Best Tile Cutter Reviews and The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

In our best tile cutter review, we have researched and prepared all the information you will need when choosing your tool for your tile cutting project. A tile cutter is an essential tool if you are working in the tile industry. Not just the tile industry but many builders, handymen and workers need tile cutters when it comes to cutting tiles.

Without tile cutters, your project will be harder, and laying the tiles in their right designs or style will also be impossible. Note that it is hard to get a reliable and effective method to use when cutting tiles, therefore, if you want to have smooth floors and your walls you must look for a tile cutter.

Tile cutters are designed in different sizes and for different functions. For instance, some are designed to cut specific types of tiles while others can cut any type of tiles as well as other materials. Also, tile cutters are sold at different prices and have different types of blades. While your selection of the tile cutter will depend on the way you intend to use it, there are more other things you must put in mind when buying one. In addition, it is essential to know some of the top tile cutters in the market today since this will simplify your selection process. Remember, this also applies if you want to get the best tile cutting saw. In this article, we will make your selection process easier by listing the top 5 best tile cutters in the market today. We have also prepared a buyer’s guide so you can choose wisely and get the best out of the best.

Best Tile Cutters – Comparison Guide

QEP 10630QQEP 10900QQEP 10600BRBrutus 10800QEP 10214Q
Dimension 33 x 8 x 6 " 43.4 x 8 x 7 " 35 x 13.8 x 7.8 " 38 x 13.75 x 9.5 " 19.3 x 6.1 x 4 "
Weight 16.2 Lb 23.3 Lb 18.25 Lb 20.1 Lb 6 Lb
Size 24 Inch 35 Inch 24 Inch 27 Inch 14 Inch
Tile Type Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Porcelain and Ceramic floor and wall Tile Porcelain and Ceramic floor and wall Tile Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Tile Cutter

To get the best tile cutter for your tile cutting needs, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. However, if you are just starting off with tools and you have no idea about them, you need to do some homework so that you can make the tile cutter selection process easy and enjoyable. You may visit your local home depot and seek assistance from employees during your selection process. However, if you want to buy the tools online, then you need to research well beforehand. Continue reading to know the things you need to consider when buying your tile cutter.

While portability is an important factor to consider when buying a tile cutter it may not be applicable when you intend to install the tool in one place inside your workshop. However, if you intend to carry the tile cutter from one workstation to another then portability must come into play. Note that when checking the tile cutter for portability check for things like the weight and compactness of the tile cutter.
Buying a tile cutter is not different from any other investment you could make in your workshop. You need a tool that will last longer so that you do not keep going back to purchase a new tool now and then which is also a costly affair. When it comes to portability of the tile cutter, you need to check the material used in constructing the cutter.  This will help you know whether the cutter will last longer or not.
Another important consideration is the stability the cutter offers. Check whether the cutter will stay in place even when cutting large-sized and thick tiles. Note that when the cutter keeps moving, you will not get accurate cuts. Therefore, check whether the cutter has a reinforced and solid base.
The Safety of the Tile Cutter
Tile cutters like any other tool in your workshop can injure you when using it. You must choose a cutter with securely fixed blades.

How We Picked the Top 5 Best Tile Cutters

To pick the best tile cutters from the plethora of options available in the market today we have considered numerous factors. We understand that it can be costly to buy different types of tile cutters for different tile cutting needs and that’s why we picked versatile tile cutters on our list.

Another thing that has come into play in our selection process is the ability to carry the tile cutter from one place. We understand that most builders and handymen want to have a tool that can be carried easily from one place of work to another and that’s why we chose those that are lightweight for portability purposes. These and many other factors that every person dealing with cutting tiles would want to have in a tile cutter are what we have considered when picking the best.

Top 5 Best Tile Cutters Reviews 2020

1. QEP 10630Q – 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter Best For Ceramic And Porcelain Tiles

best tile cutter - QEP 10630QIf you are looking for the best tile cutter for smaller walls and flooring tiles the QEP 10630Q would make the best choice for your project. This 24-inch manual tile cutter is good for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles and it comes with a straight edge adjustable measurement guide that is helpful in laying the tiles so that you cut the tiles accurately. The greatest thing about this tool is that cleaning it is easy as you just need to use compressed air to remove dirt or even soap and water.

The 10630Q from QEP also features a solid construction and assembling it is hassle-free. With this tile cutter, you can work on tiles with little effort. Another incredible feature of this tool is the table extender.

You will agree that working with tiles in a small room can be frustrating especially when you run out of space. But with this tile cutter, you can cut large tiles comfortably. This tile cutter is for sure a high-quality tool when it comes to working with tiles.

What’s more about this tile cutter? It is equipped with a measurement utility to allow you to cut tiles with accuracy. The 10630Q is also designed with a 7/8-Inch titanium-coated tungsten-carbide cutting wheel for smooth and reliable scoring. Note that to cut porcelain and ceramic, you must follow a score and snap procedure. This tile cutter is versatile so you can use it to cut tiles on various projects.

For stability purposes when cutting large and heavier tiles, the tile cutter has a wide aluminum base, heavy-duty rubber pads and cutting table extensions.

  • Great for cutting through 24 x 24 tiles
  • Powerful for cutting large tiles
  • Built with heavy-duty rubber pads, wide aluminum base and cutting table extensions for stability when cutting heavier and large tiles.
  • It is designed with a 7/8-Inch titanium-coated tungsten-carbide cutting wheel for effective cutting on ceramic and porcelain tile and smooth and reliable scoring.
  • Diagonal cuts are less effective when cutting porcelain that is 3/8-inch thick
  • May not work well with large format tile materials
When choosing the best tile cutter, you need to buy one that can be used on various types of tiles. The QEP 10630Q is great when it comes to cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles. If you want a great tile cutter to work on large-sized tiles this tool would be the best choice for you.

2. QEP 10900Q 35-inch Tile Cutter

best tile cutter - QEP 10900Q 35-inch Tile CutterThe QEP is a company that is reputable when it comes to producing the best tile cutter and the QEP 10900Q is no exception. This 350-inch tile cutter, rip cuts ceramic and porcelain tiles measuring 24 and 35 inches diagonally. The 7/8-Inch titanium-coated tungsten-carbide cutting wheel ensures smooth and accurate scoring

This cutter isn’t just easy to use but also easy to clean. You can simply clean it with compressed air or regular soap and water after you are done working with it. This tile cutter enables accurate cutting as it comes with straight edge adjustable measurement guide to align tiles during cutting.

What’s good about this tile cutter? It is the best manual tile cutter available on the market today. It uses a Score and Snap procedure to split the tiles. Cutting tiles doesn’t require putting too much downward pressure; you just need to roll the blade over the tile.

Like other QEP tile cutters, this tool is also designed with cutting table extensions, rubber pads and a wide aluminum base alloy for durability and stability. These features make the cutter suitable for large tiles. The 10900Q is stable when cutting tiles. The bicycle grip handle makes it convenient when using it.

When it comes to corrosion, this tile cutter features steel rails that are chrome plated so it does not rust easily. Nevertheless, you can still use air blower or an air compressor on a regular basis to remove dust and prevent corrosion.

In addition, it is lightweight so operating it is hassle-free and more incredibly it has a solid construction. However, you need to note that you may need to adjust it when cutting tiles.

  • Great for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles
  • Wide aluminum base alloy and rubber pads provide extreme durability and stability
  • Wide table extension for stability
  • The 10900Q is easy to clean since you can just use regular soap and water.
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Features a powerful and sharp blade
  • Chrome plated steel rods to prevent corrosion
  • Affordable
  • Only recommended for ceramic and porcelain tile cutting
  • The sharp wheel tends to get blunt when used for a long time
  • May not cut ½ inch rubber tiles.
The QEP 10900Q is the most reliable tile cutter in the market today. This 35-inch manual tile cutter is suitable for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles of 35 and 24 inches. If you are looking for the best tile cutter this tool would be the best choice as it won’t rust easily and cleaning it is also easy.

3. QEP 10600BR 24-Inch Pro Porcelain Tile Cutter

best tile cutter - QEP 10600BR 24-Inch Pro Porcelain Tile CutterThis 24-inch Pro porcelain cutter is for sure the best tile cutter, powerful and designed for heavy-duty use. For reliability purposes, the tile cutter features rubber pads and a die-cast aluminum base alloy, the 7/8-inch cutting wheel is also tungsten carbide that is coated with titanium. Another great feature with this cutter is the comfortable grip handle for convenient use.

Thankfully, the grip handle makes this tool easy to use and also lessens hand fatigue. The tungsten carbide cutting wheels are also durable. The good thing is that it’s easy to replace the wheels when the need comes.

What’s good about this cutter? It is a budget-friendly cutter, the precision and the easy-of-use it offers is also a huge plus. It is a porcelain tile cutter but it can also rip cut ceramic tiles that are up to 24 inches and 18 inches diagonally.

To effortlessly score and snap harder tiles, this cutter is equipped with a bicycle-style grip. The bicycle grip handle makes it convenient when using it and also minimizes hand fatigue.

If you are looking for the best tile cutter, you won’t go wrong with the Pro Porcelain Tile Cutter. You need a versatile tool that you can use on different types of tiles and this cutter offers you the versatility you deserve. Aside from the chrome-plated rail bars, the aluminum alloy keeps the unit stable at all times.

  • Wide space to hold tiles
  • Heavy-duty rubber pads
  • Equipped with a solid base
  • Bicycle-grip handles for comfortability and minimization of hand fatigue
  • Replaceable cutting wheel
  • Chrome-plate rods to prevent corrosion
  • Stable and durable tile cutter
  • The cutting wheel is also tungsten carbide that is coated with titanium
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stainless steel dual rails
  • Die-cast aluminum base
  • The cutting wheel may require regular replacement
  • The handle is somehow heavy.
When looking for the best tile cutter, you not only check the affordability of the tool but also other important features. Having a cutter that is durable, stable and comfortable can make you tile cutting project simple and hassle-free. The QEP 10600BR is equipped with all the features to make that happen.

4. Brutus 10800 – 27-Inch Professional Porcelain Tile Cutter with 7/8-Inch Cutting Wheel

best tile cutter - Brutus 10800Another professional porcelain tile cutter that comes with 7/8-inch cutting wheel for precision is the Brutus 10800. This cutter can rip cut tile of 27 inches and 20 inches diagonally. The reason why we list it in our best tile cutter review is that it has a solid construction and features impressive capabilities to make it user-friendly.

What’s good about it? First, it comes with a wide die-cast aluminum alloy base to maintain stability when cutting large-sized tiles. The side arm extensions hold extreme large tiles. It also comes with 4 heavy-duty rubber pads to prevent it from budging from its position to make accurate tile cutting.

The 3 chrome-plated rail bars and ball bearings make it easy to move the unit. To score hard porcelain tiles the wheels won’t jitter. This cutter is for sure the best choice for you when it comes to cutting the harder sections of porcelain tile.

Another incredible thing about this tile cutter is that the titanium coated carbide wheel is replaceable and makes it easy for you to score and break those hard tiles with minimum downward pressure. In addition, the titanium coat makes the carbide wheel durable and long-lasting. With this tile cutter, you can work on tiles for a long time without feeling fatigue on your shoulders and back pains. This 27-inch professional cutter is also best for DIY homeowners.

The fact that this cutter comes from a reputable company from Japan and a long-term manufacturer of tile cutting tools in the tile industry is also a plus for this tool. We recommend it since it is the best porcelain tile cutter on the market today.

  • Best for professional tile installers and DIY homeowners
  • Heavy-duty porcelain tile cutter
  • 4-levels height adjustable cutting wheel
  • Strong bicycle grip wheel for convenient use
  • 3 chrome-plated rail bars and ball bearings for durability and movement of the unit
  • Titanium coated tungsten carbide scoring wheel handles even tough porcelain tiles with ease
  • Precision cuts
  • It may not be suitable for larger format floor tiles
  • The scoring wheel may require regular replacement when cutting porcelain tile

Although it may require you to replace scoring wheels frequently when cutting porcelain tiles, the Brutus 10800 still remains the best tile cutter for your tile cutting project. You need a cutter with a sturdy scoring wheel that is hard to prevent it from wear and tear even after cutting porcelain tiles repeatedly and this cutter is equipped with a titanium coated carbide scoring wheel for that matter.

To prevent back pains and fatigue in your shoulders, this cutter comes with a high-leverage bicycle that is adjustable. These are just a few of the features that you will get when you buy this tile cutter.

5. QEP 10214Q Rip Ceramic Tile Cutter – Best for the Budget

best tile cutter - QEP 10214Q Rip Ceramic Tile CutterThe fifth tool in our best tile cutter reviews and buyer’s guide is the QEP 10214Q. This 14-inch rip ceramic tile cutter, like the other reviewed tools, is equipped with a tungsten carbide cutting wheel that is titanium coated. However, its wheel is somehow smaller while the other cutters have large wheels.

This tile cutter is best for the budget so you will not break the bank and the fact that it is lightweight makes it suitable to work with anywhere.  The cutter can work on tiles up to 14 inches long and 10 inches diagonally. It is very decent for all tile working needs.

What’s more for this tile cutter? It scores and snaps floor tiles and wall. When it comes to scoring, the dual, chrome-plated steel rails offer you the smooth experience you could ever want to have. The wide base holds heavy-duty rubber pads to enhance the stability of the unit when cutting tiles.

Another good thing about this tile cutter is that it comes with a replaceable ½-inch tungsten cutting wheel. For your DIY tile installation work, this ceramic and porcelain tile cutter would be the best choice for you. For repetitive cutting, the cutter will be suitable as it is equipped with an adjustable rip guide that will take you through the cutting process. The high-leverage padded handle allows you to score a lot of tiles since it prevents hand fatigue and so comfortability is maintained as you cut the tiles.

This is the best tile cutter for you to get good results you deserve as the aluminum alloy breaker bar helps to keep tiles prevented from damage.

  • It is a lightweight tile cutter
  • It is equipped with rubber pads on the base for stability
  • Comes with a ½ -inch replacement tungsten carbide cutting wheel
  • Unlike other tile cutters that cannot cut tiles measuring ½ inches thick, this tool is capable.
  • The adjustable rip guide makes it easier and faster when it comes to repetitive cutting of tiles
  • It is equipped with sharp tungsten carbide, titanium-coated wheel for longevity.
  • It is somehow hard to use especially if you are a beginner
  • The rails are durable but when you put too much downward pressure they tend to bend.
If all the above tile cutters may not able to cut tiles that are 1/2 – inch thick, the QEP 10214Q will do that for you. This is the best ceramic tile cutter on a budget. Although it is not easy to use this cutter, the features that it offers are enough for you to consider it as your best choice. You do not want a heavy tile cutter and this tool weighs only 6.2 pounds and this makes it portable than the other cutters reviewed in this post.

Our Top Pick among the 5 Best Tile Cutters Above

Now that we have given you the 5 best tile cutters, the question remains, which is the best for your tile cutting needs? Every tile cutter we have reviewed in this post are great and worth buying. They come with their own exceptional features and are all designed to accomplish a wide range of tile cutting tasks.

However, if we are to recommend the best of the best, we wouldn’t hesitate to pick the QEP 10630Q and we have some supporting reasons for that. First, it is best for porcelain and ceramic tiles which are the most common tiles you will come across.

Secondly, it is a powerful tile cutter when working with large-sized tiles. Another thing is that is equipped with heavy-duty rubber pads, wide aluminum base and cutting table extension which makes it stable when cutting heavier and large tiles. Last but not the least; it is can cut tiles up to 24 inches long.

How to Choose the Best Tile Cutter – Ultimate Buying Guide

As mentioned above that, professional builders, handymen as well as individuals thinking of cutting tiles must have a tile cutter, we should also help you to find the best tile cutter for your needs from the plethora of cutters available in the market today.

Note that you will come across a wide variety of tile cutters equipped with different blades of different lengths. Below are some of the things you need to check for you to ascertain that it is the best tool for your needs.

Types of Tile Cutters
There are different types of tile cutters; however, we should make it simple to you by categorizing them into manual and motorized cutters. From these two, you should be able to identify which one is best for your tile cutting needs. To know whether to buy a manual or a motorized cutter, you must consider what type of task you intend to use it for. If you have a huge tile cutting project with large-sized and thick tiles, you may want to choose a motorized tile cutter since it will do the job faster. Otherwise, for smaller projects, a manual tile cutter would be suitable.
The blade of the tile cutter is also an important thing when buying the cutter. In this case, you may want to consider things like the blade type, power, adjustability, and capacity. Note that the blade is the one that does the cutting and so the performance of the tile cutter depends on the blade. So choose the blade wisely.
Tile Cutter Size
How big or small the tile cutter is should also be your top consideration. The size of the tile cutter will help you determine the space you need in your workshop. The size will also determine how easy or hard it is to handle it.
Of course, before you go out hunting for the best tile cutter, you need to set a budget for the tool. In this case, you need to know the budget you have for the cutter and the price of the cutter on the market. Note that you should not go for the low-priced cutters thinking that they are the best to save you money since they might lack the features necessary when it comes to cutting tiles. Therefore, ensure the tile cutter you choose has all the features you need for your tile cutting project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is the Ideal Size for a Tile Cutter?
When it comes to size, every user has his preferences. The size that is best for you might not be the best for another user. However, if you want to know the size of the tile cutter that is ideal for you, you need to assess the work you intend to use it for as well as the robustness of the cutter.
Which Is the Best Tile Cutter, Electric or Manual Cutter?
Bother manual and electric tile cutters have their advantages and disadvantages. For the electric tile cutters, their price is usually higher than the manual tile cutters and at the same time, they are costly. However, if you have huge tile cutting work, you may want to choose electric cutters. However, you may want to ensure you have a power source to plug the socket when using the cutter. Manual tie cutters occupy less space, they are lightweight and they are less expensive than electric tile cutters.
What About the Blades?
When it comes to tile cutter blades, you need to consider some few things. Blades that are made of a sturdy yet supple construction are the best.
Do the Tile Cutters Come at the Same Price?
As mentioned above that prices differ from one tile cutter to another, you need to understand that there are features that make a tile cutter costly and another to be less expensive. However, electric tile cutters are costly and heavier whereas manual tile cutters are less expensive. Note that it will depend on your budget and the work you intend to use the tile cutter for.

Final Word   

The final word is that when cutting tiles you must use tile cutters. They are crucial tools and without them, your tile cutting project will definitely be hard or even impossible. The tile cutting industry is full of different types of tile cutters but we have picked the top 5 best of the best. In this best tile cutter review, we have also listed some factors to consider when choosing a tool for your tile cutting needs. We have also written a buyer’s guide on the same.

We hope that our review and buyer’s guide will help you and make your search as simple as possible

Good luck!

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