The Top Five Best Gaming Laptops Under $300 in 2020

This year 2020, you can get the best gaming laptops under $300 that can serve you well in your gaming experience, according to budget. Though we have our video gaming systems at home, the feel is different when we are playing it on a laptop. For others, the reason is many, the most being just for the fun of it.

Whatever is the motive behind the popular pc gaming and the individuals that indulge in it, the public knows that in the game world, PC gamers make up for the larger portion of the annual estimate of $40 billion. That is a significant number when considered. So, let’s see what we can get for $300 this year.

For some, the reason they prefer to play their games on a PC is that of their work schedule, and they will like to have something they can pass the time with during lunch breaks.

Our Top 5 Gaming Laptop Comparison Table

Acer Chromebook 14High-Performance HPAcer C4A5ASUS VivoBook E403NADell Inspiron i3552
Processor Intel Celeron Quad-core processor 2 GHz AMD A6 Quad-Core processor 2 GHz Intel Celeron Dual-core 2.4GHz Intel Celeron Dual-core 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron N3050 Quad-core
Graphics Intel HD Graphics Card AMD Radeon R4 Graphics Integrated Intel HD graphics Integrated Intel HD graphics Integrated Intel HD graphics
Battery Life 12 hours 5.5 hours 7 hours 14 hours 8 hours

Who Can Use These Five Top Best Budget Laptops and Things You Should Know

The manufacturers of the devices on our list today didn’t make them fit everyone. No Laptop gets constructed to meet everyone demands. There is a target audience for any gadget produced; same goes for our top five best budget laptops. So, who can use these PCs and get maximum satisfaction in it?

From the body design to the specs these laptops come with; one can see that the people that will enjoy it more are students who need a lightweight, portable device to jot down notes and conduct some research.
The tourist person will love the devices on our list because of how convenient the creators produced them for the Tourist can use the machines anywhere.
A professional on a budget can utilize these Laptops. The hardware specs are manageable for tasks that are not too tasking on the ram and storage.
The weekend gamer
The weekend gamer here represents people who are not addicted or committed to gaming; people who only indulge in games now and then they have the chance. These devices can handle some massive games but won’t give you the superb experience that those $1000 to $25000 PC render, but they will provide you with commendable

For most of these gaming laptops under $300, you can enhance their capacity and features by upgrading, deleting, and adding necessary accessories. For a PC with 4GB RAM with an expansion slot for more, you can buy another RAM and attach it into the free slot to get the RAM to add up. You can do the same for storage if it isn’t enough. What you need to do is make sure you make an inquiry to ascertain the max capacity of your device.

Our Standard for Selecting the Top Five Best Laptops Under $300

As is the custom, we did not conduct this review without taking the necessary step. From the top ten products of this year, we tried them on various marks to see their strength and weaknesses when it comes to graphics, RAM, battery life and ability to customize. We compared our results with customers input to know what to expect in the long-run

Our Top Five Best Budget Laptops for the Weekend Gamer

01. Acer Chromebook 14, Aluminum, 14-inch Full HD, Intel Celeron Quad

gaming laptops under 300 - Acer Chromebook 14, Aluminum, 14-inch Full HD, Intel Celeron QuadThe number one on our list of best gaming laptops is the Acer Chromebook. This is a perfect device to enjoy both words. It comes in a stunning metal casing. The producers of this device constructed it to promote the look of its user and at the same time render to them a superb performance.

The device comes with a Full 14” HD IPS display that makes one get lost in the graphics quality. You can see what is on the screen from whichever angle you decide to look from.

As a Chromebook, you get to enjoy your android apps on your PC. Meaning that you can move all those thrilling Android games you have on your android phone to the system for a more stunning and larger background. The Laptop runs on an Intel Celeron Quad-core Processor alongside an Intel Burst Technology of 2.2GHz. With this highly capable processor and the 4GB SDRAM, you can run some heavy apps, and keep some windows open without distorting the speed of the device.

The Acer Chromebook comes with a 32GB fast internal memory and a battery that lasts for about 12 hours. with these attributes you can play your android GTA 5 and other intense games for a reasonable amount of time without looking for an electrical socket.

  • It is portable and lightweight at 3.42 pounds
  • it runs on a powerful processor
  • an affordable price
  • an Intel HD graphics card.
  • long battery life
  • comes with an HDMI port
  • no SD card slot.
  • Use if eMMC Storage.
The Acer Chromebook 14 is a reliable PC that comes with many features that will thrill a game lover. It is straightforward and elegant in design. Housing various necessary features like Bluetooth, stunning HD graphics support, three ports and a 12 hours battery duration, a gamer has all he or she needs to indulge in hours of fun.

02. High-Performance HP 15.6″ Laptop PC AMD A6-7310 Quad-Core Processor

gaming laptops under 300 - High-Performance HP 15.6″ Laptop PC AMD A6-7310 Quad-Core ProcessorThis is another great PC that you might want to consider. The HP 15.6” Laptop is one of the best budget laptops; you get a preinstalled windows 10 software which comes with some exciting features. The device renders an HD resolution of 1366 x 768 against a BrightView glossy screen; this attribute boosts the visual quality of everything you see on the screen, including your games.

The device runs on the 2.6GHz AMD Quad-Core processor and Quad-Core APU for AMD Radeon graphics which ensures that the PC performs fast even with some heavy apps. Add that to the 4GB RAM that operates on a high-bandwidth and the 500GB storage; there are lots of gaming possibilities. You also get a cloud storage option when you purchase this machine, for that moment when you run out of space, or need to keep some data safe.

From the virtual satisfying DTS Sound speakers to the AMD Radeon R4 graphics card, you can agree that the manufacturers have our gamers and movie lovers in mind. You get to watch stunning graphics and enjoy the sound that comes with it in a high-quality speaker. There is more, the device comes with four ports, including an HDMI port to ensure you have the option of viewing your interest on larger screen.

  • Runs on a powerful processor
  • Owns a Radeon Graphics card
  • Has a large fast storage space
  • Support SD card insertion
  • It is affordable
  • Owns an HDMI port
  • It is lightweight about 4.74lbs
  • Comes with a headphone-microphone jack
  • Has a SuperMulti rewritable
  • Lower battery duration: 5.5 hours
  • No Bluetooth
  • Has some pre-installed bloatware
The HP 15.6” Laptop is an excellent device for gamers and movie lovers. The machine owns features that are beyond the expected for one of the best budget laptops. An example will be its 500GB space. If you can manage the absence of Bluetooth and don’t mind battling the bloatware after purchase, then this is a device you will love.

03. Acer CB3-531-C4A5 15.6 Chromebook – Celeron N2830

gaming laptops under 300 - Acer CB3-531-C4A5 15.6 Chromebook – Celeron N2830Acer C445 is another Chromebook in our list of gaming laptops under $300. The producers of the machine constructed it with an aesthetic design without losing sight on quality. It supports lots of multitasking and owns an immersive screen just like the HP product above. The display resolution is about 1920×1080 HD. Add that to the glass quality; you can see what’s on the screen clearly both in dark and sunlight areas, irrespective of the angle you stare from. Hence, ensuring that you can indulge in any fun activity wherever you are.

Another thing you will be proud of is its stunning look and feel of its aluminum covering, and the upward position of the speaker: it increases the sound performance of the device.

The device owns a solid SSD hard drive; this enhances the speed of the storage in storing and retrieving data. It also, ensure no noise comes from the disk when it operates. This means that you get to experience less lag due to slow data saving while playing your favorite games.

There are an SD Card support and a multi-card reader along with an HDMI port to help better your experience. For connections, this Acer Chromebook comes with Bluetooth connection and WiFi.

  • It comes with an SD card option.
  • It owns an HDMI port.
  • Runs on a powerful Intel processor.
  • Owns an Intel HD graphics
  • Long battery life: 7 hours
  • Lightweight about 4.43lb
  • Holds a low ram
  • Owns a small storage unit.
  • Can develop ON design flaw
This device is best for the light gamers and those whose tasks ain’t that demanding for the memory. Thanks to the SD card option, you can still expand the storage.

04. ASUS VivoBook E403NA-US04 Thin and Lightweight 14” FHD Laptop

gaming laptops under 300 - ASUS VivoBook E403NA-US04 Thin and Lightweight 14” FHD LaptopAsus produced this laptop to ensure convenient mobility. The device is lightweight and thin; straightforward and elegant. You can enjoy your gaming and working experience even at the coffee shop.

The manufacturers included about 64GB storage in the machine, which gives you more option on things to install and store. That, matched with the 4GB RAM, the issue of lagging and crashing when few tabs and windows are open is cut to a reasonable sum.

So, you can go ahead and play some tasking games like Resident Evil on its full-HD 1080p screen. A future-proof USB port is another feature ASUS included in this machine. With its 3lb lightweight, you can enjoy holding it on the hand when the time calls for it.

The ASUS VivoBook owns a 2.4GHz Intel Celeron Dual-core with a turbo boost of 2.4GHz. This specification helps fast forward the task processing and ensure better information and command output. Attach to the processor is the Intel HD graphics 500 that provides adequate visual output. Couple this with the 14 hours average battery, you have a PC that can perform fine with some heavy apps and task. Hence, giving you one of the best laptops under $300.

If you are a rooter of Microsoft Windows, then there is no need to upgrade as the device owns a working Windows 10 OS.

  • Has a long battery life
  • A decent screen resolution
  • A powerful graphics card
  • One of the best Intel processors
  • A commendable amount of storage
  • It is affordable.
  • No HDMI ports
  • Some may have WiFi issues.
  • Tends to overheat during tasking jobs.
If you are interested in having enough space to store your favorite games and indulge in them for prolonged hours, this is a device to consider. However, if you like to try other heavy stuff, you might run into the issues found. Aside from all that, the visual rendering and gaming are cool.

05. Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK 15.6 Inch Laptop

gaming laptops under 300 - Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK 15.6 Inch LaptopThis is the last laptop on our list of best gaming laptops under $300. However, it isn’t the least in quality. The manufacturers of Dell Inspiron i3553 have these key attributes in mind: portability, lightweight, and performance. Just like most of the laptops on this list of the best laptop under $300, the Dell Inspiron comes with an Intel Celeron processor chipset. With this component, users can expect a fast and approvable speed in processing. The Intel processor runs on 1.6GHz and can get up to 2.4 GHz. With that added to its Intel HD graphics, you can expect a remarkable experience when playing games like God of War

To better the experience of Users, DELL has created this machine with a 15.6” 1366 x 768 HD screen, powered by LED-lit which ensures that the display uses less power. You get to see how it works when operating a device that integrates a 4GB DDR3L SDRAM alongside 500GB optical hard drive, with a 128GB flash memory. What you can expect is a device that gives you lots of space to save your soft files and at the same time performs fast with the writing and producing of information. You can use Dell Inspiron not just for gaming and some basic tasks but can try out some heavy apps like photoshop. The device battery stays for 8 hours per full charge.

  • It has a large storage space
  • It is lightweight
  • The device owns a powerful Processor
  • Has a commendable graphics card
  • It has a long battery life
  • It is affordable.
  • Comes with an HDMI port
  • No option to upgrade the ram
  • Comes with no optical DVD drive
  • The charging cable suffer the risk of breaking
The Dell PC is among the top gaming laptop under $300. As you can see from its description, it comes with the specs gamers look for. So, if you can deal with not having the RAM expansion option and the lack of an optical drive, you are good to go.

Our Top Pick Among the Best Five Gaming Laptops Under $300

As is the custom, it is time will let you know which we prefer. While devices like the Acer Chromebook 14 and the Dell Inspiron came close to stealing the crown, you can see from the features that these five PCs come with, the HP high-Performance laptop is unequaled. Regardless of it not possessing a Bluetooth function, it comes with lots of attributes that both a gamer, movie lover, student, and professionals can be interested in. One can conveniently purchase an external Bluetooth to use while rock the device.

The Ultimate Guide for Purchasing the Best Gaming Laptops

For one reason or the other, you might need the determinants upon which experts can decipher which system is better than its peers. In such situation, having read this guide, you will have all you need to realize the PC that suits your gaming needs.

The Random-Access Memory is a big player in how you enjoy your gaming activity. Apps you run occupy a space in the system, the one who gives them this room, is the ram. So, the smaller the RAM, the lower the game options you have, and overall ability to multitask. Gratefully, some of this system has the option of upgrading the RAM.
The Processor
This component is responsible for the processing of commands in the PC. These instructions include the game you wish to play and other apps and programs running in the background to keep the Laptop at top performance. The higher the processor capacity, the better.
The Graphics Card
This is another feature that discerns whether you will hate the game you love and the system in general. The graphics card is responsible for the quality of image rendering along with the screen. So, ensure you go for brands with a powerful graphics card.
You might not know this, but your hard drive is equally essential for the best gaming option and experience. A device that has a low space might not give you the chance to go for games that occupy 5 to 30GB. The bright side of this is most times you have the option to upgrade the hard drive to any number you want.

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

Does the Acer Chromebook 14 Have a Backlit Keyboard?
Sadly, the Acer chrome does not come with one.
Is there an SD Card option for this Acer 14 Chromebook?
Can You Charge the Acer 14 Chromebook Through the Port?
No. sadly, you cannot. However, it comes with a nice charger adapter.
Does the HP High Performance Come with One-Year Pre-Install Virus Protection?
You have the choice of using the Avast or AVG antivirus programs.
Can you upgrade the RAM of this HP to become 12, 8, or 6? I don’t like the idea of settling with four.
Of course, you can. The HP High Performance comes with two RAM slots. A 4GB module RAM is already occupying one of the slots, but you can upgrade it to the max of the PC design.
Can the ACER C4A5 be a recommendable choice for starters?
Yes, this Acer Chromebook is a great place to start for those who do not know much about computers. You can even watch Netflix on it.
Can I insert my Samsung SSD into this ASUS laptop?
No. the 128GB is a board component so you cannot upgrade it.
Is the ASUS an IPS display PC?
No., however, you have the alternative of changing the TN display to a compatible IPS.
Is the DELL Inspiron a touchscreen device?

Our Final Verdict

As you go through our list of best gaming laptops under $300, you realize that the Acer Chromebook 14 is the best on this list for gamers who want a little of both words: android and PC. You will also find the Acer C4A5 for light players, and the Dell for those who want something basic. The HP is the best alternative, a steal for gamers under the price rate and will work well with other computing tasks for students and professionals. With the ram upgrade features and cool spec, having no Bluetooth is a downside one can bear.

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