How To Deep Clean Car Carpet & How Often Should You Do It

Although cleaning your car’s carpet may seem like a minor task when compared to other things like the maintenance of your car’s engine, it can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping it new a fresh for many years to come. The deep clean car carpet process is not as hard as people may think. In fact, it takes some few minutes and your car is left clean, beautiful and with a fresh smell. The peace of mind and health you can get with a clean car interior is more than the time it takes to complete such a simple chore.

Your car carpets are the most areas that can contaminate the whole car with a bad smell which can make the environment unfriendly to drive in. Fortunately, with a good deep clean, you can get your car smelling fresh and looking new on the inside. While cleaning your car does not make it new, it will help to get rid of the unwanted components such as dirt, mud, stains and bad odor.

Deep Clean Car Carpet: What You Need

There are numerous ways to clean your car carpets, but we will only cover the professional method you can access easily. These are the things you will need:

  • A good car carpet cleaner with a sweet scent
  • An upholstery brush
  • A bucket of clean water
  • A wet or dry vacuum- You may want to suck the carpet and the mats of the water to speed up the drying process.

You may also want to get a Bissell carpet cleaner but if you are unable to get this one, no problem.

Deep Clean Car Carpet: A Step By Step Guide

Understanding how and what it takes to deep clean your car carpet is the first step to leave your car looking and smelling fresh. Below are the main steps in cleaning and keeping your car carpets fresh and with a good smell.

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1. Prepare Your Car’s Interior

First things first, before you can embark on the carpet cleaning process; you need to organize the interior of your car. In this case, you need to collect anything that could have fallen on your car’s carpeting. Ensure to pick any item, including all the loose objects that may be floating on your carpeting.

You will be shocked by the items that are hidden under your seats and this is where most odors are absorbed. So, you will need to take out the seats. Most car seats are fitted with four bolts, but for cars with power seats, the seats are fixed with a single connector that you can just unplug and remove the seats. Once you are done removing all the items lying on your car carpet and the seats.

2. Remove Your Floor Mats If You Have Any

Remove your floor mats and shake them thoroughly to prevent them from bringing back dirt and other trash into your car once you are done with the cleaning. Avoid putting them far away as you might misplace them, but just put them next to your car.

3. Vacuum Your Car Exhaustively

Get a vacuum and start vacuuming under the seats, pedals, and crevices ensuring that no crumbs, dirt or trash is left behind. Leaving too much trash and crumbs can hinder the cleaning process and you might not get good results.

4. Deep Clean Car Interior: Get Rid Of Spots on Your Car Seats

To remove stains on your car seats, you need to use a solution that is meant for that purpose. For instance, to remove spots on cloth-made seats, you can simply use water and soap. But if your car seats are made of Vinyl and leather, you need a special cleaning solution to remove spots and stains from them. Or you can just ask car experts what solution is good to clean your car seats.

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To remove different types of spots out of your car upholstery:

  • Use baking soda to remove spots due to acids
  • Use toothpaste to brush food marks and lipsticks
  • Use detergents and vinegar to get rid of gasoline

5. Get Your Best Car Carpet Cleaner with a Good Brush

Now that you are done with the seats, it’s time to get into the carpet itself. You can get the best car carpet cleaners on the market today. Note that car carpet cleaning process is the same regardless of the type of cleaner you choose to use. You may also use carpet shampoos to remove tough stains on your car carpet without discoloring it. Use your brush to scrub the surface thoroughly, ensuring the brush reaches deep inside the carpet fibres.

Dip the brush in water to mix the cleaner and deep clean the carpet thoroughly. To get rid of stains from the carpet, you may want to repeat this process two times. The reason to dip the brush in water is to make a foaming action that will bring the dirt to the surface so that you can remove it with a vacuum.

After you are done scrubbing the carpet, allow it some hours to dry. To get your whole car to dry faster, park it in a sunny place and keep the doors open so that fresh air can get inside.

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6. Clean Your Car Mats

When you have parked your car in a sunny area waiting for the carpet to dry, clean your car mats as well. Vacuum the car mats thoroughly. Mats made of fabric can be cleaned using shampoo, using the same process as you did while cleaning the carpet. Wash the plastic beneath the mats to get rid of mud and dirt. Hang the mats in a sunny area too and wait for them to dry. Remember when taking them back to your car, ensure to shake them well.

Important Tip:
Always keep your car windows down and the doors open to allow fresh air in.

The last step is to get your car seats back in, but make sure to leave the mats outside until they are all dry. You can also switch on the car fan to let air to circulate inside.

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Deep Clean Car Carpet: How Often Should You Do It?

You should deep clean your car carpet regularly. In fact, it is good to do it at least once a month. This will make your car stay longer and looking good on the inside. However, if you find out that the interior of your car is starting to get dirty, you don’t have to wait until a month is gone you can even do it on a weekly basis.

Final Words

To maintain the worthiness of your car and to make it last longer, you should always follow the steps we’ve mentioned above. Note that this simple task can save you from replacing the ruined car carpet and upholstery.

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