Premium Curly Hairstyles & Cuts For Men (45 Choicest Picks)

The struggle with curly hair is most times really annoying. Most people even opt to shave it off so as to have peace or get their minds off the hair struggle. But the truth is, having curly hair doesn’t have to be so problematic. You could achieve that perfect look with your curly hair if you do it right but doing it right is the actual challenge isn’t it? Worry no more for we have got you covered with the greatest curly hairstyles for men.

The truth is, curly hair is flexible and as such, can be used in great combination with other top hairstyles to achieve a wonderful look and have you feeling good about yourself and loving your hair. No matter the shape of your face, there is a style that would suit you absolutely and bring out the best in you. Your curly hair can be styled right and have you looking astonishing when you go for that outing or business meeting, job interview or for whatever occasion.

So instead of cutting your beautiful curly hair, or letting it frustrate you, you could decide to look real classy by opting for any of this handpicked hairstyles that are guaranteed to do the magic and have you looking extremely gorgeous. Let’s take a look.

1Short Haircut For Curly Hair

Short Haircut For Curly Hair

This is the best haircut for you if your curls are wild and hard to manage when long. You can reduce the length of your hair by having them cut short so as to delicately show off your curls in the most beautiful way. This changes your look in a great way and gives your curls an amazing appearance.

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2Cascading Wavy Hair

Cascading Wavy Hair - Curly Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @AJVOYERHAIR

Having long hair that falls beautifully down your shoulders has its own very attractive look attached to it. It is long enough so you can play with the styles and change your look however you want, but it doesn’t take away your gentleman look and so, you can rock this hairstyle and still be wherever you want.

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3Taper Fade + Curly Hair

Taper Fade + Curly Hair - Curly Hairstyles For Men

Shortening the length of your hair at the sides with a taper fade is a great way to look. The gradual decrease in hair length shows off your curly hair texture at different levels and brings out its beauty. This is one hairstyle that has got your back for all occasions so rock it and stay classy.

4Curly Undercut

Curly Undercut - Curly Hairstyles For Men

The sharp contrast between your shaved hair and curly hair is truly a beauty to behold. It brings out the fashion guru in you and has you radiating gorgeousness. It isn’t too daring but it all depends on the length of the undercut anyway but whatever you choose, you can’t get it wrong.

5Curly Pompadour

Curly Pompadour - Curly Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @EF_BIG_CHUNKY_

The pomp is a classy hairstyle that has a way of bringing out the best in your looks and has you looking posh. Styling your curly hair this way is undoubtedly a synergistic combo that will most definitely leave you looking your best and the most stylish guy in the room.

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6Curly Bowl Cut

Curly Bowl Cut - Curly Hairstyles For Men

The bowl cut is one hairstyle that is really easy to maintain. It is usually with straight hair but trying it out with your straight hair is going to give you a look that will blow your mind. Its simplicity has nothing on the voguish look it brings and so you can save time while still nailing your look.

7Curly Hair With Hard Side Part

Curly Hair With Hard Side Part

Styling your curly hair with any of these top styles will have you looking really stylish. A great way to further emphasize its beauty is to add a side part. The side part stylishly changes your look by making you look even more stylish without doing it too much.

8Sleek Back Curly Hair

Sleek Back Curly Hair

Making your hair sleek is definitely going to give you attention and have you in the spotlight. All you have to do to achieve the best result is to make use of a good hair wax and you are sure to have a glossy finish that you will be proud of.

9Curly Quiff

Curly Quiff - Curly Hairstyles For Men

What’s more beautiful than a regular quiff? A curly quiff. It combines the splendor of the quiff with the grand magnificence of your curly hair in the perfect way, leaving you looking most stylish while retaining your gentleman appearance.

10Short And Thick Curly Hair

Short And Thick Curly Hair
Instagram / @LOCKNROLLA

Having thicker curly hair can be really challenging to style. A great way to manage this is to cut your hair shorter as it lets you manage it properly and have your curly hair looking hauntingly beautiful. This is a great look for your curly hair that is sure to leave you modish.

11Short Tight Curls

Short Tight Curls - Curly Hairstyles For Men

Are your natural tight curls a pain in the ass? It doesn’t have to be that way as everything has a solution. Having your hair short has a way of making your curls look better and allow you manage it properly. A great way to enhance your hair beauty is to apply good pomade as it will give you a glossy finish.

12Beach Curls

Beach Curls - Curly Hairstyles For Men

Letting your full hair go haywire is a statement of its own. It allows you care less without compromising your stylish reputation. It is a great choice for that casual day. Having your hair textured with this look is going to give you the perfect finish.

13Curly Fringe

Curly Fringe - Curly Hairstyles For Men

A great way to enhance the beauty of a fringe hairdo is to further style the fringe in an elegant way. Choosing to have your curly hair with a fringe is a great way to add beauty to the masterpiece that is your haircut and this is sure to turn heads your way in great approval and admiration.

14Curly Afro

Curly Afro - Curly Hairstyles For Men

Some thick curly hair are best suited for the afro. If your hair is curly and really difficult to style, you could just opt for an afro. Afros are classy haircuts that do not go out of style. Just let your barber style you up with a real good afro haircut and let nature put you at the top.

15Man Bun + Curly Hair

Man Bun - Curly Hairstyles For Men
Instagram / @STYLIKON

One thing with a man bun is that no matter the look you desire; be it bad boy, casual or formal, it has got you. Imagine trying your long curly hair this way, what could go wrong? This is a great way to go if you have long curly hair. You sure will stand out beautifully.

16Long Glossy Curls

Long Glossy Curls

A simple way to have your long curly hair looking great is to make use of good hair product like wax. Adding wax makes your hair look more appealing and gives you polished curls. It gives your long hair a pleasant look with just little to do in order to maintain it.


Dreadlocks - Curly Hairstyles For Men

Dreadlocks are an alternative way to style long curly afro hair. it makes it easier to maintain your hair and give you a great look. Managing your afro is not really easy so as to have it looking great, but it is worth the time and effort.

18Short Choppy Curls

Short Choppy Curls

By cutting your curls low and close to your head, you are going to easily tame your hair and have it looking nice. Applying hair product is all you need to maintain this simple yet elegant hairstyle, and off you go, ready to rock.

19Curly Angular Fringe

Curly Angular Fringe

Having an angular fringe is a creative way to look stylish. With your curly hair, it is going to look a bit messy, but that’s what will give your hair the perfect look. So go for this look as you are sure to leave your salon looking gorgeous.

20Long Messy Curls

Long Messy Curls
Instagram / @DEMIANLAW

Who says messy cannot be adorable? It all lies in your creativity. Growing your hair long and styling it in a messy way can have you looking like an Adonis. Applying hair product for the shine gives you an awesome perfection.

21Medium Quiff + Curly Hair

Medium Quiff + Curly Hair

The medium quiff is a nice way of being stylish and still be great for that business meeting or any other outing. Styling your curly hair this way gives your quiff volume and makes you stand out nicely among your peers as you show distinctly that you have class and style.

22Curly Asymmetrical Fringe

Curly Asymmetrical Fringe

Your bangs can actually be styled in a variety of ways to give you a different and yet classy look. Having your hair hanging short at one end and long in the other is a great way to style your curly fringe and add panache to your appearance.

23Curly And Sleek

Curly And Sleek - Curly Hairstyles For Men

What a great way to let your face take the glory and have your hair enhance your beauty. Making your hair sleek never fails to give a great finish and that is what you need here. To have a final look that shows you off without doing it too much.

24Curly + Wavy Hair

Curly + Wavy Hair

Styling your curly hair this way will give it a smooth wavy appearance, making it easy for you to style it properly. It is an acceptable look for all ages and outings, as it gives you a simple yet refined look, so go for this if you wanna keep it low but classy.

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25Tousled Curly Hair

Tousled Curly Hair

Curly hair really looks great when in combination with a messy look. This is one of such combos that gives a great result. Trimming the sides shorter than the top further beautifies the style and has you looking more chic.

26Textured Curls With Undercut

Textured Curls With Undercut

A good way to give your hair the beautiful look of volume an elegance is to have it textured. Now imagine what it would look like if your curls were made to look that way! Combining the textured locks of your curly hair with an undercut is a great way to further enhance the charming look.

27Short Faux Hawk With Line Up

Short Faux Hawk With Line Up

A faux hawk is a milder version of a Mohawk and it’s great with any type of hair. The short curls further beautify the style and adding a line up gives you perfection. It is a modern haircut and has you looking classy without much stress.

28Short Textured Curls

Short Textured Curls

This is the right haircut for those who want to keep it professional but highly classy. Having your hair cut short not only makes it easier to style, it keeps you looking formal. You can go further by having your hair textured as this will make you look different in a very attractive way.

29Loose Curly Hair + Low Fade

Loose Curly Hair + Low Fade

Ok this is really interesting. It is sure to have you looking so good you won’t even recognize yourself; LOL! It doesn’t take much or require much but the results are over the roof. You can retain your hair length, just ask your barber for a low fade and you are good to go. You’re welcome.

30Curly Hair + Beard

Curly Hair + Beard

Have you ever heard that a beard made anything go wrong? Not even a chance. Beards have a way of making everything more masculine as it gives you a more sophisticated look. Growing a beard with your curly hair is a great combo and it is sure to give you a wonderful and attractive.

31Curly Comb Over

Curly Comb Over - Curly Hairstyles For Men

Normally, when we think of a comb over we imagine it on a guy with straight hair, and you are probably wondering how it will look on you. Making your hair soft and shiny is all you need as your curls will lie naturally and beautifully in a comb over. You’ll be surprised.

32Medium Curly Hairstyle For Men + Mid Fade

Medium Curly Hairstyle For Men + Mid Fade

Keeping your medium length hair this way is a great way to have your hair styled. The medium fade stylishly makes you look gorgeous without being too extreme and as such, it makes you presentable for whatever the occasion you want to go for.

33Sleek Back Curly Hairstyle For Men + Taper Fade

Sleek Back Curly Hairstyle For Men + Taper Fade

Sleek back hair is undoubtedly stunning, and it is also the case with curly hair. A great way to add to your beautiful sleek back is to ask for a taper fade. The gradual decrease in hair length has a beautiful effect that is sure to blow your mind.

34Curly Hair + Neck Taper Fade

Curly Hair + Neck Taper Fade
Instagram / @RIDA_MAXCUTZ

If you don’t want to tamper with your curly hair, but you desire a modern look, you should ask for a low neck taper fade. It barely takes away your hair but it sure makes you different. You are sure to leave your barber looking most classy in a refined way.

35Curly Hair With Cool Design

Curly Hair With Cool Design

One way to stand out even in the midst of other guys with your hair type is to add something creative that will make you unique. Adding a style of your choice will set you aside, making you look more adorable in your hairstyle and it shows you are your own fashion pacesetter.

36Curly Hair + Disconnected Beard

Curly Hair + Disconnected Beard

A disconnected beard is one which is shaved low at the top so that it is different from the top hair. It brings about good contrast which does a whole lot to add to the beauty of your looks. Maintaining your hair lines and constantly fading the top of your beard will maintain this style as it keeps you classy.

37Curly Crop Hairstyle

Curly Crop Hairstyle

The idea for most men is to achieve a lot with little stress isn’t it? A crop hairstyle is really low maintenance but the results are really surprising as it keeps you looking trendy. Having this hairstyle with your curly hair is sure to bring fascinating results.

38Fade Plus Short Curly Hair On Top

Fade Plus Short Curly Hair On Top
Instagram / @FADES_SHAVES

This is kind of a punk hairstyle but for curly hair. it gives you a stylish and highly fashionable look while you retain your gentleman appearance, ready for your formal outing. It is a style that is guaranteed to give you approval and you don’t even have to try so hard to achieve this.

39Curly Caesar

Curly Caesar - Curly Hairstyles For Men

One of the best ways to style your curly hair is to go for a Caesar’s. It gives you the original Caesar look as you look sophisticated and elegant. Getting a good barber style you up is prime, and as this is low maintenance, you do not have to worry much about your hair as you will look your best without trying hard.

40Low Taper Fade + Black Curly Hair

Low Taper Fade + Black Curly Hair
Instagram / @_MERROE_

A low taper fade is great for that stylish yet subtle look you desire. This is a great way to style black men’s curly hair. Keeping your hair low or medium length makes it easier to maintain and making it classy this way is one move you will smile about.

41Big Curly Afro

Big Curly Afro

Letting your hair grow long can be messy if you don’t give it the right touch. Having your barber style you up in an afro is a sure way to have your full curly hair look good. It looks messy but in the most attractive way.

42Long Curly Hair For Black Men

Long Curly Hair For Black Men

This has a bit of an old school look to it. It proves that you can keep your curly hair long and still look absolutely great. All you need is to give it good maintenance so it can have a healthy glow and this is by the constant use of good hair product.

43Curly Blonde Hair

Curly Blonde Hair

If you have blonde curly hair or you dig the blonde hair color look, it is great news that you don’t have to look like a regular blonde. Having an undercut to go with your curly hair is a great combo that will definitely have you pleased with your appearance.

44Bleached Curls

Bleached Curls

You could play with the color of your hair to change your look and keep up with your fashionable reputation. Having it bleached is a not so daring way to go and it transforms your look into something really amazing.

45Twisted Curls

Twisted Curls - Curly Hairstyles For Men

Curly Is Beautiful

As is obvious by now, your curly hair is more of a blessing than you can imagine. It can be styled in a variety of ways, most of which are low maintenance. So it takes almost no stress to look your best with your curls. You could choose to freestyle each style from time to time, as these hairstyles are sure to have your back no matter your face shape or your preference. So when next you go to your barber, ask for any of the finest hairstyles that have been chosen just for you, and stay trendy always.

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