Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A Shaver Review (Best Women’s Electric Razor)

In the past five decades, it is the men’s shavers that stole the show and attracted greater attention and research. However, recent years has seen attention shift to women’s shavers. This is after it became apparent that just like men, women need shavers that guarantee them a close and smooth shave. Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A shaver is now popular and is considered one of the best women’s electric razor in the market.

About the Product

It is true that performance and comfort are important benchmarks for women when choosing a shaver. In designing the Smooth Glide WDF5030A shaver, Remington focused on these two aspects because he wanted to create a shaver that does a better job than most hair removal creams for private parts. He chose to use the smooth shave technology because of its ability to deliver a smooth and close shave. This state-of-art shaver features four blades that guarantee swift and smooth results. It also features dual-sided trimmers to ensure that every pass counts. Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A shaver is a cordless rechargeable shaver that is portable and waterproof.

  • It is cordless, light weighted and easy to carry.
  • It is a dual-sided trimmer razor that is convenient and fun to use and does not hurt.
  • It guarantees a quick and close shave
  • The rechargeable battery is efficient and holds enough charge
  • It is waterproof
  • The head is quite wide and makes it difficult to shave under the arms
  • Getting replacement heads is a bit of a hustle

Our Verdict

The fact that it is a rechargeable shaver and that it delivers a smooth and a close shave fast makes it an ideal electric shaver for women who do not have a lot of time to waste. When used with a gel it transfers the nourishment to your skin and guarantees a healthy and comfortable skin. I would recommend it to ladies looking for a shaver that is designed for legs.

Who Can Use The Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A Razor?

Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A Shaver Review
As I had mentioned earlier, the Remington Smooth WDF5030A Razor delivers a smooth and comfortable shave just after a few passes because the blades are designed to stay close to your skin.  It is an ideal razor for corporate women who do not have a lot of free time, as well as moms who are always busy and looking for a razor that can give them a quick touch-up.  Also, if you are a lady that cares about smooth and radiant legs, you will find Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A electric leg shaver ideal for you. Notice that when used alongside moisturizing almond oil strips, it nourishes the skin and guarantees a silky and smooth finish.

Key Features:

  • Smooth Glide technology– Remington chose to apply the open-blade cutting system that allows the shaving gel to reach the blade. This is what guarantees a smooth and silky shave.
  • 4-blade shaver– Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A shaver consist of a bikini trimmer that moves smoothly across the skin to ensure that no hair remains unshaved at the end of the exercises.
  • Optimal Angle Head– the shaver has 4 blades that are strategically fitted to ensure that you get a close shave at a few passes. The blades are well positioned to ensure that the foils stay as close as possible to the skin to guarantee a smooth shave.
  • Dual-sided trimmers– the trimmers are designed to ensure that the longer hairs are cut by the foils. So no need to worry even if you have a long hair.
  • It is fitted with almond strips– the strips transfer oil to the skin as you shave and ensures that it remains soft and nourished after shaving.
  • Lift logic foils – the foils angle all the hair towards the blade to ensure that no hair remains standing after the shave.
  • It is waterproof, meaning that you can comfortably use it in the bathroom without worrying.
  • It is anti-microbial – it guarantees a smooth finish that keeps your skin smooth and eliminates breakouts.

So What Do Users Of Remington Women’s Electric Razor Say?

I was curious to know why Remington electric shaver for women receives a higher rating among the users. I sampled a few reviews posted by unanimous users and I am glad to share some of them with you. Here are some of the comments I sampled.

First I want to say that you will not find a shaver that shaves as close as a razor blade. However, I was surprised at how Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A shaver came close to a razor blade. Among the several brands I have tried over the years, I think Remington is one of the best electric shavers for women. I use it dry but I am sure I would get a closer shave if I started using shave gel. Also, it gives me 3 shaves on one charge. I am happy 5 out of 5Janie
The Remington electric shaver for women is beyond other brands. I have been using this brand for a while but decided to switch to other brands. This was a big mistake. I will never purchase any other brand other than Remington. I recommend this product. 5 out of 5. Thank you.Lana D
I received my first Lady Remington in 1964. It served me for many years and when it finally broke down, I decided to try other options in the market including men’s electric shavers. They were all disappointing. I decided to try the Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A razor. It works great just like the old one and I am really pleased. 4 out of 5.Lola Bunny
Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A is not as good as the old Remington that I bought 15 years ago. The trouble with it is that I have been using it for just a couple of months and it cannot hold a charge. It can only be used for 45 seconds even after charging it over the night. 3 out of 5.Sarai

FAQ about Remington electric shaver for women

Q1. Does it cut or scratch the skin?
No it gives a nice and smooth shave and leaves your skin unscratched.
Q2. Can it be used by little girls to shave their legs?
Yes, it is a lightweight shave and can be used to shave your daughter’s legs
Q3. Is Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A expensive?
No, it is affordable and will cost you about $33.72 at Amazon.


If you have been having trouble removing hair on your legs and hands, and you have tried other shavers but you have not got the desired results, look no further than Remington Smooth Glide WDF5030A shaver. This is the best women’s electric razor shaver which is easy to use and will give you a close shave that leaves your skin moisturized. I recommend this product to you because it gives value for the money. Place your order now and solve the shaving problem once and for all.

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