Trendy Box Braids For Black Women (47 Styles to Try in 2020)

47 Ways to Wear Your Box Braids in 2020

Box braids style has been around since the 16th century. Its popularity sprouted when Janet Jackson appeared in the movie poetic justice wearing them. Soon, the hairdo was named after the movie because she caused a stir by wearing them. Over the years, this style has evolved, and today there are different ways of wearing it.

Box braids are advantageous because they overlap natural hair such that the environmental changes and the harsh sun cannot get to it. Whether it is during summer or winter, you are sure that your hair is safe. With proper maintenance, box braids can last for three months. You can style it to your liking and depending on whether you want a casual or an official look.

There are literally a thousand style choices when it comes to box braids. Experimenting with these styles is the best part of having box braids. Here are 47 of the best box braid styles:

1Triangle Style and Large

Triangle Style and Large - Box Braids For Black Women

If you are into large box braids, then this style will appeal to you. There is a triangle shape at the front, which will leave you looking stylish. The decorations on the hair strands bring out a chick look.

2Half-Up Bun

Half-Up Bun - Box Braids For Black Women

The hairdo is easy to create, and you do not have to sweat to maintain it. To get it done, you should first have the box braids fixed and then proceed to style it. You can choose to have more or fewer braids in the bun.

3Novel Box Braids

Novel Box Braids For Black Women

This is probably the first ever box-braids style. The color is neutral (black), which blends well with team natural hair. They are braided out nicely and smart. It is an ideal look for both office and casual outfit.

4Bun and Color

Bun and Color Box Braids For Black Women

There are many ways to style up your jumbo box braids, such as this one here. The braids have different color variations, and the up-style bun adds a trendy look to it. You can include as much color as you desire because it is all a matter of what entices you.

5Long and Slim

Long and Slim Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @STAR_SHAYBRAIDS85

We are used to box braids being large, but see how these slim ones look fantastic? There is a center line that separates one side of the braids from the other. Being thin, they will look best when they are long.

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6A Little Twist

A Little Twist Box Braids For Black Women

Here is yet another unique style that you should consider trying. Instead of braiding the hairpiece in threes, they have been twisted. You will need large braid portions to achieve the exact look. The twist box braids are to be maintained just like the other variation.

7Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail Box Braids For Black Women

If you are not into the long box braids, you should try these short braids. You can leave them at shoulder length or neck length. Remember to layer out the edges. Adding some metallic decorations will bring out the best of the style better than when you do not include decorations.

8Hot Red

Hot Red Box Braids For Black Women

There is something hot about red hairstyles. They give you a free-spirit and confident look. Better still, you can match it with red lipstick and achieve a more beautiful look. This style features long, thin braids, which look stunning.

9Blondie Vibes

Blondie Vibes Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @DUBLACK___

Box braids look great when they are blonde. So, if you like the blonde color, you should consider having this style. The long braids are great to have, especially because they bring in a unique vibe to it.

10Less Is Best

Less Is Best Box Braids For Black Women

We see most box braids as being large and many on the head. What you may not know of is that even having fewer braids on the head is good. You can get a color that conforms to your hair so that you look like you used your hair to braid it. If you are into natural looks, this is for you.

11Purple Royal

Purple Royal Box Braids For Black Women

Are you looking for the diva/ queen style? If yes, take notes because you just found box braids that suit your style and liking. Make sure you match the braids color with your eye shadow and lipstick so that you look hot all the way.

12Goddess Meets Box

Goddess Meets Box Braids For Black Women

If you love having goddess braids (As featured in our previous post) and would like to combine it with some box braids, this style is for you to try. The pop and color in this hairdo will leave heads turning. You will be an admired goddess.

13Pushback Naturalist

Pushback Naturalist Box Braids For Black Women

Here’s yet another box braids style that looks good in black. Notice how the lines at the front give the style a unique touch. The braids are also twisted, meaning that you can make it even more unique depending on your preference.

14Long and Classy

Long and Classy Box Braids For Black Women

There is always a chic look that comes with having long braids. You can even add some decorations on some braids to add class and fashion to the style. The line braids at the side of your head direct focus to the flowing braids.

15Mohawk Style

Mohawk Style Box Braids For Black Women

There is no harm in doing something out of the norm, and if you ever do consider it, give this hairstyle a try. The shaven sides bring in an irresistible look. The Mohawk provides the wearer with several options, such as letting down the hair when they like.

16Braided Bun

Braided Bun Box Braids For Black Women

The bun is probably one of the most popular ways of adding flavor to regular braids. Whether you just had your lines or braids done, you can braid the bun upwards to achieve this look. Try getting a bright hair addition to spice it up.

17Baby Pink

Baby Pink Box Braids For Black Women

If you have always wanted to look little but chic, there could be no other better way than having box braids with a conspicuous color. You can have a mix of dark and baby pink for the hair piece. Remember to wear a matching hat to accessorize the style.

18Playful Style Here

Playful Style Here Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @MORE_HAIR247

How about you play around with the colors while ensuring that you still maintain a wonderful look? It is almost 100% guaranteed that this is something that everyone desires. You can blend black, purple and blue, then add in some orange and red.

19Upstyle Bun

Upstyle Bun Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @SHE.IS_ROYALTY

If you are looking to have a regular style, then here is what you have wished for. All you need is to have regular box braids in black then tie a bun upwards. Few braids that are well spaced out work well for such a bun.

20Short Magic

Short Magic Box Braids For Black Women

Looking to rock short hair for a change? If yes, look no further than this fantastic short box braids style. If you love the color, feel free to toy around with a different shade. If you are more into dull shades, this style will look great on you.

21Ombre Black Blend

Ombre Black Blend Box Braids For Black Women

There is so much to say about colors because that is literally what this style is all about. The color blend comes out well especially with the bun that is facing upwards. Notice how it is styled such that the ombre color dominates the bun.

22An Up-Do

An Up-Do Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @HAIRTHERAPY365

The style will make you look like a queen with a mighty throne. The up-do bun is closer to the face than the backside, which gives it an exceptional look. The style does not require a lot of maintenance. So, you can have it on for even three months.

23Jumbo Craze

Jumbo Craze Box Braids For Black Women

Who said box braids must fill up your hair? Nobody did. Even having two jumbo braids will look great on you. So, if you want a simple style or do not fancy sitting for a long time to have your hair done, you should consider getting these jumbo braids.

24Black Is Simple

Black Is Simple Box Braids
Instagram / @URBAN_KINKS

Simplicity never looked this good in the name of braids. If you were wondering how to rock a hair style without looking too complicated, then this is for you. You can let the hair flow or hold it up depending on the occasion.

258-Inches of Pure Bliss

8-Inches of Pure Bliss Box Braids For Black Women

Your hair style speaks volumes about your personality. If you are into braiding, there is no harm in going extra about it. Plaiting extremely long braids does not only leave you looking like a queen, but it also shows that you are into the hairdo.

26Elegance Is Bliss

Elegance Is Bliss Box Braids For Black Women

You can find elegance anywhere you like, including in a hair style. If you want something close to this, you need to lend in a few neutral colors, hold the hair up in a bun, put in a few decorations, and step out looking all trendy.

27Masterpiece Galore

Masterpiece Galore Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @BLAH.BS

Once again, here is another way of rocking black box braids style. Here, you have to put in more effort to achieve this look. Take note of the middle line as well as how the hair has been held backwards. The edges are also gorgeous.

28Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Box Braids For Black Women

It’s no secret that twisted braids are the bomb. You can wear the style in whatever way you fancy, such like up in a bun or flowing. Just try to get them beyond your shoulders so that you can have an array of styling ideas.

29Rocking The Rhombus

Rocking The Rhombus Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @BRAIDSBYCEDES.__

Talk of creativity! We all know box braids for the regular braided style, but here is something new to get your hands on. It features a rhombus shape right at the middle, which flows downwards. Getting to think about it, you can have just as many shapes as you want.

30Star Queen

Star Queen Box Braids For Black Women

These are the regular braids, only that at one side they have been done in a triangular shape. The final look features a star at the side. The crown-like decorations on the hair will sure leave you looking like a queen.

31High Ponytail

High Ponytail Box Braids For Black Women

There is so much you can do with box braids, including holding them upwards. You can leave those at the back flowing to achieve this look. The side decorations add beauty to the hairdo.

32Triangle Braids

Triangle Box Braids For Black Women

Rather than having the braids done regularly, another way of looking great in your box style is to braid them in triangles. By anchoring the braid on your hair, the stylist will minimize on slippage, and this will leave you looking lovely.

33White Ends

White Ends Box Braids For Black Women

You can never go wrong with blending color braids. The white ends look impressive and exceptional. Besides, what’s the point of doing the regular thing while your heart is dying for a change?

34Kinky Bob

Kinky Box Braids For Black Women

You can always go out of your way from having the regular braids on your hair to using kinky braid. This will make you look elegant. You can also go a step further by cutting the braids short, such that you are left with this bob look.

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35Web Bun

Web Bun Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @NATALYNERI

Most people have had a bun, especially when they braided their hair. However, only a few have tried out this amazing web bun. You do not require a lot of braids to rock it, which is an advantage for those who do not like several braid strands on their heads.

36Tiny Winy

Tiny Winy Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @PROMO.EDGES

We are used to seeing large braids. Although such small ones are not the norm, we must admit that they look great too. If you do not like the large sizes, you can try out these small ones and still look dope.

37Curly Ends

Curly Ends Box Braids For Black Women

Not your regular style, but it sure looks like a hairdo that you would like to try wearing. The ends have been curled by tying them up and dipping them in boiling water for some minutes. The final look is unique and pretty.

38Very, Very Long

Very, Very Long Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @ZVNEE_

By now, it is clear that there is something for everyone on this list. You are guaranteed to leave here with several styles to try. If you are into the extra long braids, then this should be on your priority list.

39Blue-Black Braids

Blue-Black Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @MELISKURT2659

There is something beautiful about blending colors when doing box braids. Whether you opt for long or short braids, there is sure to be a great outcome. Just make sure that the dominating color does not overshadow the other, by placing the braids strategically.

40Fringe Ponytail

Fringe Ponytail Box Braids For Black Women

This goes to show that there is so much you can do with your box braids, including leaving a fringe and holding the rest of the hair in a ponytail. The fringe can be your natural hair or a weave if you like.

41The Golden Crown

The Golden Crown Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @_COZMO_DIVA

We are back to the point of the versatility of this style. You can have some faux locks that are braided in a box-like fashion. Blonde is the one color that looks awesome for all kinds of events. Curl the ends, hold half of the braids high and achieve this stunning look.

42Watermelon Braids

Watermelon Braids Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @HAIRBYB_T

Check out this amazing style that features extra long black braids. The ends have been curled, and there is a spiral line in the middle. Considering that the braids are slim and many, you will have a variety of ways to design the hair as per your preference.

43Plaited Rapunzel

Plaited Rapunzel Box Braids For Black Women

You can consider getting long braids and then plaiting the ends. You must admit that the look is gorgeous and unique. Plaiting the bulk to the end will give you a princess look.

44Teal with Style

Teal with Style Box Braids For Black Women

Teal is halfway blue and halfway green. So, if you are unsure of the color you want for your braids, you can opt to have teal with a blend of black. For this style, it is recommended that you use extra long braids so that the teal is conspicuous enough.

45On Your Side

On Your Side Box Braids For Black Women

Nothing looks better than a well-styled braids look. It leaves you with a lot of confidence and immeasurable elegance. To rock this hairdo, start by installing nicely-done braids. Next, curve a portion of the front part to the side and wear your smile gracefully.

46Two Half Buns

Two Half Buns Box Braids For Black Women
Instagram / @BRITTNEI_J

We have seen a lot of full buns. What you might be unaware of is that you can rock half buns too. All you need is to plait your hair and divide it into two. Then, braid the ponytails, hold up the two sides separately, using a nice hair band.

47Do You

Do You Box Braids For Black Women

Just before we wrap this up, remember that there are many box braids styles out here. Choose the style that resonates with your style and go with it. Whichever way you choose to rock this style, remember one thing – do you!


At this point, we can all agree that box braids are one of the most adaptable hairdos you can ever wear. There are no hard or soft rules on how you should style the hair or decorate it. This leaves you with a host of styles to try out. Since you can have them for more than a month, you will not run out of styling ideas. Remember to protect your box braids and remove them professionally when you want to change styles.

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