Top Five of the Best Laptop for Drawing This 2020

Here is your chance to get the best laptop for drawing through this review. This is 2020, and it is high time you disease from using your Tablet as the only means of carrying out your sketch work. Graphics Designers and other sketch artist prefer to utilize their Tablets to design and then later hang it up on their PCs for further tweaking. While we are sure the reason for this action stems from convenience to available tools and the PC rendering power, the year 2020 comes with lots of high capacity laptops that come with functions that make drawing and designing quick and smooth for our fine art artist.

These systems have several features and competitive qualities that leave a potential buyer confused on which one to go for. For this reason, we have decided to go through the hassle of buying and testing to ensure we provide the best options in the market.

The Five Best Drawing Laptop Comparison Table

M. Surface ProMacPro MPTR2LHP Spectre x360M. Surface BookASUS C302CA
Graphics card i5 Intel Iris and HD graphics 2GB dedicated AMD Radeon Pro 555 A dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB integrated Intel HD graphics 620 Integrated Intel HD graphic 515
Resolution 2736 x 1824 pixels 2880 x 1800 Pixels 3840 x 2160 pixels 3000x2000 pixels 1920x1080 pixels
Weight 1.7 pounds 6. 4 pounds 4.4 lbs 3.3 pounds 2.65 pounds


Of course, anyone can use any system that he or she chooses and can afford to purchase. However, as it is the custom, Laptops and Desktop come in different categories with a target on specific audience. Hence, it is essential you know who will gain the most satisfaction using this set of systems.

Graphic Designers
As we have stressed earlier, you should already know this set of people. These are people who deal with extensive and complicated designs like 3D graphics, images, and more.
Sketch Artist
This set of people covers all other designers who handle the creation of images. They may include, fashion designers (for sketch work), anime creators, fine art professionals, and more.
The public
Anybody who is in love with speed, good graphics, and large memory will love this set of devices. The reason for this is that they come packed with features to withstand heavy usage.


Usage Test: From the top ten best laptops for drawing available online, we bought and tested to arrive at our top five. The result we got was compared with real customer reviews to finalise our decision

Customer Review: As is the custom,  we based most of our purchase decision on both specs and customers reviews. After testing, we compared the results with what actual purchases of the devices had to say about these laptops


01. Microsoft Surface Pro (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB) – Newest Version

best laptop for drawing - Microsoft Surface Pro (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB)The new Microsoft Surface Pro is on our list of best laptops for artists because it is the dream for any graphics designer. The goal of the manufacturer is versatility and lots of customizable features while delivering the pick in display quality and other attributes. You can concur to this when you go through the components of the device. The computer is a 4-in-1 construct, explicitly designed for the designer. Users of the gadget can use it as a regular laptop, a studio, a viewer, and a tablet.

In the studio mode, the PC stands slant with a kickstand to make it convenient for the art workers to carry out their designs. In the tablet mode, the full potential of the touch features gets engaged, and you forgo the use of the keyboard. Finally, in the Laptop mode, as an operator, you are brought into a background and features associated with the regular system.

Those who buy the device get to witness and enjoy the feature of a superb PixelSense display. These attributes allow sketch artist and designers to use pen or hands to touch the screen of the device to ensure an efficient result and smooth progress of their work. Another thing is the long hours of usage that the Microsoft Surface Pro possesses; about 13.4 hours duration during heavy use.

  • It is very portable
  • An all-day battery life
  • It is mobile friendly
  • Owns a powerful Intel processor
  • Can switch between modes for convenience.
  • Works and comes with a wide range of necessary accessories.
  • It is light weighted
  • It has no fan, hence no noise.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • The pen might drop off time to time.
From the accessories to the build of this device, one can see that it is the best laptop for artists who want to use their PCs to engage in high tasking drawing and designing activities. In real-world usage, this device lasted for about 8- 10 hours of heavy use in our test. As a laptop with digital pen and different modes, anyone can use it for work, gaming, and other purposes.

02. Apple 15″ MacBook Pro, MPTR2LL/A (Newest Version)

best laptop for drawing - Apple 15″ MacBook Pro, MPTR2LLAThis is another great device on our list of top five best laptops for drawing. The MacBook Pro comes with better features for the Apple lovers. Those who purchase the PC get to enjoy the light feel, improved functionalities, and speed. The device boasts of a 2.3 GHz seventh generation Intel processor core which can allow our graphics designers to work smoothly on heavy 3D modelling applications and video encoding.

The stunning graphics of this device will wow you. The goal of Apple in this product is to ensure that their designers, gamers, and other heavy users enjoy a 4k rendering, lightness, speed, and other outstanding functions. As a purchaser of the device, you will be wowed when you get to see and use the new touch bar and touch ID feature that the keyboard of this Apple notebook houses. The touch bar changes its tool display to correspond with the window you are in, from messaging tools like emoji, brightness, and volume controls during videos. You can also gain instant access to your device through the touch ID; no need for passwords.

This model of Apple notebook comes with a standard 10-bit HEVC acceleration attribute. The battery also lasts pretty long even when used for running heavy applications. The specified time is about 10 hours.

  • The device has speed storage ability
  • Comes with Thunderbolt ports
  • It has long battery life.
  • High performance in heavy use
  • Owns a powerful Intel processor
  • The device is too expensive
  • The battery performance reduces in time.
  • Some have connection issues.
For apple lovers, this new product should be all the rage. When tested it worked pretty fine, though it is not a laptop with digital pen. However,  some customers have complained of purchasing an old model without knowing. Plus, the battery loses performance over time. Nevertheless,  it has the capacity of giving the best speed and smooth work pace when it comes to the use of heavy programs.

03. HP Spectre x360 15-BL012DX TouchScreen Laptop

best laptop for drawing - Apple 15″ MacBook Pro, MPTR2LLAThe third device on our list today for the best laptop for artists this year is the HP Spectre. It is a device designed specifically for our graphic designers. You can agree to this from the features it houses. The HP Spectre comes with a powerful hinge design that allows the screen to naturally bend in any angle the user need to gain maximum satisfaction and speed in use.

The device is gifted with the Intel Core i7 mobile processor, a dual-core processor that process four items at a time from its register. Hence,  empowering the laptop with the speed and power needed to boost the progress of graphic designers.

The HP Spectre is a laptop with digital pen capacity. It is a touchscreen device that is built to give an ultra-performance when designing with a touch pen or hand touch.  You get to enjoy the Intel Turbo Boost technology for additional power when needed.

Both gamers and artist will love this device because of its ability to handle heavy apps concurrently; a feat that is rested on its 16GB SD RAM.  The 512GB storage is built with no moving parts. This allows the ROM to process storage and supplying of information with super speed and lack of noise.

The display rendering is 15″ 4k HD powered by a Geforce 940MX graphics card accompanied with 4GB graphics memory.

  • Powerful battery life. About 13
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with some necessary accessories
  • Has four modes of operation
  • A 360 degree turn hinge to engage modes
  • It runs on a powerful processor
  • Fast storage ability.
  • It is very expensive
  • Best to get a warranty as some of the refurbished has issues.
The HP Spectre may come looking elegant and straightforward, but that’s just parts of its aesthetic features. The device has all the necessary elements that can assist an editor, designer, and gamer in gaining the best experience in their target field. However, for those gunning for the cheaper refurbish, some customers have complained regarding it.

04. Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB)

best laptop for drawing - Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB)The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is another laptop with digital pen you will love to go for. The device is a powerhouse with features similar to the Surface Pro.

The laptop comes in a variant of 13.5” and 15” PixelSense display alongside its pen that houses 4000 plus levels of pressure sensitivity. You get to operate the device in four different modes: laptop, studio, view and tablet.

In the laptop mode, users get access to the PC backlit keyboard, touch option, and large trackpad. For our artists, the studio mode allows you to fold the device. With the keyboard area as your stand, you can adjust the slant position of the Microsoft Book 2 to get the best state for your drawing experience.

To activate the tablet mode all you need to do is to detach the keyboard. This gives you full access to the 10-point touchscreen and increases the lightweight of the device. Hence, making it more convenient to carry around.

You can also switch to view mode for your work presentation. To do so, all you need do is detach the keyboard and reattach it to the back of the screen.

The battery duration is commendable. You can stay longer on your modelling and other heavy apps usage for more than half a day. The maximum capacity of the battery is 17 hours this ensures you can continue working while on the go.

  • It has long battery life.
  • Owns some needed accessories.
  • Has a powerful i5 Intel processor
  • High graphics performance
  • Comes in four modes.
  • Way too expensive
  • Some of the products suffer from graphics card disappearance issue.
The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a commendable device for artists. It works pretty well when you buy the one that has no graphics card failure issues. But it comes with fewer features when compared with the Surface Pro. Plus, it’s quite on the high side. If you are someone who doesn’t mind the high financial demand, then give it a shot.

05. ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip 12.5-inch Touchscreen

best laptop for drawing - ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip 12.5-inch TouchscreenThe last on our list of top five best laptop for drawing is the Asus C302 Chromebook. It is fairly equipped device that performs efficiently and is constructed to meet the needs of experienced designers.

This Chromebook has a 12.5” screen that gives a full HD display to its users. It boots to the welcome window in seconds, and boasts of 65GB solid-state storage; this encourages fast storing and retrieving of data from the PC while eliminating noise from the hard disk.

The device is a 2-in-1 construct that can be switched to both laptop, stand, tent and tablet modes, thanks to its 360 degrees adjustable hinge. With the available touchscreen feature, artist and other touch tech lovers can explore the possibilities that come with it.

Powered by an Intel processor the laptop can do pretty well with massive programs. Also, the battery lasts pretty long. It could last from 6- 10 hours depending on your settings, usage, and environmental conditions. With such duration in PC run-time, you can enjoy quality time with your laptop while working on a new design, gaming, or just exploring and surfing the net.

The extra 100GB free Google drive storage provides for the users of this Chromebook the additional option they need to save more data on the cloud.

  • An excellent battery life
  • Cost significantly less in the list
  • Powered by a highly capable processor.
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively cheap
  • Android apps run on the device.
  • Runs four mode of operation.
  • Lacks touch accessories.
The Asus Chromebook is an excellent laptop for drawing, gaming, and other activities. It is a decent device to go for when you are running on a tight budget. However, you have to be selective on the heavy apps you run because of the relatively low RAM. Also, you need to order a separate stylus.

Our Top Pick from the Top Five Best Laptop for Drawing This 2020

From the reviews above, it is clear which device has the most accessories that a designer or an artist will look for. Though quite expensive, the Microsoft Surface Pro is built with unique parts to satisfy the needs of their designing customers. The device is ultra light, has enough memory for heavy apps, comes with a stunning aesthetic design; has an ergonomic built, and lots of accessories and flash storage to ensure smooth work production. The battery life is both strong and extensive. If you can afford it, then do not hesitate to go for this terrific device.

Ultimate Buying Guide and Things to Consider

All these features we have mentioned are great, bụt the price might be cutthroat level for some people. For others, the brand might not be what they are looking for. Ultimately, in the nearest future more sophisticated and versatile systems will avail themselves to the public and our designers. In such moments, how do you know what to look for?

Graphics Card
We don’t need to tell you how essential to get the best graphics card rendering images to you. For best design work, you should have a graphics card that supports smooth 3D and 2D modelling.
Some of the modelling apps and coding programs are heavy. They take up much space in the memory. To avoid hiccups and limitation, go for laptops with at least 8GB memory space.
Lightweight means you can move your pc around with little to no. The lighter weighted the device is, the better.
Hard Drive
The hard drive is equally essential. It lets you explore a vast or limited possibility of what apps you can install. Also, the bigger the storage, the faster the device. Add that to a no-moving-parts feature, storing and collecting of stored data will be a quick, pleasant,
A higher resolution and a bigger screen size are what you need. To get the best result in your graphical work, your pc should have at least 1920 x 1080 pixels
You need a portable device for convenient handling.

FAQ Asked by Customers for These Devices

Is there an HDMI port in the Asus C302?
No. You can cast through the pc to any compatible TV. The Asus also comes with a port adapter that houses male and female ports. One of the female ports is an HDMI port.
Does the Microsoft Surface Book 2 come with the pen?
No. Users have to buy the pen separately.
What major things make the Book 2 better than the original?
The laptop has 4times the power of the original device. The battery has 17 hours duration, and it owns and runs a NVIDIA graphics. You will also love the improvement on the hinge that gives better stability to users.
Does the refurbished version of the HP Spectre come with a stylus?
It may or may not come with one. Most of the time it does not come with a stylus, and you have to buy one separately. If you are in luck, it is included. However, other versions of the HP Spectre comes with a stylus included.
Does the HP Spectre come with a thunderbolt feature?
Of course, it owns  Thunderbolt 3 which provides the movement of data in 40GB/s
Does the Apple MacBook Pro own a touch panel?
Yes, it owns a touch bar and touch ID

Final Verdict

Getting the best laptop for your work is essential. With the points of consideration in mind, you can certainly get a decent or superb system for your designing needs.

All these devices listed in our review were tested by us and backed by customer reviews. They are all superb laptops tailored to be the best laptop for drawing. You should go for the one that is within your budget, and be confident to get excellent service.

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