The Best Juicer Under $100 Review And Our Ultimate Buying Guide

Juicing is healthy diet practice, and as someone who commits to plant-fluid extraction, information on the best juicer 2019 is an essential knowledge to aid you to decide on which product in the market is the right one for you to buy. The reality is that there are various exciting products to evaluate during the stage of purchase. Also, for home users, you might not like the idea of always visiting a juicing bar anytime you need another nutrient fix. So what’s the way forward? We have you covered.

We know that some fruit lovers are on tight budgets and time constraint. To assist you in quickly streamlining which one is the best for you when you decide to make that purchase, we have done the research. All you need do is follow through with this review to identify the best juicer under $100 that will serve you well.

Our Comparison Table Of The Top Five Best Juicer Under $100

Breville BJE200XLHamilton 67601AEurolux JuicerHamilton 67750BLACK+DECKER
Type Centrifugal Centrifugal Masticating Centrifugal Centrifugal
Motor Power 700 watts 800 watts 160 Watts 800 Watts 400 watts
Weight 6.7 pounds 9.75 pounds 4 pounds 10.8 pounds 5.55 pounds
Warranty One-year Three-years N/A Three-years N/A

Who Are The Best Juicer Under $100 built For And Advice?

As you might have guessed, a plant-fluid extractor at the rate of $100 isn’t the best there is out there. However, you can be sure that it will serve you well. With that being the situation of things, you might wonder who can best enjoy these juicers. We have dropped the answer below:

The Home User
The primary target of these products’ manufacturers are the home users. It is public knowledge that this set of people don’t commit to much fruit action on a per day basis. Hence, the company built this machine to thrive well for them in the long-run.
The Pro On Budget
These are individuals who use these products to serve the general public. Though their might be hiccups along the way, it can serve as a temporary substitute. That is until you are ready to make the big purchase.

Before you select a juice extractor as your best wheatgrass juicer under your comfortable pay rate, you should know that these juicing products come in different types. Yes! There are two kinds of the plant-fluid extractor in the market: Centrifugal and Masticating Juicer. The first one carries out its pressing activity through a set of tiny metal teeth that barrel into the fruit while the basket spin. The machine then filters the extracts through a fine mesh sieve. However, this process can produce much foam

The second type of plant-fluid extractor imitates our chewing action with a set of augers with sharp teeth. They succeed in realizing large juice yield and less foam. Both kinds work tremendously and are best for a selected variety of fruit and vegetables.

Our Adopted Standard For Conducting This Review

To ensure that we give you a detailed and confirmable knowledge of the best juicer under $100, we surfed for the products with high reviews and tested them for performance, speed, and durability. After the test, we matched our results with long-term evaluations of real purchasers of the products.

Our Review Of The Top Five Best Juicer Under $100

1. The Breville BJE200XL Juice Extractor

best juicer under $100 - The Breville BJE200XL Juice ExtractorThe number one on our list of best juicer under $100 steps out of the production house of Breville. This device is a heavy-duty structured juicer for the on-budget pro users and home users. The company built the body of this plant-fluid extractor with a heavy grade die-cast metal material. What you get from this addition is durable clothing that won’t likely crack the moment it slips from your grasp.

The BJE200XL also owns a micromesh filter of stainless steel, a titanium cutting disc, and puree disc of stainless steel. With all these quality materials playing for you during juice extraction, you should have exceptional working experience with the juicer.

For speed and cutting activity, Breville has adopted a motor that will ensure that its customers have a fast and unique cutting, meshing, and filtering experience. The engine that they attached to the BJE200XL has a max output power of 1200 Watts. With such capacity, by buying this Juicer, you have in your hand a juice extractor that is ready to handle any massive task you have for it. Be it those hard fruits like carrots, apple, and wheatgrass.

With the help of the 1200-Watt Motor, Breville has been able to give the BJE200WXL a speed of 6,500rpm to 13,00rpm. Other things that might fascinate you regarding this machine is the feed tube which can accept and process whole fruits; no chopping needed. It also comes with a dual centered Knife Blade that you can assemble, an additional juicing disc puree to get 100% fruit smoothies out of your soft plants.

  • It is compact
  • It is affordable
  • Owns a powerful motor
  • Has a commendable speed rate
  • Built out of superior materials
  • Comes with a center blade dual knife
  • A safety locking arm
  • A large 3-inch deep, centered, feed tube
  • Each part are dishwasher safe
  • Owns a cleaning brush
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • A faster cleaning process
  • A large juice yield and dry pulp
  • An additional juice cutter and mesh
  • None
If you are looking for the best wheatgrass juicer, centrifugal type of extractor, the BJE200XL is one of the best juicer under $100 you should consider purchasing. It is durable and owns a streak of high-performance among long-term users.

2. The Hamilton Beach (67601A) Juicer

best juicer under $100 - The Hamilton Beach (67601A) JuicerThe second item on our list of best juicer under $100 is the Hamilton Beach 67601A juicer from Hamilton. Just as the first on our list had its eyes on tackling heavy workload, the manufacturers of this Juicer have their eye on the speed of use and cleaning. You can quickly and seamlessly dismantle and reattach each part of this machine for dishwashing and storing purposes. Just like the BJE200XL from Breville, this juice extractor comes with a whole food feature. Attached to the cutting tool is a 3” deep Whole Fruit Chute that allows you to feed the plant-fluid extractor with full soft fruits.

To ensure that our juice lovers who are time constrained have their healthy drink before leaving for work, Hamilton has constructed the 67601A Juicer to house a powerful motor. The mechanism holds an output of 800-watts which urges the Juice extractor to carry out its process in a matter of seconds.

In the same vein that you can dismantle each part of this unit quickly, they are also easy for you to clean up. You will find a brush attached to this item when you purchase. It also comes with a recipe pamphlet that gives you heads up on what juicing options you can use this device to create.

Other features of interest that might delight you is that the Hamilton Beach 67601A comes with a large pulp bin. With this, you can process more fruits and vegetables before considering removing the pulps gathered. It also comes with a steel micromesh cutter that cannot stain and a latch locker juice lid. Both features assist you in avoiding more cleanable parts and spillage. 

  • It owns a powerful motor
  • It is fast
  • An unstainable cutter
  • Has a safe lid feature
  • Comes with juicing recipe
  • Has a brush
  • Possesses a whole fruit feature
  • An extra-large pulp bin
  • All washable parts
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • The cutter gets dull in months of regular usage
  • No juice container
  • A little on the weight side
If you are a semi-regular user who depends on creating fruit juice of one quart or less, the 67601A is among the best for juicing to consider. You can quickly have your fruit liquid ready, but you might need to change the blade in coming months.

3. The Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer

best juicer under $100 - The Eurolux Electric Orange JuicerThe  Eurolux Juicer Squeezer is the third product on our list of the best juicer under $100. The juice extractor steps out of the production house of Eurolux. This firm has constructed the Eurolux Squeezer to be convenient for the user both in handling and operation. Without any assisting tool, you can detach the components of this plant-fluid extractor. It also comes with an ergonomic handle that allows you to hold on firmly.

So far, we have been looking at various kinds of centrifugal type of Juicing machine. The Eurolux Juicer is the first on our list of best wheatgrass juicers that comes with a masticating setting. Eurolux has built this device to serve the best processing experiencing in juicing citrus fruits. With the squeeze feature, you get the best fluid turn out when you put this machine to work.

The Eurolux Juicer Squeezer comes with a unique build that allows you to insert your wholesome juicy fruits into it. So, you might not need to chop them down that much before you get to see the performance of the masticating setting. There are an anti-spill and anti-drip attached to this gadget.

One of the beauties of using a masticating juicer is that there is little-to-no sound emission which takes away the issue that might arise during early hours usage.  There is a simple on and off button placed at the side of this Juicer. All you must do is click and get the job done.

For power and speed, Eurolux has attached a 160 watts motor to this plant-fluid extractor. The result you get is having your fruit juice ready in a matter of seconds on the dinner table.

  • Anti-spill feature
  • Easy to mount and dismantle
  • A large container for fruits
  • Anti-drip feature
  • A competent filter
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Owns suction cups
  • It is easy to use
  • Automatic start and off function
  • Aesthetic design
  • Washable parts
  • Lightweight
  • Starts to overheat with time
  • May temporary stop work due to overheating
  • Cannot handle up-to five oranges continuously
  • Could encourage wastage
  • Some parts are liable to break as they approach a year
As one of the best juicer 2019 under the $100 class, the Eurolux Juicer Squeezer can serve a family daily for a long time when rightly used. However, if you are someone who indulges in much juice making, it might not help you well.

4. The Hamilton Beach (67750) Juice Extractor

best juicer under $100 - The Hamilton Beach (67750) Juice ExtractorThe Hamilton 67750 is another juicer from the stables of Hamilton. As the fourth juicing tool on our list of best juicer under $100, the 67750 is a heavy-duty tool. The company built this machine to be a bit more than its brother on the list, in various areas.

When it comes to power, the Hamilton 67750 juicer spots an impactful 1.1 horsepower motor. This mechanism holds a variable speed control. You can choose to high or lower the speed which gives you more option for the job at hand. The motor has an output of 800 watts encouraging each operating piece of the device to deliver.

Unlike its brother, the company built the Hamilton 67759 to accommodate more fluids. When you purchase this item, you get to work with a 40-ounce large, BPA-free juice pitcher. With that container in hand, you can add more fruits to the smoothie or juice. The pitcher also comes with a lid and froth separator. While the lid will assist you in keeping the contents safe, the froth separator will help you remove the foam that forms when using this kind of Juicer.

As most plant-fluid extractors on this list, the Hamilton 67750 comes with dishwasher-safe parts. So, you can quickly round up the cleaning process when the time comes. Also, you can quickly put together and dismantle each part of this machine.

Other things you might be interested to know regarding this juice extractor is that it can take on wholesome food. Just like its brother, the Hamilton 67750 houses a 3” big mouth chute that allows users to insert sizeable fruits and vegetables.

  • It owns a powerful motor
  • Comes with a whole fruit feature
  • It is flexible
  • A bigger juice container
  • Comes with a froth separator
  • Houses an extra-large pulp bin
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Each part are dishwasher safe
  • Has a three-year warranty
  • Superb performance with juicy edibles
  • It produces little juice for leafy materials
  • It weighty
If you are looking for the best for juicing purposes, we recommend that you consider the Hamilton 67750 Juicer. The company built it to own the requirements to handle hard and soft fruits. However, you might not get the best vegetable juice.

5. The BLACK+DECKER Juicer

best juicer under $100 - The BLACK+DECKER JuicerThe fifth product on our list of best wheatgrass juicer is the Black Decker. As you should have noticed so far, most of these machines have a target in excellence. The Black Decker plant-fluid extractor has the same construct. Black+Decker built this device to provide users with the best experience in fruits and vegetable grinding and filtering.

If you are one of those fresh juice lovers who like to use their pulps for some exciting recipes, Decker Juicer got you covered. The company attached to this juicing machine a 28-ounce large pulp collector. With this leftovers container, you can quickly decide the amount of flesh you want to add to the juice. You can also, have enough pulps to kick-start exciting recipes.

The juicer also comes with a powerful motor that renders an output of 400 watts to speed things up. You can control the operation of the machine through the intuitive on/off control to the side. Also, to ensure that your juicing experience is safe, Black+Decker included a dual lock mechanism to the juicer. So, what you get in hand when you purchase this plant-fluid juicer is a unit that cannot spill its content while operating

There is a 300-milliliter juice pitcher attached to this juicer. With this option, you don’t need to worry about how to retain the juice.  Other things that will interest you about this machine is that all its part are quick to pull apart, reattach, and are dishwasher safe.

  • It is featherweight
  • Comes with a huge juice container
  • Compact
  • Larger pulp bin
  • Superior cutting materials
  • Dual safety measures
  • A powerful motor
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Can’t tolerate heavy usage
  • Some tend to develop a fault with time
  • Juice escapes underneath during continuous usage
  • Some develop issues when they work on leafy products
  • For some, it is arduous to lift out the pulp separator
  • During the process of moving the juice to the container, spillage may occur
  • Some cant juice vegetables adequately
If what you are looking for is the best juicer 2019 that will process your soft fruits in smaller gages, this is your best option. However, there is a significant chance of you getting one with some or all these defects during extended usage.

Our Top Pick Of The Top Five Best Juicer Under $100 In The Market

The determinant for the purchase of a commodity shouldn’t rest on only the extensive features it has, but on how long it can continue to provide those attributes to you. For this reason, you should give serious consideration to the materials that the manufacturers used in creating this product. With that said, going through our result, we found the Beville BJE200XL as the best both in the long-run and the short-run. Apparently, the creators of the device invested the right amount of time, thought, and resources to build a machine that can serve the on-budget pro and home user.

Our Ultimate Guide For The Purchase Of The Best Juicer Under $100

The Yield
What we are referring to here is what type of juicer do you want? As we have articulated before, there are Centrifugal and Masticating kinds of plant-fluid extractors. Each of this category of juicers has an area they perform best. The Centrifugal can handle your fruits and hard vegetables. However, when it comes to leafy greens, your best wheatgrass juicer is the Masticating juice extractor. It will provide the best juice yield and dry flesh.
Storage Size
The next thing that should come to mind is where to deposit the juicer when operating and when you are through. There are Horizontal-masticating juicers, and they have the tendency to provide more juice, but they are heavier and wider than the vertical. Hence, you might not have the place to store and use them or find it convenient to move around. The best should be lightweight, like the Centrifugal units, if you do not have enough storage and usage space.
After considering the size and the yields, the next thing you should have in mind is: how fast do I need the juicer to get my fruits and veggies ready? Masticating plant-liquid extractors are naturally slower than Centrifugal regardless of the grades you compare. However, tie the speed consideration to the kind of fruits and vegetables you process. If they are juicy, then one with a slower speed rate is best to get all the liquid out of the flesh. Nevertheless, if it is a hard edible like apple, then a juicer with a higher speed level is what you need.
Clean Up Speed
Your clean up speed is as quick as it is for you to pull apart the device. Also, it lies on if the juicing machine is dishwasher friendly.

Frequently Asked Question

In the past, I have used the cheaper model of GE juicer. When I tried to use the juicer to tackle seaweeds, I didn’t get much juice. So, I ask, what type of fruits and vegetables can I not process with the Breville BJE200XL?
The truth is that you can juice lots of fruits and vegetables with this machine; fast and smooth. However, if you are looking for much juice, the edible must have enough fluid to produce that. Hence, products like potato, apple, and seaweed, don’t have enough liquid in them. So, what you might get are a little liquid and a mince result.
For the Hamilton 67601A, I like to know if the machine gets hot. I also want to know if it stands firm on a counter during operation. Anyone?
This machine has served us for a while now, and though it gets hot, no issues arise from this occurrence. What you will like to keep an eye on is it moving. It does adjust its position because it is loud during operation. So, you need to hold onto it to keep it steady. Aside from that, no issues.
Is the hinge and lever of the Eurolux juicer metal and is it sturdy?
Yes to all.

Our Final Verdict

With plant-based diets growing around the world due to the benefits, one can’t play down the importance of juicing. We believe we have captured in this post, all you need to know to always get the best juicer for you. Whereas everyone has their choices and that can differ significantly from the other, we believe the Breville Juice extractor to be the best juicer under $100 to fit the preference of various users.

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