46 Blowout Haircuts: Classy Hairstyle For Men [2020 Update]

The ‘90s are not far away with us. With classic hairstyles such as the blowout, you can go way back to the days

The blowout hairstyle is the best pick for men that want to combine fashion and a nice look. The haircut rocked the ‘90s. After some time, it seems as though the popularity had waned. It was later to make a comeback in the early 2000s.

Also known as the “Temple Fade” and the “Taper Fade”, the hairdo entails styling the hair and applying a generous amount of styling product to make it chic. The style made a comeback after Pauly D, an American television personality rocked the cut. It was during the “Jersey Shore”, an MTV Show that he rocked the hairdo. Ever since then, the style has become more popular.

We have come up with a list of 46 distinct blowout haircuts you can style.

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1Textured Quiff

Textured Quiff

It is no secret that the quiff hairstyle makes a lot of impressions. If you want to try your hands on it, consider applying the blowout perspective. Flow fades from the sides to the nape. Conclude by trimming and propping up the medium (textured) hair on the crown.

2Medium Front-Swept Hair

Medium Front-Swept Hair

It is a popular notion that the blowout hairdo entails leaving enough hair at the top. You can disrupt the traditional setting with this style. Direct your barber to fade the sides and get the textured top a little above the level at the sides. The strands can tilt upward for added glamour.

3Wavy Pomp + Full Beard

Wavy Pomp + Full Beard
Instagram / @EGSKAT8

The pompadour does not leave us in doubt, as it brings a touch of gold anytime if features in a haircut. This time, it adopts wavy hair to work on the premise of the blowout hairdo. To achieve success with this, fade the front and extend it to the nape of the neck. Finish the look by slicking the top forward, and complimenting with a full beard.

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4Wavy Side Sweep

Wavy Side Sweep
Instagram / @999KVITO

The side-swept hairdo is not only for men with long strands. Your medium and short hair can also achieve this. The style gets better with the blowout. All you have to do is to apply bald fade at the sides before tossing the textured hair to the side.

5Classic Bangs

Classic Bangs
Instagram / @EGSKAT8

Get the bangs haircut in a splendid mood by getting this style. Unlike the traditional style, the sides do not get a complete shave. The low fades take the place at the sides and finish at the nape. The hair at the crown, which must be textured with a styling product, tilts forward. To make the look intriguing, consider styling a part of the tilting hair to cover a part of the face.

6The Hawk Style

The Hawk Style
Instagram / @999KZEO

Do you love the Faux Hawk or the Mohawk hairstyle? This hairdo is for you! There is little effort to achieve this. Fades at the sides and back combine with textured hair coming up from the back. To add more color, prop up the hair at the crown and apply different combing directions.

7A Few Shags

A Few Shags

Consider making the hair a “tenth wonder of the World”. Capture attention when you leave the curls twirled at the top. Remember to fade the sides down to the nape and leave the face bare.

8All for Adventure

All for Adventure

The front-swept hairdo takes another swipe at the blowout haircut. This time, the sides are well-trimmed with the low fade. After blowing and drying the hair, prop up from the crown, tilt forward and finish the styling with any product from our list.

9Mohawk + Artistic Lines

Mohawk + Artistic Lines
Instagram / @CLEEB.BARBER

This style is a sequel to what we have on tip #6. Reinvent the Mohawk hairdo by getting this exquisite hairdo. Let the barber shave few inches at the sides and nape. Finish the job by applying artistic lines just above the shaved sides. For the top, apply a styling product to your palms and work your fingers through the strands. Afterward, slick it back and stop a few inches from the nape of the neck.

10Propped Up Curly Hair

Propped Up Curly Hair
Instagram / @HEIRCUTS

This style is for men that are blessed with volume and curls. Wake up the hair at the top by working your gelled fingers into the hair. Fades that man the sides and nape are a great compliment to the surgical line beside the nape of the neck.

11Full Mohawk with Texture

Full Mohawk with Texture
Instagram / @CLEEB.BARBER

This haircut is not only innovative but makes you the center of controversies. The massive array of hair at the crown gets intriguing with the curly texture of the strands. If you love creativity, attach artistic insignias after the fades.

12Daring Quiff

Daring Quiff
Instagram / @_BARBERBOSS_

This is the perfect combo for adventurous men. The tall and textured quiff seems to be calling for attention. The look of “I am beyond caring” on the face says it all. Fade the sides and compliment with disconnected sideburns.

13Textured Bangs

Textured Bangs

Make the best out of your long hair. The bangs haircut is not just about the creative look but also about the ability to style to different hairdos. For more creativity, tilt the strands forward and finish with complimenting sideburns.

14Curly Afro

Curly Afro

Let your curls out of the cage and look for hairstyles that are suitable for it. The curls maintain a good position – starting from the front and ending a few inches away from the nape of the neck.

15Spiky Braids

Spiky Braids
Instagram / @___KINGLEE___

You will agree that this amazing haircut is one-of-a-kind. Fades take a greater part of the sides and stretching all the way down to the nape. The medium-length top gets a reinvention with the integration of braided strands that tilt to the sides and upward.

16Front Roll

Front Roll

Do not expect the blowout hairdo to come to you. You have to work for it. It is clear that the gel was applied to the faded parts before the cut began. After getting a clean fade at the sides and nape, proceed by rolling the wavy hair in a file to the top.

17The Blonde Look + Surgical Line

The Blonde Look + Surgical Line
Instagram / @YOUR_BOY_STEVO

Colors can make a haircut look better. Try your hand on a blonde hair spray after styling the blowout haircut. Take some gel and run your fingers through the hair before fading the sides and finishing with a surgical line above the nape of the neck.

18Curly Comb-Over

Curly Comb-Over

You may have missed out of the frenzy created by the blowout in the ‘90s. If you would love to have a glimpse, hitch a ride with this cut and take the journey. After the styling, the hair combs-over the side and gets compliments from the faded sides.

19Blowout + Slicked Braids

Blowout + Slicked Braids
Instagram / @___KINGLEE___

This does not follow the pattern of the traditional blowout haircut. However, it has a lot in stock for people that will settle for it. The sides get a neat cut, which correlates with the medium hair at the top. Afterward, slick the braids back and complete the look with a disconnected beard.

20Pompadour + Hard Part

Pompadour + Hard Part

Many people tip the pomp hairdo, and this is for obvious reasons. The unrivaled impression it makes on this style is worth the recommendation. You will certainly love the neat look at the sides and the boyish look triggered by the middle part.

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21Wild and Free

Wild and Free

Talk about freedom and a haircut that offers just that comes to view. This haircut lets you chose your style. You can decide to have it round or dotted with spiked braids. It’s your call. So, be ready to accept the intriguing look.

22Man Bun with Upward Styling

Man Bun with Upward Styling

There is an opportunity for you to recreate the man bun haircut. Fade the nape and connect it to the sides, which, in turn, disconnects from the sideburns. Weave back the hair on the crown and style upwards into a man bun.

23Rounded Afro

Rounded Afro
Instagram / @VERN8408

There is no end to what you can make out of the afro haircut. Direct the barber to recreate a circular format. After, prop up the hair with your fingers and finish with fades and short sideburns.

24Textured Hair + Surgical Line

Textured Hair + Surgical Line
Instagram / @_BARBERBOSS_

Do you love the trendy look that comes with textured hair? Try your hands on this quiff-inspired hairdo. Clean the sides with a low fade. Finish with a surgical line in the same region.

25Dispersed Braids + Undercut

Dispersed Braids + Undercut
Instagram / @MOM_CUTZ73

Do not beat around the bush when styling the blowout haircut. If you are blessed with wavy hair, recreate the locks into braids and clean the sides with the undercut.

26The Temple Fade

The Temple Fade
Instagram / @___KINGLEE___

This is a replication of the temple fade. Fades start from the sides and end at the tip of the nape. The style tags along with voluminous hair. So, make sure you have the right volume before you style.

27Textured Flat Top

Textured Flat Top

There are times when variations are necessary. If you do not want your blowout haircut to be long or scatter across the face, then, choose this style. The textured volume at the top maintains a single file. Undercuts make impressions at the sides and get compliments from the disconnected beard.

28Intertwined Braids

Intertwined Braids
Instagram / @___KINGLEE___

Braids are not under the monopoly of women. Start your fascinating hairstyle by getting intertwining in your braids. Unite the braids at the base of the crown, leave enough space at the middle of the head, and finish with disconnected sideburns.

29The Cool Look

Instagram / @ANTHONYSTYLES08

You can actually rock the blowout without looking extravagant or keeping a lot of hair. To achieve this, leave low fade at the sides, a disconnection in the sideburns and throw some color into the medium-length top.

30Recreated Mohawk

Recreated Mohawk

This is for folks that love adventure and want all eyes on them when they take a walk. This style is quite rare and you will pull a lot of stunts when you style it rightly. Connect short sideburns and round up with fades sides and nape.

31Short Cut + Middle Part

Short Cut + Middle Part
Instagram / @___KINGLEE___

If you love it short and neat, this is the right style to adopt. Get the barber to apply undercuts at the sides and trim the top. Integrate a middle part to give the shaggy top a nice look.

32The Shaggy Style

The Shaggy Style
Instagram / @___KINGLEE___

It takes a lot of self-confidence to get this style. It will be a good bet if you already have wavy hair. The look is unique and you will need a generous application of styling product to maintain it.

33Enough Volume at the Top

Enough Volume at the Top
Instagram / @___KINGLEE___

This is the right choice for men with enough hair to spare. All the barber has to do is to trim the top and apply the fade at the sides. There is no doubt that you will look enchanting after getting this style.

34Layered Spikes

Layered Spikes
Instagram / @RANDYARMAS

This is a distance away from the traditional layer spike haircut. Rather than tilting to the front, the spikes litter all around the head. Get this style if you love adventure and don’t want to stay at a spot for long.

35Exquisite Fringe

Exquisite Fringe
Instagram / @BLACKVOWS_

Here comes the amazing fringe haircut! The wavy hair throws some shades into the hairstyle. You might only need a few tapering at the sides before titling some strands across the face.

36Thick Hair Slicked-Back

Thick Hair Slicked-Back
Instagram / @MR_FINELINE

You may not be disposed to have wavy hair. If yours is thick, it will be a good idea to slick it back. Take the cue from this style and slick the hair backward.

37Classic Comb-Over + Hard Part

Classic Comb-Over + Hard Part
Instagram / @JOSE.CRESPO_

The comb-over hairstyle never goes out of style. Just like the oldie-themed blowout haircut, it integrates the hard part, which is a favorite style back in the days. Consider sideburns and mustache to go along with the look.

38The Classic Blowout

The Classic Blowout
Instagram / @JOSE.CRESPO_

What better way to style the blowout hairstyle! This classic style has most of the features you will be looking for in a trendy hairstyle. There is the fade, texture, waves, sideburns, and the hard part. If you want to get the best out of the blowout, consider getting a style similar to this.

39The Gold Tint

The Gold Tint

The beauty of this style radiates from the colored hair. Apply low fade at the sides and follow it up with texture at the top. Remember to apply the razor line to make it unique.

40Large Pomp + Beard

Large Pomp + Beard
Instagram / @VIROGAS

Try your hands on this classy pompadour haircut. Direct the barber to taper the sides before trimming the volume on the crown. Spot sideburns and integrated mustache to complete the look.

41Evergreen Quiff

Evergreen Quiff
Instagram / @VIROGAS

The simplicity of this style arises from the fact that it does not need much styling. With the right texture on the hair, tilt the top hair to the front and keep in place with gel. Demarcate the top from the sides with a side part.

42Messy Hairdo

Messy Hairdo
Instagram / @AMBARBERIA

Do you love it messy and carefree? Get this hairstyle! The messy haircut reinvents with this volume and the shagginess that comes with it. Spot disconnected sideburns and mustache to complete the look.

43Messy Hairstyle with Waves

Messy Hairstyle with Waves
Instagram / @AMBARBERIA

You would agree that the messy haircut literally looks shabby. Yet, you can recreate and make the most out of it. Texture the hair with a styling product (choose from our list) and get the style done in good time.

44Textured Pomp + Slick

Textured Pomp + Slick
Instagram / @AMBARBERIA

This medium-length pompadour haircut also features the slick-back. Apply undercuts at the sides and spot sideburns to complete the intriguing look.

45Coordinated Messy Haircut

Coordinated Messy Haircut

This takes a walk from the traditional messy hairstyle that covers the face. Rather, it comes together, encircles, and stops a few inches before the face.

46Faux Hawk + Rolls

Faux Hawk + Rolls
Instagram / @AMBARBERIA

There seems to be no better way to recreate the Faux Hawk hairstyle. Apply rolls and twirl it. The faded sides, volume at the top, and the disconnected beard will fascinate anyone that comes across the style.

Blow out Your Hair

The major aim of the blowout haircut is to give you different styling techniques. The integration into many hairstyles is commendable. It is time to take the bull by the horns and hitch a ride to a classy haircut. The next time you have an appointment with your barber, tag along with you, the picture of the blowout hairstyle you will like the stylist to offer you.

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