The 30 Most Stylish Comb Over Fade Haircuts (2019 Most Wanted)

Getting a haircut has a number of beneficial aspects to it. But, apart from its positive health impacts, the right haircut can help you become more attractive, look more professional, or change your appearance completely. And, with the right amount of grooming, you’ll find yourself having some of the best looking hair someone can have in our day and age.

In the 21st Century, having the right hairstyle can help keep you on top of the styling game and ensure that your appearance stays relevant. The best thing about a faded, combed over hairstyle is that there’s one for everyone.


When looking for a hairstyle, make sure it matches who you are and what you wear. There’s nothing worse than growing out a hairstyle only to find out that it contradicts the rest of your fashion sense. The following hairstyles are guaranteed to keep you looking clean, modern, and stylish.

1. High Fade

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This haircut is sleek, clean, and professional. Keeping the hair short on the sides and around the back of the head, as well as long on the top, is sure to give you that modern-styled hair that is promised to impress.

2. High Fade with Easy Part


This is similar to the high fade, however it includes an easy part that gives the hair a little more of a “wow” factor while keeping it professional. The part doesn’t go all the way back and isn’t too aggressive.

3. High Fade with Hard Part


This haircut maintains that hair part, as well as maintaining the high fade, but it is seen as a lot more aggressive. The part goes further back on the head and plays a more prominent part in the overall hairstyle.

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4. High Fade with Beard


Regardless of which high fade style you get, it can combine nicely with a beard. The beard should start at the bottom edges of the sideburns and gradually thicken up. Make sure that it stays groomed to remain the professional and modern image you’re going for.

5. High Fade with Pompadour


This type of hairstyle will allow you to maintain the professional and clean high fade comb over, but give your appearance a little more of a “young and modern” look. The key here is to add volume to your hair and let it grow out a little.

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6. Low Fade


The low fade embodies the same professionalism and moderness as the high fade, but gives you a different look. There’s no benefit when choosing the low fade over the high fade, but it’s just a matter of what kind of look you’re going for.

7. Low Fade with Easy Part


Opting for the easy part will allow you to achieve a part in your hair without taking away from the general low fade hairstyle. The easy part is less aggressive than the hard part and can be achieved by getting a part that isn’t too thick or too prominent.

8. Low Fade with Hard Part


Similar to the easy part, the hard part offers a more stylish and “out-there” spin on the low fade hairstyle. It’s more aggressive than the easy part and stands out a lot more. It usually includes a wider and more trimmed part.

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9. Low Fade with Beard


Adding a beard to your low fade haircut will give your image a little bit of an aggressive boost. The beard should be well trimmed and begin where the sideburns begin to end (or around the middle of the ear).

10. Low Fade with Pompadour


Pompadours, in general, are considered a flashier and younger hairstyle. Mixing it with a low fade haircut will give you a younger vibe that is well met in the 21st Century. It’s professional, clean, and sharp.

11. Skin Fade


Skin fades are the highest fade you can get. It usually includes a “zero” length all the way up to where the long parts of the hair begin. There is generally no fade, despite the name. If there is, it is very quick and aggressive.

12. Skin Fade with Easy Part


Getting a part on a skin fade haircut is a difficult style to accomplish, but it can yield great benefits. It will keep you looking professional and modern in 21st Century. To achieve it, you’ll want to let your hair grow out a little on the sides.

13. Skin Fade with Hard Part

To get a hard part on a skin fade, you’ll need to have very long hair on top. Realistically, the part is the same as the easy part, just more prominent. It is more aggressive, but will give your hair more of a striking image.

14. Skin Fade with Beard


Adding a beard to your skin fade will give you an unusual appearance, but in a good and stylish way. It will create a lot of contrast that will catch a lot of people’s attention, but also maintain a high degree of professionalism

15. Skin Fade with Pompadour


Adding a pompadour with a skin fade will give you a very sharp yet adventurous boost to your appearance. It will be hard to properly get, but grooming it regularly with a trusted stylist and letting the top grow out will yield great results.

16. Taper Fade


A taper fade happens when you begin to fade the edges of your hair while putting an emphasis on the hair at the back of your head where a taper usually happens. Fading this into a preferred length will give you this type of hairstyle.

17. Long Hair Comb Over


Having long hair while fading the sides and back of your head will give you a solid, modern look. Keeping the top of your hair as long as possible is essential, but you also need to maintain a side length that gives you a good fade.

18. Short Comb Over with High Fade


Fades don’t always need long hair on top. Maintaining a high fade haircut with short hair on top gives you a more professional look than having longer hair and gives off a more conservative look than most fade hairstyles.

19. Short Comb Over with Low Fade


Keeping the low fade while maintaining a short length at the top of your hair will allow you to hold a neutral hairstyle while still owning the professional and modern benefits of having a fade. It’s essential to keep the top of the hair groomed so it doesn’t mix.

20. Short Comb Over with Skin Fade

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This is the easiest of the short comb over fades. You’ll need to keep the hair on the sides and around the back of your neck very short with a quick fade into the short hair on top. Due to its simplicity, it isn’t too hard to maintain.

21. Short Comb Over with Part


Adding a part, either easy or hard, will give your appearance a little bit of a flashy boost, while still maintaining the modern and professional look of a short fade haircut. It’s important not to get it right on the edge of the short and longer hair on top.

22. Slick Back High Fade


Slicking your hair back and fading high will give you a very professional and sharp appearance. Having this kind of hairstyle screams business-ready. Keeping the hair long and gelled back is essential for it to work.

23. Slick Back Low Fade


Lowering the fade down a little while still keeping it slicked back will give your hair a professional yet slightly “younger” look. It works best when you want to come off as sharp but fairly modern at the same time.

24. Slick Back Skin Fade


Keeping the hair on the sides and around the back of your head while maintaining a slicked back comb over is the sharpest of the slicked back hairstyles. It’s professional, clean, and business-ready; perfect for job interviews and maintaining a strong business image.

25. Comb Over with Short Beard


Many see beards as less professional, but having a well-groomed, short one and a catered comb over will give you a modern look that is nothing less than business-ready. It’ll keep you looking young, clean, and sharp.

26. Comb Over with Long Beard


To take on a more aggressive hairstyle and stand out a little more, opt for a longer beard with a well-faded comb over. The contrast will get people’s heads turning while maintaining a strong and professional image.

27. Hard Part with Short Beard


Adding a hard part on a faded hairstyle with a short beard is one of the best ways to maintain a modern image while ensuring that you stay on top of the fashion world. Keeping the part as prominent as possible will bring out the best in the style.

28. Hard Part with Long Beard


Generally speaking, the longer the beard, the more aggressive your hairstyle will be. Having a short beard is a good way to keep a modern image, but a longer beard will give you a stronger and more sudden appearance.

29. Comb Over with Hard Line


Having a comb over haircut complete with a hard part that goes towards the back of your head is a good way to add a little boost to your hairstyle. Ensure to keep the hair on top considerably longer to really bring out the part.

30. Mid-Skin Fade with Comb Over


This style really puts the emphasis up top. Focusing on the top of the hair on your head is essential to really bring out this haircut. The fade begins halfway up the head and finishes not too short after, while having a sudden change in hair lengths.


In conclusion, there are numerous hairstyles that combine both a stylish fade and a nicely groomed comb over that are sure to meet the styling requirements you’re going for.

When choosing a hairstyle, it’s important to keep in mind what you’re growing it out for and what kind of style you have and/or want to have in the future. A properly groomed haircut is a long-term investment, so ensure that you take care of it. It’ll pay off in the long run.

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