Finest Hard Part Haircuts Of All Time (40 Ultimate Picks)

Looking for the best way to up your hairstyle and stay in the trend? I bring you the best news that is guaranteed to keep you at the top of your fashion cycle; I bring you the hard part. It is a line drawn into the scalp of your head and is the ultimate tweak to giving your haircut a modern and edgy look. It gives beautiful contrast and definition to your hair and as little a change as it is, it makes all the difference.

By now you must have realized that the side part on its own is not a haircut, but a stylish way to bring out the best in your haircut. It is mostly used in combination with top haircuts like the undercut and fade haircuts. It is highly flexible and versatile and so can be used to bring out the best in other chic hairstyles like the pompadour, beautiful quiff haircut and the all-time classic; Caesar haircut. You just can’t get it wrong with this haircut as it gets you ready for whatever occasion you want to attend or look you wish to achieve.

No matter the length of your hair, you are sure to rock this style with top selections. Here are the very best variations handpicked to give you that much desired dashing look;

1Fade + Hard Part

Fade + Hard Part - Hard Part Haircuts

One of the top ways to carry the hard part is with a fade. The contrast in hair length combined with the line drawn into the scalp gives your hair a very elegant look. You would need to maintain the sharpness of the line so as to maintain the fine modern look it gives to you.

2Hard Part + Undercut

Hard Part + Undercut - Hard Part Haircuts
Instagram / @4HAIRPLEASURE

An undercut is a hairstyle that gives you a modern and masculine look. On its own it is a very trendy and top style that has got your back in all appearances, but in order to look different, you could go further with your fashion in this manner for that awesome finish.

3High Fade + Hard Part

High Fade + Hard Part - Hard Part Haircuts
Instagram / @BARBER_187

For a more extreme look, opting for a high fade can do the trick. This is not ideal for all occasions but lets you rock the punk fashion in a subtle manner. Styling your hair in this manner is bound to put you in the spotlight and turn heads your way.

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4Mid Fade + Hard Part

Mid Fade + Hard Part - Hard Part Haircuts
Instagram / @BARBER_1K

This is one way to rock the fade style without looking too daring. It sets you apart from other guys in the room as you will no doubt look more stylish and refined. Getting your barber skillfully divide your hair with a line will give you the perfect finish.

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5Wavy Parted Hair + Beard

Wavy Parted Hair + Beard - Hard Part Haircuts

If you desire the wavy hair look, you should try it in this style. Parting your wavy hair gives you a sophisticated and masculine look. It gives you a gorgeous look without you doing it too much, keeping you at the top of your hair game.

6Line Up + Parted Faux Hawk

Line Up + Parted Faux Hawk - Hard Part Haircuts
Instagram / @FAUXHAWK7

Taking your faux hawk to another level is by carrying it this way. A line up is a sure perfect combo to go with a faux hawk as it gives you a refined look. This is one hairstyle that will definitely have you looking trendy as you go about your activities.

7Quiff + Hard Part

Quiff + Hard Part Haircuts
Instagram / @FABAOBARBER

The quiff is a messier version of the pomp. It lets you freestyle your look. It is suitable for every occasion even though it has a bad boy thing about it. This is indeed a great way to go about the quiff as it looks more elegant and gorgeous.

8Long Hair + Hard Part With Beard

Long Hair + Hard Part With Beard

Having long hair gives you different alternative ways to style. One great way to style your long hair and look top stylish is to do comb it back and have it with a beard. It gives you a sexy look and has a way of putting you out there.

9Textured Quiff + Hard Part

Textured Quiff + Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @5AMMYBOY

In order to accentuate the beauty of the quiff haircut, different alterations can be made. Having your hair textured is a great way to enhance your hair beauty and giving your look a perfect finish is to have a line drawn down to your scalp and you are good to go.

10Sleek Back + Hard Part

Sleek Back + Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @L.MILLER_90

A great way to style your hair is by adding good hair wax. It gives your hair a glossy appearance and a healthy glow. This haircut is perfect for all occasions and is sure to have you looking most fashionable among your peers.

11Fade + Beard + Hard Part

Fade + Beard + Hard Part Hairstyle

If you want to steal the show wherever you go and impress the ladies, or you desire that classic man look, this is the best style for you. It is loaded with class and beauty that is sure to place you at the top of the classy ladder.

12Taper Fade + Hard Part

Taper Fade + Hard Part Hairstyle

The way the taper fade beautifully plays with our appearance is really fascinating. A taper fade is a great garnish for any haircut as they have proven to add style and class to your looks and going with this style will unfailingly have heads nodding in approval.

13Pomp + Hard Part

Pomp + Hard Part Hairstyle

The pompadour is an embodiment of beauty. It shows you off as top stylish and places you way at the top. Going further to beautify this masterpiece is just golden and this is the perfect way to do it. Maintaining this style needs time and good hair product but the result is perfection.

14Layered Hair + Hard Part

Layered Hair + Hard Part Hairstyle

Want to give your hair the impression of volume? Ask your hairstylist for a layered haircut. It gives your hair a perfect appearance of both volume and class and going with a hard part makes everything even better. You are good to go as you can’t be more gorgeously looking.

15Formal Look

Formal Look Hard Part Hairstyle

That look of sophistication and feeling of admiration from your colleagues are all yours. This style has got you looking like a boss and earns you respect. It is suitable for that business meeting or job interview or any other formal occasion. You just can’t get it wrong with this look.

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16Messy Hair + Hard Part

Messy Hair + Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @DHANU_SHANE

Messy hair gives you a bit of punk appearance, depending on how far you go though. The beauty lies in the intertwined locks of hair, having random orientation. It gives you a bad boy look and this style accentuates the beauty that already is your hairstyle.

17Hard Part + Comb Over

Hard Part + Comb Over

A comb over is a classic haircut and is perfect for a gentleman look. It gives you an aura of superiority with a very classy appearance. Having a line shaved in at the side is a perfect way to look even more enthralling. Use good pomade and comb properly and you will have the very best of looks.

18Short Hair + Hard Part

Short Hair + Hard Part Hairstyle

If you have short hair because of your job or you just don’t want it long, and you desire a more refined look, here is absolutely the style you should try. Having you hairlines sharp and adding a line at the side is sure to give you a trendy look.

19Buzz Cut + Hard Part

Buzz Cut + Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @JIALE64

This is surely the best haircut for those who have very little time on their hands but yet want to stay in the trend. Getting a buzz cut ensures you do not have to worry about your hair as it is stylish in itself.

20Afro + Hard Part

Afro + Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @AFRO17_

Afro textured hair can be a bit difficult to style and is usually carried naturally. But that is no reason not to look astonishingly beautiful. Opting for this style of afro is perfect and will show you off as one who is at the top of his hair game.

21Double Hard Part

Double Hard Part Hairstyle

For that punk look, you should ask your barber for two side lines to be drawn. It is a daring haircut but shows you off as extremely fashionable. Get your peers wondering what you are up to as you take the obvious lead in trendy haircuts.

22Crew Cut With Hard Part

Crew Cut With Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @LUANAMARAL95

The crew cut is on its own a great way to style your hair. It is simple but top classy. It gives you a chic appearance without even trying. The low cut sides give you a fascinating look and going further to tweak it for a more stylish look will definitely give you an awesome finish.

23Mohawk With Hard Part

Mohawk With Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @TATTOO_LEE

Going all punk? Why not do it in the grandest of styles. Having a hard part to go with your Mohawk is one way to add beauty and style to your appearance. It has got you looking different and you will clearly be the leader of the pack.

24Hard Part + Man Bun

Hard Part + Man Bun

A man bun is a great way to style your hair. You will first need to grow your hair long though and then use good hair product for that attractive glow and perfect appearance. Having a hard part is going to add style as it acts like an accessory to your flawless hairdo.

25Low Hard Part

Low Hard Part Hairstyle

Traditionally, the hard part begins at the side of the head and follows the natural curve, but if you want to look different and have your own signature look, you can ask for your line to be cut lower. It sets you apart and leaves you looking really fashionable.

26Subtle Hard Part

Subtle Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @MARKMAC89

If you have doubts or you just want your line to be on the low, this is the perfect way for you to go about it. The line when cut this way is not too pronounced and has a decency about it. It will get covered up by hair growth pretty fast so you will need to visit your barber regularly to maintain it.

27Extreme Hard Part

Extreme Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @JENKS_BARBER

This is a good way to go all out. It leaves your line clearly visible and gives your haircut a punk appearance. You need a good barber to part your hair in this manner because a mistake will be visible and might force you to cut everything off.

28Short Curvy Part

Extreme Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @MR.LBOOGIE

This is one very stylish way to have your hair styled further. Having a good barber draw this line for you is important to achieve great results. It gives you a very fancy appearance and keeps you looking sophisticated at all times.

29High Top + Hard Part

High Top + Hard Part Hairstyle

Having high hair gives room for a variation of styles for your hair. You could have it textured or sleek or both but either way, it gives a flawless look. Having your sides shaved and a line drawn at the side all the way to the back is a good way to enhance the beauty of your haircut.

30Bleached Top Hair + Hard Part

Bleached Top Hair + Hard Part Hairstyle

For an outstanding punk look, you could play with the colors by going white at the top and maintain your hair color at the sides. Blending your side hair is going to bring out a beautiful contrast between top and side hair and then a brilliant finish would be to cut a long line at the side like this.

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31Low Taper + Hard Part

Low Taper + Hard Part Hairstyle

Not everyone likes to cut their hair short or go extreme with their looks. The low taper doesn’t cut your hair so short to the skin and it cuts just above your ears while making you look good. Having an even better look will be to have a line drawn at the side of your forehead in your scalp all the way back.

32Caesar + Hard Part

Caesar + Hard Part Hairstyle

The Caesar’s has been in the trend for centuries as it has never failed to keep men looking top gorgeous. Enhancing the beauty of your haircut will be perfectly done by having a hard part go with it. It gives you a fresh refined look.

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33Hard Part + Taper And Beard

Hard Part + Taper And Beard
Instagram / @_ROBWESTON

A beard never fails to make you look beautiful. It adds to your look of sophistication and masculinity as it presents you as stylish and elegant. Staying in the trend would be by further beautifying your hair as you introduce a line to your scalp at the side of your head.

34Mature Haircut + Hard Part

Mature Haircut + Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @STYLESNMORE

The hard part is an accompaniment that can be rocked by all. Age is not a barrier to this fashion. A great way to have your haircut looking fantastic and youthful is to have a line, subtle or extreme drawn in your scalp at the side. You would love your look.

35Hard Part + Blonde Hair

Hard Part + Blonde Hair

If you have blonde hair, or you love the blonde hair look and you are considering it, then style your hair further after having the haircut of your choice with a line. It is simple yet very effective in bringing out the best in your haircut.

36Side Swept Hair + Hard Part

Side Swept Hair + Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @ENEASERGIU

Applying good pomade to your hair and styling the front to the side has a classy touch to it. But why stop there when you can look more beautiful? Go further with your fashionable appearance as you introduce a line in your scalp that stands out and makes you classy.

37Hard Part + Hair Design

Hard Part + Hair Design

For a signature look, having your own design imprinted in your hair makes you stand out even among those with a similar hairstyle as yours. And adding a hard part just gives you that very fashionable appearance as a man who is at the top of his style.

38Curly Hair + Hard Part + Line Up

Curly Hair + Hard Part + Line Up

Cutting the sides of your curly hair so that the texture of your hair presents itself beautifully in different lengths is fascinating. Then having your barber give you a perfect line up adds to your fresh look and a flawless ending would be with a part. You just can’t do it better.

39Braids + Hard Part

Braids + Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @NURSEOFHAIR

A trendy way to carry long hair is to braid it. It is real classy and gives you a different look. In a strange way, it ups your masculinity and gives you a bad boy look. Combining your braid with a high fade and a side line in your scalp is sure to give excellent results.

40Textured + Layered + Hard Part

Textured + Layered + Hard Part Hairstyle
Instagram / @SASSINESS85

Be More Classy With A Hard Part

No matter the haircut you are going with, no matter how beautiful your hair already looks, there is a way to improve on it and give you a breathtaking look. However the texture of your hair, or length of your hair, or whatever your preference is, there is something for you; a great garnish for your haircut. So when next you visit your barber, ask for the greatest tweak to bring out the very best in your haircut. Ask for the hard part and leave the salon looking lavishly elegant and refined.

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