Best 42 Mullet Haircuts of all Time [See List for Details]

There is a constant change in haircuts. Men love to look good, and often switch to hairstyles that enhance their appearance. You can see them rocking the pompadour at the beginning of the year; the Faux Hawk by summer, and slick-back or high fades at the end of the year. The regular adaptation to different cuts is because of the intriguing look they offer.

One of such hairstyles is the Mullet haircut. It is interesting to note that it has been in existence for over 3 decades. Yet, it still remains relevant and dominates the men’s hairstyle industry. Are you looking for an oldie yet classic hairstyle? Do you want to look sleek and charming like a model on the runway? You can never go wrong with the Mullet hairdo. Get in and let us show you how to pull off an intriguing look with this style.

Recommended Products

There are many hair styling products that will help you maintain the texture on your Mullet haircut. We have collected the best in the market. So, you can be sure that your hair will remain shiny and textured throughout the day

1The Long Mullet

The Long Mullet

You will agree that the Mullet hairstyle has come a long way since the ‘80s. It has swum in perfection. Now, it leaves you with the option of styling as you want. This look is the definition of what it feels like to have long strands and understand how to make it glamorous. The modern touch to this cut entails styling the long hair past the nape of the neck while maintaining medium-length hair at the top.

2Colored Bangs

Colored Bangs
Instagram / @NPOMV

Just like every other unique hairstyle, this haircut allows you to style as you wish. The bangs hairdo finds favor before it. You can make the most out of this by throwing some color to the style.

3Mullet with Texture

Mullet with Texture
Instagram / @COURTTV_HAIR

There is no doubt that a textured hairstyle throws some glamorous shades to your physical appearance. Would you like to spin heads to your direction, and get people to admire you? You can achieve that with the inspiration from this style. Use any of the styling products in our list to maintain the texture after styling.

4Textured Crown + Faded Sides

Textured Crown + Faded Sides
Instagram / @COURTTV_HAIR

This explains the concept behind versatile hairdos. If you are looking for the modern look, this is a good way to set the ball rolling. Get the barber to maintain texture on the crown, and shave off the sides. This gives the Mullet a unique and clean look when it starts rolling down the nape.

5Short Front and Sides + Long Back

Short Front and Sides + Long Back

This actually conforms to the dictates of the Mullet hairdo. Maintain medium or short for the front and side hair. It will do you a lot of good if you use our recommended products to maintain the right texture. Afterward, style the back with the long and wavy strands.

6The Blonde Look

The Blonde Look
Instagram / @ADDAMARTIST

Do you love a highly-crafted hairstyle? This blonde inspiration from the Mullet hairdo is a perfect pick for you. Create a structured flowing at the crown and follow it up with weaved strands that will flow down to the nape. Rock disconnected sideburns and connect to mustache to finish the job.

7Mohawk Inspiration

Mohawk Inspiration

The inspiration of the Mohawk hairstyle is a bet that you can pull off a distinct look with a Mullet. The only job you have to do is maintain the texture at the crown before styling. Also, take heed to shave a few inches at the sides, and maintain the style in a single mass.

8Mullet + Surgical Line + Mustache

Mullet + Surgical Line + Mustache

This is a style for the adventurous man. There is no doubt that you will look good on it when the right steps are taken. To achieve this, apply low fades at the sides, cut the crown short and leave long strands at the back. For added glamour, consider rocking a mustache and adding surgical lines to the sides.

9A Style for the Road

A Style for the Road

Can you relate to the hairstyles of Yankee truck drivers? You don’t have to have the signature beard or the wavy hair to get into the league. Having a style like this with the bangs inspiration can help you achieve the look. Remember to choose a favorable product to maintain the texture.

10The Half Style

The Half Style

It is true that the Mullet haircut allows you to maintain length at the back, and short cuts at the crown and sides. Yet, our man chose to recreate the style. If you must achieve this look, be read to attract the stares. Cut the front and sides to a shorter length, while starting a long hair weave from the base of the crown.

11Faux Style

Faux Style

The Faux Hawk hairstyle offers you the opportunity to recreate your Mullet. Take the cue and prop up the textured hair at the crown. Keep short cuts at the sides and maintain firm hold with the help of a styling product. Finish this amazing look by weaving back the long hair to rest at the nape of the neck. You can consider disconnected sideburns and mustache to tag along with the look.

12Mullet Touch Up

Mullet Touch Up

Reinvent and take your taste for classy haircuts to the next level. This is a bit far from the traditional comb-over hairstyle. The touch-up formulation specifies that the cut has to feature the comb-over but in a different variation. While the crown slicks back toward the base, the Mullet picks up the race from there are stops at the nape of the neck.

13Flat Top + Medium Mullet

Flat Top + Medium Mullet

Get in the league of classy men and dominate the circle with your exquisite flat top haircut. Consider integrating medium Mullet to lock the back, and finish with fades at the sides.

14The Modern Look

The Modern Look

It is no news that the Mullet hairstyle has taken different orientations. In recent times, people have been making different outlooks to the cut. This is one of the many styles you can get out there. It is not only intriguing but adds extra glamour with the strands that drop at each side of the shoulder.

15Slicked Mullet

Slicked Mullet

You can actually weave back your volume to create the Mullet hairdo. Remember that texture is the major propeller to this. So, get your hands on any styling product (get inspiration from our list), and slick-back your volume in style.

16The Man Bun

The Man Bun

There is no end to what you can make out of the Mullet hairdo. This time, it is working on the premise of the man bun haircut. To pull off this classy look, maintain short cuts at the sides and crown. Afterward, weave the volume from the base of the crown down to the nape, and secure with a hair band.

17Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail

It is true that the traditional form of the Mullet is to weave back the volume to the nape (or past it). Yet, it does not to be voluminous to look good. The style in view features pony-like Mullet, which gets compliments from the short sides and disconnected beard.

18The Shaggy Look

The Shaggy Look

From the foregoing, Mullet haircuts are not like the traditional hairstyles that offer a clean look. Hence, it is not a surprise that this style is rounded up by shaggy hair. However, trim the top, rock sideburns and finish with medium-length Mullet.

19Show Some Color

Show Some Color

The style is generally about adventure. So, you can seize the opportunity to make the best out of it. Keep medium-length at the top and extend the gesture with colored hair at the nape. Finish the job by shaving the sides and connecting sideburns to it.

20For the Balding Man

For the Balding Man
Instagram / @POINTONE__

If you don’t have enough volume, we’ll like you to try your hands at this style. Leave medium-length at the top, texture at the sides, before finishing with a full beard.

21Mullet + Textured Top

Mullet + Textured Top

This style might seem to be disconnected from the original formulation of the Mullet haircut. Yet, you can try your hands at the textured top. All you have to do is trimming the top, fading the sides and weaving the long strand down to the nape.

22Mullet + Hard Part

Mullet + Hard Part

Change the orientation by working your hair in accordance to this look. Use the right styling product to get the blonde look, trim the top, weave back the volume and apply hard part to the side.

23Textured Bang

Textured Bang

The bangs haircut provides the opportunity to get the Mullet haircut rightly done. Create an intriguing impression by getting the bangs close to the front of the head before slicking back the volume.

24The Arresting Look

The Arresting Look

Get onlookers into a state of frenzy when you hit the streets with this style. The haircut actually has two distinct colors but the orange input at the tip of the Mullet brings out the unique features of the look.

25Textured Crop

Textured Crop
Instagram / @SIXREVERSE

The crop hairstyle actually looks good but gets better when there is an input from the Mullet. Trim the top and let low fades adorn the sides, before weaving the volume backward.

26Colored Bangs

Colored Bangs
Instagram / @YUTIAN0206

The color in this hairstyle is the reason why it attracts attention. You don’t have to trim to make the best out of it. Get your hands on one of the products in our list and run your fingers into the hair to pull off the right texture.

27Comb-Over + Mini Mullet

Comb-Over + Mini Mullet
Instagram / @LIZ_THEBARBER

Get the top working by applying a texture to the hair before styling to the side. Keep the flowing at the sides and integrate a surgical line from the side to the base of the crown. Finish the job with a medium-length Mullet.

28Hot Shot Mullet

Hot Shot Mullet

This style entails slicking the medium-length hair back to the nape. For added glamour, consider fading and applying surgical lines to the side. Always use a styling product to maintain the style’s texture by working your fingers through the hair.

29Slicked Pomp + Beard

Slicked Pomp + Beard

There are two parts to this style – the business and party look. The pompadour at the crown lets you wear the look to the office while the Mullet at the back takes the center stage when it is time for the party. Finish the job with fades at the sides and good trim on the colored beard.

30Textured Spikes

Textured Spikes
Instagram / @ROSALINDA9603

You can convert your spiky hairdo with the Mullet. Keep the top locked down with medium-length spikes while you delegate enough volume to form the Mullet at the nape.

31The Full Mullet

The Full Mullet
Instagram / @BEARDSEASON

This is for men that are blessed with enough volume. Rather than toe the line of the traditional Mullet haircut, apply low fades at the sides and a bit of trimming at the top. Finish with enough volume at the back and a well-trimmed full beard.

32Unconventional Mullet

Unconventional Mullet
Instagram / @BARBERBEEE

Throw your Mullet into the ring when you get your hair done in this pattern. Texture the medium-length hair at the crown, lock down the sides with fades and integrate surgical lines for a distinguished look.

33Mullet with Artistic Lines

Mullet with Artistic Lines
Instagram / @AZ.BLENDS

Do you want to add some sauce to your Mullet? This is the right style to get started. Trim and weave back the volume. Then, apply the artistic lines at the side.

34The Waves

The Waves
Instagram / @TAYLOR_HAIR_

Apply the right styling product at the top and slick it back to the base of the crown. If you have some volume at the back, consider integrating it to the Mullet to reach the nape of the neck. Apply surgical lines at the sides and finish with a mustache.

35Cool Look

Cool Look

Graduate from the traditional formation and get started with this look. To get it right, shave the sides, weave back from the front and conclude with sideburns.

36Disconnected Faux Hawk

Disconnected Faux Hawk

Create a disconnected and flashy look with this Mullet-inspiration from the Faux Hawk hairstyle. Remember to shave a few inches off the sides before applying texture and color to the hair.

37Recreating the ‘80s

Recreating the ‘80s

Tune in to the main outlook of the Mullet, which started in the ‘80s. Throw in some tit-bits of the modern look to make it inviting. For more glamour, add some color to the tip of the Mullet, and finish with a full beard.

38Mullet in the Making

Mullet in the Making

You don’t have to be bald to pull off this look. The secret to getting it right is by shaving the sides, keeping the top short, and weaving back the sparse hair at the base of the crown.

39Mullet + Grey Beard

Mullet + Grey Beard
Instagram / @OOMPHSALON

Even though this is open for styling by anyone, it is the best pick for older men. There is a whole lot of party going on with the wavy strands that dominate the back. Indeed, you can pull off the Mullet haircut without looking bad. This style is an attestation to that.

40Mullet + Middle Part

Mullet + Middle Part

Side part hairstyles will envy the impression the middle part creates on this style. This is the season to fire from all cylinders. So, get in the league and give your Mullet hairstyle a touch of gold by parting at the middle.

41Side Sweep

Side Sweep

The side-swept hairstyle seems to have dominated the crown for long. Now, the Mullet is giving it a run for the money by sweeping the strands to a side of the nape. Maintain shaved sides and disconnected beard to complete the job

42The Adorable Look

The Adorable Look
Instagram / @GOTHHAIRBAE

There is no doubt that you will pull off an amazing look when you settle for this style. To get it done, fade the sides, weave back the strands to the nape, and maintain a clean look without sideburns.

Mull over the Cut

The Mullet hairstyle is one that keeps tongues wagging. So, give serious thoughts to it and be sure that this is what you want. The interesting thing about it is the compatibility with many hairstyles. Care for some adventure or simply want to have all eyes on you? Inspire your barber with any style in our list and style your way to stardom.

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