Braun Series 7 vs 9: Which Model is Your Best Bet?

Those in the electric shaving community face the same age-old dilemma since the technology was first developed.

Which electric shaver should I choose? The best shaver isn’t always so clear cut, it often comes down to your personal situation and preferences but there are a few machines that stand above the rest. 

Today, we’re going to break things down, and discover the most suitable shaver for your everyday needs. The discussion will be between two of the industry elites. The Braun series 7 790cc vs the series 9 9290cc.

However, these models are only representatives of their respective classes, as both machines have sibling devices in each series. Each model within the series carries its own upgrades, and features, of its own, so to make things easier, we’ll focus on the base models.

What makes a great shaver? What should you look for?

Here are some essential criteria to look for to help get you started.

Speed: How quickly can it get the job done?

Closeness: How neat of a trim will you get from use? And how long will it last?

Style/Build quality: is it an ergonomic razor? An attractive one? How effective is the grip?

Comfort: How smooth is the process? Does pinch or sting while shaving? And is the temperature forgiving?

Price: Pricing is relatively straightforward and can be identified at a glance. I’m sure you can guess which one carries a heftier price tag, but you also have to take into account durability, and price of ownership.

Overall Value: This one is a little bit harder to deliberate. You need to take into account how well the machine blends all of these qualities into one device. You also need to consider your personal needs, and budget, and how much of a bang you’ll get for your buck.

So, here’s how we’ll decide.

We’ll run through each of the criteria, and compare and contrast the two devices, and come up with a score for both.

Let’s begin.


In terms of speed and efficiency of performance, the series 9 9290cc takes the cake. Its enhanced battery pack offers more power and battery life, and its shaving head has more cutting elements than the series 7. Five, to be exact. The series 9 will chop through even the thickest of manes with no trouble at all, something that can’t quite as well be said about the 790cc. It also packs a slightly increased range of motion overall than the 7, allowing a wider angling of use.

Verdict: Because the series 9 9290cc carries more power, more cutting elements and a wider range of motion than the 7 it’s definitely the better choice in terms of speed.


Now in terms of closeness, both products are excellent, and are both lauded as such. When the series 7 model 790cc arrived, it stood out miles ahead of its predecessors, those from the series 5, in one major aspect; the precision and closeness of its shave. It’s safe to say this machine is still a great choice in this department, not only compared to its predecessors, but its competition as well. However, the series 9 9290 cc boasts a level above even that, as it features 5 different cutting elements at its head, cutting at several different angles, and picking up those sticky, hard-to-get hairs the lie flat on the skin. This makes it not only the faster shave, but the closer one as well. The 9290cc chops through thick, three-day manes just as easily as it does the consecutive shaves and while the 790cc’s performance remains no slouch, it still lags just a bit in this regard when compared to the 9290cc.

Verdict: Both shavers are an excellent choice in this category, and it’s tempting to give them both the point, but if you’re all about performance, and don’t mind the extra price bump, the 9290cc is the better Braun.


Both shavers are excellent in this department, but the series 9 9290cc gets a slight edge. Its foils keep a constant, cool temperature on the skin, whereas the series 7 790cc remains moderately cool, so long as it’s not overused. Furthermore, the series 9 920cc carries wet and dry capabilities, (a feature missing in the 790cc, though you can opt to get it as an upgrade) as do all other models in the class, so it’s highly adaptable to suit your purposes.

Verdict: The Series 9 9290cc is just a tad more comfortable in practice than the 790cc, but the difference is virtually negligible, as they’re both comfortable shavers, and easy on even the gentlest of skin. The wet or dry feature of the 920cc does give it a nice edge over the 790cc, but there are other options in series 7 that also have the same ability. If comfort and variability are your biggest criteria, go with the 9290cc, but if price is the most important factor in your eyes, you’ll do just as well with the 790cc.


The series 7 models all have a simple, robust design that carries a bit of heft, and feel good in the hand. Their simplistic styling while functional does feel a bit colorless and lackluster in terms of aesthetic.

The series 9 models however are much more appealing to the eye, and while a bit larger than the those in series 7, do not falter in terms of handling. They both carry rubber grips on the side that make handling the shavers a breeze. However, the series 9 9290cc’s reflective plastic can be prone to fingerprints and smudges.

Verdict: Both devices are more than satisfactory in terms of ergonomics with their rubber grips, however, my personal inclinations lead me more to the smooth, glossy series 9 models over those from the series 7. But that’s only my opinion, and again the 9290cc can be a bit print and smudge prone, so this category remains a tie.

Pricing & Overall value:

The price battle carries a clear winner, with 790cc and all of its variants easily taking the point. The cheaper replacement shaving heads means that in terms of running costs, the Braun series 7 models still have the edge over the series 9 models because of their age and price valuation over time.

So that’s 2 points for the series 7

However, we’ll factor maintenance, reliability and effectiveness of the machine for the overall value part.

Both machines are pretty reliable and durable across time, so you won’t need to worry about cashing in your warranty or forking over more of your hard-earned dollars for a replacement. Much like with anything else, in the electric shaver industry you get what you pay for, and the extra premium you’ll pay for a Braun shaver means it’s built to last. All this is sufficient to say that Braun shaver maintenance costs are slim to zero.

The Final Verdict:

Ultimately the value of these devices, while differing in age and varying slightly in performance is nearly identical. Your choice between the Braun series 7 vs 9 will come down to a few factors of preference. If you just want a solid shaver that will get the job done with little complaints, and won’t break the bank the series 7 790cc or any of its counterparts are a strong investment. If you’re more concerned with very high end performance of your machine, a facelifted aesthetic, and increased comfort of use, (not to mention the wet/dry variability across all models) then the Braun series 9  is your best buy, especially if you don’t mind the extra price.

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