Braids for Men: 35 of the Most Sought After Hairstyles (2020)

The braid for men hairstyle is comprised of twisting and curling round locks of hair into a particular pattern. Usually, the braid is long and slender as opposed to dread locks. The lock interlocks with others in a zigzag manner overlapping on each other. Braids in men are a common feature to black men living in the United States. The style has been trendy for some couple of million years. Various cultures have incorporated the style for various purposes.

30,000 years ago, the Venus of Willendorf wore the hairstyle for the first time. However, critics lay claim that it might have been a basket, which was on top of her head instead of braids. Also, in some communities, the braid was used as a form of communication. It was related in a way that people portrayed specific messages by the type of braids they wore. For instance, married women wore a particular type of braid.

In this article, we shall go through the various styles braiding offers.

1Braids for Short Hair

Braids for Short Hair - Braids for Men Hairstyles

Getting braids with short hair is next to impossible. However, hair experts have incorporated styles that go with short hair. Men with short hair can now rock braids in a fashionable manner. It is advisable to give your hair time to grow though.


Cornrows - Braids for Men Hairstyles
Source / @FanPop

They hail from ancient Caribbean African origin. They were termed their typical grooming style. Also, this style in particular has foreseen the creation of other braiding styles. If one is looking for a tight braid, then this is the best road to walk.

3Feed in Braids

Feed in Braids for Men Hairstyles

In the United States, especially in the black communities, this hairdo is typical among young men. The style incorporates thick braids whereby they have been fed. Also, some designs are put in between the locks to complete the fashionable appearance.

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4Braided Mohawk

Braided Mohawk for Men Hairstyles

In this typical style, the wearer of the hairdo is meant to represent a rebellious appearance. The braids shaped in to a Mohawk bring out a particular characteristic in one’s character. The faders are usually close to the skin whereas spikes often represent the tapers.

5Box Braids for Men

Box Braids for Men Hairstyles

The style is also available to men as it is for women. At times, the braids can be used as an extension of the natural hair. It has allowed the extending of hair without waiting for prolonged periods for it to grow naturally. Also, the style is termed to be a protective hairstyle.

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6Braids with Top Knot

Braids with Top Knot for Men Hairstyles

The style incorporates a top knot that garners all the attention in this hairstyle. The typical man bun is encouraged only if the hair is long. In cases where the hair is short, the top knot is recommended. It is advisable to keep the wraps tight so as not to unravel the knots.

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7Undercut and Braids

Undercut and Braids for Men Hairstyles
Instagram / @_TAAIIZZIIAA_

In this hairdo, one can convert their simple braid look into a fashionable way is to pair them with an undercut. The faders and the tapers can be adjusted according to the wearer’s tastes and preferences. They may range from faded to disconnect with designs. Laying emphasis on a particular shave would find an undercut useful in the hairdo.

8Two Braids and Cornrows

Two Braids and Cornrows for Men Hairstyles

In this hairstyle, the two braids give the look its signature appearance. They give the shave a magnificent look. By incorporating cornrows, you add designs that make them look fabulous. Experts claim the longer the hair, the more elegant the two braids would look.

9Double Man Braids

Double Man Braids for Men Hairstyles

The style is common amongst young men in the United States. It incorporates mixing of braids with man buns to produce an imminent appearance. It is advisable to wear two locks, which is advantageous if one has long hair. Such brings out a muscular character.

10Natural Twists

Natural Twists Braids for Men Hairstyles

The style comprises of twists made on the taper part of the head. The faders are usually cut close to the skin to magnify the taper. Moreover, the style deviates from the normal 3-strand to break this abnormality by having more than three points. It is a laid-back style that can be worn anywhere anytime.

11Long Braids

Long Braids for Men Hairstyles

With the incorporation of long braids, the culture changed as men now could dress in some classy manner. Also, men with long hair are encouraged to rock this design as it would bring out a muscular image. Box braids are added to incorporate the look into something more diligent.

12Two Strand Twist

Two Strand Twist Braids for Men Hairstyles

In this hairdo, the timeless two-strand braid is an ingredient in its creation. Experts claim that the look is close to the Nubian twists, which is common to the people of Africa. The locks of hair are twisted to form rings on the head. It is the signature composition of the appearance.

13Zigzag Braids

Zigzag Braids for Men Hairstyles

The braid is formed by using zigzag braids on the head. It is unique in its own way as it is not that common of a style in the streets of America. The zigzag design of the style makes sure the intended masculine message is put out thus making the style the centre of attraction.

14Double Braided Mohawk with Side Braids

Double Braided Mohawk with Side Braids for Men Hairstyles
Instagram / @NATALYSTYLES1

The style has popularity among the rock boys in the United States. The Mohawk is created by paving way for hair at the middle. After doing this, a primal braid is then formed on either side of the head.

15Tied Up Braids

Tied Up Braids for Men Hairstyles

In this style, the braids are usually tied up at the top of the head.  The braids in this style are mid-length which go about 3 to 4 inches. The top is then tied up with a ponytail to bring out a magnificent appearance. It is a typical hairstyle in the streets if America.

16Top Braid with Ponytail

Top Braid with Ponytail for Men Hairstyles

The hairdo has a ponytail paced at the top side of the head. The sole purpose of this design is to complete the look. Furthermore, the ponytail is placed there specifically to beautify the look. An undercut is also considered appropriate especially in this hairdo.

17Intersecting Braids

Intersecting Braids for Men Hairstyles

If the wearer desires to have, their hair intertwined and twisted, this style suits their distinct needs. However, it is important to note that men with longer hair take a longer time to twist and twine the thick locks. However, they appear the best after completion.


Dreadlocks Braids for Men Hairstyles
Instagram / @IAMLOCD

The hairstyle incorporates twisting thick locks of hair to form even thicker strands. The style is common in the Caribbean. They make an outstanding look to the wearer as it dubs a cultural statement. Moreover, there are other viable ways of wearing the hairdo, one can backcomb it, crochet, or leave it to free form.

19Crown Braids

Crown Braids for Men Hairstyles

With the crown braids, they might represent the character of kinship. The two magnificent braids leave the look appearing royal. Also, with the incorporation of cornrows at the center and two thick braids on either side brings out a king appearance no wonder the name crown braids.

20Short Locks

Short Locks Braids for Men Hairstyles
Instagram / @FAMOS

In the case whereby complete dreadlocks are not your best choice, then wearing short dreads can be a viable option. One gets a taper whereby it has short dreads with the faders usually next to the skin magnifying the taper. The look appears to be classy and elegant at the same time.

21Creative Cornrows

Creative Cornrows Braids for Men Hairstyles

In this hairdo, one may take the cornrows to bear any size and shape. The good thing with this hairstyle is that one is able to wear different designs as accustomed to their tastes and preferences. The outcome from this hairdo reveals the magnificence of incorporating one’s own style into the cornrows.

22Man Braid Bun Black Hairdo

Man Braid Bun Black Hairdo for Men Hairstyles

In this hairstyle, three braids incorporate the shave. The top Bun is added to the style to magnify the braids which act as the taper to the hairstyle. Also, in accordance to one’s tastes and preferences, one may incorporate an undercut which gives class and quality to the overall appearance of the look. The top bun gives the man a perfect clean-shaven cut that is common in the streets of America.

23Men Braids with Box Fade

Men Braids with Box Fade for Men Hairstyles

The style has another term in other places apart from the United States. It is also referred to as temp fade haircut. The style comes in with its own signature shave, which incorporates a contouring of the hairline. Adding a temp fade to complete the style adds the advantage of a classy look.

24Funky Braids

Funky Braids for Men Hairstyles

In this hairdo, one may take an adventure in compromising the original haircut. By shaving the faders next to the skin then adding a hairline right above the fader completes the loud look. Such funky braids can be dyed with either brown or dark dye in accordance to the preference of the client. The style is common in America’s black communities.

25Braided Locks

Braided Locks for Men Hairstyles

The most commendable thing about locks is that they come in ranges of styles. Locks that are braided offer an awesome look to the wearer of the hairstyle. They offer an executive look especially to young Americans. By shaving the faders to mid or low sizes, locks can be then magnified to bring out a masculine appearance.

26Ombre Braids

Ombre Braids for Men Hairstyles
Instagram / @MODERNMOÉT

The braids in this style have to be long and thick. Also, by coloring the braids, one gives the hairstyle a magnificent look. There is a hairline at the front making the style classy enough for the client. The colors can either be brown or a dark dye.

27Braids from the Top Side

Braids from the Top Side for Men Hairstyles

The style requires one to divide the middle part of the head. Once this has happened, one can choose the sides the braids should lie on either to the right or to the left. Also, one can wear the braids from the front to the back side of the neckline.

28Two Small Braids

Two Small Braids for Men Hairstyles
Instagram / @MEGANCUTS

In this hairstyle, two small braids are used to give the wearer a complete look. By braiding a small section of your hair, one might get cool results out of the shave. The hairdo is typical amongst young men in the United States. Also, putting an undercut to the hairdo makes it appear fashionable and trendy.

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29Braided Braids

Braided Braids for Men Hairstyles

The style is a style within itself. In this type of haircut, braiding braids is a common fete amongst young members of the American community. As long as the hair is long, the hairdo is deemed applicable. At the epitome of this hairdo, one starts by creating small braids, which are closely followed by smaller braids to finish the magnificent look.

30Colorful Braids

Colorful Braids for Men Hairstyles

In this style, what makes it significant to other braids is the color manifested in their braids. Also, by using bold colors beautifies the look even more. The hairdo makes the style look rebellious yet trendy at the same time.

31Fish Tail Braid

Fish Tail Braid for Men Hairstyles

The fishtail braid is common to those wearing long thick braids. The look incorporates having a long fishtail braid that is worn on the back on either the left side or the right side. The style is considered impressive and elegant for young men to wear.

32Braids with Metallic Braids

Braids with Metallic Braids for Men Hairstyles

In this style, the wearer gets to add jewelry to their look thus giving it a classy appearance. By customizing the look, one gets a desirable fashionable impression to the audience and the streets of America. The style is better merged with the Cornrow Haircut.

33Fishbone Braids

Fishbone Braids for Men Hairstyles

The fishbone trend is common amongst the youths living in America. Moreover, it does not require high quality procedures to create it therefore making it easily manageable. It is advisable to wear one on each side of the faders.

34Braids with Bangs

Braids with Bangs for Men Hairstyles

By having faux bangs incorporated into the braids, one gets a magnificent look that appears classy and masculine. If one has to get this hairdo, one has to have a thick set of locks, which fall into place in the forehead.

35Back Crown Braid

Back Crown Braid for Men Hairstyles

In this style, it is opposite to the crown braid only that it appears on the backside of the head. It brings out a confident look and also something for people to look at once you have passed them.

Ever since the beginning of the braid style, the above are the thirty-five trendiest men’s styles in the braiding arena. Musicians across Europe and the United States relive every day rocking the above haircuts. Since braids were with us for thousands of years, the earliest forms of braiding also incorporated using animal parts and other artifacts.

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