44 Best Quiff Haircuts For Men 2019 [Top Styles Covered]

You are probably wondering what it is you can do to you hair to keep it looking like it was styled by divine hands. Or maybe you are thinking of that haircut that will best suit your face shape, hair texture, the length of your hair or that will be appropriate for the professional look you desire. I have great news for you! Look no further than the Quiff haircut. This haircut has stood the test of time as an all-time trendy hairstyle together with the likes of the Caesar haircut and classic undercut. So whether you like to have a clean shave with the best electric razors, you are trying to grow a beard or you already have it, this hairstyle is sure to keep you in style.

It is like the pompadour, though messier. It is a hairstyle that takes the front hair up and combs it back just like the pompadour with the back and side hair visibly lower. It is versatile as it can be styled in any manner according to your taste and preference and have you look dazzling. It could also be combined with any other classic hairstyle for a grand finish.


So whatever the occasion, you are sure to rock it with these choicest styles that have been put together just for you.

1. The Modern Quiff

Instagram / @OFUGAZZ

This is a classic haircut which is appropriate for whatever occasion. It is messy in a very sexy way and is a great way to style that long hair you’ve got. Keeping your hair lines sharp and combining it with a taper or fade is sure to give you that chic look you desire bro.

2. The Short Quiff

This short hair keeps you looking more professional. It gets you ready for that business meeting or official appointment while all the time showing you off as being classy and one who rules at his hair game. This is the style for you if you want to look sophisticated while still being decent and stylish.

3. The Curly Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

What a great hairstyle with a curly finish. It lets you style your curly hair and come out looking great. Having your barber cut add a low fade brings out the beauty more and using good hair wax gives you the perfect finish.

4. The Messy Quiff

Instagram / @HIS_HAIRSTYLE

The devil may care attitude of this style is what makes it so hot and sexy. It says casual but not regular. It gives you a bad boy look that you are sure to rock. It doesn’t need any maintenance as the purpose is to look posh without caring much so go out, be classy while caring less. LOL!

5. Quiff With Hard Side Part


You want to add style to your hair so there can be that difference between you and the other guy who is rocking his quiff? You could part your hair by combing it or have your barber add a side part to your hair. It leaves you looking hotter and different and people are going to dig your style.

6. Quiff With Undercut


Adding an undercut to your hair can accentuate its beauty. It leaves you looking hotter and the contrast between the clean shaven part and the full hair is one that is beautiful. It is sure to turn heads your way as it leaves you looking sophisticated and charming.

7. Flashy Quiff


This is sure to keep you in the spotlight. It screams that you are not a regular kind of guy but one who knows his mode and knows it well. It gives you a great level of erudition in your style and if you are one who loves attention, what better way to get it and show off than with this haircut?

8. Quiff With Beard


Beard makes everything more sexy doesn’t it? Combining your sexy bearded face this way gives you a greater finish than you even bargained for as you will most definitely be pleased with yourself. Look no more for the perfect style to go with your beard as this will give you just what you want.

9. Side Swept Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

If you dare to be different and unique, then you can choose to be creative with the way you style your hair. Combing it back is conventional but styling it to the side is sure to raise eyebrows in admiration as this gives you a fashionista look.

10. Long Curly Quiff


Having a long quiff is glamorous but why stop there when you can stand out and enhance your beauty further? Having the longer hair curled up is really a sight to behold as it gives you the look of an Adonis and leaves you looking entrancing.

11. Neat Quiff

Instagram / @TADAS_RUZGYS

If you desire to be more organized in your hair business but rock the stylish quiff look, you have to opt for this. This hairstyle isn’t daring and it gives you a gentleman look but who said being a gentleman has to be boring? It’s low maintenance and gives you that elegant look nonetheless.

12. Quif With Taper

Instagram / @OFUGAZZ

The contrast between the high hair which is styled so beautifully and the blended taper at the sides of the head gives a brilliant finish. Applying good hair product and brushing it to your desired styled is all you need to dazzle your audience.

13. Textured Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

Having your hair textured gives it that appearance of volume and it makes you look more stylish and sophisticated. Now styling that textured hair in this all-time classic hairstyle is the bomb as it makes you look fancy and posh without being too daring.

14. Wild Quiff


This haircut gives you that bad boy look but in a very attractive way. Who knew letting your hair locks go wild could be this charming? Getting your hair into quiff shape is essential as you will need to cut your sides and back hair low, then your long hair may do as they please as this haircut can’t go wrong.

15. Disconnected Undercut + Quiff

Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

The disconnected undercut is an all-time classic and this combo is undeniably synergistic. Having these two hot haircuts in one will give you so much attention as it shows you are really tasteful and know your style very well. Use good hair product to further accentuate this beauty and you are the bomb.

16. The Classic Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

This is the earliest version of quiff haircut and though old it is still rocking heads around. It is really easy to maintain and is ideal if you want to keep it low but fancy nonetheless. Applying a good pomade can give it that glossy appearance enhancing its beauty and giving it a grand finish.

17. The Rockabilly Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

Traditionally, this style comes with a side part which is either by shaving or using a comb to get the hair divided. It is not as high as a pompadour but is almost similar and easier to maintain. Using a good pomade is essential for styling and a brilliant finish.

18. The Psychobilly Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

This is a more daring kind of quiff. It involves complete shaving of the sides and back hair and looks somewhat like a variation of punk hairstyle. It gives you that bad boy look and yea, it leaves you looking unique. So if you are not scared of all the attention you should go for this and stand out beautifully.

19. Sweep Back Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

This is a nice way of keeping it simple but extremely stylish. If you don’t want all the attention that comes with the height but you want to stay trendy, you could have your hair not too high and sweep the length backwards. Using a good pomade will keep it in place and you will achieve the best results.

20. Curly Hair Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

A great way to style your curly hair is to combine it with a quiff haircut. Cutting the sides just a bit lower than the top shows off your hair texture in a very beautiful way and then styling your curls in a tousled way gives you that sexy bad boy look and takes the attention to your eyes.

21. Textured Quiff With Short Sides


Another way that is really fascinating to carry your textured quiff is with low sides. This is like a low taper only that the hair is just trimmed a bit lower than the top. It lets you retain your hair while giving you the complete look of sophistication. It is totally perfect for every occasion.

22. Sleek Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

Apart from having textured hair, another great way to alter the look of your hair is to make it sleek. Having sleek hair gives it a polished appearance and although you will need to spend a little more time when styling, the result it totally worth it. It is a perfect haircut for any occasion.

23. Thickly Textured Quiff


Having your hair thickly textured requires a lot of hair product for the styling and going for the best pomade is essential to get the perfect result. You are sure to put in a lot of time maintaining this haircut but it is worth every time and effort put in.

24. Wavy Quiff

Instagram / @ALPHSEAN

Making your hair wavy and carrying a quiff with it just brings out the best in the haircut. Cutting the sides and back hair low brings out a striking contrast and then brushing your long wavy hair to style gives you a ravishing and modern look.

25. Quiff With Forward Fringe

Instagram / @FLATMAX

If you dare to be different and you are not afraid of the limelight, then you can style your bangs this way. Styling them forward is daring, but very beautiful and is sure to get you attention as it gives you a sexy bad boy look, and are chicks digging this or what!

26. Top Side Swept Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

You can retain your formal look but with a touch of style. Styling the top of your quiff to the side is sure to keep you in the latest trend and leave you looking fashionable. It is appropriate for all occasions and needs good maintenance but it is totally worth it.

27. High Quiff

One of the best ways of styling your long hair is this. It’s easier to maintain compared to the pompadour but it is stylish nevertheless. It lets you carry your hair high while looking classy and fashionable at the same time. Getting a mid-taper fade will bring out the beauty further and there you have it! Good to go.

28. Thickly Textured High Quiff With Beard


Having a high, thickly textured quiff is on its own very modish and what greater way to enhance this beauty than with a well groomed beard. Having a fade go down up to the beard brings a contrast that is gorgeous. You want to look charming and sophisticated? You have to try this.

29. Quiff With Hair Design

Adding a design to your hair is a way of personalizing your style and further make you unique. It turns the haircut into your signature cut and you can express yourself however you want with a design at the blended part of your hair. You got this bro!

30. Textured Shape Up Quiff


Wanna know what is hotter than having textured hair? Shaping it up and being creative with your textured locks. It lets you freestyle your hair locks and the textured look makes it all blend together nicely giving it a perfect appearance.

31. Textured Wavy Hair

Instagram / @FLATMAX

A great way to make your wavy hair look even better is to have your locks textured. It gives them a thick appearance and styling it looks more beautiful. This style has no age limits and has no restriction for usage and so you could decide to show up in that business meeting like this.

32. Spiky Quiff


Having your hair standing on end is a great way to have a fanciful look. Combining it with a low fade makes the hair stand out and it gives you a chic appearance. It is not for all occasions as this gives you a sexy bad boy look but it is easy to maintain.

33. Textured And Dyed Quiff


After a perfect styling, you can dye your hair to give it that sexy celebrity finish. You are sure to get all the attention as you will be radiating beauty and looking highly sophisticated. This look can be intimidating but that’s what we want isn’t it? Lol!

34. Sleek And Textured Quiff With Design

Instagram / @AGNO_BLACK_RED

This is one high maintenance hair style that is sure to keep you at the top. The beautifully thick appearance of the hair combined with the glossy finish makes it hauntingly beautiful, and adding designs with a comb to the hair would make you really proud of yourself.

35. Textured + Messy Quiff

Instagram / @SKILLS_BARBER

A textured hair could be left messy and still look hot as is seen here. The texture gives the hair locks an appealing appearance and being tangled gives you a bad boy look without being daring. The devil may care attitude of your hair is what makes it hot.

36. Psychobilly Quiff With Dye

This hairstyle is for the intrepid. If you are not scared to go extreme with your style, you could try adding a dye to your perfectly cut and styled psychobilly hair. It gives you a bad boy appearance and keeps you stylish at the top of the trend.

37. Spiky Quiff With Beard


Having a mid taper which ends at your beard is a way of bringing out a beautiful contrast between the full hair and beard. This haircut gives you a refined masculine look. It is easy to maintain as it is somewhat messy but that’s the beauty to it.

38. Blonde Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

If you are blonde or you want to dye your hair blonde, a great way to add to the beauty of your hair color is to go for a quiff haircut. It is suitable for all hair color and can be styled as you see fit. Using good wax will add to its beauty by giving your hair color a perfect shine and blend.

39. Top Dyed Hair With Taper Fade

Another great way to let your barber show his skills is to go for this. Carefully dying just the top of your hair so that it blends with your dark hair underneath, and combining that with a taper fade gives a grand collaborating effect that is sure to leave you looking really lovely.

40. Bleached Quiff


If you are one who loves the look of a bleached hair, a great way to enhance the beauty of your hair is to combine it with a quiff. Having an undercut further styles your look and the result is a unique haircut which is sure to get approval and shows your fashion sense is up.

41. Afro Quiff

Instagram / @FLATMAX

If you have afro textured hair but you dig the quiff look, this is absolutely for you. Keeping your hair high and adding a temple fade and a back fade with sharp quiff inspired hairlines are all you need. You could comb it or carry it as dreadlocks, whichever you deem suitable.

42. Quiff With Free Lock

Your hair doesn’t always have to be all brushed back. You could let some locks hang freely in front of your head. This keeps you looking neat but adventurous a bit. Adding wax and making your hair sleek is a great way to achieve a perfect result and come out of the salon looking elegant.

43. Silver Hair + Copper Beard

Instagram / @_HAIRBYANT

This now, is a great way to get into the hall of fame. It is an extreme style but with an excellent finish. The two colors of hair are a perfect blend. Applying wax and keeping your hair sleek is a good choice and great way to accentuate the beauty that already is.

44. Afro Quiff With Design

Adding a design to your afro quiff is a great way to have your signature look. It gets you looking different and classy. It is a moderate style and not too daring depending on the design you go with. Maintaining sharp hair lines and using good hair product are all you need to have that grand finish.


Stay On Top Of The Trend With The Reign Of The Quiff Haircut

And here we have it; best quiff hairstyles in the world as recommended by top hair stylists. So when next you go to the salon wondering what haircut to get that has been tested and stood the test of time, you should go with any of the styles above that best suits you as you can’t get it wrong with the quiff. Whatever the occasion, whatever the impression you want to create, these have got you covered.

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