The 44 Best Ivy League Haircuts for Stylish Men (2020 TRENDY PICK)

Stay classy all day with these mind-blowing Ivy League Haircuts. If you’re itching to get one, go through our huge collections to find out the style that suits you.

A good haircut is one of the best fashionable steps taken by the modern gentleman. The Ivy League Haircut has been around for years and means a lot of things to many. The cut is similar to the crew cut but the top is longer and the sides take a different look. Unlike the crew cut that is shorter, this hairstyle can take form in many ways such as a side part, tapered sides, and a side-swept style.

This is beyond the traditional college boy hairstyle but has become a force to reckon with in haircuts. With this hairstyle (also known as the Princeton Haircut or Harvard), you will be rocking the crew cut in a myriad of ways.

If you’re thinking of wearing this magnificent haircut, here are some styles you can get at the barbershop on the next appointment.

1The Classic Ivy League

The Classic Ivy League - Best Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @WIREJAMES1

This style is the most popular of all the Ivy League hairstyles and that notion is not about to be changed. The length of the cut is long at the top; just a little above the size of the crew cut. With this, you can style it as you want. The haircut lets you style your hair to curls or sweep it to the sides.

2The Short Pompadour

The Short Pompadour - Best Ivy League Haircuts

One of the upsides to the pompadour hairstyle is the ability to style it as you want. With inspiration from the Ivy League haircut, you can rock a short pompadour. The sides and back are short and you can form a crown at the lengthy when you style it with a gel.

3Short Spikes

Short Spikes - Best Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @AMAZON_SHINE

A touch of glamour comes in when you spot the short spikes with an Ivy League. You can easily get this style from an experienced barber. We’re not looking at messy spikes that look unattractive; we’re rather talking about a firm spike which can keep shining with a styling gel.

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4The Wedged

The Wedged - Best Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @BARBERGREG

This is a clean cut you can get from the barbershop. The sides are trimmed to their lowest levels and the hair is chopped small. The medium hair at the top which has flat top forms a wedge. This is another way to put up the Ivy League cut.

5Side Sweep

Side Sweep - Best Ivy League Haircuts

The side sweep is a style for the fashionable man with smaller hairs. The top sweeps to the side and the rest of the hair sweeps to the opposite angle. This cut suits a medium length hair and a side parting is the simplest touch to look fabulous.

6Sweeping Waves

Sweeping Waves - Best Ivy League Haircuts

The hectic task of keeping the hair in place after a cut is a reason why most men stay away from the salon. There is no mixed feeling with the Sweeping Waves as the style coordinates itself. A thick line comes in at the right side (or any other end you prefer); leaving the front swept to the side and the other half tilting to the opposite direction.

7Short Sweep

Short Sweep - Best Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @SIR.POMPADE

If you’re looking at another variation to the Ivy League, the short sweep readily comes to mind. The edges and back are trimmed; leaving you with a lengthy top that sweeps to the sides. This cut is suitable for men with short hairs and donning a beard will be great.

8Pompadour with Side Part

Pompadour with Side Part - Best Ivy League Haircuts

Steal the show with your pompadour adorned with a side part. There’s no better way to look smart than rocking this hairstyle. The longer top in the original pompadour is still in place but the sides and back get a touch of the mid fade. Then, the high crown gets a side part and finishes with a side push.

9The Gelled Harvard

The Gelled Harvard - Best Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @IXEMAR

Out of the league of the Ivy League haircuts is the Gelled Harvard. This is not your everyday style but one that demands a styling gel to look trendy. So if you have some gel to spare, consider getting this Ivy League-inspired haircut on your next visit to the barber.

10The Slick-Back

The Slick-Back - Best Ivy League Haircuts

You can make a lot of impression with your slick-back. While the front is short, the back can be voluminous. It will be great if the hair at the back is combed to opposite directions. Also, a comb remains the best styling tool to keep this style in place.

11The Spiky Locks

The Spiky Locks - Best Ivy League Haircuts

The spike haircut is not as messy as you think. With a spiky lock, you will still look good and presentable. You can make your spiky lock into an Ivy League by combing the top to the middle and the sides trimmed.

12The Undercut Slicks

The Undercut Slicks - Best Ivy League Haircuts

Slicks are in high demand and you can take advantage of this to style yours to the Ivy League. The back and sides are trimmed and the lengthy top combed to the right. The hairline should be smooth for easy partitioning.

13Slick with Side Parting

Slick with Side Parting - Best Ivy League Haircuts

Here comes our slicks haircut once more. A high fade at the sides and back, medium hair at the top and a deep side part in the hairlines give you this amazing hairstyle. The Ivy League perception adds beauty to the cut.

14Smart Pompadour

Smart Pompadour - Best Ivy League Haircuts

This is not the regular pompadour hairstyle with a high top. This cut is the Ivy League way of styling the pomp. The pompadour here features a medium top with shorter back and sides. A generous application of a styling gel gives your face a hitched ride to the League of the Ivy’s.

15The V-Back

The V-Back - Best Ivy League Haircuts

While this cut is unique and looks good on students and professionals, do not style one if you don’t have the hair. The V-Back is another variation to the Ivy League. The front to the crown is styled in a V-shape; leaving the sides with a high fade.

16Total Slickness

Total Slickness - Best Ivy League Haircuts

You can’t help but fall in love with the slick haircut after getting this style. The dark color and hair texture accentuate the uniqueness of the style. Consider applying a shiny hair product before parting with a deep line.

17The Rebels

The Rebels - Best Ivy League Haircuts

Add a touch of adventure to your hairstyle with this Ivy League haircut. A faded side and back with side waves is not all there is to this style. A deep side part and adding a golden color to the hair sets you apart.

18The Mild V-Cut

The Mild V-Cut - Best Ivy League Haircuts

This Ivy League style is for men that want to spice up their haircuts with different styles. With the Mild V-Cut, you’re getting shorter hairs at the back and all three edges of the head. Then, the medium top flows backward to form the V-shape.

19Voluminous Ivy League

Voluminous Ivy League - Best Ivy League Haircuts

This is for guys that have a lot of hair to show off. The Ivy League cut can be styled even when the hair is short. The style involves tapered sides and swept back top.

20The Zac Efron Style

The Zac Efron Style - Best Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @ZACEFRON

The Ivy League has been adopted by many and some of these individuals have been recreating the haircut. One of such persons is Zac Efron. You can try this out if you have voluminous hair like Zac. The good tiding about the Zac Efron Ivy League style is that different touches can be applied to get the look you want.

21Side Part Mid Fade

Side Part Mid Fade - Best Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @JRS_HAIRCARE

The unique aspect to Ivy League is its versatility. Here’s another hairstyle you might want to style into the Ivy League. The combination of the side part and mid fade lets you style the top of the haircut upwards. The sides get a touch of the mid fade with a razor line finishing the job.

22The Fringe

The Fringe - Best Ivy League Haircuts

You can take your fringe haircut to the next level when it is styled to the Ivy League. The fringe is mostly at the front; with short hairs alternating the sides. This is one of cleanest Ivy League hairstyles and you should consider getting one.

23The Undercut Pompadour

The Undercut Pompadour - Best Ivy League Haircuts

This hairstyle touches the three cardinal points of style, adventure, and a clean look. While the lengthy front forms a pompadour, the sides are trimmed or cut to a messy texture.

24The Blonde Haircut

The Blonde Haircut - Best Ivy League Haircuts

If you have a blonde hair and wondering which style will fit in, styling it to an Ivy League will be a good option. It will be better on long hairs. The top is cut to half its size; the sides are cut short and an undercut finishes the job.

25The Matt Damon’s Ivy League

The Matt Damon’s Ivy League - Best Ivy League Haircuts

Matt Damon is another unique personality that is not shy to show love to the Ivy League hairstyle. He is known to style his Ivy League haircut to the sides, with a side part, short bangs or simply brushed upwards. Get inspired with his styles and get one of the Matt Damon’s Ivy League hairstyles.

26Ivy League with Bangs

Ivy League with Bangs Haircuts
Instagram / @NATYOSHEARS

You can actually put up an Ivy League with your bangs haircut. Much styling is not needed and a skilled barber can give you this cut in few minutes. The bangs are good to look at and the appearance is more attractive with the voluminous top and texture of the hairstyle.

27Quiff Full Fade

Quiff Full Fade Ivy League Haircuts

Get the best of both worlds and make your hairstyle stand out in a crowded room of different haircuts. The quiff lets you sweep the front hair forward. At the sides, a full fade is all you need to put up a perfect look.

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28The Mixed Fringe

The Mixed Fringe Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @BARBERGREG

The adventurous man can seize this style by the head and make it bow to his demands. Mixing the fringe here entails keeping short sides, fringed top and a thick line running from the forehead to the crown.

29The Smart Pompadour

The Smart Pompadour Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @BARBERGREG

The pompadour hairstyle never goes out of style. Bring back the memory by trimming the sides and letting the pomp rest on the base of the sides. Also, keep a gel to style the haircut.

30Short Cut Side Sweep

Short Cut Side Sweep Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @MR_FINELINE

The Ivy League side sweep is best for long hairs. But shorter haircuts still have some chance. This style lets you keep the sides smaller with a mid-fade and the top left longer. The medium top is then brushed to the side to achieve a nice look.

31Side Parted Ivy League with High Fade

Side Parted Ivy League with High Fade Haircuts
Instagram / @DAVID_BARBER85

The side part is no doubt a classy touch to every hairstyle. But a high fade does not work well with the Ivy League. If you must do it, the side part has to come in. The sides will be lowered with a high fade and a side part runs from the front to the crown.

32The Smart Sweeps

The Smart Sweeps Ivy League Haircuts

Smart sweep is a good option when considering hairstyles to style into the Ivy League. Get your barber to sweep the upper part of the hair to the opposite direction after a part on one of the sides. Keep your hair product beside you as this makes the haircut stick for a long time.

33The Smart Look

The Smart Look Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @JOSE.CRESPO_

Looking for a haircut that will bring out your facial features? This hairstyle involves shaving the back and end. The top has a generous amount of hair stretching to the crown. A razor line will look great and a gel helps to keep the top in shape.

34Long Ivy League with Mid Fade

Long Ivy League with Mid Fade Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @DAVID_BARBER85

If you prefer a longer wavy hair at the top but don’t know how to style it, you can try out this style. A beard compliments the voluminous top and shaved sides.

35The Lateral Spikes

The Lateral Spikes Ivy League Haircuts

Try your hands on this style if you have a lot of hair. The spikes can be pushed to the sides or front. The lateral spike is a great way to style the Ivy League.

36 Ivy League with Faux Hawk

Ivy League with Faux Hawk Ivy League Haircuts

The gentleman look is brought back to the Faux Hawk when styled to the Ivy League. Even though the Ivy League hairstyle does not work well with long hairs, you can go around this by slicking back your Faux Hawk.

37The Oldies Style

The Oldies Style Ivy League Haircuts

The older gentleman is not left out of the trendy Ivy League hairstyle. You can don yours with this style and still look great. This is a good way of bringing back the youthful days.

38The Young Ivy League Style

The Young Ivy League Style Haircuts

The perfect style for students and teenagers is achieved by maintaining a high wavy top and trimmed side. Mid fade will also look great on the sides with the ample hair brushed upwards.

39Innovative Cut

Innovative Cut Ivy League Haircuts

Get off two inches from all sides of the hair and finish the style with an undercut. The innovative look great with a rounded mustache and beard.

40The Traditional Style

The Traditional Ivy League Haircuts

It’s not a bad idea rocking the traditional haircut with an Ivy League. If you have a voluminous top that can slick back, try this cut for exceptional compliments.

41The Bond Look

The Bond Look Ivy League Haircuts

If you’re a fan of James Bond and will love to have a similar look, this haircut is the best pick. The slicks and trimmed sides are innovative looks that buoys you to catch the bad guys on the go.

42The Quaff

The Quaff Ivy League Haircuts

This innovative haircut features shorter sides and bangs. The voluminous top brushes forward and tilts upwards. The stylish quaff is a great way to take the Ivy League hairstyle to the next level.

43The Slick Brushed Back

The Slick Brushed Back Ivy League Haircuts
Instagram / @KIM_PINNER

Become the envy of your friends when you don a slick backward medium length wavy hair. The style works best for shorter hairs but a voluminous hair can be trimmed down to suit the cut.

44Mid Fade Short Cut

Mid Fade Short Cut Ivy League Haircuts

The mid fade combines with the medium length top to give the modern classic look. The sides are tapered. The gel is a great styling tool to keep the top in shape.

Join the Ivy League

Men love to look good and a neat hairstyle is one of the ways they can get stares when walking down the street. The Ivy League hairstyle has been around for long and since its existence, it has been trendy. If you’re looking for a great style to rock, inspire your barber with any of the Ivy League haircuts in the list and get friends to envy you. From the Faux Hawk to the Slick Back, the Ivy League is a great hairstyle that looks great on anyone.

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