The 45 Mind-Blowing High Top Fade Haircuts to Try in 2019

Stay trendy with classic hairstyles. If you’re looking for great haircuts to try out, find out the best mind-blowing high top fade that works for you.

The New Year is here and you’ll be up and about looking for trendy hairstyles to show off. A good haircut is an important feature in a man’s fashion. There are lots of hairstyles to choose from to compliment the occasion. From the Ivy League haircuts to the Side Parts, you can be sure of finding the cut that suits your hair.

If other styles do not draw your attention or you don’t find them up to your taste, you can try out the high top fade. The indiscriminate haircut lets you style as you want and still maintain a clean look.


If you’re looking at rocking this hairstyle, here are 45 ideas you can choose from to get a perfect look.

1. The Hanging Dreadlock


Rocking a dreadlock is another way to bring innovation to the haircut. For the hanging dreadlock, you can style your hair into a Mohawk; then, a strand of the dreadlock pops out from the high top.

2. The High Low Work of Art

Instagram / @TATTOO_LEE

The high top fade haircut has been around since the ‘90s and does not look ready to go away soon. The younger generation has some innovation for this cut and this can be seen on the high-low work of art variation. The hair divides into the two; short and high. Then, an artistic surgical line passes below the crown to give a perfect finish.

3. The Geometric Cut


No lady looks dashing than a man with a fashionable hairstyle and well-trimmed beards. The Geometric cut entails tapering the sides and leaving a longer top. Consider this cut if you have a curly thick or straight hair. A well-trimmed beard also looks good on the style.

4. The Curly Top

If you have curly hair and looking for unique styling, the opportunity presents itself with the top fade. The style looks good with a voluminous top, fading hairline down the neck’s nape and shaved sides. What we have here is a great example of what you can make out of the top fade.

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5. The Voluptuous

This style looks good for an afro. But it is exclusive to men with long hair at the top. The illusion of a hat comes to play after the front sides must have been tapered. The upper locks flip upward and a good comb is what you need to keep it in place.

6. The Blonde Look


Having a blonde hair or not does not stop you from rocking this style. A good blonde color adds a touch of gold to the cut. The back features a V-shape razor design; the sides get a high fade and the top tilts towards a semi-Mohawk style.

7. The Wave Fade

An extra dimension of cuteness is brought into your looks with a wavy line that stretches from the front to the crown. The sides get a touch of the fade and the top is left long. The beauty of the cut is brought out by the wavy nature of the top.

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8. Curly Afro

Instagram / @TAHJ_CUT_IT

Trim that voluminous top to a high top fade. It will be great if you can get your way around an afro cut. After that, put the sides in their place with a fade. The top gets the Midas touch of afro and curls.

9. Back Drop Fade with Flat Top

Instagram / @SKY_SALON

Talk of two alternate styles coming to a point! Bringing the two together is not a task. A taper on the nape and sharp fades at the sides seal the deal. The top is not left out as it gets the perfect trim that rhymes with the sides.

10. The Classic


This is perhaps the definition of what a faded high top should look like. A skilled barber can fade the sides and leave the lengthy top sitting comfortably at the middle. This stretches to the nape of the neck and a side part puts the nod to the style.

11. The Textured Fade

Instagram / @FRESHCASSO

This is the black guy’s hairstyle. The lengthy top is defined with tight curls that provide the right texture to the hair. The sides down to the nape and crown are faded; giving a clean look.

12. The Temple and Nape Fade

Instagram / @SIMPKINS_CUTS

A curly hair lets you into the world of fashion and trendy looks with a haircut. Even without lengthy hair, you still get the height of a traditional afro. The thrill is taken to the next level with a fade at the temple.

13. The Full Dreadlocks with Artistic Touch


A lengthy hair is the best way to style this cut. A forest of dreadlocks; a clean surgical line from the front to the crown and a neat carve offers you a nice artistic presentation.

14. The Retro Look

Instagram / @CHANGEMAN_

The pompadour comes back with style in the top fade haircut. The front features a high fade pompadour with the top getting lowered towards the nape. The sides get a touch of the fades and a styling gel is a handy tool to style the hair after the cut.

15. Curly Locks

Instagram / @MIKEJEEZYCUTZ773

The curls are back in style. The fades are the sides looks great but will be more stylish with a surgical line that runs down the nape. The curly locks at the front stop at the crown and can get a little of the side part at the middle.

16. The Sharp Fade


If you’ve styled a pompadour and want to make the top sleek, the sharp fade at the sides is a good pick. Also, the sleek look comes to play with the textured top.

17. The Mohawk Fade

Instagram / @CHARLIEWU89

Here comes the Mohawk hairstyle! Apart from the dangling dreadlock, you can put up this style with the top fade. A faded side and well-trimmed top are all there is to the Mohawk fade haircut.

18. The Taper Fade

Get inspired to groom your natural hair with this style. The curls provide the texture and height that meets the standards of a high top. Then, the sides get the hammer of the fades and a side parting finishes the job.

19. The Bossy Look


Being the boss doesn’t end with the tag. Your fashion sense including a clean haircut drives the point home. You can still be a gentleman and rock this style. The sharp faded sides and tapered temples guarantee a bossy look.

20. High Fade for Frizzy Top


Flaunt your hat illusion hairstyle with a high fade. The fade connects the beard and the faded sides. The voluminous frizzy hair is enhanced with a buzz-cut outline that highlights the upper edge of the forehead.

21. The Flat Top


This is actually what inspires barbers to try their hands on the top fade. The asymmetrical look is brought to the fore with a perfect trim. As the sides get a perfect fade cut, the top’s edges are perfectly trimmed to achieve a clean look.

22. The Afro Cut


This is another afro cut in the building. Seating comfortably on the head with a little-tapered side, the haircut is given a perfect finish with a buzz-cut outline.

23. The Elongated Top

Instagram / @ANDILE_NDUNGE

This is the hair for the classic man. Give that lengthy top a new breath of life by fading the sides and combing upwards. An artistic surgical line adorning the back is a nice way to style the hair and stand out from the crowd.

24. Quiff with High Fade


The Quiff haircut comes back with a bang. This time, it is hinging on the high fade. The thrill that comes with a complete fade at the sides and a voluminous top is unimaginable. This is a nice way to style your quiff.

25. The Tapered Edges

Instagram / @B_J_CUTZ

The edge needs to look good at all times. Tapering this and adding a high fade on a curly hair gives a cool look. The tapered cuts at the front and edges of your forehead are in synergy with the thick curly top.

26. Thick Top and Surgical Part


Let your barber do the talking with the clipper. Having a lengthy top is not an issue. With the sharp right cuts, you’ll be left with a shorter and thick top. A surgical line comes in between the faded side and the top to give the classic look.

27. The Simple Fade


Fade haircuts are not hard to style but there are simpler ones you can try out. Just like the one here, the barber fades the sides down to the skin and trims the top to a decent length.

28. The Quiff Pomp

Talk of two great haircuts rolled into one. This style features the pompadour and Mohawk hairstyles. The latter’s (Mohawk) length gives the impression of a high top and the faded sides complete the whole look.

29. Blow Out Pompadour

Take your pompadour hairstyle to the next level by complimenting it with a high fade. A sharp fade at the sides and back disconnects the well-trimmed beard from the hair. The straight pomp at the top blows out with a generous application of hair products.

30. Undercut with High Fade


The undercut looks great when combined with the high fade. A deep razor line comes in between one of the faded sides and the voluminous top. The top sits comfortably and a brushback will bring out the perfect look.

31. The Slick Pomade


Get the cops into frenzy with the “bad guy look”. The faded sides are in connection with the full beards. The slick sits comfortably on the head; tilts upwards and a gel compliments the texture of the cut.

32. Flat Top


Put up a fierce look with a flat top merged into the high fade. The fade is applied to sides down to the nape. A fresh look is in the offing with the beard and flat top combo. You need a good hair product to keep this shiny.

33. The Daunting Quiff


Get adventurous with a nice quiff haircut. Let the barber apply fades to the sides and disconnect that from the beard. For the top, a buzz-cut pushes in the extra strands and gives a complete suave look.

34. Coarse Top Locks

Instagram / @SKY_SALON

Drive the natural look to your hair by rocking a coarse top lock. The sides and back get a sharp lining of the tapered haircut.

35. Clean Fade

Instagram / @BARBERLELE

This is for handsome guys that want to stay on top of their fashionable looks. A high fade at the sides; curly hair at the top and a razor line gives the definite look of the modern gentleman.

36. Bald Fade with Side Part

Instagram / @BARBERLELE

This haircut is the look for an adventurous man. A razor line parts the hair into two with the tip of the left sides getting a low fade and the rest left with a bald fade. A smaller quiff tilts to the right and stretches to the crown to give a befitting look.

37. Comb Over High Fade


Bring back the valor in the comb-over haircut with this style. A razor-sharp line bites into the slick hair and a high fade at the sides complement the voluminous top.

38. The Box Fade


This is the classical high fade taking another route. This haircut is perfect for men that want to show off their natural texture. Compliment it with a bald fade at the sides and a buzz-cut to bring out the top’s features.

39. High Top Mohawk Fade


The Mohawk haircut is never out of style and is back with a bang. The high fade looks good on the cut and a neat fade at the sides compliments the lengthy Mohawk that stretches to the nape.

40. Faux Hawk


The Faux Hawk looks unique when the high fade compliments it. A clean buzz-cut at the front and bald fades at the sides brings the haircut to another level.

41. Undercut Mohawk with Faded Temples

Instagram / @ALUPPERCUT

This style was Usher’s favorite in the ‘90s and is still very much around. The trendy hairstyle now looks great with a disconnected beard and faded temples that match the undercut Mohawk style.

42. The Blurry Fade

Instagram / @JAVI_THEBARBER_

Though styled to be blurry, a connected beard that links to the high faded sides is a great look for the stylish man. A steady hand and an eye for precision let the barber style the pompadour with a blurry touch.

43. Short Black Mohawk

Instagram / @COOL_CUTZ

The Mohawk haircut does not need to be lengthy to look neat. A shorter variation that features long hair down to the nape gives that Mohawk style. Get the perfect finish with connected high fade sides.

44. Skin Fade with Curly Top

Instagram / @COOL_CUTZ

A lengthy top fade looks better with twisted hair that dips down towards the neck’s nape. Distinguish the curly top from the shaved sections with a razor line. This style also looks in the direction of the Mohawk and will look great without beards.

45. All Around Fade


This hairstyle looks at fading the sides through the back and down to the nape. A longer curly length sits on top and a well-trimmed beard completes the trendy look.


Stay High and Never Fade

If your goal is to change your current haircut to a trendy one, a high top fade is the best option. The style suits all hair types and a well-trimmed beard and side parts can spice it up. Thanks to this style, innovative cuts that held sway in past decades are gradually making their way back to the mainstream. You can start off with any of the styles that catch your fancy and work your way up the fashion ladder with great haircuts.

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