The Best Toaster Ovens Under $100 In The Market And Our Ultimate Buying Guide

Getting the best toaster ovens under $100 is possible. That’s not the issue for foodies and cooks. The problem is there are lots of them out there on the market. One cannot discern which one is the right one quickly. Most times these reviews we see of how great a brand is, turns out to be more fiction than reality. That’s because most times what works for the other might not work for you. That’s aside poor construct among other defects.

We know that it isn’t all the time that you should deploy your conventional oven to action. Sometimes, like those early hours, or when you wake up late for work, toaster ovens are just the one. They can warm up that leftovers or toast that bread in a jiffy. That allows you go to work, school, or other engagement feeling filled and satisfied.

To assist you in your pursuit, we have conducted the needed research. Now, we present you the best to choose from.

Our Comparison Table Of The Five Best Rated Toaster Ovens Under $100

Max Time 90 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Dimension 15.4” x 19.8” x 11.4” 24” x 21.5” x 16.7” 22.8” x 13.4” x 15.5” 17" L x 13" W x 15” H 14.8”L x 23.5”W x 12.5”H
Color/build Black / Stainless Steel Silver / Stainless steel Silver / Stainless steel Black / Silver Black-silver / Stainless Steel
Weight 20.3 pounds 26 pounds 17.76 pounds 18.05 pounds 17. 5 pound

Who Are The Best Toaster Ovens Under $100 Meant For?

Like we always say: each product in the market has its target audience. However, toasters deal with food. The same thing all must work with to succeed in our daily existence. Hence, toaster ovens are for everyone. To know who will enjoy it best, check below:

The Morning Rush
You are one of these people if you always have to be at a place around seven every working day. For these set of people, a small toaster oven is the quick fix they need to avoid going to work without eating or lunch.
The Brown Lover
One thing about our toaster is the crisp and brown yummy feel it brings to our meals. You might want to have a toaster oven if you are looking for a tech that can give you a quick and satisfying fill of this brown goodness.
The Cook
The house cook is another person who will love these set of ovens. With the several tasks mapped out for you, you will appreciate the existence of a toaster oven that can help you speed things up. The size of what you are cooking, grilling, baking or toasting doesn’t matter. There is a toaster oven for you.

Generally, you might wonder what the need of having a Toaster oven is. Well, for one, there is the dual operation. You can use this cooking tool to toast your bread for the rush hour. You can also use it to grill, bake, and a few more. Certainly, it is a commendable tool to have around when there isn’t much to work the conventional oven.

Our Standards For Conducting This Review On The Best Rated Ovens In The Market

First, we identified the top brands out there. Second, we evaluated them based on several performance marks and structure. Things like functions, convenience, cost, and material quality were our determining factors. We then matched our findings with long-term customer reviews to tick durability. Hence, what you see here is what you get after purchase.

Our Product Review Of The Top Five Best Rated Small Toaster Ovens

01. The Oster Large Countertop Toaster Oven

best toaster ovens under $100 - The Oster Large Countertop Toaster OvenThe first on our list is a 6-slice oven from the manufacturing house of Oster. Looking at the build of the oven, the Oster Large owns a convenient design. The door is a see-through glass that allows you to keep an eye on what you are cooking. No need to open the oven while in use, unless you have to. The handle sits at the top of the glass door. So you pull down to gain access to the inner walls of the oven. Pretty great structure for users to have more edge to edge space. Also, with this design, you can limit the chances of being burned while taking out the good stuff.

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Oster deployed the Convection heating system in this build. So, you won’t be having some part more cooked or burnt than the other. Also, with that feature, you promote the flaky, crispy, brown yummy goodness you are after.

Further on the build, looking at the controls, there is a lot to love. There are many customizable options on the controls and a digital timer at the top. Also, inside the oven is a bulb to show you what is inside. That comes in handy when you want to see how your food looks without pulling down the door.

Other things worth noticing is the heat range: 140-450F; a large interior that can comfortable harbor 12-inch Pizza; a brown shade selector; a compact outer build; a 31.49 inches cord; a 90 minutes max cook time for a wide range of cooking option.

  • A large interior
  • Reasonable cord length
  • A working Convection system
  • Durable materials
  • A vast temperature range
  • Interior lighting features
  • A see-through glass.
  • Comes with a durable pan
  • A removable crumb tray
  • Compatible design
  • 90-minute cooking max
  • A multi-cook option
  • An extensive control feature
  • None
The Oster Large Toaster Oven is one of the best small toaster ovens to consider. It works best for multi-cooking options. Has durable materials and a range of customizable features to promote lasting cooking, broiling, baking, and toasting experience.

02. The Oster Extra Large Countertop Convection Oven

best toaster ovens under $100 - The Oster Extra Large Countertop Convection OvenOur next brand on the list is from the steads of Oster, the Extra Large Toaster Oven. This product looks basic. It isn’t here to entice customers with looks but performance. Hence, you got to cut off the idea of a fanciful, compact design. The door is a see-through glass like the Oster Large Toaster Oven, but it owns a silver handle unlike the black for the later.

To open the door, you got to pull downwards. This construct promotes safety and gives you more room. Inside the Oster Extra Large Toaster Oven, are two sizable pans. They are big enough to fit your frozen pizzas. So, you get the chance to defrost two at a time.

On the control side of things, there are less customizable options. However, you still get the toast, bake, pizza, and defrosting cook settings. Concerning the heating system, it’s the same. You get a Convection heating system. This feature will do much good in evenly cooking or warming up your meals, giving you that satisfaction you seek.

There is no interior lighting feature, but you get a wide range of temperature. From 240-450F. That’s enough to cook your meal. At the top of the button controls lies the timer. Like Oster Large Oven, you get a 90 minutes max timer. That added to the temperature range, and the working Convection system, there are various recipes to consider.

  • A working convection system
  • Extra large comes in handy
  • 90-minute cooking max
  • Easy clean interior feature
  • Two oven racks
  • Large temperature range
  • Durable materials
  • A wider cooking option
  • See-through glass
  • Fewer controls
The Oster Extra Large oven is one of the best toaster ovens to consider as a cook or day-to-day user. It will undoubtedly come in handy during parties or big family meals.

03. The BLACK+DECKER Countertop Toaster

best toaster ovens under $100 - The BLACK+DECKER Countertop ToasterBlack Decker Countertop Toaster is the third on our list. This cooking machine looks like a curved box. A perfect example is some old CRT TVs. Despite its dimension 22.8 x 13.4 x 15.5 inches, it seems portable. Colored this one silver.

At the controls section, you get a bold, dual function, set of buttons. There is basically everything you need to get the settings right for a perfect pizza, casseroles, or toast preparation, to name a few. The controls for cooking options are 8 in number, and each has their keys. That means you can carry out eight different kinds of cooking jobs with this oven. From Toasting, baking, to frozen snacks and cookies to name a few.

B+D toaster oven has no inner light indicator, but it has one above the digital timer screen. So, you get to know when food is ready. Just like Oster, this toaster oven has a glass, see-through, door. It also has a top handle that helps you pull the door down. The employed opening system allows you to take and place items without endangering your exposed skin.

The inside walls of this piece give you more room to place your 12-Inch pizza, casseroles and any other edible you have in mind. There are two racks. You can choose to make room for your whole chicken in there, or you could warm your items close to the broiler.

Other things you will like to know is it has a max temperature range of 400 degrees, a 120 max timer, and it runs on a Convection Heating System for even cooking experience.

  • A working convention system
  • Dual rack build promotes flexibility
  • Extensive controls
  • Vast cooking options
  • A see-through door
  • 120 minutes max timer
  • More room for cooking
  • A wide range of temperature control
  • Owns a removable tray
  • Wordings rub off easily with time
  • For some, product fan belt doesn’t work properly
  • Some come with unreadable buttons
  • Might purchase one with a faulty oven
  • For some, the pizza option don’t heat up evenly
If you want a toaster oven that is light and can fit an extensive meal plan, B+D counter oven is worth considering. With its superior materials and extended cooking time, there is a lot for you to do with it. However, try to check your unit the moment you have it, to avoid sad stories.

04. The MaxiMatic ERO-2008S Elite Toaster Oven

best toaster ovens under $100 - The MaxiMatic ERO-2008S Elite Toaster OvenThe fourth on our list is the 6-slicer Elite Toaster Oven from MaxiMatic. A glossy black looking oven. The cooking tool has a black aesthetic design. With the dome lid seated on the top pan, it looks like an old TV with a cap. The Elite Toaster Oven has a compact exterior build. There is a see-through glass door with an ergonomic pull-down handle. So, you can view your food in the oven as they get cooked. You can also enjoy more edge-to-edge space. That helps you stay away from the hot glass and edges to avoid burning your hands.

At the side of the door is the control elements. Unlike our previous Small Toaster Ovens, this one comes with knobs. They are three. Each serves as a multi-selection tuner. There is a tuner for temperature, heating element, and timer. It kinds of makes mastering how it works more natural for everyone.

An Indicator sits by the side of the bottom knob. At the top of the Elite Toaster Oven sits a nonstick grill and dome lid. That allows you to carry out both frying and grilling functions. You could have your eggs getting ready up there while you warm up leftovers. Inside the oven is a space that can fit 12” of pizza and other sizable edibles. Underneath the pan is a sliding crumbs tray. With that, you could get the dirt out without having to disengage the tray entirely.

Other things of interest about the Elite that you should know includes two heating elements at the bottom and the top: a convection fan heating system for even cooking; 60 minutes max cook time: and 200 to 450F temperature range.

  • Several cooking options
  • Owns a heater selection switch
  • Comes with an oven-top grill feature
  • Working convection system
  • Easy to master controls
  • A vast temperature range
  • A see-through glass door
  • More heating unit
  • Can’t carry more than 51b
  • For some, you run the risk of wiping off the directions around the knob when cleaning.
If you are looking for some grill option and easy to manipulate control, the Elite Toaster Oven is worth considering. It will come in handy during family get-togethers when you need more cooling capacity or when you need to warm up large meals. However, you might get on with the above issues.

05. The BLACK+DECKER 8-Slice Extra Wide Toaster Oven

best toaster ovens under $100 - The BLACK+DECKER 8-Slice Extra Wide Toaster OvenThe last but not the least on our list comes from the household of Black Decker. The Wide Toaster Oven will speak to owners of convection ovens. The company built it to be a quick and significant upgrade. From the exterior build, you get a cooking tool with rectangular, elegantly, built frame. You can have yours in black or silver colors. Like the other ovens in this review, the Wide Toaster Oven comes with a see-through glass door. A stainless handle sits at the top of the door. With it, you can drop down the glass to gain access to the inside space. With the door design, you have more edge-to-edge space to navigate your hands and edible in or out of the machine.

By the right side of the door sits the control knobs. Like the Elite of MaxiMatic, this device doesn’t use digital features and buttons. The knobs are three, each handling a specific function like toasting timer and timer. Inside the oven lies the attribute that will woe those with the built-in convection oven. The Wide Toaster Oven comes with a width capable of sitting a wide range of pans including the one you have at home. It can accommodate various containers with handles of this size: 9” x 13.”

Like most of the ovens on our list, B+D attached the convection heating system to this unit. So, you will have your meals evenly cooked. Other features to take note of are a 60-minutes max timer, and it has an interior that can harbor a 12” pizza and eight slices of bread.

  • A wide interior
  • Made with durable materials
  • Extensive pan range
  • A working convection heating system
  • Owns easy to master controls
  • Dual rack position
  • A see-through glass.
  • Lesser cooking options
  • No rack stopper to keep it from falling
  • A bit noisy for early hours use
The B+D Extra Wide Oven is for people with more to toast or bake. If you are such a person, then you are in luck. With it, you can toast, bake, and broil any edible for a 69 minutes cook time. However, you will have to tolerate the unpleasantness that can come along with it.

Our Top Pick Of The Five Best Rated Toaster Ovens Under $100

For us, the best toaster oven is the one that owns a notable performance in all these marks. Cooking options, controls, durability, food capacity, cooking time, and convenience. From the Oster Large Toaster Oven to the Black+Decker Extra Wide Toaster, we find one to have more honors. That’s the Oster Large Toaster Oven. It is not enough to have much space without all the necessary controls for the best settings. Neither is it nice to have several features but hold the possibility of not cooking things properly. The Oster large Toaster Oven scaled through all that and hands a lot of cooking option to users.

The Ultimate Buying Guide For The Best Small Toaster Oven In The Market

  • Size: the size of your toaster oven is essential. You need to go for a toaster oven that has an interior dimension that can absorb your edibles easily.
  • Controls: the next thing to consider is this. The best toaster oven will have buttons that make things easy for your to operate and memorize.
  • Notification: you don’t want to come to the oven and find out that the food has burnt during your early practice. Neither do you want to return to the kitchen and find out that you will be digging into a cold The best toaster oven knows you might be too busy to babysit it. That’s why it comes with a notification system that lets you know when food is ready.
  • Timer: the max timer is something you need to have an eye for. If you want to use the oven for something more than toasting, that is the more reason why you should mind the time limit. This mark depends on the cook time of the foods you will use the device to get ready.
  • Browning: both for the brown lover and the general users, this is a feature to consider. It’s a toaster after all. Having a browning setting helps you choose what shade of brown goodness you want. Hence, ensure that this setting is easy to identify and use.
  • Crumb Tray: you also don’t want to have those breadcrumbs dirtying the base of your oven. You can avoid that. All you need to do is ensure you have an oven with a working crumb trey. The tray should be either easy to remove, clean, and replace, or have an excellent slide-out tech.
  • Cooking Options: the best toaster oven should have all the cooking options you might ever want to try.

Frequently Aske Questions

What is the inside dimension of the Oster Large Toaster Oven?
14” W x 81/2” H x 12” L. It looks like a mini oven.
Can I buy another baking rack for the Oster Large Toaster Oven that I can attach to the stand to have two shelves to cook at the same time?
Yes, but it won’t be from the manufacturers. I bought mine online a 10” x 14” oven-safe rack. It fitted perfectly.
Does the Oster Extra Large accept 14.6” x 10.5” x 1.3” baking sheet?
Yes. It should have no problem in that regard. Mind you the internal dimension is 15.75” Wide x 16.36” Length x 8.91” High
How many guinea pigs can the Black+Decker Countertop Toaster contain? I have friends from Ecuador that love the delicacy
A 16 weeks Cuy is 4 inches wide and 8 to 10 inches long. For that size, the weight is around 700 to 900 grams. So, it depends on how you want to cook them.
How well does the MaxiMatic Toaster oven, steamer function, work?
Superb. You got to turn the oven temp to the point you use for your main course. Then you add a little quantity of water on the top pan and continue from there.

Our Final Verdict

We believe that you have had the chance to get to meet the five best toaster ovens under $100. At this point, you understand that you can place your hand on a lot of cooking options and size alongside durability. All it takes to achieve that is to keep an eye on the factors. With these determinants in mind, you can always streamline the best for you now and in the future.

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