41 Trendy Haircuts For Black Men (Recommended By Barbers)

Black men have been blessed with the wonderful afro textured hair. Having the right haircut to go with your hair can be a bit challenging and I’m sure that is why you are here. Worry no more for I have got the best options for you that will have you at the top of your social class no matter your lifestyle. These haircuts for black men are highly recommended and are sure to give you the much cherished and desired classy look.

When choosing a haircut, a lot of variables come into play. They include; length of hair, texture, color of hair and also shape of face. We all want our hairstyles to be a representation of who we are as it creates an impression about us to others. All these are what makes it a tedious task to choose the right haircut. In reality it is a simple task, and all that work has been done for you by professional beauticians and coiffeurs so you need not worry, but go through these choicest picks as there is something for everyone.

So whether you are a business man or other professional and you live by a dress code, or you love to go extreme in your style, sit back and relax as I take you through the best of haircuts that will not only fit into your lifestyle but will also give you an elegant look.

1Shape Up + Fade

Shape Up + Fade

A shape up is a great way to accentuate the beauty of an afro textured hair. It gives a sharp and distinct edge to your hairline, making you the most adorable guy in the room. A great way to maintain this haircut is by the use of Smooth viking hydrating fibre cream.

2Waves + Low Fade Haircut For Black Men

Waves + Low Fade Haircut For Black Men
Instagram / @_RICHIERICHH__

Having wavy hair is truly a beauty to behold. But did you know there is a way to further enhance that beauty? Combining your wavy hair with a low fade is absolutely perfect. It is not extreme and is suitable for all appearances. Apply Dax wave and groom hair for a grand finish.

3360 Waves

360 Waves - Haircuts For Black Men
Instagram / @_RICHIERICHH__

Cutting your hair very short can be further styled with waves all around. It leaves you looking simple, yet extremely stylish and shows you are not one to overlook your appearance. For the perfect finish, use Frederick Benjamin wave pomade in styling.

4Short Hair + Low Taper Haircut For Black Men

Short Hair + Low Taper Haircut For Black Men

This is one haircut that will give you a chic appearance without you doing it too much. Not everyone likes voluminous hair and a great way to add style to your short hair is by going with a taper. It blends your hair short but not skin short. Using Smooth viking hydrating fibre cream completes the beauty of this look.

5Short Sponge Twists

Short Sponge Twists

You can style the top of your hair in a spongy twist. It gives you a fashionista appearance. Having your barber give you a lineup is sure to make this style look perfect. Use Baxter of California soft water pomade to give your hair that constant healthy glow.

6Fade + Surgical Line

Fade + Surgical Line
Instagram / @MRCOTTONTOP

As our taste and desire for the greatest appearance is limitless, so are accompaniments to ensure we get the best of looks. A surgical line is one great accompaniment to guarantee a chic look and together with a fade, it gives the best result. Using Cold label premium wave and scalp butter will give you a striking appearance.

7Hi-Lo Fade + Line

Hi-Lo Fade + Line
Instagram / @PHOLLYWOOD901

A Hi-Lo fade is a very stylish way of blending your hair to the level of your skin. It stylishly goes from a high fade down to a low fade and with the addition of a line, It ultimately makes you stand out. A great way to give your hair a healthy look is by the use of Cold label premium wave and scalp butter.

8Frohawk + Color

Frohawk + Color
Instagram / @CURLSPONGE

For those who love the punk hairstyle; Mohawk but have afro textured hair, this is the hair for you. It gives you the punk look while going about it in the way that best suits your hair texture. Using Rodante texture paste hair pomade is sure to have your hair looking good always.

9Curly Hair + Temple Fade

Curly Hair + Temple Fade
Instagram / @MRCOTTONTOP

Some black men have been blessed with beautiful curly hair, and the best way to make you the envy of others is to rock your curly hair the right way. Using Taliah waajid hair product will make your curls appear beautifully, and the addition of a temple fade gives a modern touch to your hair without doing it too much.

10Taper + Solid Line

Taper + Solid Line
Instagram / @MRCOTTONTOP

An excellent way to go punk but on a very low key is to go about it this way. A solid line is a bit extreme but in combination with a taper, it shows off your personality but in a rather mild way. For beautiful hair, use Taliah waajid hair product.

11Twist Curls + Surgical Part

Twist Curls + Surgical Part
Instagram / @MRCOTTONTOP

Having twist curls is a great choice as it makes you stand out as stylish and elegant. To go further in beautifying this hairstyle would be with a part. A part makes it more modern and refined, giving you a fashionable look. For that glow, use Suavecito pomade.

12Curved Flat Top

Curved Flat Top

This style tends to take us back to the old days as it has old school written over it. But surprisingly, it is being rocked by many as it has come back to stay and is a great choice if you want to keep it simple and unique. Use Suavecito hair pomade for the perfect finish.

13Tall Flat Top

Tall Flat Top
Instagram / @MAULCRS

You desire the look that comes with full and high hair but do not know a cool way to keep it and look trendy? This is the perfect style for you. A flat top is an out of the box style that is a good fit for every occasion. For that awesome hair look, use tropic Isle hair food.

14Long Curls + Surgical Line

Long Curls + Surgical Line

This hairstyle is most definitely out of this world. Having long curly hair could look messy on afro textured hair if you are not careful. This is absolutely a great way to keep your curly hair long and look sharp always. Use Royal locks curl gel to bring out the beauty of your curls.

15Long twists + Fade

Long twists + Fade

Having long twists together with a fade has a beautiful contrast between the long and short hair. It makes you look top stylish and smart and having your barber keep your hairlines sharp is great maintenance for this. For great appearance, use Tropic Isle hair food.

16Short Haircut

Short Haircut

Keeping it short and simple is an excellent way to go. It gets you ready for whatever formal outing while leaving you stylish. Maintaining sharp hairline is prime to accentuate the beauty of this haircut. For a healthy and gorgeous finish, use Dexe hair building fibres.

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17High Fade + Short Curls

High Fade + Short Curls

You can dare to take your style to the edge with this haircut. A great way to have your short beautiful curls stand out is to have it in combination with a high fade. The variation in lengths puts the curls in the spotlight while still showing off your curly hair texture at a very short length. Use Barber and co to have your hair stand out.


Cornrows - Haircuts For Black Men

As simple a style as it is, it is very efficient in letting you groom your hair into something longer. It is the perfect substitute to keep your hair looking nice and have you looking decent while you grow your hair out to your desired length. Use Barber and Co  for a healthy glow.

19Mini Afro

Mini Afro
Instagram / @AFRO17_

This is a more acceptable form of afro in any establishment or setting and allows you rock the afro style but in a subtle manner. It is low maintenance and takes away the problem of time for styling. For a great look, use Barber and Co.

20Buzz Cut + Line Up

Buzz Cut + Line Up

Cutting your hair very close to your scalp is one way that never fails to leave you looking ravishing. It is low maintenance but nonetheless top stylish. Adding a line up is perfect to bring out the beauty in this style and using Osensia pomade firm just rounds it all up.

21Relaxed Dreads + Undercut

Relaxed Dreads + Undercut
Instagram / @THEREALMRDT

There are different ways of carrying your dreads. Having them relaxed so that they fall rather than stand is very elegant, and in combination with an undercut, there is so much fashion going on and it places you at the top among your peers. Use Sunny Isle pomade for a grand look.

22Afro + Undercut

Afro + Undercut

Leaving your hair to grow full and having your barber style you up in an afro style is pretty great, but as I always say, why stop there when you can do better? Adding an undercut will make you modish and more appealing. The perfect way to wrap up your styling is with the use of Mitch hair cream.

23Flat Top

Flat Top - Haircuts For Black Men

The finishing of any hairstyle can either ruin it or bring out the beauty in it. Completing your haircut with a flat top is one very cool way to highlight the beauty of your haircut. It gives you an elegant and refined finish. Using Mitch hair cream to nourish and style your hair is a great choice.

24High Top + Line Up

High Top + Line Up

A high top hair gives you the liberty to style it as you want in variety of ways; in twists or flat tops or frohawk. An outstanding way to have it looking attractive no matter the styling you go for is to have a line up to follow. Using Bucks burley hair cream will give your hair a healthy glow and have you looking stunning.

25Line Up With Beard

Line Up With Beard
Instagram / @MIKESHARRPP

This is undoubtedly a synergistic combo. A line up is equipped to make you look top modish while a beard has a way of making pronounced your sexy masculinity. Having both add-ons in one is sure to give the best results. Use Bucks burley hair cream for styling.

26Sponge Twists + Temple Fade

Sponge Twists + Temple Fade
Instagram / @AFRO17_

Sponge twists are beauties to behold. Using Bucks burley hair cream  can make them have a polished and alluring appearance. Adding a temple fade to your sponge twists is definitely going to make you look twice as hot and you are gonna have all the attention.

27Fade + Curly Hair + Beard

Fade + Curly Hair + Beard
Instagram / @MIKESHARRPP

Keeping your beard together with your curly hair is sure to make you stand out. It heightens your masculinity in the most attractive way while keeping you stylish and top always. It is great for all occasions so go ahead and rock it with this style. Use Intrepid hair pomade for a brilliant finish.

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28Low Afro Taper Fade

Low Afro Taper Fade
Instagram / @SMOOTHSTYLZ360

If you want to keep it low and professional, this is the perfect style for you. Low doesn’t have to be boring as it can be made top classy with some tweaks. A taper fade is all a low afro needs to make it outstanding and going further with Smooth viking hair care end the deal.

29Mohawk With Twists

Mohawk With Twists
Instagram / @NUDRED

Having the tip of your hair turned into twists is a great combination with the Mohawk. It increases your sexy bad boy look, all the while keeping you sophisticated and fashionable. For the perfect look and glow, use Smooth viking hair care.

30Mohawk + Fade + Beard

Mohawk + Fade + Beard

The best way to go with a Mohawk is with a fade. It brings out the beauty of your hair in an edgy but classy way. Adding a beard to this beauty gives your masculinity a big push as you can’t help but be at the top of your cycle without even trying. Use Rodante hair pomade for the best results.

31Buzz Cut + Line Up + Beard

Buzz Cut + Line Up + Beard

This is another very gorgeous variation of the buzz cut. As usual, having a line up keeps you looking gorgeously neat and sharp, and adding a beard takes your appearance to a whole new level. Use Rodante hair pomade for the best of looks.


Dreadlocks - Haircuts For Black Men
Instagram / @MRCOTTONTOP

This have been around for a really long time and are still trending. It is one very easy to maintain haircut and the great thing about it is that it gives you a whole new look. It lets you express yourself in a stylish way. Use Rodante hair pomade to maintain the great look.

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33Fade + Beard

Fade + Beard - Haircuts For Black Men
Instagram / @IAMLAMONE

For the best way to look drop dead gorgeous without going all out, ask your barber to introduce a fade into your haircut. Cutting your hair at the sides short up to the skin is great move. Having it stop just at the start of your beard will make your beard stand out nicely. Use Rodante hair pomade for that beautiful look.

34High Fade + Part

High Fade + Part
Instagram / @N_C_BLACK

Depending on the length of your top hair, a high fade could make your hairstyle extreme and it could just make it stylish. Keeping full hair with a high fade will make your hair stand out and have a touch of punk to it but with low hair, you would still be fit for even a formal gathering. Introducing a part further makes your hair stylish. Use Sunny Isle pomade  for a better finish.

35Fade + Crew Cut + Beard Fade

Fade + Crew Cut + Beard Fade

A crew Cut is the best way to keep it simple. It is the right choice for you if you are bound by rules pertaining your looks. It is decent and very stylish with the fade. A beard fade blends the top part of your beard a bit, all the while enhancing your beautiful appearance. Use Jack black hair styling pomade for a grand finish.

36Man Bun + Beard

Man Bun + Beard
Instagram / @IRIE_KHADEEM

If you prefer to keep your hair really long, you could do so by keeping it in a man bun. A man bun has your long hair looking neat. It goes well with facial hair and gives you a sexy masculine look. Use Jack black hair styling pomade for the best appearance.

37Facial Hair Only

Facial Hair Only
Instagram / @MRCOTTONTOP

Not everyone likes the troubles that come with having hair and looking for hairstyles. Some guys also prefer the beauty of having a clean shaved head. Either way, the best way to carry your clean shaved hair is to do so with full beard. The full beard gives your face a gorgeous frame. Use beard conditioner for the best beard appearance.

38Tight Twists For Black Men

Tight Twists For Black Men
Instagram / @BRODNEY

This is a good approach to look natural and classy. Having your hair in tight twists is sure to look cool on you and what’s more, it is relatively very easy to maintain. It is perfect if you desire your hair to be in between long and short. Use The roots naturelle hair oil moisturizer for that glossy appearance.

39Temple Fade Haircut

Temple Fade Haircut
Instagram / @MIKESHARRPP

A temple fade has been an all-time classic for black men haircuts. It never fails to bring out the best in your haircut no matter what you choose to go with. It is a subtle way to add a modern touch to your looks as it reduces your hair low but not skin low. Using Rodante hair pomade with this will bring out the beauty in your hairstyle.

40Curls + Undercut

Curls + Undercut

The undercut is sure going to give your top curly hair an alluring appearance. For the perfect appearance of your curls, use Osensia pomade firm. It will give your hair a healthy shine and have you looking sharp. With or without a beard, you are good to go as the beauty of your curls would have all the attention.

41Dreadlocks + Fade

Dreadlocks + Fade

Keep Up With The Trend With These Black Men Haircut

These hairstyles are the top choices for afro textured hair. There are the surest ways to rock your hair in style and stay in the trend, looking chic always. You need to look out for what you want and ask your barber to style you up that way. There are a lot of variations of black men haircut for you to choose from, so you could switch constantly, changing your looks and retaining your position at the top. No matter what you choose, you are sure to rock it.

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