The 45 Best Side Part Haircuts for Men (Trendiest Styles 2022)

Stay classy with the greatest side part haircuts. Want to get your barber to style you with one? Find out more by going through our collections of the best side part haircuts.

The side part haircut looks chic and trendy and has been in existence for decades. The haircut does not take much effort to style and sits comfortably on difference face shapes. You can see the style on men’s head all over the world; from your next door neighbor to your colleague at the workplace. The versatility lets it find acceptance with modern gentlemen who add a part after their traditional haircuts. The icing on the cake is that the haircut works well with a fade or undercut. Also, men with long, short or curly hair can get the style without much hassle.

Care must be taken when styling as the parting tends to become amateur if not well styled. So how do you get the right style?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next haircut, here are 45 side part haircuts you can show to your barber on the next appointment.

1Straight Hair with Side Part

Straight Hair with Side Part - Side Part Haircuts For Men

This style is for the classic gentleman with long hairs. After the haircut, the parting is added to the side for that chic look. If you’re a fan of beards, trimming one to suit the style won’t be a bad idea. Keeping a comb and high-quality hair wax is a great way to keep the haircut in place.

2Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour - Side Part Haircuts For Mens

Stylish men love rocking the pompadour hairstyle. But there’s a touch of gold to the style when the side part is finds its way to your pompadour. The side part works well here and brings out the unique features of the pompadour.

3The Heavy Side Part

The Heavy Side Part - Side Part Haircuts For Men

The perception that the side part is for boys was proven false with this style. This is the trendy man’s haircut and blends well with a full beard and moustache. If you want to distance yourself from the traditional “boyish looks” that comes with a side part haircut, you can take your chance with the heavy side part.

4Golden Blonde Waves

Golden Blonde Waves - Side Part Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @OURBARBERUK

The side part looks better on a golden blonde hair. It will do the men a lot of good if they have long hairs. The sides can be on the low and the side part running on a straight line to the back. Men with golden blonde hair now have a variant to their haircuts.

5Blonde Messy Cut

Blonde Messy Cut - Side Part Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @DHANU_SHANE

The blonde haircut takes another dimension as the side part features in the style. Instead of the traditional format, the cut is messy and points to the sky. With the touch of glamour that the blonde hair brings to the cut, adding sharp edges to the sides is a great way to look chic.

6Black Curly Waves

Black Curly Waves - Side Part Haircuts For Men

Have you thought of the extra touch that will make your curly hair irresistible to the eyes? The answer is adding a side part. Also, the curls can be reinvented with a jet black wavy curl. The sides can be kept short; giving room to a side part running through the opening.

7Gold-Toned and Bald Fade

Gold-Toned and Bald Fade - Side Part Haircuts For Men

There’s now a way to go around a bald head and still look stylish. Having a gold-toned hair is also impressive. The haircut works well for short hairs. The top is left high and the sides are kept on the low. Then comes the side part which runs between the openings to give you a sleek look.

8Faded Side Part with Curly Top

Faded Side Part with Curly Top - Side Part Haircuts
Instagram / @C_INDOCUTS

You can rock your new side part with a faded side part. For this hairstyle, the sides are faded and the top is left longer with curls. Then there’s the deep side parting that gives the face a suave look. You can put up this cut at your workplace and for other occasions.

9Long Top and Short Sides

Long Top and Short Sides Part Haircuts

The side haircut takes another dimension because the longer top and shorter sides compliment the side parting. It will be stylish if the top is immersed in curls then the sides are trimmed. The parting is ideal from the front down till the back. A full beard or moustache will be added glamour to the face.

10Blond Side Parting

Blond Side Parting - Side Part Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @CHANCHI34

This cut is exclusively for men with blonde hair. The top can be longer but the sides have to be trimmed to give a gentleman look. A platinum blonde hair is the best pick for this and the parting is to stretch from the front and stop at the base of the hair.

11Faded Tapered Cut

Faded Tapered Cut Sides Part Haircuts

This is yet another way to add a side part to your hairstyle. After your barber has given you the faded tapered cut, ask for a long part that will demarcate the long top and the faded sides.

12The Parted Pomp

The Parted Pomp Sides Part Haircuts

Have you been looking for another option to explore in your pomp haircut? Add the side part and watch heads turn when you walk down the streets. To make it professional, task the barber to trim a little part of the sides and leave the top longer. The side part should pass few meters away from the top. A deep part makes the cut look sharp to the eyes.

13The Ombre Orange Supercut

The Ombre Orange Supercut Sides Part Haircuts

If you’re looking at going bald by the sides while keeping some hair at the top, the Ombre Orange Supercut with a side part is a good option. The color of the hair is the unique part and the side part adds a touch of adventure to the bearer.

14Vintage Upswept Waves

Vintage Upswept Waves Sides Part Haircuts

To get this cut, the wavy strands are swept from the crowns and made to point upwards. The vintage aspect adds a tone of confidence and to keep it in place, a great amount of gel has to be spared. A deep side part will be good for this style.

15Sharp Slick Back

Sharp Slick Back Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @JELLE.VISSERS

This is the most concealed side part ever. The parting won’t be as visible as in other styles but still gives the haircut a great look. Some smooth brown locks are left at the top while the back and sides get a touch of the taper fade. A slick back side parting is all you need to drive home the style.

16Gray Taper

Gray Taper Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @JELLE.VISSERS

This is for the oldies that want to go back to their youthful days. The natural gray color of the strands is a great touch to the beauty of the style. A beard can also be added. The cut should be finished with a side parting and brush back.

17High Bald Fade

High Bald Fade Sides Part Haircuts

If your hair is curly, this style with a side parting will look great on you. The top is left high and the sides are faded to the lowest. A skilled barber can add the razor line that stretches to the crown.

18Spunky Side Bang

Spunky Side Bang Sides Part Haircuts

If you’re looking for a messy hairstyle that still gives you a gentleman look, the Spunky Side Bang should be your best pick. The hair is left messy from the front to the crown and the sides are faded. A thick side part runs from the front and stops at the crown.

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19The Loose Comb-Over with Low Fade

The Loose Comb-Over with Low Fade

The comb-over haircut takes a different shape here. All you need to get a matte finish is to use a blow dryer. Also, the cut can be combed to the sides, backwards or left standing. A side part then runs on a horizontal line to the crown.

20The Fade Side Part

The Fade Side Part - Side Part Haircuts For Men

You can put up a clean look on your handsome facial features with the fade side part. A longer and curly top, faded sides and a deep side parting is all that needs to be done.

21The Flipped Side

The Flipped Sides Part Haircuts

With this style, the front of the hair to the back is longer and flipped to the sides. A deep side parting from the front not only gives the hair a triangular part but also creates a disconnected look.

22The Blonde Pompadour

The Blonde Pompadour Sides Part Haircuts

A blonde hair can be styled into a pompadour and a side parting does the finishing job. The vintage pompadour hairstyle is made better with this cut and a styling gel is a handy tool to keep it in top shape.

23The Dark Coiff

The Dark Coiff Sides Part Haircuts

If you have been watching Hollywood movies lately, you must have seen this style on top actors. A styling gel keeps the cut in place and you can put in some beards to bring out your facial features. A side parting by the left is a good option to keep the hairstyle sophisticated all day.

24The Neat Undercut

The Neat Undercut Sides Part Haircuts

You can still have your undercut and put in some side parting. A voluminous front portion and throwing in some beard makes the style intriguing.

25The Vintage Taper Cut

The Vintage Taper Cut Sides Part Haircuts

The side part haircut can be tried out with the taper cut. The faded undercut catches the eyes and a side part makesfmoha the monotonous look of the vintage taper cut look intriguing.

26The Black Gradient

The Black Gradient Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @BARBERLEMAR

When looking for a hairstyle that suits all face shapes, the jet black gradient hairstyle with a side part is the best pick. The parting is not in much view but still adds glamour to the cut.

27Long Top and Buzzed Sides

Long Top and Buzzed Sides Part Haircuts

The comb over haircut can be experimented from different angles. With the long top, the sides can be buzzed to the front, sides or combed backwards. Either of the options you settle for, a side parting keeps you ahead in the game.

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28Mohawk with Undercut

Mohawk with Undercut Sides Part Haircuts

It is a great deal of adventure to try your hands at two sleek haircuts. The undercut creates a contrasting style to the Mohawk that goes to the back. A side part is essential to give an exciting appearance.

29Pomp Skin Fade

Pomp Skin Fade Sides Part Haircuts

A side part also looks good on the pomp skin fade haircut. The top is left high and a bit messy. The sides are faded and an invisible side part moves from the front to the crown.

30Midfade Side Part

Midfade Side Part - Side Part Haircuts For Men

This is the perfect definition of the “gentleman’s look”. The sides are slightly faded with the top combed to the sides. A short deep side parting is all you need to bring out that boyish look.

31Diagonal Sweep Back

Diagonal Sweep Back Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @D3ANLAMB

Long strands on the crown and tapered sides are what bring out the uniqueness of the haircut. Also, the hair is swept back diagonally and a beard will look better on the face. The parting comes to play in between the tapered sides.

32Low Taper Pomp

Low Taper Pomp Sides Part Haircuts

The pompadour is kept low here and the sides are tapered. The top is left higher and a soft part line comes in between the top.

33Messy and High Top

Messy and High Top Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @JELLE.VISSERS

A high top can be complimented with a messy style. The sides are skin faded with the side parting running in between the top and faded skin.

34Tall Quiff

Tall Quiff Sides Part Haircuts

The Quiff haircut takes a great dimension with this style. A taper is the best to the sides sharp. The extra-long strands of hair are a nice input to recreate the hairstyle. Also, a side part at the left side gives you the outstanding appearance you want.

35The Dimensional Up Sweep

The Dimensional Up Sweep Sides Part Haircuts

A brunette strand is a nice way to style the hair with a side part. The parting comes in to create a disconnected undercut between the crown and upswept strands,

36The Side Curve Parting

The Side Curve Parting Sides Part Haircuts

If you look adventure and want to recreate it with your hairstyle, the side curve parting is a nice way to do that. A gel is used to style the jet black hair into sections. The side parting runs from the front and curves at the crown. The hairstyle is definitely for the man that understands fashion.

37The Blonde Pompadour

The Blonde Pompadour - Side Part Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @KASEYB30

Having a longer hair is a good bet that a blonde pompadour haircut will suit you. A touch of glamour can be added by sweeping the front backwards and running a curve parting by the sides.

38The Side Sweep

The Side Sweep Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @TAPERSTV

A side parting looks good on a side sweep. The undercut by the sides will be better off with a taper fade and the crown left alone with long strands. The long strands are to be swept to the side over the undercut and the parting is to run at the tip of the side sweep.

39Straight and Layered Comb Over

Straight and Layered Comb Over Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @JELLE.VISSERS

The beauty of this cut is in the styling and you need to form a part on one side and use this to comb over the strands in the sideways. The top should also be swept back and a slight razor fade applied to the sides. The side parting sits comfortably with a deep razor line on the right side of the hair.

40High Quiff and Skin Faded Undercut

High Quiff and Skin Faded Undercut
Instagram / @IBA_VONG

This cut is a great way to life the voluminous front and a skin faded undercut compliments this. A deep side part spices up the style.

41Blow Dry Pomp with Sharp Parting

Blow Dry Pomp with Sharp Parting - Side Part Haircuts For Men
Instagram / @MR.THY1

If you’re a fan of the pompadour haircut, take it to the next level by blowing the hair dry and having a skin fade at the sides. The side part comes in to give the classic look to the style.

42Faded Faux Hawk

Faded Faux Hawk Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @IBA_VONG

You can recreate your faux hawk hairstyle by leaving the long strands at the middle and chopping the sides. The side part can be applied in two places of the chopped sides; leaving the voluminous front with a nice texture.

43Black Pouf

Black Pouf Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @ALLEN_0629

The style is not as popular as the pompadour and quiff haircuts but leaves good impression. The pouf at the middle is long and the sides trimmed down. A gel comes in handy to keep them styled. A sharp line parting the right side makes the hair wear a chic look.

44The Quirky Side Part

The Quirky Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @DREWRYS_

Talk about styling the hair with the strands on the hair and the Quirky Side Part comes into view. The haircut follow the growth pattern of the strands and with the unique styling, the side parting stretches from the front to the middle of the crown.

45The Faded Pompadour

The Faded Pompadour Sides Part Haircuts
Instagram / @JELLE.VISSERS

The last but not the least is the faded pompadour. A sleek pompadour is in sight when the sides are faded and the top left long. A razor line then comes in to give the perfect finish to the style.

Part Your Hair for a Stylish Look

New hairstyles are coming up every moment and you wouldn’t want to look odd in the crowd. The side part haircut has been around for decades and is not going away anytime soon. If you have styled your hair with this trendy cut in the past or yet to do so, you can inspire your barber with any of the side parting in the listed haircuts. Stand out from the crowd and return to your youthful days with your parted sides.

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