44 Trendy Long Layered Hairstyles 2020 (Best Haircut For Women)

Long hair, although often coveted can be a burden. It’s heavy, hard to keep looking healthy and can often be hard to keep from getting tangled and matted. Layered haircuts for long hair are the best solution to these problems, allowing you to grow your hair without being burdened with all the other problems that come with having long hair.

A layered haircut adds volume to long hair and allows for versatility when styling. Consider your own personal style and how you wear your layers when you are deciding on the cut for you. Also consider your hair type, color and face shape when choosing because you want the layers to be the most flattering possible.

Here we show you some of the hottest long layered haircuts and hairstyles so you can find the right one for your hair type and face shape.

1Textured Long Hair

Textured Long Hair - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @HAIRBYEDWIN

Textured long layers are great for women with medium to thick hair who are happy to put in some extra time in the morning styling or for ladies with naturally textured hair. This textured look can be enhanced by subtle highlights or balayage. Softly textured layers look great if you regularly curl your hair. If you have flat hair ask a stylist for added choppy layers to give hair natural movement.

Use workable hairspray to prep the hair and then use a texturizing spray after curling. Leave the ends when curly to add even more texture to flat hair.

2Shaggy Layers

Shaggy Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @KAIAGERBER

Inspired by the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, the shag has wispy bangs, a center parting and close-cropped layers. If you have a shaggy lob and want to grow it out keep the layers. Lately, stars like Kaia Gerber and Mandy Moore have been bringing back this cool girl retro look.

Depending on the texture of your hair, the long shag haircut is versatile and can be worn messy and edgy or seamless and straight. If you already have curls cut the layers closer to the crown of your head or keep the long top layers choppy for a more polished version. Blow dry your hair in first one direction across your head and then to the other to avoid any limpness.

3Shattered Layers

Shattered Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @BENI_B_HAIR

Shattered layers create a circular style that brings out facial features. The different lengths of layers add a fringe effect to the head which creates movement and a unique softness. This type of layering can be done with a razor or with bevel-edged shears.

Begin layering at the front, underneath the chin, so the hair falls onto the shoulders and chest. Using a bevel-edged pair of shears to cut the front layers will give the haircut drama.

4Piecey Hair

Piecey Hair - Long Layered Hairstyles

This haircut won’t work on people with blunt straight cut hair. You need to cut chunky almost random layers into the long haircut.  Start the layers at the collarbone and then keep them blunt rather than blended, this will give the illusion of thicker hair. This cut really enhances round and heart-shaped faces. If you have a round face add longer layers to the face and those with elongated faces should have short layers that frame the face.

Style with dry hair and rub a small amount of between your hands before applying to random chunks of hair. Apply products from the mid-length down, putting product too close to the crown could make the hair look weighed down and greasy. Separate the chunks into different directions

5Layered Waves

Layered Waves - Long Layered Hairstyles

Enhance natural waves by creating a cut that follows the shape of the head, in and out like the shape of the question mark. The best way to define the natural waves is to cut head defining layers that are not too short.  Make sure that every movement is cut so it defines your waves not flattens them.

Slighter shorter bangs will give beach waves a face-framing effect.  Begin at your parting and create a vertical section before cutting in a down and our technique.

Avoid short layers in the top portion of your head, instead create long layers for movement and a lift. Cut pie-shaped longer layers radiating from a center point of the crown. Produce a slight layer by cutting over the top of the section at the tips and as you cut, over-direct the section away from the face

6Point Cut

Point Cut - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @ARIASCHNIB

There are many layering techniques that can be added to long hair styles to make it look special. Point cutting is a technique that can be used to texturize hair because it removes the bulk from the hair’s ends, this allows the layers to blend seamlessly together. This cut will create movement in flat hair and can give either a subtle or a dramatic look, depending on the thickness and the texture of the hair.

Point cutting requires patience as the cut is slow and done at a slight angle, this will allow the hair to lay better. The idea of this cutting technique is to not remove length but to add texture. By severely angling the scissors you can control the amount of hair that is taken out with each cut.

7Layered Blow Out

Layered Blow Out - Long Layered Hairstyles

To get that salon-perfect blow out on a long layered haircut make sure you have a strong hairdryer with a precision nozzle and at least two wood or bristle brushes. Apply mousse onto the roots of wet hair or serum if you have thick of curly locks. Split your hair into four workable sections and start with your bangs, if you have any, or start with the front sections. The nozzle should be close to the hair, not touching it, and blow those out with a small round brush until dry. If your hair is fine you should only use one of two sweeps of the brush but thicker hair may require three to five.

Make sure your hair is 100% dry when you finish or the frizz will set in. Once you have completed each section stop and slow it to cool down and then use a sealing serum or add rollers for more voluminous layers. When you take the rollers out flip your hair upside down and add dry shampoo to the roots to lock in volume.

8Long Feathering

Long Feathering - Long Layered Hairstyles

The 70’s classic feathered keeps having a resurgence due to its versatility. Feathered hair looks great on straight to curly, wavy or tousled. The modern way of feathering long hair is to feather it towards your face, this is especially beneficial to round faces as it doesn’t make your face appear wider.

Adding bangs to a long feathered haircut will give a smooth effect that frames your faces when blended correctly. If you’re not into heavy or long bangs or find they don’t suit you, try a centred parting where longer bangs can be styled outwards and then curled away from the face. This suits oblong and heart-shaped faces best. Long hair with bangs adds extra frame to the face and suit women with longer faces.

9Long Hair Short Layers

Long Hair Short Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @HAIRBYMARYB

If you have a long face shape and long hair you do not want to cut short, try adding shorter layers as this will make your face appear more round.

Ask your stylist to get fine layers cut through the length of the hair, starting at the fringe line, these shorter layers will frame your face and add movement to the hair. Make sure when getting your hair cut it isn’t thinned out unless you have thicker hair that needs to lose weight. For some extra shape, switch your everyday shampoo to a volumising one, it will give the hair lift and structure. This is also a great way of adding shape to flat hair that needs added dimension.

10Choppy Dimensional Layers

Choppy Dimensional Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @JOANSMALLS

Waking up with bedhead isn’t as sexy as it looks on TV but it’s easy to create this tousled hairstyle.

Give your long hair shape, texture and structure but adding short, choppy layers in a random pattern. Add even more edge and mess to your choppy and dimensional layered hair with uneven bangs. Ask your stylist for nothing too extreme, just a fringe that’s not blunt or perfectly balanced. Bangs in this style make a flattering compliment to choppy layers if blended well.

11Caramel Layers

Caramel Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @JLO

Caramel highlights add a subtle sun kissed tone to a medium brown or dark blonde base. Caramel highlights are universally flattering and a favourite of celebrities like Sofia Vergara. This type of highlighting, because it’s supposed to look natural, isn’t aggressive and will not damage the health of your hair.

Adding caramel to dark and long black hair is a great way to add dimension without it looking too harsh. When adding the caramel hue make sure to add it sporadically so it looks naturally sun kissed. This looks better on layered hair if the lighter colors are placed around the face. If you are low maintenance, caramel layers work with grown out roots if you blend them well enough into your layers.

12Face Framing Layers

Face Framing Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles

This versatile layered cut looks great equally on curly or straight hair, the idea is this long layered haircut for women blends softness and natural hair movement with volume at the crown. This cut works for most face shapes as your stylist should tailor the haircut to suit your face shape. Once cut this hairstyle looks great curled, straightened, braided or in a simple ponytail. Blending soft face-framing layers will draw attention to your eyes and will add movement to flat lifeless hair. If you have a wide forehead add bang or elongate a short face with a side fringe.

Blow dry with a paddle brush for a smooth effect, bending the brush around your face. This style also looks amazing curled for that Kate Middleton loose spiral effect.

13Layered Beach Waves

Layered Beach Waves - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @ROSIEHW

Perfect beach waves are a timeless trend both in summer and in winter for those who yearn for hot months. Waves won’t fall right on hair that is all one length. If you have thick hair ask your stylist to remove the heaviness from the hair otherwise it will be full instead of tousled when you wave it. It is better to cut this dry so the stylist can see how your hair naturally reacts.

To get that signature rough hair texture you’ll need a good-quality texturizing spray. There are different ways of achieving this style, either let it air dry and scrunch it or you can use a curling iron. You will need to already have textured hair if you want to scrunch it naturally, otherwise you will need to use a clamp-less 2-inch barrel curling iron. Always curl away from your face, start mid-shaft and leave the ends out for the most natural look.

14Flipped Layers

Flipped Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @MARIA_ASHLEYY

The flicked layers look will always come back into fashion, mainly because it can be applied to any hair length, including long layers on long hair. This is a great style for women who have previously had a layered cut and are now growing it out. This is also a great low maintenance haircut for those who do not want to spend a huge amount of time on styling their hairs in the morning.

Ask your stylist to cut your layers at the underside so your longest length should be the hair at the top. Because the lower parts of the hair don’t notch as far out it helps give the effect of choppy texture, which flicks out nicely.

Use a round brush to blow dry the flipped ends into places if you want a subtler blow out effect. A curling iron on dried hair will give precise, retro vibes. If you trouble keeping this style, maybe because you have fine hair, try using a wax.

15Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Long Layered Hair with Bangs - Long Layered Hairstyles

Having bangs is an instant fashion statement, it’s almost like accessorizing your hair. Layering straight bangs can give them a bit of added movement and versatility. This style should be avoided on fine hair as it can thin the bangs and make them look flat. Wispy bangs that melt into long, face-framing layers will add definition to the face.

Bangs have been praised as being anti-aging, versatile and can hide a large forehead. The great thing about getting choppy, layered bangs is you get all the benefits with only half of the maintenance. Layered bangs also look stunningly delicate when paired with messy updos for that perfect Cannes French chic style.

16Contoured Balayage

Contoured Balayage - Long Layered Hairstyles

Contouring is a great way to accentuate and soften facial features. Much like the makeup technique, contouring uses darker tones to add depth to areas that want to appear softer and lighter shades to brighten other areas. The key concept of hair contouring is to make the faced look oval, so dyeing it can help balance out your features. Creating a dark shadow underneath the hair will make the hair appear thicker whilst adding lightness around the face and ends gives the hair more balance.

Balayage blends tone from darker at the roots to lighter at the end and is all performed by hand, without using any foils. Contouring can be a good way to assess your face shape and analyse where the balayage should be placed.

17V Cut

V Cut - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @MEGSKAYHAIR

If you have a thick or coarse hair type, ask your stylist to cut in V-shaped layers. This will thin out your hair without losing any length and will make it much easier to style. This versatile haircut can be worn either poker straight or curled. Getting V-shapes cut into your hair is the perfect option if you wear your hair up in a high ponytail or a tight braid, as the thinning cut will help the hair hold its shape for longer.

18Layered Ombre

Layered Ombre - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @NYDSCOYO

Ombre hair is when your hair gradually blends from one color at the top to another on the ends, usually from dark to light. Gradient ombres that allow root growth is one of the most popular ways to wear this style that there are lots of variants to this style. Adding ombre to hair that has layers is a great way to give your long hair with layers dimension.

Blunt cut ends and choppy layers really enhance a minimalistic ombre hairstyle. Adding ombre to heavily chopped layers will make it look like your hair has been professionally lit at all times. Ombre colors work best when they come in at ear length and a few strategically places highlights are placed around the face. Ombre coloring can really enhance naturally full curls as, when mixes with a layer haircut, can keep the curls from looking too bulky and allows you to embrace your natural texture.

19Volume Adding Layers for Straight Hair

Volume Adding Layers for Straight Hair - Long Layered Hairstyles

Layers are the ultimate go to when it comes to adding or taking away the bulk of hair, it just depends on your hair type and the cut. Interior layering is the best way to add lots of volume to fine or thin hair, this will give you fake volume. Deep point cut the interior and create a medley of different lengths, this will push the interior of the hair higher and create volume.

Your stylist cutting outside of the comb will create a softer layer, while inside of the comb creates a more dramatic finish. This styling with easily create a volume at the crown without having to take away any length or much needed volume.

20Melting Colors

Melting Colors - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @RITAORA

The new color melting method of dyeing hair is often used after balayage, in order to create a smoother, softer blend of colors.

Stylists will balayage the whole head and then choose a tone between the root and the bottom later to marry the two together. This will add depth and give a fresher look that is less stark. The stylist wants to add a seamless spectrum of shades rather than a lighter color on a darker base, which when done wrong can appear a little stripy.

21Grown Out Shag

Grown Out Shag - Long Layered Hairstyles

If you want to grow out your 70’s inspired shag haircut you will still look trendy and cool. Make sure you don’t let this haircut fade into an indistinct and lank mess and add more layers and bangs for an updated version.

Ask your stylist to use a pair of thinning scissors or a razor, the long shag shouldn’t look too neat and should instead have lots of mussed up texture. Using thinning scissors will add a crazy texture to your hair but use a razor if you hair is already thin. Razors destroy dry hair so always use on wet locks. Shred thick hair for this cool effect or use scissors to chip in or notch fine strands.

22Two Tier

Two Tier - Long Layered Hairstyles

This dramatic style is very flattering for long haired women, especially if you wear your hair in half up styles or in full ponytails.

Ask for long windswept layers cut into the U or V shape and then shorter layers half way up that. This will add a lot more volume and texture to even the finest of hair. Incorporated balyage and different color tones into this two tiers for added depth. If you have very straight hair ask your stylist for V cut layers on both tiers. If you have thick hair the double layering effect will take away weight, making your locks feel healthier and lighter with volume in all the right places.

23Ghost Layers

Ghost Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles

This is one of the most flattering hairstyles for long hair. The key to acing this technique is blending. Ghost layering adds movement and texture whilst still looking like one layer of hair, it’s a great way of removing bulk without compromising on length. A ghost layer is like a layer within a layer and works on all hair types. It’s important to vary the lengths of hair, this will add motion whilst the longer layers will camouflage the shorter ones giving the hair the appearance of length.

Ghost layering can make hair colors also look amazing because it makes it easier for your colorist to blend in multiple tones for a natural finish.

24Bedhead Layers

Bedhead Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles

This look is about carefully mussing up the texture of hair but with some purpose so it doesn’t look dirty and unkempt. Ask for choppy ends to be cut into your long lengths, this will help your hair get that tousled look and the right amount of static.

The long hairstyle works best when a layer is cut to sit at the jaw in a solid line. This tousled, messy style can contour the jawline, with the jagged layers at the sides and back enhancing your natural length.  Create more layers at the end and the top to add volume and dimension.

25Angled Layers

Angled Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles

Angled layers are the perfect cut for fine hair because it gives body and movement without looking too wispy and lifeless. A side parting and jaw length layers will help shorter oval and long faces but generally this cut will suit anyone if tailored a little to their needs. The key to making this look modern and seamless is to evenly blend layers in a downward pattern.

If your hair is fine do not layer more than two inches below the collarbone as this will makes the ends look stringy.

26Razored Layers

Razored Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles

A sharply razored layer will add texture to thick hair.  The razor can be used to add texture to haircuts with thick hair and soften a layered long hairstyle for women. The razor can also bevel or soften the ends of a blunt layered haircut for long hair.

The razor can get a totally precise and blunt effect, an effect scissors simply cannot get. However, when using a razor to add layers it can give your hair a softer appearance, giving your locks variation.

Razor haircuts for women can make fine hair sit up with body and can reduce the bulk of thick hair. The hair is sliced half way down the head for a successful way to thin heavy and thick hair. Avoid razored layers if you have curly hair as it will add frizz.

27The Bardot

The Bardot - Long Layered Hairstyles

This mid-length to long haircut for women consists of soft layering and face-framing pieces that imitate the 60’s French starlet. This playful look is cute and sexy at the same time and is fairly low maintenance. Choose face-framing pieces over bangs as they are much less of a commitment and are much easier to style on a day to day basis.

Get shorter layers at the crown so you can tease it into a small, messy beehive and angled the face-framing pieces, or curtain bangs, so they graze the cheeks.

28Waterfall Curls

Waterfall Curls - Long Layered Hairstyles

This old Hollywood inspired curl is a great way to style your hair if you have layered long hair. It is an easy style to master and a favourite of Gigi Hadid and Amanda Seyfried. Sometimes curls on non-layered can look a little pageanty but with a ton of long layers, your curls look stunning cascading down your shoulders.

Create a deep parting, whether this be side or center. Apply mousse from the middle of the length to the very ends for hold. Separate the sections before curling. Wrap small sections of your hair around a clip free curling iron and curl away from your face. Hold for only five seconds before softly releasing. Comb mousse through the crown of your head whilst you allow your curls to cool. Brush out the ringlets gently for a loose waterfall curl or leave soft depending on your hair texture. Fine hair will fall by itself so don’t brush them out if you have this hair type.

29The Layered Cut Perm

The Layered Cut Perm - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @BARNARHAIR

The Layered Cut Perm is Korea’s biggest secret. Blow out bars and blow drying isn’t used in day to day styling in Korea so they invented this new styling technique. To achieve the volume they would normally get blow drying their hair they build in lots of secret layers that make the hair seem more pumped up. Ask your stylist to perm your hair in the very loosest of waves, then cut in layers that fall softly around the face.

The other version of this cut is the wolf perm, which cuts the bangs at the eyebrow and then graduate layers frame face before exploding into wild curls and texture. This editorial style has involved into a softer style that cuts light feathered layers that are later permed for soft bouncy volume.

30Light Layers Enhanced by Colors

Light Layers Enhanced by Colors - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @JESSICAALBA

Strategically placed highlights and low lights can really enhance layered hair.

If you have blonde hair, try running honey tones through it, it is especially flattering if you have a darker base color. Blonde highlights can really amp up wavy layers, try honey toned through medium brunette locks. Adding lighter tones to face framing strands can really enhance the eyes, especially if you have blue eyes.

If you want to enhance layered brown hair but don’t want to totally dye the layered hairdo try adding rich auburn shades or give yourself a sun kissed glow with caramel layers. Use lighter tones and highlights on the top layers of your hair for a natural and subtle look.

31Wind Swept Layers

Wind Swept Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @FDHAIR

A style loved by Beyonce, wind-swept layers are super romantic and extra glamorous. Windswept layers can sometimes end up looking a little 1970’s mullet (which if you like go for it!)  so use mousse on the wet layered hair and blow dry it with a round brush, focus on the ends of the layers to create that windswept shape.

To transform this layered haircut into Victoria Secret’s Angel worthy curls use a curling iron to curl different sections. Try and alternately curl the pieces away from your face in 1 to 1 ½ inch pieces. Make sure you don’t touch the curls until their cool. If you have a side swept fringe curl it away from your face.

32Smooth Layers

Smooth Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles

Straight smooth looks are very popular these days, we are seeing more and more of it on the red carpet. This hairstyle is easy to style, easy to maintain and doesn’t take much product to make it look amazing.

A good layer cut should produce smoothness, even on the most textured of hair, and gets rid of the hair friction that causes frizziness. This is a great haircut for curly hair as it eliminates the frizz and heaviness. This haircut also looks great on long thin hair as the layers give the hair definition and will make it look both fuller and thicker.

33Long Layers

Long Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles

Long layers could save your curly hair in humid temperatures. Long layers will weight down the frizz but keep your natural curls light and bouncy. Because the layers are long in the front it stops the curls bouncing around the face and not blending naturally into the hair.

Adding subtle long layers can help your curls look more dynamic and less flat. If you have a strong jawline opt for long layers that start well below chin level. Wider faces benefit from having layers sit at cheek level as this will help slim the face.

34Long Layers with Short Bangs

Long Layers with Short Bangs - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @TAYLORSWIFT

Camila Cabello is just one of the starlets that loves the bang heavy 60’s cut. To avoid them looking too bulky, don’t cut them too wide or too thick. They should create a triangle shape that aligns with the outer corners of your eyes. Keep the ends snipped so they are not too blunt and if you have thick hair add a few light graduated layers in the front, this will help the bangs blend into the longer layers on your head.

Don’t make the layers around your face too short, this cut will look most flattering when below the chin and framing the face.

35Long Straight Layers

Long Straight Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles

Whether you have naturally long hair or have invested in a high-quality set of extensions, layering long straight hair can be very look enhancing. The subtlest of snips starting at the chest length will give you hair movements. Avoid blunt ends as they can look too heavy on already weighed down locks.

A classic long graduation cut is often used on clients with long straight hair. Straight hair can be hard to layer as it is often unforgiving and the incorrect type of layering can look obvious and dated. Long graduations will allow you to keep the illusion of lengths but having movable internal layers that give the long hair movement.

36Waterfall Layers

Waterfall Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles

Waterfall is a precise layering technique that creates clean and straight lines that fall together naturally. The layers are cut in almost a teardrop shape, that shapes the hair and gives it elevation but will tame any natural curls into shape.

This look works best with curled or wavy hair, as they will really enhance cascade effect of the layered cut.

37Wispy Layers

Wispy Layers - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @LOCKS_BY_LINDY

Wipsy hair makes you look romantic and windswept, like you have been on a brisk coastal walk. This is an easy look to create as it plays on the hair’s natural texture.

Wispy layers are smooth and soft and create gradual changes in length. To make the ends wispy the stylist will shear your tops, shearing is when the sharp side of scissors are run down the length of the hair, slowly chipping away layers. Wipsy layers are used commonly on face-framing pieces and on side swept bangs. Wispy layers are a great subtle addition and will add shape and volume to most hairstyles.

38Tapered Cut

Tapered Cut - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @GISELE

A favourite of Gisele Bundchen, a long tapered cut keeps naturally curly hair from becoming too voluminous. Start the horizontal layers at collarbone level in the back, but longer around the front. This looks great when you tuck your hair behind your ear as it will avoid your hair having a triangular shape.  This will help textured hair look thick and still have volume but in a more modern and streamlined way.


Foilyage - Long Layered Hairstyles

Foilyage is a new way to get natural looking highlights that will give long layers dimension. Developed in New York as a more affordable alternative to balyage, this mixes the natural painterly technique of balyage with the intensity of using foils.

Foilyage keeps the top layer of the hair natural but adds the subtle highlights to the lower layers with a brush. Your stylist will paint a different dye on the ends before sealing it off in vertical foil strips. The original creator of the look recommends using a sprush, which combines a brush and a sponge. This look will look very natural and unintentional.

40Dark Roots

Dark Roots - Long Layered Hairstyles

Overgrown roots no longer are thought of as being messy and unattractive. Instead stylists are now encouraging their clients to embrace the roots and embrace the shadow roots trends. Shadow roots is the act of not touching the roots during dyeing and instead make a blurring transition between the two colors. This is a great way of melting your dark roots into lighter layers, making them look more natural and less jarring.

Shadow hair color is a perfect option if you want to try something new and leave traditional single-process hair dyeing or highlighting behind.

41Spiral Curls

Spiral Curls - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @JESYNELSON

Spiral curls are here to stay, making an appearance on not just Kate Middleton but on runways. If you have fine to medium hair with naturally tight spiral curls, enhance the texture with layers. The curlier the hair the longer the layers should be. Taper the ends with the layers to tame lioness manes.

If you want to add spiral curls to your flatter hair.  Apply mousse before you blow dry your hair, this will make them last, and dry the entire head. Section your hair into 2-3 horizontal sections and use a 1 inch curling barrel and wrap a 2 inch of hair around it. When you finishes leave the curls untouched and unbrushed.

4290’s Blowout

90’s Blowout - Long Layered Hairstyles

If you have at least shoulder-length hair that you are growing out long, try blowing-drying the ends of your hair with a round brush both away and towards your chin. This will help you to achieve a billowy voluminous effect.

Create a deep side part to keep this the right side of the 90’s and add sea salt spray for the updated edgy version of the blowout.

43Updated ‘Rachel’

Updated ‘Rachel’ - Long Layered Hairstyles
Instagram / @HOSKELSA

Also known as diagonal line layering, this haircut was made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends, Rachel Green. Instead of all your pieces falling one way modernize the cut by asking for gradual layers that slide subtle from long to short. Start the layering around the collarbone to get the most versatility out of this cut. This is a great way to add layers to a haircut without losing any length.

44Reversible Layer Cut

Reversible Layer Cut - Long Layered Hairstyles

This style featured layers near the face that start from the cheekbone and travel down to the ends of the hair, with the back section kept layer free. This haircut is all about giving the hair a beautiful curve.

Blow dry this cut with a round brush to achieve voluminous bouncy locks. This hair can be styled in many ways from a 90’s blow out to a tousled 70’s inspired shaggy style. This versatile look can be changed through styling and how sleekly you blow dry it.

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