Best Skin/Bald Fade Haircut: 30 Haircut Styles for Men

Want a cool skin fade haircut that will make you look like the classic gents that you are? Are you scared you might get a terrible cut from your barber? Don’t think in that direction, when I can take you through top notch skin fade styles for you to choose whichever fits you best.

Easily, you can just talk to your barber about it, so you select which fits you best but be assured most of them are going to fit. Getting one of these amazing skin fade hairstyles will make you refer an uncle, friend or a colleague.

This skin fade haircuts I’m introducing to you will give you a look that calls for attention. So, get prepared to have new crushes, soon.

1Skin Fade with Pompadour

Skin Fade with Pompadour

Once ago, a very popular style. And this time around, style moved a little bit forward but still picking from styles of the previous years. You sure don’t mind the switch. That’s the charm with pompadour having bald fade. Just maintain the pompadour in a constant pattern and enjoy your clear skin fade. You’ve just got the classic man look.

2Skin Fade with a Hard Part

Skin Fade with a Hard Part

The old and the new way is the way to go about it. The blend. What am I saying? Oh! I meant taking a blend between the old way to cut hair and the new way is the vogue. Just as you want it, handsome. The fade on the sides. Simple and classic.


Quiff - Best SkinBald Fade Haircut

Quiff! I love this style. It has been in the know for some time, now. And maybe it will live for some time. Some top bald fade in the hair trend of gentlemen. Looks like pompadour. You can take it up as a hair challenge (winks).

4Slicked Back

Slicked Back - Best Skin Bald Fade Haircut

Go, go, go backwards! I was just kidding. But have you seen a slick back, before? Or you have tried the style? Just get your pomade ready, water-based to be precise. Use it to slick your hair back and the skin cut is gonna be nothing but amazing.


Curl Skin Fade Haircut

I know right. I know what you are thinking. Curls are difficult to maintain in skin fade. However for the guys with the curly head, it is easier for you. Just allow the cut to hair grow naturally, then cut the sides and back.

6Curly Hair with Line Up

Curl Skin Fade Haircut
Instagram / @COOL_CUTZ

Amazing, right? There is no much difference between curly hair and line up with Curls. But the lines at the back of the head makes a striking effect. I am definitely sure you will like it. Treat the natural curls properly and shave both sides and back. And next is the fine lines being constructed using your clippers. I trust your barber, will do justice to that. Your loved skin fade.

7Textured French Crop with Disconnected Fade

Textured French Crop with Disconnected Fade
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

You should keep up with this skin fade or try it out. The French crop right on top of the disconnected fade is a sight to behold. Your clippers will do a great job of making a professional parting in your hair just above the fade. And you will be looking like that superstar.

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8Drop Fade with Vanished Neckline

Drop Fade with Vanished Neckline

This is just some skin fade with intense towards the neckline. The hair is much fuller at the top then tends to decreases towards the neck.

9Low Fade with Line Up

Low Fade with Line Up
Instagram / @EL_SOSA_CUTS

The hairy guy is always handsome. If you aren’t cool with total skin fade, you don’t want to start looking like junior. You might want to have a bald fade and still look hairy. It’s possible. You just go for low fade with line up and looked as matured as you want.

10Skin Faded Afro Hair

Skin Faded Afro Hair
Instagram / @RICHIE7FRESH

Oh! You know, right? Your lovely Afro. Just as you want it. It involves taking the skin fade in both sides and back. Then you’ve finally got the gentleman look. You can basically take an official picture and upload online for a job listing. And there you go, have your job. Your look told it all.

11Highlighted Wavy Hair

Highlighted Wavy Hair

Waves! You can control it. You can use it to fly. What am I talking about? The wavy hair look. Have you ever came across some cute guy with wavy hair, before? You will love it. As you talk or make facial expressions, your hair does too. And that’s some beautiful sight, you know?

12Taper Fade with Beard

Taper Fade with Beard

Get in here, the beard gang! Having beards is in Vogue, now. Not teddy bears, only. All types of beard. We both know that skin fade and beards make a perfect match. It depends on your choice. Now is the time to look gentler than a gentleman. And you sure know how it goes with getting respect. Loads of them. Command the look.

13Spiky Texture with Vanished Neckline

Spiky Texture with Vanished Neckline
Instagram / @AMBARBERIA

Oh my…. You need to see this bald fade from the back. Just go to the studio and take a picture from the back. Trust me enough to upload it on Instagram. And have your dream girl in your DM. But wait, you do this first. Try this skin fade haircut called spiky texture and thank me later.

14Hand Brushed Small Quiff

Hand Brushed Small Quiff
Instagram / @ALAN_BEAK

Much easier, right? This skin fade doesn’t require much inches of your hair. It is perfect for you when you want to look less hairy and clean. And you can be that handsome guy, a wonderful lady met at the stores and she couldn’t get off the memory. You’ve got to do this skin fade type.

15Dape Burst Fade

Dape Burst Fade

I love this skin fade! I am someone that doesn’t admire going about with no hair on your head. At the same time, I don’t want to look bushy. Ever since, my barber introduced me to the style, I had stayed loyal to it. Dape burst fade is now the new girlfriend!

16Side Swept Hard Part

Side Swept Hard Part
Instagram / @MENSHAIRS

Just as the name implies! You could remember that I talked about skin fade with hard part, previously. Now, this is another dimension of skin fade. The parting is just sideways, you will love it. It gives some kind of lovable man’s look. There is a warning, your cousin might crush on you. What! I am just kidding.

17Undercut Textured Hair

Undercut Textured Hair

Get ready for it, super model. And yes, you’re just one step to being a super model. This bald fade has been proven to turn heads in the walkway. You shouldn’t be surprised when your barber starts to get referrals through you because of this haircut. Hint: being a cool guy is cool.

18Disconnected Buzz Cut

Disconnected Buzz Cut

This got me! That skin fade along a line amuses me. It makes me want to go for a full skin fade. It makes you look young plus being a gentleman. And you can go get engaged with this skin fade. What did I just say? You will have to try this bald fade before you know.

19Taper Faded Sides with Designer Neckline

Taper Faded Sides with Designer Neckline

I don’t know why you will like this skin fade. But I’m sure you will admire it. The fade exists just by the sides making your hair go fuller at the middle. And the neckline. You might want to give a wink to an admirer when the stares get caught!

20Classic Taper Fade

Classic Taper Fade

I can be mean when I look this clean, I’m a classic man. Scrape that! But being classic starts not from the clothes you wear only but your haircut. That’s the first thing people get to notice about you. Take care of it. Get this classic taper skin fade.

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21Curly Mo-Hawk

Curly Mo-Hawk

Sounds ridiculous, isn’t it? But I tell you. This might make your crush, crush on you. For reals. As you talk and the wind blows your hair. It makes some perfect sight of an awesome dude. You want to be that kind of guy with a cute hair, right? Go for this skin fade.

22Mid Skin Fade with Tapered Neckline

Mid Skin Fade with Tapered Neckline

Go, prince! I mean it. There’s something about this mid skin fade. It’s so much cool. Not just with the fade, the tapered neckline makes a huge difference amidst other skin fades. Don’t just settle for the less. Let’s do this, handsome.

23High Skin Fade Line Up with Slicked Back

High Skin Fade Line Up with Slicked Back
Instagram / @_MANNYS

You need to do this. I’m serious. You might want to go for a high skin fade and still assume a hairy look, it’s possible. Shave only the sides and back, leaving more hair at the middle. Treat the hair as a slick back and look perfect.

24Line Up with Disconnected Fade and Pompadour

Line Up with Disconnected Fade and Pompadour
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

It’s a three in a go. And who said three styles in one is no good idea. Perhaps, he isn’t aware of what it takes to look like a superstar. And that’s what makes you different. Being a fashion icon. All the cool, clean babes be having a crush on the bad man!

25Disconnected Skin Fade and Neckline Design

Disconnected Skin Fade and Neckline Design
Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

Being a dude aren’t no play. You’ve got to have some sauce. Be that awesome dude, friends are always envious of his style. We already know, you have series of haircuts to try out. And your set of skin fades can fill a magazine. But trying this disconnected skin fade out is no harm.

26French Crop with Skin Fade

French Crop with Skin Fade

Royal Highness! Homage to the king! You will have to hear that, soon. Don’t just tell me you don’t want to. For reals? I know you’re joking. The way your hair moves forward is just too attractive. With the line at the sides. I won’t talk much, give a trial!

27Textured Short Top with a Line Up

Textured Short Top with a Line Up

Just a short hair at the top. And it makes sense like that. You’re this type that doesn’t like to keep hair, too long. Why don’t you try this bald fade out. You will thank me later.

28Side Swept Undercut with Fade

Side Swept Undercut with Fade
Instagram / @MENSHAIRS

Strike out of balance, sometimes. It is joy. Have you ever tried something, out of usual before? How did it turn out? Good, of course. It is almost normal for men to have a straight haircut. Only, rare men does their hair in sideways. And these rare men are just few. You could be one of them, you know?

29Dyed French Crop

Dyed French Crop

Dye? Yes, dye. Are you worried about it looking good on you? Sincerely, I haven’t seen a dyed skin fade I don’t like. You just have to trust it to the expert’s hands. And you know, an handsome man like you will always look more handsome not less.

30Skin Fade with Messy Top

Skin Fade with Messy Top
Instagram / @MENSHAIRS

Not really messy but messy. Not like that of a mess but a beautiful mess. I’m crazy, right? The skin fade is crazy, too. You would have to just try it out. The sides and back are swirled towards the front to have a real, cool, messy hair in a dampy state.


You’ve got the most amazing skin fade types at the helm of your hands. I already know you as a fashion icon. Don’t wait before you let that out. You can be the next supermodel on streets, with our listed top notch hairstyles. You sure know what fits best, I trust in your capacity. Let them call you to choose a skin fade cut for you. Hear from you, soon.

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