The Best Mop For Tile Floors 2020 – Review And Ultimate Buying Guide

Welcome to our detailed guide towards getting the best mop for tile floors. So far, as a homeowner or one who works in an establishment, often than not the issue of cleaning the stained, marbled floor comes up. The problem isn’t that we can’t get an outstanding mopping stick, detergent, and bucket to fight the tough stain. No. it lies in other things like time, efforts exerted on one spot alone, and the difficulty that comes with working with the manual tools.

For the above reason, lots of us with enough cleaning duty to commit to, prefer to go with the Steam Mops, but how do we know which is the best for us both in the long-run and short-run? With many of these useful tools in the market and backed by fanciful reviews which are the way to go? Today we are out to help you out.

Comparison Table For The Top Five Best Mop For Tile Floors

Microfiber MopB. SymphonyH. WH20200Shark Steam S3501B. PowerFresh
Type Dust Mop and Wet Mop Steam and Vacuum Steam Cleaner Superhot Steam Cleaner Steam Cleaner
Warm-up Time N/A 30 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds
Cord/Length 70-inch handle length 25 ft 30 ft 20 feet 23 Inches
Weight 4.65 pounds 10.6 pounds 6 pounds 4.87 pounds 6 pounds

Advice And Who Are The Targets For These Mops?

A right inquiry. However, the answer seems rather glaring to those who leave in a home or work in any building. Here are those who they designed the Steam Mops for:

Home Cleaners
Whether you live in a small apartment or large one, you can reap the benefits of this cleaning tools. Those tough stains in the kitchen, the imprint of your kids, cats, and dogs at the lobby, hallway, parlour and other house settings do not need to be a nightmare when you put your mind on them. With the amount of hot water that hits the floor per second, and the movement of the fibre cleaners, will fight and win those stains significantly faster than your hands and mopping stick can ever.
Industrial Cleaners
We should not remind you of the difficulties you face when holding your bucket at one hand and a mopping stick at the other, followed by the number of offices and corridors you must shine and clean. All these become a fun work, a more impactful practice, and a faster duty when you go for Steam Mops.
School Cleaners
The best mop for tile is for all persons who have a cleaning duty to commence. This includes school buildings and any other building that we use. So, as a school cleaner, you need these Mops, and you need the best from it because they have a perfect design and power to make your job easier.

Though Steam Mops work significantly better than the crude cleaning tools we have all come to know, there are a few areas that their performance might not be that advanced. These fields include: battling spills, forcing out in-ground dirt, and cleaning of upholstery and carpets. However, they will still do the job faster.

Our Adopted Standard For Carrying Out This Review

To ensure we get the best mop for tile floors for ourselves and those who need the tools, we searched the net and online stores for Steam Mops with the highest reviews. From the numbers of mops we got, we streamlined them to five through comparison of their weaknesses and strength, and the long-term reviews from actual customers who bought and used the devices.

Our Review Of The Top Five Best Mop For Tile Floors

1. The Bissell PowerFresh Cleaner

best mop for tile floors - The Bissell PowerFresh CleanerThe first one on our list is a product from Bissell named the PowerFresh cleaner. The company designed the cleaning tool to give the most satisfactory delivery in wood cleaning, floor steaming, and tile cleaning. So, if you got one of these floors at home, you might want to know more about this one. You need to stick with the manual for this one. Bissell created this device with variable control. You get to determine the intensity of the hot water and the position of the scrubber to get the best out of cleaning your hard floor and making the laminate flooring come alive.

When you need something more than steam, Bissell has attached to the PowerFresh an easy-to-use Scrubber.  This component is built to tackle tough stains like grout and those in-ground stains we talked about earlier. You can get a notable performance from this device when tackling messes like that. The company built the scrubber pad with bristle surfaces to ensure that they can get into the tightest spots to purge the dirt from your floor. The scrubber is quick to come out and enter back due to the flip-down design for the mop. That added to the scent disc at the side of this tool, the days of scenting the room after cleaning is over. You can do that at the same time.

Another good thing about the PowerFresh is that it comes with a 23-power cord, two washing pads: one for everyday uses and the other for tough stains; and finally, a removable tank.

  • Can combat the toughest stains
  • A Spring Breeze Fragrance Disc
  • Easy access to the water tank
  • Steaming control
  • No chemicals needed
  • Low cost
  • Easy to set up
  • Faster steam time
  • Longer range
  • Lightweight
  • A turn-off/on steam feature
  • Reaches into the hard and small corners
  • Two years warranty
  • Deep cleaning the floor can become pretty wet
  • On porcelain floor, leaving the mop on the spot for long causes it to retain the heat longer and can hurt your exposed skin
  • Use distilled water or demineralized against Tap water
  • For some, the tank cap breaks easily with time
If you want a Steam Mop that you can use to battle, Tough stains (high setting), Daily messes (medium setting), and other regulars (Normal mode), PowerFresh is one of the best mop for tile you should consider. However, you should be selective where you get yours from to avoid the cap defect.

2. The Bissell Symphony All-In-One Cleaner

best mop for tile floors - The Bissell Symphony All-In-One CleanerThe second on our list of getting the best way to keep clean tile floors is another from Bissell: The Symphony. Bissell knows there are times when we just need a vacuum to do the job and other times when a Steam Mop is the best choice to drive the dirt away. So, here we have a Cleaning tool that can act as our vacuum machine and steam cleaner to eradicate the messes on our hardwood, stone, Vinyl, and ceramically tiled floorings.

Aside from this reality, there are lots to excite you with this production. The Symphony allows you to do more than floor cleaning. With the all-in-one vacuum feature, you can use the cleaning tool to vacuum your pet hair or dirt off wet surfaces. So, it comes in handy in all situation.

This mop comes with two types of mop pad: the regular reusable that helps battle off the day-to-day messes on your floors, and the Unique Swiffer SteamBOOST pad that they built for hard stains. So, when the time comes, and you must give that floor a hard scrub, you have some options on your hands.

With the 2-in-1 feature, we can enjoy the reality of washing and drying of the floors at the same time. Bissell built the cleaning machine with a 25 ft power cord, which gives more cleaning range. Also, the Easy-Touch-Control Use comes with a Low, High steaming option and Vacuum mode.

Other interesting things about the Symphony is the Scent Disc and the drop-it mess tank. This repository allows you to keep your hands clean after using the vacuum feature. All you will do is press the level when faced to the trash can, and the gathered dirt gets dumped.

  • A Vacuum and Steam feature
  • Easy Touch Control for mode switching
  • A Drop-IT technology
  • Warms up fast
  • A longer work range
  • Built to fight hard stains
  • It’s lightweight
  • A turn-off/on steam feature
  • No chemicals needed
  • A Scent Disc
  • The bristles can get clumped with pet hair
  • The suction ability is not high
  • No enhanced performance on grout
  • Takes more than one passes to battle dry muddy dirt
  • The steam button can grow faulty with time
  • Some don’t last more than a year
If you are a pet lover and in search for a cleaning tool that can take off the dirt and hairs that clamps your floors and furniture, the Bissell Pet Symphony Cleaner is the best mops for laminate flooring to consider. However, above are the list of things you might experience during usage.

3. The HOOVER Wh20200 Steam Mop

best mop for tile floors - The HOOVER Wh20200 Steam MopThe third on our list of best mops for tile floors come from the doorsteps of the HOOVER company. The Wh20200 comes in a twin tank design. Hoover built this Mop to be the perfect solution for cleaning and disinfecting the home all at the same time. They adopted their SteamPlus Disinfectant solution in this build. So, we get two tanks that are for two different cleaning assistance. One tank is for the steaming, and the other one is for the Disinfectant. With this construct, we get to both hot wash our floors and kill bacteria concurrently by just turning a dial attached to the cleaner. You do not need to worry about the materials in the Disinfecting solution as its completely biodegradable. So, with the help of the Disinfectant, we can have those harmful bacteria that do not die through exposure to hot water get cleared.

Another good thing about the Disinfecting Solution is that it owns a property that softens those tough stains and ensures that you can eradicate them faster than the usual. Aside from that, HOOVER built the Cleaning tool with a 30 ft cord which gives you more cleaning room.

The gadget also comes with a steam indicator, a Carpet Glider, and three triangular, reusable, Microfibre pads to improve performance and convenience. With the glider, you can have your carpets looking like new; with the shaped pad, you can enjoy flushing off the dirt in tight corners of your home, and with the indicator, you can know when it is up for usage.

  • Effective germ-killing mechanism
  • Lightweight
  • Fast steaming time
  • Longer cleaning range
  • A steam alone option
  • A carpet Glider feature
  • Several useful accessories
  • Adjustable disinfectant output
  • The plastic area at the handle and tank are liable to break with time
  • A fragile handle build
  • Not hot enough to dry off in a few minutes
  • No turn off steam feature aside turn off the device
If you’re looking for a hot mop that can provide the best range in cleaning your floors without jeopardizing the ability to hot wash the surface, the Wh20200 is one of the mops for laminate flooring that you had like to consider. However, you have the chance to experience the above difficulties.

4. The Shack Pocket Mop Steam Cleaner

best mop for tile floors - The Shack Pocket Mop Steam CleanerThe fourth on our list of the best way to deep clean tile floors is the Pocket Mop form the household of the Shack. As the name of this unit suggests, the cleaner is meant to be mobile friendly, so that you can take it to wherever you have a cleaning date. Shack tried to include only featherweight materials to get the weight of the cleaning tool settled around 4.8 pounds. They also build the mop to be an improved means for you to tackle tough stains and in-ground menace. So, laminate floors like the Vinyl, hardwood, linoleum, and tile flooring will receive an in-depth reach from this Steam Mop.

Also, you don’t need special conditioned water to fill the steam tank. You can use your Tap water at any time.

Shark ensured that the Pocket Mop owns a quick steaming time and superhot water for flushing out the messes and sanitising the laminated floors. That added to their patented two-sided microfibre pad, you can reach into those small spots. Another cool thing about the device is the way it operates. Once the water is ready for you to use, all you need to do is push the mop forward against the surface you wish to clear, and hot water comes surging out.

Because of how super hot the steam is, you get a quickly dried floor each time you pass the mop through the dirty area.

You also get the chance to choose your steaming level, a 20 ft cord range, and two reusable pads.

  • A fast steam time
  • Superhot output for tough dirt
  • Steaming level options
  • Automatic output
  • Double-sided cleaning
  • Works with tap water
  • No chemicals needed
  • Longer usage range
  • It is lightweight
  • Big water tank
  • An ergonomic head
  • Due to the swivel head design, you must lean it on a surface, so it doesn’t fall.
If you’re looking for a lighter cleaning tool you can move around quickly and stress-free without sacrificing impact, Pocket Mop is one of the best ways to deep clean tile floors without dropping more on weight.

5. The Professional Microfibre Mop

best mop for tile floors - The Professional Microfibre MopThis Mop is the product of Microfibre Wholesale and the fifth on our list of mops for laminate flooring. This might be the last on our review list, but it is certainly not the last. In fact, Microfibre Wholesale built this cleaning tool for the pro cleaners out there with premium microfibre for the most impactful and seamless cleaning experience. The company constructed every part of this Mop to be both customizable and satisfactory to the user and the eradication of dirt.

So, practically, you can use this Steam Mop to tackle Stone floors, Laminate floors, Tile floors, Concrete Surface, and hardwood floors. Microfibre Wholesale built the Professional Microfibre Mop with charged fibre strands that are efficient in attracting negatively charged dust which aids in its efficiency to clean up the floors.

What are the outstanding features of this Moping stick, you might ask? One, it comes with an extended handle of up to 70” so you and any other person who gets to use the Mop can adjust to a standing position. Two, you can use the cleaning tool for both wet mopping and dust mopping at the same time or one after the other. To make this possible, the Professional Mop owns a Dual Action Dust Mop and an 18” wide, Reusable. Premium Wet Mop. And three, the swivel is a Heavy-Duty kind that you can turn in a 360 direction

With the 18-inch extended wet mop, you can reach more dirt. Also, the Dust mop section has a fringe yarn and a Microfibre face yarn; one is charged to attract dust particles, hairs, and other debris, while the other traps them.

  • Extended cleaning surface
  • Effective cleaning
  • Faster dirt eradication
  • More necessary accessories
  • Built to battle hard surfaces
  • Owns two wet mop pads
  • An extensive cord length
  • Lightweight
  • A Dual cleaning option
  • Each part are replaceable
  • You need something like a brochure to slide under the Dust Mop to slide it down or up for an effective dust cleaning
This product from Microfibre Wholesale is built to serve in any setting and for any floor cleaning task. If you are after  a customizable unit that is durable and effective, then you should consider this product as your best mop for tiles

Our Top Pick Of The Five Best Mop For Tile Floors

Each of this Modernised Mops have their advantage against the other. A reason for you to prefer it to the other. Some, the manufacturers constructed them to give the best in battling hard dirt, some for all kinds of Steam cleaning, others for sucking, cleaning and dusting. Hence, our best might not be your best. It all depends on your needs and preference. However, factored on long-term issues, effectiveness in cleaning, lightweight, durability, customisability, and multi-cleaning feature, the Professional Microfibre is our top pick followed by Pocket Mop and PowerFresh.

Our Ultimate Guide For Narrowing Down The Best Mops For Laminate Flooring

Length And Cord Size
This should be the first things for you to consider because you will be spending a minute or more working on the floor. Hence, you need a Mop that has an adjustable height or tall enough, and you need one that has a long cord so you don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging— depending on the surface area.
Water Tank
This is another essential criterion. The tank should be: one, easy to remove and replace; two, the container should be at an accessible point; three, there should be the option of refilling water while working without the need of first removing the tank or offing the machine. These determinants will ensure a faster and cleaner experience.
Cleaning Pads
Another thing to consider when purchasing the best Mop for tiles is the pads. How many pads does the device have? How many kinds of pads does it own? The more the pads, the more the different cleaning pads, the better. Why? Some pads are better for regular floor wash why others are there to handle the heavy stains and mess. Also, during a time-consuming floor wash, you might need to do some pad changing, or a moment might present itself when one pad is in the wash. At such moments a spare pad will make a difference.
Additional Tools
What other tools does the Mop for laminate flooring own? Things like nozzle, carpet glider, and brush should be in your mind. The more, the better, but these three gives you more reach in battling the in-ground dirt, grout, and working on light stains on your carpets and rugs.
Heat Up Time
The best Mop for tile should have steam priming time of 20- 1 minute for faster workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

As I own a fake hardwood floor and groove, do you think this PowerFresh will harm the floor?
On the contrary, it will sanitize and promote the floor. This model is for all surfaces.
The Symphony Mop, does it work as both a dirt sweeper or is it only a Mop?
In a way, it does both. Back before I got the Symphony, I battled the issue of sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping of the floors of hairs and other dry dirt. However, it is now a whole lot easier. The vacuuming feature allows me to suck in all kinds of debris and the Mop cleans and shine the floors.
Has anybody used the Steam Mops on hard floors in a long-term, mostly, the Wh20200? Does it work?
Um… I don’t know what you mean by long-term, but I have been using Steam Mops for over six years. Now I am using the HOOVER, and so far with my long relationship with Steam Mops, I believe they make the job faster and convenient.
How do you wet the Professional and how effective is it against hard dirt?
I usually wet the Mop from the sink. It works quickly and exceptionally!
How good is the Pocket Mop for fighting grout?
The Mop is pretty good on all floors, but the build doesn’t allow it to reach correctly into some tight spots. So, you might have to use a brush at times.

Our Final Verdict

It all rests on what you want, the area you are to clean, and the ones that work with your budget. However, we know that when you follow our mapped out Guide for the best mop for tile floors and you go through the products we have reviewed thus far, even if none of the highlighted tools appeal to you, you’ve all you need. For us, the best Mop out there for all kind of laminate floor cleaning is the Professional, and the best for deep cleaning is the Bissell PowerFresh and Shark Pocket Mop.

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