42 Trendiest Drop Fade Haircuts (2020 Top Picks)

Many gents are looking for ways to look trendy and sharp always but haven’t quite figured out what works for them yet. You see, there are so many styles out there which work well for those who fit the criteria like having long face, round face, thick hair, thin hair, and so on, but having a style which would be perfect for you is prime as it would do well to accentuate your best features and give you a glamorous look. Sit back as I introduce you to a fail-safe haircut which is will give you exactly what you want. I bring you, the drop fade haircut. Heard of it?

A drop fade is like a typical fade; it cuts the hair down to the scalp but as the name implies, it isn’t just a fade and the difference is in the style. It cuts the hair at the sides and drops at the back of the ear, creating an arc like appearance. It has a gradual descent in hair length from where the fade begins to the point where it blends into the scalp, giving you a very sharp and ostentatious look. Due to its very stylish nature, it is the best way to make your haircut look cooler. It goes well with whatever hairstyle you have on or have in mind, including the pompadour and quiff haircuts. It is also a great choice to go with this if you have a beard as it has a way of bringing out a beautiful contrast for your beard. And even if you like to keep it clean or you don’t have a beard, you sure will look smart.

There are various ways your barber could style you up, depending on what you want and how your face shapes up but in all, there is something for you; something entrancing that will make you stand out.

Hair Products For The Perfect Drop Fade Finish

1Drop Fade + Short Chop

Drop Fade + Short Chop
Instagram / @EUBARBERS

A drop fade goes pretty well with short locks. It is paramount to bring out the best contrast and show off your hair texture in style. It is a good fit for any occasion or for work and is a sure bet for that trendy and elegant look you desire.

2Drop Fade + Sleek Side Part

Drop Fade + Sleek Side Part

A side part doesn’t fail to add beauty to whatever style it accompanies and this is no exception to that. On its own, a drop fade gives a spellbinding look but why stop there when you can go further and do better. This look is going to blow you mind.

3Drop Fade + High Pompadour

Drop Fade + High Pompadour

Looking for a way to make your pomp look even cooler? Here’s the best tip you can get. Cutting the sides of your hair short in a drop form can add great beauty to your pomp. It makes you unique and gives you a very classy appearance.

4Drop Fade + Crop

Drop Fade + Crop

Simple and low maintenance can be top classy also. The crop is a relatively low maintenance hairstyle with great elegance attached to it. In this combination, it is sure to give you a chic appearance, getting you ready to nail your looks wherever you go.

5Drop Fade + Sleek Pompadour

Drop Fade + Sleek Pompadour

Having your pompadour to be sleek is a top way to look. It speaks of you as stylish and classy. It is said that nothing good comes easy and this is no exception as you need to be ready to spend extra time in front of the mirror styling. This is a great combo and is sure to have you at the top.

6Drop Fade + Short Pompadour

Drop Fade + Short Pompadour
Instagram / @GUI.MORAISS

Not all pompadours are high as not everyone likes the look of a voluminous hair and others are bounded by rules that prevent the volume. Having a short pomp is a good alternative but did you know you can make your short pomp stand out without being too extreme? Add a drop fade and you will thank me later.

7Drop Fade + Sweep Back

Drop Fade + Sweep Back
Instagram / @BLADE_KINGZ

A great way to carry you long hair is to do it in a sweep back style. It doesn’t stand tall and call much attention to itself, and your long hair is untouched. All you have to do is give it a shiny appearance and ask your barber for a fade in an arc form like this and you are good to go.

8Drop Fade + Bleached Quiff

Drop Fade + Bleached Quiff

A quiff is golden and what’s more posh? A quiff with bleached tip. It gives you an “I don’t care” look which is really sexy. Having a fade at the sides and back of your head is a nice way to up your game and the addition of a hard part is one accessory that will not go unnoticed.

9Drop Fade + Quiff

Drop Fade + Quiff
Instagram / @REZAHERMAWAN26

The quiff is so versatile and this is one of the great ways to carry it. Adding a side part to your quiff will surely add beauty and grace to your looks and having your hair cut short at the sides so that it blends into the scalp is one move you most surely will be grateful for.

10Drop Fade + Wavy Hair + Beard

Drop Fade + Wavy Hair + Beard

This is a refined style which is somewhat messy though. The fade shows off in a very beautiful way, the beautiful wavy hair pattern in different layers and the beard just sums it all up as top dope. You should try this as it is really fascinating.

11Drop Fade + Blow Out Hair

Drop Fade + Blow Out Hair
Instagram / @RUMBARBER

If you are a lover of the blow out hair, then this is one way you should try to carry your blow out. With a fade, you add a modern touch to your hair, giving you a more refined look. It is nothing too serious and you can go with this look to any occasion you want.

12Drop Fade + Beard + Longer Top Hair

Drop Fade + Beard + Longer Top Hair
Instagram / @IDEA.VLOG

Here is a classy way to have your long hair well groomed and in style. Having the length of your hair gradually reduce at the sides gives a not so sharp contrast but a beauty to behold. Adding a fade is the best finish for this and with a beard, you have your sexy masculinity in check.

13Textured Fade + Hair Design

Textured Fade + Hair Design

Texturing your hair gives it an illusion of volume and thickness. Adding a fade to your textured hair gives it a style that brings out its beauty perfectly and for more uniqueness, the addition of any design of choice would do the trick and set you apart from the crowd.

14Faux Hawk + Skin Fade

Faux Hawk + Skin Fade
Instagram / @FAUXHAWK7

A faux hawk completes your punk look but what would be the best way to complete your faux hawk if not with a fade. The fade stylishly let’s all the styling at the top get more appreciated while it brings out the best in your looks.

15High And Tight Fade

High And Tight Fade

The high and tight is one haircut that gives you a very masculine look and men are digging it. It has variations and here is one that doesn’t completely take off your hair but lets you keep some in style. It retains its simple nature but has you looking chic.

16Short Drop Fade

Short Drop Fade
Instagram / @CUTSBYERICK

This is one style that is great for guys who love to keep it short or medium. The fade complements for the lack of styling options as it is of short length and gives you a stylish and elegant appearance. Have a good barber style you up and you are good.

17Drop Fade Fohawk + Dye

Drop Fade Fohawk + Dye
Instagram / @Z_RAMSEY

Taking your punk fashion to the next level would be absolutely excellent in this way. Having your fohawk go with a fade gives it unparalleled beauty that comes with contrast, and it shows you off as fashionable and classy. Adding a dye gives you attractive uniqueness.

18Drop fade + Design

Drop fade + Design
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

It is common to have just a drop fade with our longer top hair, but what some people don’t know is you can get creative by adding a design to the fade. It could be anything you want and it is sure to get approval and admiration.

19Layered Pompadour + Hard Part

Layered Pompadour + Hard Part

A very sleek move; having your pom layered. It adds volume and gives you a great styling. Apart from that, layered hair just has a way of looking attractive and faultless doesn’t it? Adding a hard part and a fade to this masterpiece is the bomb.

20Drop Fade + Tapered Neckline

Drop Fade + Tapered Neckline
Instagram / @RUMBARBER

Just like a hard part and a fade, a tapered neckline is an accompaniment to your hairstyle and can serve to heighten the beauty of your looks. This combination gives you a sharp and modern look and is a sure bet to grace any outing.

21Drop Fade + Curly Afro Twists

Drop Fade + Curly Afro Twists

For those blessed with afro textured hair, I bring you good news. Here is a classy way to style your afro and be the envy of your peers. The trick is in the arc of the drop fade. It seems so simple but it can change your look and have you grinning with contentment.

22Drop Fade + V Shaped Neckline

Drop Fade + V Shaped Neckline
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

You can choose to take the arc of your fade further as it wont to tweak your style to suit you. Getting your fade down to your neckline and having it shaped in a V is outstanding and although it is kinda extreme, it is gorgeous.

23Sleek Back + High Drop Fade

Sleek Back + High Drop Fade
Instagram / @FRESHFADES604

The great thing about a sleek back is the perfect finish and glossy look it tends to give. On its own it is wonderful but in combination with a fade and hair design, it is just wow.

24Drop Fade + Buzz Cut

Drop Fade + Buzz Cut

Dope! This right here is gonna take your buzz cut to a whole new level. Adding a fade to your already very short cut hair will enhance the definition of your hairline, giving you a very sleek look.

25Drop Fade + Long Fringe

Drop Fade + Long Fringe
Instagram / @Z_RAMSEY

The drop fade enhances the beauty of the fringe and lets it get all the attention in a show off manner. Cutting your sides and back hair short and letting your fringe stand out will let you style your long hair as it suits you and show off your styling adequately.

26Textured Sleek Back + Drop Fade

Textured Sleek Back + Drop Fade

This is a great alternative if you want to have your hair long but not high. Having your hair textured gives it volume and a good hold, and styling it backwards is indeed a sleek move. With a fade added to this, you surely will look enchanting.

27Low Drop Fade

Low Drop Fade

A low drop fade is a less extreme but fancy way of styling your hair. It is a good choice if you have rules concerning your appearance or if you don’t just want to cut too much hair. It takes almost nothing but it gives you everything.

28Drop Fade Afro

Drop Fade Afro

Apart from having your afro twisted and then having a fade to spice things up, you could also ask your barber for an afro haircut and then add a fade to it. The arc of a drop fade makes all the difference as it leaves you in a very stylish look.

29Drop Fade + Curly Hair

Drop Fade + Curly Hair
Instagram / @FLORESCUTS

Having curly hair and styling it right will surely have you looking like a work of art come to life. One of such ways to look drop dead gorgeous with your curly hair is to add a drop fade. Thank me later.

30Drop Fade + Black Men Waves

Drop Fade + Black Men Waves

On its own, wavy hair on black men is really cool. Making it even better would be to blend the sides of your hair in a fade. You will have to visit your barber regularly to ensure your fade is intact and to also maintain your hairline.

31Drop Fade + Shape Up

Drop Fade + Shape Up
Instagram / @IAMTHECUT_

A fade is best with a shape up as it shows in best light, your sharp hairlines. A shape up could be an accompaniment of a buzz cut or crew cut and to end your styling with a blast, you should incorporate a fade. You won’t regret it.

32Drop Fade + Line Up + Beard

Drop Fade + Line Up + Beard
Instagram / @_TECHNEEK_

Doesn’t a beard just make you look hot in your masculinity? Having a line up and a beard gives you a sharp look and a fade crowns it all up by enhancing the lineup. Visit your barber regularly to keep your style intact and you will stay top trendy.

33Drop Fade + Undercut

Drop Fade + Undercut
Instagram / @FADEALIST

The longer hair at the top and significantly shorter sides are what makes this haircut stylish. The contrast it brings creates a fascinating blend between long and short and a way to maintain this look is to ensure you keep the sides short always.

34Drop Fade + Flat Top

Drop Fade + Flat Top

The flat top has a 90’s look to it and if you dig it but want to make it modern, adding a drop fade to it is key. The fade instantly transforms your look into something fashionable and new. The height is necessary for this look so you will have to grow your hair high.

35Low Drop Fade + Line Up + Long Afro

Low Drop Fade + Line Up + Long Afro
Instagram / @A1KUTZZ

There are various ways of styling an afro, whether it is long or short. As you must have noticed, a line up is essential with an afro as it gives it an attractive definition. For a long afro, apart from definition you will also need your top hair to stand out and that can be achieved in grand style with a fade.

36Hard Part + Low Drop Fade + Beard

Hard Part + Low Drop Fade + Beard

Undoubtedly this is a synergistic combo. Having all the posh hair accompaniments in one style is top modish. What’s most fascinating is the way there all complement each other for the perfect look. Leave your comfort zone and try something different. It isn’t extreme but will make you stand out very nicely.

37Drop Taper + Curly Hair

Drop Taper + Curly Hair
Instagram / @VANDYKEHAIR

This right here is another one for those who like to keep it simple and save as much hair as they can. With a taper, you subtly add a touch to your look, a subtle touch which will no doubt make all the difference. It’s a great haircut you should try.

38Drop Fade + Short Curls

Drop Fade + Short Curls
Instagram / @CURLSHOPPE

A gentleman look. Nothing serious or extreme but yet top classy and sharp. It is a perfect choice for any outing you have in mind, as it is elegant and shows you are a man of impeccable taste.

39Comb Over Drop Fade

Comb Over Drop Fade

A comb over isn’t just for the balding anymore. It has gone way past that level and has found its way among trendiest haircuts of the decade. A nice way to enhance the stylish look of your comb over would be with a drop fade. It gives you a splendid look you will be pleased with.

40Drop Fade + Brush Up

Drop Fade + Brush Up
Instagram / @Z_RAMSEY

The brush up isn’t complete without the sides being cut short so as to enhance the look of what is going on at the top. A very stylish way of having your sides would be with a fade. A drop fade stylishly brings out the beauty of your top tousled hair.

41Spiky Hair + Drop Fade

Spiky Hair + Drop Fade

There are a thousand and one ways to style your spiky hair and bring out your bad boy look in a sexy way. Having a fade with your spiky and tousled hair is sure to give you a hot look and place you in the spotlight.

42Drop Faded Caesar

Drop Faded Caesar
Instagram / @MARCODAMODA

Stay Exotic Always With The Drop Fade Haircut

And there you have it, all of the best versions of the drop fade haircut that are sure to keep you in style and have you looking your best at all times. There are many options for you, depending on what you have in mind so there is no excuse to look any less than the star in the room. Take a pic with you to your barber so that you are sure to get exactly what you want and rock it all the way bro.

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