The Five Best Whole House Water Filter (Ultimate Buying Guide 2020)

Water is one of life’s most necessity. It invariably is one of those natural resources we cannot stay without. Hence, the continuous rise in our needs for it. However, it becomes a problem when it is not clean and healthy enough for us to digest, So, what do we do when the water we have at hand is unpurified?

A whole house water filter is a machine used as an entry-point system for purifying and cleaning water as it passes through the pipes to your home. With it positioned at the entry point, it ensures that all the body of water that transfers into different outlets in your home passes through it. Hence, providing healthy water for your consumption.

However, there are thousands of them on the market. Different products with different capacities. Hence, confusion arises regarding which one to choose. Today, we intend to aid you in that regard.

A Comparison Table Of The Top Five Best Whole House Water Filter

Color Grey or White White Blue White or Grey Blue
Flow rate 75 GPD 90 GPD 7 GPM 50 GPD 15-20 GPM
Durability 12 Months 6-12 months 10 years 1 years 23 months/2 years
Weight 25 pounds 25 pounds 19.5 pounds 14.5 pounds 35.3 pounds

What Are The Unique Features Of The Best Whole House Water Filter?

The uniqueness of a good whole house water filter is meant to improve the natural properties of water. That include the smell, taste and safety measures. The best whole house water filtration system will do more than this. It will not only completely decontaminate your water supply, but will also work as a softener for the hardness of water. Thus, making it safe for consumption. Indeed, they go insofar as being eco-friendly and lessen stress in completing home tasks. However, that’s not where their benefits end. Below, are some of those merits:

  • Avoiding expenses for installing whole house water filter periodically.
  • To increase the effectiveness of water and promote the longevity of your home materials such as blenders, water heaters, washing machines and other faucets.
  • Screening out impurities from non-chlorinated water.
  • Avoiding water-borne disease that may lead to sickness arising from polluted water. Also, since some people prefer to use chlorine to purify unclean water, it would be very insecure to drink such water. However, by utilizing the best whole water filters, we can remove excess water chemicals and sediments, securely.
  • Buying the best filters which are long-lasting saves you excess maintenance costs.
  • Protecting clothing, especially whites from discoloration due to bad
  • Circumventing the stress of fetching water generally as the filter can fill empty barrels within minutes.

We will like to point out that there are two types of the best whole house water filter:

  1. The standard whole house water filtration system and,
  2. The heavy duty filtration system

Just like the names implies, the heavy-duty system has a lifespan of 5-10 years with less maintenance. For the standard, you will need to run maintenance on it every six months to annually. The range depends on the filter type.

Our Adopted Standard For Conducting This Review

To ensure that our readers get the best whole house water filter for their homes and buildings, we have gathered facts from testing and long-term customer reviews to streamline our top products. The marks we were after was water purity levels, durability, maintenance time, flow rates, and convenience. Hence, what you see here is what you get on the purchase.

Our Review Of The Top Five Best Whole House Water Filter

01. Home Master TMAFC-ERP  Water Filter

best whole house water filter-Home Master TMAFC-ERP Water FilterThe first product on our list today is the TMAFC from the doors of the Home Master. It comes with all the features needed to give your home clean, mineral water, right from the tap. To lessen the leak of water, Home Master built this filtration system to come with a non-electric permeate pump. With that, you get to see a significant drop in water leakage of about 80%. While on that, there is a notable increase in water delivery of up to 50%.

The company has constructed the filter system to improve users experience while eliminating the common issues they witness frequently. Due to this keen attention to details, you don’t get to see things like cannister leaking. Also, there won’t be an issue of your liquid being slightly acidic. Neither will you face the challenge of your home leaking water because of the excess drop coming from the gadget.

Aside from battling leaking, Home Master has targeted the percentage of purity your home supply can get. In the TMAFC-ERP, you have a seven stage, filtration, system that eliminates 98% of all kinds of water contaminants effectively. That includes the infamous chloramine. By so doing, it enhances the quality of the water in your faucets and improves your health.

Magnesium and calcium are the minerals that TMAFC-ERP adds to your home water. It does this during the purification stage. Through these minerals, you get tasty water for drinking. As delicious as good water goes.

Other things you should know is that this filter comes with durable materials. Also, it has the capacity of purifying up to 2000 gallons of water. That means you have a high chance of using it up to a year before it requires a filter change.

  • Superior materials
  • An annual maintenance time
  • A high flow rate
  • Minimal water leakage
  • A high percentage of water purity
  • Provides mineral water
  • No slight acidic content
  • Easy to change filter parts.
  • Annual maintenance and filter change
  • A working seven stages filter system
  • None
Generally, the Home Master TMAFC-ERP is a reliable water filter for turning unclean water into pure, drinkable and usable, mineral water. It is one of the best filters out there for home users who own a not-so-large building.

02. APEC Top Tier Supreme High Output Water Filter

best whole house water filter-APEC Top Tier Supreme Certified Water FilterThe second filter system to make it on our list is the Tier Certified Supreme from the doorsteps of APEC. The goal of the company while producing this filtration system was to eliminate the use of bottled water at homes or in offices. Hence, the material of this gadget enhances the water quality beyond what you can get from bottled water.

The Top Tier water filter owns a five-stage, purification system that works. Through it, you get a stunning 99% purity level. That means you have the best quality of fresh, clean, water to drink, cook, and utilize for other home purposes.

The first stage filter of this system works as a barrier. It is a polypropylene sediment filter that prevents rusts, dust, and other particles. By doing this, it eradicates the possibility of the core unit and the entire construct becoming less effective, quickly. The second and third stage filters work as a carbon block. Through their existence in the system, they remove odors, colors, bad tastes, chlorine, and cloudiness from the water supply effectively. The fourth stage is the osmosis membrane that succeeds in removing 99% of contaminants remaining in the water. That includes dissolved solids, viruses amongst others.

The fifth stage acts as a taste refiner. Made of coconut shell refining carbon, it addresses any taste that escapes the other filters. Just like the TMAFC-ERP above, the APEC Top Tier water filter hones on the common weaknesses from filters. You get a significant drop in water leaks. Also, no funny noises and no sudden bursts.

  • Made of superior materials
  • A significantly high flow rate
  • No water leaks.
  • A working stainless steel teeth
  • A high percentage of water purity
  • No acidic content
  • It is WQA Gold Seal certified
  • Annual maintenance
  • 100% lead-free chrome faucets
  • Effective five stages filter system
  • None
The APEC Top Tier filter is a competent system to keep your water supply clean. It’s one of the best whole house filter for well water. However, if your water source has a 42psi or lower pressure, you will need a permeate pump.

03. Aquasana 10-Year Water Filter

best whole house water filter-Aquasana 10-Year Water FilterThe third filter on our list is the Aquasana 10-year Water Filter. For those already acquainted with how this Aquasana EQ-1000 whole house water filter works, it wouldn’t come as a surprise as this device made our list. This product is a heavy-duty capacity water cleaning tool. The manufacturers developed the gadget to be operable for 10 years before you need to carry out any maintenance on it. That’s if you handle the filter system correctly.

The Aquasana EQ-1000 filters are specially crafted to handle impurities in water such as excess chlorine, lead, mercury, manganese, and other contamination. Unlike the other filters on this list, the Aquasana has a three-stage filter system that can deliver 97% purity of water. Also, it provides good tasting water in your home that is healthy and soft for the skin.

The first stage handles fragments and dirt. The second stage deals with the chemical and bacteria part while the last stage which is a design of 0.35 sub-micron filter purifies the water from any hidden organic compound. Hence, with the help of these carefully designed filters, you get to enjoy ultra-clean, fresh tap water that is 99% clean of viruses.

The company added a double tank soft salt-free descaler to the system. That ensures that hard water supply is softened effectively without the use of salt. With that component, you get to use your water without experiencing things like stains, scales, or spots.

  • 10 years durability
  • A high percentage of water purity
  • Built on superior materials
  • 100% lead-free
  • Effective virus canceling system
  • No water wastage
  • Highly effective three stages filter system
  • Owns a salt-free softener
  • No acidic content.
  • A low minimum flow rate for its grade
The Aquasana EQ-1000 is a heavy-duty machine for users who need much water running in their building. It is among the best whole house filters for well water and other sources. However, it can take up to three weeks and the aid of a professional to fix it completely. It also comes in parts.

04. APEC Alkaline Mineral Whole Water Filter

best whole house water filter-APEC Alkaline Mineral Whole Water FilterThe fourth product on our list comes from the manufacturing house of APEC. The Alkaline Mineral ROES-PH75, water filter system, is a uniquely built six stages water cleaner tool. APEC produced this machine to perform as a reverse osmosis tech of 75 GPD flow rate.

Unlike its brother on this list, the APEC Top Tier Supreme, this model does more than purifying your water. It adds certain minerals to provide you with tasty mineral water. Users of the filtration system get to witness the performance of its high purity, calcium carbonate, minerals, cartridge.

In the same stroke as its brother, the Alkaline Mineral Whole water filter targets the production of ultra-safe as against the bottled water. Also, the manufacturers used durable and superior materials to build this model. That ensures that your home has a long time supply of its needed clean water.

Like it’s brother, the ROES-PH75 runs a polypropylene, high-capacity, first stage filter. This one aids in removing particles, rust, and dust from your water supply, effectively.

The second and third filter stages are the carbon blocks that prevent chemical contaminants from going any further in your water supply. Hence, they remove chemicals like chlorine alongside colors, odors, cloudiness, and bad tastes from your tap water.

The fourth stage of this filter system is the TFC osmosis membrane. This stage improves the water quality until it is up to 99% pure. It does this by removing all the dissolved solids in the water that the other stages must have missed. By actively removing these contents, the ROES-PH75 can take our chemicals like fluoride and arsenic.

While the fifth stage filter acting as the taste corrector with Coconut Shell Refining Carbon, the sixth acts as a re-mineralizer.

  • Made from superior materials
  • Owns a feed water pressure of 40min psi
  • Has a high flow rate
  • Produces mineral water
  • Higher purification level
  • No water leaks
  • FDA certified
  • 100% lead-free faucets
  • No noise
  • Annual maintenance
  • A working six stages filtration system
  • The needle valve could break
If you need the best whole water filter action system that owns a faster flow rate and can serve well in your home or building, you should consider the ROES-PH75. However, you might cash your warranty soon if you get one with a less durable needle valve.

05.  iSpring WGB22B 2-Stage House Water Filter

best whole house water filter-iSpring WGB22B 2The fifth product on our list is the WGB22B iSpring Water Filter. In the case that your personal preference lies with purchasing a dual stage water filter system, here you have it. This product targets people who live or work in the city and has access to municipal water.

iSpring through this machine creates ultra-high pure water for users to drink and use. The company has built the two-stage filtration system to be an entry point system. Meaning, it works best at the source of your water supply. That ensures that all the water coming into your building passes through its gradient two-stage system.

The first stage is a carefully created 5-micron polypropylene filter of a high standard. iSpring developed this super filter to remove all dirt and particles that your water supply contains. That way. It prevents filter clogging for the next stage.

The second stage consists of a highly dense 5-micron coconut shell carbon purifier necessary for removing chemicals, bad taste, chorines and odors. Because of how thick it is, this filter is more capable of removing the remaining contaminants than other carbon filters. That allows the iSpring WGB22B to bring your water purity level to 98%.

However, if you are a user who dwells in places with heavily contaminated water sources, you might want to get the second CTO carbon block filter. Aside from that, the filtration system produces water at a minimum of 15GPM.

When it comes to mounting the iSpring system, the process is fast and easy for anyone to carry out.

  • Created with superior materials
  • Has a longer maintenance period
  • Easy to install
  • A working 2 stage filter system
  • A high minimum flow rate
  • High purification level
  • None
Generally, the iSpring filtration system works superbly in battling contaminants in less unclean water. If you leave or work in the city, this can be your best shot at getting your tap water to its top purity level.

Our Top Picks for Whole House Water Filter

All the highlighted products here are great and have virtually the same thing in common: excellent levels of water filtration. We choose the alkaline mineral APEC filter as our top filtration system because it has a reasonable flow rate for speed, owns durable materials, a superb purity level, and can work for any water supply. However, each of this product could be your best based on your preference and where you are situated. One thing is sure; you will be satisfied with their performance.

What To Look Out For Before Buying

Knowing what to look for before going online or to your look filter supplier is essential. That allows you to make informed considerations. It also saves you a lot of money and bad experiences. Hence, we have dropped down the most essential things to look for below:

System Type
Before buying any water filter, it is imperative to know that there are two distinct type of house water filters namely the replaceable cartridge type and the carbon tank models.

Considerably, the carbon tank model lasts longer with relatively low maintenance and repair. This product usually lasts for about 5-10 years after purchase while the standard products of 6-12 months. They have a higher tendency of dealing with chlorine effectively and are best suited for external water supplies. However, the cartridge type filters only better the carbon type models on account of filter customization.

Micron Rating
Micron sizes are the determinant of a whole house filter efficacy. Microns, however, are the measurement unit equaling a thousand position of a millimeter. It occupies the 25th position of a thousandth by that inch. A filter model with 1-micron rating will not allow a bigger size impurity particle to pass through it.
Water Flow Rate
The rate of water flow is the given value of water amount that a filter can supply. Gallons per minute (GPM) and gallon per day (GPD) are the measurements. Usually, the GPM range starts from 5 to 25 GPM and that of GPD from 50% to 90%. You will need a reliable system that supplies enough water at a steady rate to meet everybody’s need.
Durability and Cost
Considering the cost of a system is essential, but so is determining how durable the product is. Hence, you should go for products with durable components, or you will spend more on repairs and maintenance over time.
You can check the internet for reviews and critics available. You can also scan through for system water quality reports from your local suppliers and people who have utilized the same system.

Frequently Asked Question

How Long Can I Use the Aquasana EQ-1000 Filter Product?
The Aquasana EQ-1000 filter can last for a pretty long time before you need to carry out maintenance on it. It depends on how you use it, but it had clock years.
On the Chance That Any of the Filter System Malfunction, Can I Buy Another One?
Yes, nothing can last forever, and these manufacturers understand this. Hence, they have created alternative parts for their products (except for some integrated parts) which are available at your local water filter system supplier’s shop. Sometimes, hiring a plumber to fix your filter system might be your best choice.
Does It Really Matter That I Follow the Highlighted Guidance in This Guide Before I Buy My Water Filter or Just Choose Randomly?
It would be in your best interest to choose wisely following a guide. If not, you may encounter disappointments, and that will cause you to spend more. That could be for repairs, maintenance or purchasing new systems entirely.
How Do I Decide on the Type of Water Filter to Buy?
Your decision on the best whole house water filtration system depends on your specification as explained in this guide. However, family size, easiness, durability and costs are other notable factors to consider.

Our Final Verdict

From what we have unveiled in this review of the top 5 best whole house water filter, we believe that you can safely pick from the endless list of market filter options out there. What you have to do is ensure that you follow the advice and product recommendations highlighted in this guide.

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