33 Best Killermonger Hairstyles To Try (Michael B Jorden)

Black Panther introduced a new hairstyle into the public domain. Soon after the movie hit the big screens, many men took to wearing the new “Killermonger” hairstyle. The haircut, an inspiration from Black Panther’s lead act, Michael B. Jordan soon became popular. However, there are other hairstyles that can compete favorably with it.

These are 33 best Killermonger haircuts that are in the league of Michael Jordan’s and which will have you racing to make an appointment with your hair stylist.

1Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

The undercut is a favorite haircut for men. The slicked back variation lets the hair on top provide contrast between the short and longer top. The hair on the sides can be trimmed a bit. But to rock it better, keep the sides short and the top long.

2Taper Fade

Taper Fade - Best Killermonger Hairstyles
Instagram / @_BLURRYFADES

This is the best haircut that suits formal and casual occasions. With a taper fade, you don’t need to break a bank to make a fashion statement. Just like the slicked back undercut, the top is kept long. The sides and back are tapered; giving a neat fade without rough spots.

3Super Slick Wing Back

Super Slick Wing Back - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

There are lots of variations to the slicked back hairstyle. You can never go wrong with the Super Slick Wing Back. The style lets you retain the slick back. But the back is interlocked; closing in all openings.

4The Blowout

The Blowout - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

When looking for a haircut that gets you confident, the Blow-out does the job perfectly. This is a great way to rock a voluminous hair without giving thoughts to scattered edges. A medium-length hair sits at the top and the sides can be trimmed a bit. Having a textured spray, hairdryer and some pair of combs is a nice way to keep it in style.

5Textured Fringe

Textured Fringe - Best Killermonger Hairstyles
Instagram / @GWS_BARBER

Having a curly hair is a nice way to keep your fashion statement on the highs. Sadly, maintaining a curly hair is not easy. The textured fringe is a great haircut that keeps your curly hair in place. The style not only keeps the face well-framed but also keeps the hair well-textured.

6Side Part

Side Part - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

The Side Part is not left for youngsters alone; older men can put up the style as well. The hair is cut across; with the top having the bigger part. The sides are kept on the low and a long line at the sides (the parting) gives you the suave look you crave for.

7Side Part Pompadour

Side Part Pompadour - Best Killermonger Hairstyles
Instagram / @EKOBARBER13

Side parting takes another variation here. The hairstyle lets you keep a long hair at the top and shorter sides. The sides can also take a high fade to give a classy look. To rock it better, consider pairing with a beard and moustache.

8The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

Even though this might seem to be out of place, the Buzz Cut is still one of the best hairstyles. It works better for individuals that want a short haircut that has a touch of class. Adding some hair spray (preferably golden) is a nice way to bleach the style.

9Classic Pompadour

Classic Pompadour - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

Here comes another Pompadour! If you’re not at ease with the side part pompadour, consider getting the classic variation. With well-trimmed edges, the style gives a classy look. Also, a well-trimmed beard gives a polished appearance.

10Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

For enhanced facial features, the Caesar Cut is a good option. The style dates back to Julius Caesar and has been in vogue ever since then. The hairstyle looks best with a horizontal fringe and fades. This is a great way to call attention to the jaws and eyes. Rocking a beard will be classy.


Spiky - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

Like the Caesar Cut, the spikes are back to the haircut domain. While the top is spiked, the sides are kept on the low. A handy gel adds a shiny touch to the spikes. You can take it to the next level with a beard.

12Deep Wave

Deep Wave - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

The wave is a great haircut that brings out the facial features. The unique design can be spotted with a beard. Also, consider fading the edges of the back. The deep wave is better off with men that have textured hair.

13The Razor Up-Sweet Mohawk

The Razor Up-Sweet Mohawk
Source / @pinterest

This is a better variation to the Mohawk hairstyle. The haircut points upwards and features a side cut. This is best for men with longer hair. Perhaps the three steps add a touch of glamour: the top is long; medium hair at the middle and a shorter hair compliment the sides.

14Wavy Ivy League

Wavy Ivy League - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

The style is not left for college boys; older men can put on a Wavy Ivy League hairstyle. The hair strands are kept short and neat. The style adds a touch of glamour and is a nice way to drive home your standing as a gentleman.

15Swept Up

Swept Up - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

This is another razor-up in the making. However, the Swept Up hairstyle is for the modern gentleman that wants to spot a head-spinning look. The style features well-trimmed edges of the same height. At the front, some strands are propped up to give an amazing physical feature.

16Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

The Faux Hawk is suitable for fashionable men. In spite of the disoriented cuts, a balm can put the strands in place. The length of the hair goes from short at the back to longer in the front.


Flattop - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

Flattops are highly popular among many men who just like imposing hairstyles. To achieve this look, keep your hair at the most 3 inches tall. Then ask your barber to style to your preference. The flattop is a great way to keep the hair short and neat.

18Drop Fade

Drop Fade - Best Killermonger Hairstyles
Instagram / @DR._CLIPPERS

Like other fades, the drop fade works well with any hairstyle. It’s a great way to add a clean cut edge to a short or curly hair. The fade drops behind the ear; giving the face a clean cut. The style is also a modern update to a classic hairstyle.

19Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut - Best Killermonger Hairstyles
Source / @dmarge

The style that made waves in the ‘90s is back. The top covers the faded sides with a “bowl-like shape”. To achieve this, the hair has to be long and a gel (or any other styling agent) has to be handy to give the top a shiny look.

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20Hide Fade Quiff

Hide Fade Quiff - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

The quiff haircut is getting popular as days pass by. The High Fade Quiff focuses on a messy texture at the top. At the side is the high fade. The cut is better off with beards. Making a fashion statement gets reinvention with this hairstyle.

21Short Blowout with Tapered Sides

Short Blowout with Tapered Sides - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

While opting for a blowout hairstyle, partnering it with tapered sides makes it unique. The style is contemporary and gives a clean look. The blowout at the top can be brushed backwards for enhanced facial outlook.

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22Messy Undercut

Messy Undercut - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

This haircut is for men that want to gain confidence. Featuring a messy, textured and longer hair, the Messy Undercut is one Killermonger hairstyle you can’ afford to miss out. The sides are in fade and the style works great with thick hair.

23Short Cut

Short Cut - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

Whether the hair is long or short, the short cut works well with all types of hair. The neat cut is suitable for the old and young. Also, the appearance is neat and the same is expected of the men that chose it.

24Faded High and Tight

Faded High and Tight - Best Killermonger Hairstyles
Instagram / @JOSEF.MISMO

Fades take different variations. But for men that want to have the best of both worlds, a faded high and tight cut will do. The top is trimmed but still retain a lot of hair. The fade then comes to play at the sides.

25Short Sides and Textured Top

Short Sides and Textured Top - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

For men with voluminous hair, this cut is what they need. This hairstyle is a good option if you need something to comb while keeping a basic short cut. The cut is better off without a beard but if you chose to spot one, keep it trimmed.

26Faded Comb Over

Faded Comb Over - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

The comb over cut has many variations and the faded comb over is one of them. The cut features a taper on the sides; giving that boyish look. If you want some extra enhancements, consider fading the sides the more.

27Braided Razor Part

Braided Razor Part
Source / @mcutts

Side parting has never been this creative. With the braided razor part, the tapers are braided to the back. Adding a touch of pompadour is cool and brings out the uniqueness in the hairstyle.

28Shaved Sides

Shaved Sides - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

This cut is for the adventurous men. The top can be any other style like spiky. At the sides, you will complete shave of the hair. This leaves the hair sitting in a triangular shape; from the middle to the front are some hair and the sides are shaved.

29Short Tight Curls

Short Tight Curls - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

Curly hair is better off with a long hair. However, having a short hair is not a crime. You can actually make the most out of a short curly hair with the short tight curls. The cut lets you spot a curly hair without giving much thought to your kinky hair.

30Wavy Undercut with Side Part

Wavy Undercut with Side Part - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

This cut is common among Arab men. But you can spot it. The cut is suitable for men with much volume on the top. If you’re savvy and want some hair to style, consider taking up the wavy undercut with side part.

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31Wavy Pomp and Fade

Wavy Pomp and Fade - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

A curly hair is all you need to spot this cut. The stylishness is enhanced with the side part. For the front, it has to take the form of the “Swept Up” hairstyle. Then at the sides, there are two fade: the medium fade for the middle and a shorter fade at the bottom.

32Side Bangs

Side Bangs - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

Bangs are hairstyles with a touch of glamour and the side bang is taking the league to the next level. The cut is tossed to the sides; just above the eyebrow. For the modern man, the hairstyle gets you closer to admiration in your workplace or when taking a walk.

33Two Tone

Two Tone - Best Killermonger Hairstyles

There is always the craving to try out something new. The tone hairstyle is another cut you can spot. With longer top and shorter sides, the cut lets you experiment with colors. You can choose a fun color that blends well with your current hair tone.

Final Thoughts

The movie, “Black Panther” brought to the consciousness of people, the need to try out new hairstyles. Apart from the locs and fade cuts spotted in the movie by Michael B. Jordan and W’Kabi’s high skin fade with wave length on top, there are lots of other Killermonger hairstyles you can try. The list above is a good guide and you can make a selection and start off your journey to a suave look.

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