40 Amazing Bowl Haircuts to Style (2020 Update)

Take a tour through our collections and find the perfect bowl cut that suits you

The year is still young and you can make the best out of it. We are already getting close to the end of the first quarter but that does not imply you cannot take some steps to reinvent yourself. Your dressing code won’t be any different from that of the previous year if you do not get a nice haircut to go along with it.

Talking about hairstyles, there are many of them out there. There are cuts for short, medium and long locks. The task of choosing one can be daunting. That is why we have looked around and found a haircut that will suit you in all scenarios. The bowl haircut has been around for years but there are different styles that are making their way into the cut. If you are looking for inspiration, take a tour through our list and find the best bowl hairstyle that suits you.

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Pulling off a great look after getting the bowl haircut is one thing. Maintaining and keeping it in top shape is another. Apart from occasional visits to the barber, go for good styling products to enhance the beauty of your bowl cut. We have made a list of some styling products you can tag along with the haircut.

1Oxford Bowl Haircut

Oxford Bowl Haircut
Instagram / @1PABLO1981

This is exclusively for the schoolboy. However, you can try your hands on it if you want to get back to the “hay days’. The Oxford-inspired look entails having a clean cut that is free from dropping strands or messy top. A good barber can give you this; especially, if you have the right texture at the top.

2The Disheveled Look

The Disheveled Look

No one would relish the thoughts of a bad event that happened long. If you could recall your teenage years when you were forced down to take a cut at the barber’s, you would rather maintain a messy hair than rock a bowl cut again.

However, with the reinvention and dominance in the fashion sense in recent years, the disheveled look is something you should go for. No doubt, the look is a trailblazer and you won’t need to break a bank to style and keep it in top shape.

3Side Sweep

Side Sweep

The side-swept hairstyle finds a companion in the bowl hairstyle. There is no gainsaying the fact that both are like a couple and look together. Before you take a place on the seat, let the barber know that this is the style you want. The haircut entails having enough strands at the back, front and the sides. For the latter (sides), make it creative by styling the hair to cover part of the eye.

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4Medium Bowl Cut

Medium Bowl Cut
Instagram / @GEINOS

Some men are not blessed with long hair. Even if you are, you might not want to keep the volume at the top. The refreshing air that comes with the spring is vital to the body. So, tell the barber to apply undercut at the sides, trim the top and let it fall in unison at the sides.

5Bowl Cut + Fades

Bowl Cut + Fades

Get the women out of the competition and show them you can recreate a better style. With the fades taking a nice portion at the side, the remnants are brushed to form a flat and volume at the top. You can choose to go beardless or rock some sideburns to tag along with the cut.

6Front-faced Fringe

Front-faced Fringe

There is a thin line that separates the fringe hairstyle from the bowl cut. You would be forgiven for mistaking one for the other. When the two unite in matrimony, what you will have is an exquisite cut that will turn heads anywhere you go. Be it at the party or the office, you can be sure that this creative style will draw attention to you.

7The Boyish Look

The Boyish Look
Instagram / @CHI._.RALE

The bowl hairstyle takes you back to the good, old days when you tagged along with your dad or mom to the salon. Yet, as an adult, the craving to get back to the days gone is irresistible. A good way to start is by styling the bowl cut and the style we have here is an exact replica of what you should have when leaving the barber’s shop.

8Short Fringe + Shaved Sides

Short Fringe + Shaved Sides
Instagram / @STANCRISTIAN213

The fringe haircut is making a comeback. This time, it combines with the bow cut to pull off this intriguing look. Direct the barber to shave off the sides. Care must be taken not to work farther from the ear. Trim the top and apply one of the styling products in the list to maintain the texture.

9The Sleek Bowl Cut

The Sleek Bowl Cut

Take a walk from the messy top and the fringe that cover the face. Look out for something new. We have got you covered and this style is about the same thing you will get with your search. It is not just sleek but easy to style. A barber with good skills can fade the sides and trim the top. He might advise on sideburns or a well-trimmed beard to go along with the look.

10Messy Top

Messy Top
Instagram / @S_PRENT

No matter how hard we try, we cannot get away from the messy look that comes with the bowl haircut. So, if you want to make the best out of your medium or long locks, it will be a good bet to try this style. A little fade can feature at the sides and some strands left to dangle across the face.

11The Smart Bow Cut

The Smart Bow Cut

Talk about smart looks with style! This hairdo has all you would ever want to pull off a nice look. A neat cut locks down the sides; leaving the trimmed top with medium hair that is neither messy nor long. If you do not want the look to fade away, get your hands on your preferred styling product (or take a cue from our list), and lock down this intriguing style for long.

12Long Bowl Cut + Fades

Long Bowl Cut + Fades

There is never an end to what the fades add to a haircut. Now, they have proven their mettle once more with the integration in a long bowl cut. To pull off this look, maintain textured volume at the top and trim the fades to have a unified look with the top.

13Medium Fringe

Medium Fringe
Instagram / @YASMIN.AND.HAIR

Let your medium hair do the magic! Tell the barber to style your locks into and finish the look with faded sides. You never can tell; the look can favorably compete with other haircuts.

14Textured Fringe

Textured Fringe
Instagram / @RUFFIANS

What we have here can pass for the bangs and the messy hairdos. On a closer look, the texture gives it away as a fringe haircut. Consider getting this style if you have enough hair to spare, and you want to make a bold fashion statement.

15Full and Blonde

Full and Blonde
Instagram / @CYCHAVEZ13

Most men do not like the idea of shaving off some hair. With the bowl haircut, it is inevitable to keep off the clipper from working the way into the skin. If you want to maintain a good volume at the top and still replicate the bowl cut, this style might be what you need. Consider using a product from our list to pull off the blonde look.

16Classic Bowl Cut + Shaved Sides

Classic Bowl Cut + Shaved Sides
Instagram / @ADAMHARANT

This look is thrilling and we are sure you are already itching to have one. Let the barber shave off the sides and take the same step all the way down to the nape. For the top, trim and apply the right product to get the texture. Consider a full beard if you have the resources to pull it off.

17The Pompadour Inspiration

The Pompadour Inspiration
Instagram / @BUSHIHAIR

The pompadour hairstyle takes a swipe at the bowl hairdo. It is clear that it wants to dominate, which is why the style went the way up and locked down the sides with the same length. If you do not want to lose a strand of hair when styling the haircut, consider this style and keep a beardless face.

18The Quiff-Inspired Look

The Quiff-Inspired Look
Instagram / @TAVIBARA

The quiff hairstyle does not have to be all that long to make a fashion statement. With a medium cut like this, all you have to do is applying low fades at the sides and connecting a full beard.

19Bowl Cut + Bangs

Bowl Cut + Bangs
Instagram / @CHARLES.BNZ

The bangs hairdo comes home to roost with this cut. Get into the salon with a picture of this and inspire the barber. The fades lock down the sides while the bowl haircut travels all the way to the front and finishes with a bang.

20The Full Bowl Cut

The Full Bowl Cut
Instagram / @JEFFDAVIDSON17

Now, we have a picture of what you looked like in the ‘90s when the bowl hairdo was in vogue. You can locate any of your childhood picture where you rocked the bowl cut (such as this one), and demand the hair stylist take you back to your childhood days with this style.

21Textured and Messy

Textured and Messy
Instagram / @PARIAMONIA

If you are looking at maintaining a messy look, go for a styling product in our list to achieve some texture. With this look, you can walk the red carpets with your head high and get a place in college (because it is not entirely messy).

22The Kids Favorite

The Kids Favorite

As kids mature into teenagers and to adults, their choice of hairstyle also changes. When you recall the hay days and want to make a hairdo similar to your childhood days, this is the right style to go for.

23The V-Shape

The V-Shape
Instagram / @_BARBERETTE

The bowl haircut can take different shapes. That’s why we love it! We are sure you will love it too, and we are certain that the V-Shape hairdo will inspire you. Apply low fades through the sides to the back and leave out the crown to form a V-Shape.


Instagram / @_SHARP_ONE_

How about tossing the strands to the side? If you are blessed with enough volume at the top, go for this style. Little fades can feature at the sides. The main focus is getting the top into the right texture before tossing to the side.

25The Caesar Cut

The Caesar Cut

This looks just like the famous Caesar haircut. The bowl cut elevates it to a higher glory with the application of textures and the bowl-inspired covering at the top.

26Textured V-Shape

Textured V-Shape
Instagram / @AR_HAIRAFFAIR

The V-Shape we have in #23 takes another dimension. Apply a good styling product in the right proportion to achieve the texture. Afterward, maintain the crop at the front. Then, fade the sides all the way down to the nape to achieve the shape.

27High and Tight

High and Tight

Rock the high and tight hairdo in the way of the bowl haircut. Remember to keep bald fades at the sides and get some texture on the top for a dignified look.

28Modern Bowl Cut

Modern Bowl Cut
Instagram / @SATANLOVESME666

Since the inception of the new millennium, the bowl hairdo has taken different forms. The style we have here is the latest output, and we are certain it will suit you.

29Ivy League

Ivy League
Instagram / @DISCOBRANT

Do you recall the rules of keeping the hair short and neat? The Ivy League hairstyle can make a great impression when styled in the way of the bowl cut. Get one today and look smart.

30Middle Part

Middle Part

It takes a great deal of styling to pull off this look. Direct the barber to trim the top and apply the parting at the front – positioning it at the center of the cut.

31Boys to Men

Boys to Men
Instagram / @BEATLEBOPS

You will certainly remember and wish to go back to your teenage years. You must move on. If you must get your hands on the bowl hairdo, let this be an inspiration. Pull away from the boyish looks and get in the league of classic men.

32Textured Fringe + Hard Part

Textured Fringe + Hard Part
Instagram / @BISHOPS.WILLO

It is time to reinvent the fringe hairdo. There is no better way to do that than introducing a hard part at the sides. Get this look if you want to try something different.

33The Golden Look

The Golden Look

Introducing some color into the haircut won’t be a bad idea. Consider shaving the sides and keep a beardless face to harmonize the look.

34Blonde Bangs

Blonde Bangs

This is a nice way to take a walk from the traditional bangs haircut. Get the colors to lock down the top and maintain faded sides to complete the look.

35Layered Spikes

Layered Spikes
Instagram / @PREMAHAIR

The spiky haircut looks great on the bowl hairstyle. When you throw in some color, the look gets intriguing and intimidating.

36Full Side Sweep

Full Side Sweep
Instagram / @THE_FLYING_ROW

There is no hassle in pulling off this look. Let the barber trim the top and toss the excess strands to the side. Consider sideburns to complete the look.

37Blonde Spikes

Blonde Spikes

Similar to what we have in #35, the spiky hairdo gets some color to add to the amazing look. Consider getting the gray color and finish with shaved sides.

38Slick Back

Slick Back

Would you ever believe that the bowl haircut can be slicked back? Here it is! The slicks work well on the cut and a skilled barber will not have trouble in pulling this off.

39The Damp Bowl Cut

The Damp Bowl Cut

The hair is not actually coming out of the bathtub. Yet, that’s what the style wants to believe. The essence is to make the hairdo captivating all day. Get one today and keep the freshness on your medium locks.

40Curly Bowl Cut

Curly Bowl Cut

Never let your curl become a waste. Utilize the opening offered by the bowl haircut and make a bold fashion statement with your curly locks.

Bowl the Haircut

The bowl haircut does not just serve as an exquisite haircut but also provides shade. When winter locks around the corner and the cool weather comes with the spring, you can be sure to have a good cover for your hair.

Get your year started by changing your looks. Do not hesitate to pick a style that suits you from our amazing collections. The bowl hairstyles suit a good number of people, and we hope it becomes a perfect choice for you.

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