all well-kept around the front of the scalp, and you can make sure the look stays fresh for weeks.

Adding a beard to this style is optional, but if you do choose one, it can look really good. A modified goatee can add a nice edge to this style and give you a more artistic yet professional appearance.

27. Fade with Quiff and Beard

Fade with Quiff and Beard

If you’re running your own online business and need to look awesome while doing so this is a style that can help you build your audience. Looking great is just part of the job when you are an online personality. This is a style that will be one of your tools in your marketing kit. Look great, feel great, and be great. Letting the quiff go a bit longer while staying flowy on the head can really add some attitude.

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The beard gives you the distinguished yet rogue look that will lend well to your initiatives. Keeping your beard trimmed and shaped can keep your style looking ready to take on the world for weeks on end.

28. Disconnected Undercut with Textured Slick-Back

Disconnected Undercut with Textured Slick-Back

If you love the look of a slick-back top, you’ll have a great experience with this style. There is a certain kind of freshness that this style adds to most fashion. It has a classiness that lends well to nearly all occasions. It requires a lot of product, either in a gloss or matte finish. Because the hair is longer on top, you can add some natural oils to really make your ‘air’ one to be revered.

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Adding a beard layer to this style really gives you a contrasting look. The slick top with a rough beard allows you to look pro when needed, and still have room for a fun and stylish night on the town.

29. Textured Spiky Hair with Temp Fade

Textured Spiky Hair with Temp Fade

As one of the new hairstyles back in 2017, this haircut looks really great on those who like to use a bit of product to keep a style shaped all day. This is one of those good haircuts for men if you have a penchant for a stylistic look and still want to keep it clean enough to pass the professional test. You will keep your rogue looking appearance, while still looking super clean and sharp.

A short stubble with a line up can really set you up for success with this style. It gives a refined and sharp look that will be sure to impress. Maintain this style with a trimmer and shaver to get the most out of your barber shop visit.

30. High Fade with Brushback and Beard

High Fade with Brushback and Beard

The brushback can be a great middle ground between a pompadour and a slick back. If you like your hair off of your face but don’t want to involve a bunch of product as part of your daily routine, this style is sure to impress. You may have to train your follicles to accommodate for a brushback. Using a pomade can help this process along in the beginning until your hair is used to this.

A really well-groomed beard fade will give you a look to be envied by your peers. It takes a lot of maintenance, but if this look is up your alley, it will be worth your efforts.

31. Textured Slick Back with Low Fade and Line Up

Textured Slick Back with Low Fade and Line Up

This is a great style that merges a few of the most popular styles around. This is a mix of a pompadour, slick back, and comb-over that is sure to please. This style is going to take some effort to maintain. A matte finish is the most popular approach, with a pomade being the easiest product to use. It’s one of 2017s best haircuts, and one of the trendy haircuts you can count on making a good impression.

If you choose to opt for a beard with this style, keep it well-kept. This is a style that is highly manufactured and only looks it’s best when kept that way. If your grooming kit includes some natural oils, give your look an added layer with a nice aromatic sure to please anyone sharing an elevator with you.

32. Taper Fade with Thick Comb Over

Taper Fade with Thick Comb Over

The best is kept for last, at least insofar as the dapper styles are concerned. This is no old man haircut. If you have the hair type to accommodate this style, you will appreciate the effort it requires to grow and maintain. You will look like you know what you’re doing in whatever field you’re in. Somehow, this style demands a certain kind of respect from people in your world and gives you an air of experience and confidence.

History of the Barber Shop

The modern hairstyles for men we are all used to only arrived due to a rich history. Men have been grooming their face, head, and body hair for thousands of years. As early as 5000 BCE, Egyptians were performing elementary barbering services using basic tools like seashells and sharpened flint. It would be nice to have pictures of haircuts from this time in our history, but we all know that story ends.

Many cultures around the world used barbering to prepare men for battle, creating hair designs for men to intimidate opponents. The Greeks had barber shops in their marketplace and was a regular area of social gossip and news gathering. This gathering style was then spread to Rome around 296 BCE where the culture around men’s grooming became popularized as a regular element of society. Starting in the middle ages, barbers in England eventually held positions that included surgery, enemas, and dentistry. This was out of necessity more than anything. Most professionals still had to wear multiple hats, and men’s grooming was no exception.

The barber shop as we know it today became popular in the 1900’s. Shops opened up all over the world that were dedicated to men’s grooming, and only men’s grooming. The tools of the trade became far better at this time allowing precision cuts and more styles to begin arising. This is where we stand today. Pretty much anything you can imagine is possible with the tools and experience of today’s barbers. What you can envision, you can create. All the hairstyles for men are on the table and ready to be deployed at your request.

Tools and Maintenance Tips

If you are the kind of guy who likes to take some control over how your look stays fresh after you leave the barber shop, a few tools and maintenance tips will go a long way. Pretty much all the modern haircuts for men require special tools to maintain and shape the style between barber visits. The barber always has the best advice if you’re wondering how to cut men’s hair. Typically speaking, getting a small grooming kit is where it all starts. The crown jewel of any men’s grooming kit is the trimmer. Finding the best hair and beard trimmer for you can be a bit overwhelming, but there are some great guides to help land on the right one for you.

Get a Great Trimmer

With a great trimmer in hand, you can now take care of most of your own detail maintenance. Remember, there is a reason you go to a barber to get your style shaped. They are professionals who have the right tools, experience, and set of hands at the ready to give you a high-quality look. Trying to create these styles yourself is not at all easy, and you can easily make a mess of your style. Even so, with a bit of finesse and practice, you can make sure your investment at the barber can still look great days and weeks after your stay.

Hair, Meet Beard

Keeping your style looking fresh is especially challenging if you are sporting one of the 42 beard styles along with your hairstyle. Marrying a great beard with a stellar hairstyle takes some practice, but it can look amazing when done right. The trick is in the borders. Keep the edges and borders of your hair and beard looking fresh by clipping them regularly (if this is your stylistic preference). This helps you keep a fresh-cut looking good for longer.

To Shave or Not to Shave

Lastly, if you want to look fresh, keep the areas that are skin-close kept that way. You may want to opt for an electric razor to take care of this task. If not, just make sure you keep your manual razor sharp and ready to perform when you need it. The look of a skin-close shave gives the impression of freshness. It helps your style pop and appear as if it was just done for you.

The One Kit to Rule Them All

So, with a great razor, a great trimmer, and a tamed beard, the rest of the grooming kit gives you an extra stylistic edge. The items you include in your kit are chosen specifically for the kind of styles you choose. Even so, every kit should have a high-quality pair of scissors, a great comb and brush, and some natural oils. Additionally, you can add waxes, balms, gels, lineup tools, natural shampoos/conditioners, and skin cleansing products. Whatever you choose, make sure that the products are natural. Great skin is at the root of healthy looking hair, both for your head and your face. Make sure that anything you put on your skin is nourishing, free of any harsh chemicals.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, if you are looking for a great hairstyle that is sure to please, you have a lot of options to choose from. Good haircuts for men used to be a dime a dozen, but not anymore. Even so, most of the popular styles are on the shorter end of the scale this year. Hopefully, you have a game plan to keep your head warm during the colder months (if you live in a colder climate). When all is said and done, you will most assuredly land on one of the coolest styles for men this year by looking through this guide and landing on one you feel called to trying. Sorting through a bunch of pictures of hairstyles from different sites takes time and energy. With this guide, you can have it all in one place.

Nice haircuts for men don’t come easy. Remember to build a solid grooming kit with high-quality tools. Don’t cheap out on these items if you can afford to do so. A great hairstyle often comes paired with a stellar beard as well. To keep everything looking fresh and sharp, use your tools wisely and practice your craft. Eventually, you will have your style nailed down and will be looking like the sharpest guy around. You’d be surprised at the impression a little TLC can have on people around you. Be bold. Be creative. Be you. Let us know what style you choose in the comments below! Here’s to your best hair day ever. Now, off you go! You’re on track to being one of the best looking men around.

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