44 Goddess Braids Styles for Black Hair (Trendy Hairstyles To Try in 2022)

We are in the Goddess Braids Era

Goddess braids offer a stunning hairdo alternative to men and women alike. Some are made to last for a day while other styles will take you through a week or more. Therefore, you can change your hair as and when you wish. The different variations will leave you feeling like a mythical goddess.

What are Goddess Braids?

One look at them and you might think that they are cornrows, but they aren’t. The style features small cornrows, oversized or a mixture of both that can be styled in many ways. If your hair is not long enough, you can use hair extensions.

Goddess braided hairstyles are ideal for people who want to prevent hair breakage or retain moisture and length. They are considered trendy and protective. If you’re going to give your hair a break, you can have this hairdo instead of shaving.

44 Stunning Goddess Braids Styles for Black Hair

1Twisted Scalp

Twisted Scalp - Goddess Braids Styles

This goddess braid style has five lines that are braided diagonally across each other. The braids look like half moons. You will surely love this unique style, as it will give you a stunning goddess look. Considering that it is not too common, you will not have to look like everyone else while walking around.

2Massive Cornrows

Massive Cornrows - Goddess Braids Styles

To pull this look off, you will require some serious hair extensions. However, every effort you put into the style will be worthwhile because the final look is great. The first braid goes across the head while the others flow downwards. This is the kind of style you would love to have at an event.

3The Curved Cornrows

The Curved Cornrows - Goddess Braids Styles1
Instagram / BOSS_BRAIDER88
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The style consists of large and small braids that are curved across each other. There are four massive lines, which are separated by two small lines. The style looks more like a loop that doesn’t, end, which correlates to the eternal beauty the braids will give you.

4The Goddess Appeal

The Goddess Appeal - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / 7MILESBRAIDS

Goddess it is! These braids are inspired by how Ghanaian princesses would do their hair. It has only two braids that run from the top of the head to the bottom. Some hair is left to flow at the sides, which is the primary inspiration of the style.

5The Diagonal Look

The Diagonal Look - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / BOSS_BRAIDER88

Isn’t this design cute? Notice how neat the lines are as they get into the bun shape. If you are looking for a stylish design that will last for a long time, then this is a great idea for you to try.

6Slithering Like a Snake

Slithering like a Snake - Goddess Braids Styles

Hey Rapunzel! Now, if you want something that speaks of how stylish you are while giving you elegance and beauty, you just found it. The long golden braid at the center is all you require for a stunning look. It’s perfect for all kinds of events and being unique; you do not have to look like everyone else.


ZigZags - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / 1CRYSTYLEZ

The style consists of four large braids that alternate with small zigzag lines. The hair extension used here is off brown, which means that you will have a blend of colors on your hair. The final look is without a doubt stunning and out of this world. If you are looking for a unique style, you just found it.

8The Trailing Cornrows

The Trailing Cornrows - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / SLEEK_STYLZ

The goddess braids look like trails; hence the name. The style consists of five braids. The first two lines are at the front, and they flow towards one side of the head. The other three lines flow in the opposite direction. You will love this idea especially because you can wear it both to the office and events.

9The Thick Hair

The Thick hair - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / LIVINGVAIN

When you choose to have this style, you will get to braids at either end. The unique thing about this style is the bulk of hair that is left at the middle. You can also toy further with the look by using colored hair extensions, as it will leave you with a popping look.

10The Sparkle Braid

The Sparkle Braid - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / CURLISHA_UK

If you are looking for some sparkle in your hairstyle, here’s something for you. The style consists of two large braids with some glitters in between the rows. The shiny element will make you look amazing whenever you are. It is also great for attending events.

11The Rope Braid

The Rope Braid - Goddess Braids Styles

This style is unique in that it has six braids, all of which are bundled up in twos. The lines are tiny, which makes them look like small ropes on your head. You will definitely adore this look because it ensures you get to flaunt your hair too.

12The Turnstyle

The Turnstyle - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / BOSS_BRAIDER88

The style consists of many braids, all of which run in different directions across your head. The front lines are diagonal. The ones at the back flow downwards. Eventually, the final style looks like a turntable, hence the name.

13The Multiple Braids

The multiple braids - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / HAIRBY_BEEDY

Just like the name suggests, the style features several braids on the head. You can have as many braids as you like, but the icing on the cake is the two lines left at the middle of the braids. It is these two lines that will give you a breathtaking look. You can also use any braid color of choice.

14A Crown

A Crown - Goddess Braids Styles

Every goddess needs a crown to go with her gown and royalty, right? These braids feature a great design at the center, which leaves you looking stunning. There are two large cornrows at the end, and four smaller ones in the middle. The best part is that you can work around your creativity and make any design you want, as long as it gives you a crown.

15Work of Art

Work of Art - Goddess Braids Styles

This is simply a masterpiece of art. Notice the side decorations that go with the style as well as the white braid color at the end. If your stylist is creative or you want to toy around with style, you can include different art decorations as you wish.

16The Pigtails

The Pigtails - Goddess Braids Styles

These goddess braids feature four lines; two at either side of the head. The unique bit is that there are smaller lines that join to form the large braid. At the end of the lines, there is a curly, flowing extension. If you want a twist to this style, consider having a different color at its ends.

17Star Mohawk

Star Mohawk - Goddess Braids Styles

How about becoming a star? Then this Mohawk should do it for you. The style features lines that run across the ends towards the center. Instead of the lines meeting, there is a star shape at the middle, which is the unique aspect of these goddess braids.

18Double Goddess Braids

Double Goddess Braids - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / HAIRBYTEE_TEE2

Just like the name suggests, the style features two braids only. Unlike other goddess styles with two lines, this one is unique in that whatever is done to one side is also done on the other side as well. Therefore, the stylist should be careful in ensuring that the cornrows are all even.

19Goddess Box Braids

Goddess Box Braids - Goddess Braids Styles

The style features eight lines that meet at the top. Although the braids are held upright, the style differs from a ponytail because of the final look. Because they originate from all sides of the head and in the same indentation, they form a box-like shape. You can spruce it up with some silver ornamentals like in the picture.

20Ponytail Goddess Braids

Ponytail Goddess Braids - Goddess Braids Styles

If you are looking for a style you can wear to work, then you just found it! The simple ponytail goddess braid look is good for any occasion. After braiding over the weekend, you don’t have to undo it on Monday, because it is casual-official.

21Bun Goddess Braids

Bun Goddess Braids - Goddess Braids Styles

The style consists of two goddess lines that flow all the way to the bottom. When they near the end, there is a small burn that complements the look. You must love the idea of the flowing elegance, beauty and wonderful looks that these bun goddess braids will give you. If you are looking for simplicity, look no further.

22Crowning Glory

Crowning glory - Goddess Braids Styles

Every princess deserves a crown, and since you are one too, you also need a nice hairdo to act like your crown. The best aspect of the style is the amazing color combination. It is something that we haven’t experienced much, but it is worth trying.

23Pop Color Braids

Pop color braids - Goddess Braids Styles

If you are into color, then this style will blow you away. Notice the green touch at the end of the braids and the nice white patches at the top. A touch of green and white on black hair will not only make you elegant, but you will stand out wherever you go. Now, this is such a good thing especially if you are going out and would like to make new friends.

24Golden braids

Golden braids - Goddess Braids Styles

The look consists of three braids that have a touch of golden along the line. As you are getting the braids, the stylist will be picking tiny bits of your hair and weaving it into the large hair extensions. Considering that there are only three lines, you will have to treat your hair before braiding it.

25Red Love

Red love - Goddess Braids Styles

The thing about this style is that even though it is simple, the color keeps saying “Hey, check me out.” You will not only look stunning but will also stand out from everyone else, which is great. If you are going to a party, there can be no better goddess braid style that will attract suitors!

26Tall Tales

Tall tales - Goddess Braids Stylesi

The secret for acing this style is to use long hair extensions. There are eight braids, all of which are in different directions. You can use a color variation to make them more stunning than they are.

27Z- Twist

Z-Twist Goddess Braids Styles

If you would like to look adventurous, then this is the way to go. The style features a zig-zag twist that is out of this world. All the lines are equal in size, and they move in the same direction, only that they are in a twist-like form.

28Stunning and Shiny

Stunning and shiny - Goddess Braids Styles

There is something about this goddess braids style that is out of the ordinary. Notice the blend of colors and the careful design in the middle. The hair flows downwards, and both braids meet at the back of the head, where they are held tightly.

29Alien Elements

Alien elements - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / K_.STYLES

The style is called alien because of its mixture of style elements. There is some twist at the back. You will also notice that the lines flow up to the middle, while the back has flowing braids that are left free.

30Cute and Pretty

Cute and pretty - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / MOBHAIR

Simplicity at its best! If you are looking to try out goddess styles, but you do not like elaborate hairdos, then you should try this one. The style is pretty simple to have and does not take long to plait.

31The Turn Style

The Turn Style - Goddess Braids Styles

The lines originate from the center of the head, and they move away towards the right and the left. The ones at the back move downwards. Since the braids used are thick and long, you will have a stunning look in the end. You can also use the front lines to hold the rest in place.

32Glamour and Curls

Glamour and curls - Goddess Braids Styles

This style is definitely everything you would want in a curly, glamorous style. The braids are only at the front of the head, while the curls flow all the way downwards. It is an ideal style for brides, bridesmaids and everyone else who wants to look stunning.

33Cute Hive

Cute hive - Goddess Braids Styles

If you are looking for a mix of uniqueness and passion, then you should go for this look. There are eight lines. Two of them are at the middle, and they move towards the ends to join those on the sides. As for the terminal braids, two are large while there is a small one in the middle. Eventually, the lines are held upwards to create two stunning burns.

34The Centerpiece

The centerpiece - Goddess Braids Styles

This speaks of elegance and beauty, all in one. Only the middle part is braided, while the sides are left with naturally flowing hair. At the middle is a thick braid that reaches out to the ponytail. This look is particularly ideal for evening dinners.

35Tornado Style

Tornado style - Goddess Braids Styles

The goddess braids feature two large lines at either side. On each of the braid, there are two lines that join to form the massive braids. Therefore, you will have a total of four lines; two small ones and two large ones.

36Fluffy Top

Fluffy top - Goddess Braids Styles

This style will leave you looking like the princess you are, and it is ideal for both adults and children. The lines are braided evenly, and they meet in the middle to form a fluffy top at the ends.

37Tightly Woven

Tightly woven - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / 317_SHAY_BRAIDZ

The style is not only unique, but also very neat. It can suit both adults and children, as long as they like the look. The braids look like they are tightly woven, which is a good thing because it gives this beautiful final look. Stunning, right?

38Thick Roll

Thick roll - Goddess Braids Styles

Talk of a spin! This style consists of only one braid. Although you may get the impression that one braid may make your head look like so much is going on, this is not the case. On the contrary, the one-braid style will leave you looking very hot and stunning.

39The Mermaid Spin

The mermaid spin - Goddess Braids Styles

Ever wanted to look like a mermaid? Here is your chance. We are not talking about the fishtail on your legs, but rather on your head. Nothing speaks of a unique style more than this one does.

40So Much Hair

So much hair - Goddess Braids Styles

Notice the bulk of hair at the center of the head? That is why this style is known as the “So much hair” style. There are only two braids, but the stylist has to braid with the idea that they should leave lots of hair at the middle. Otherwise, it won’t look this stunning. Also, the lines should be at the far ends.

41Center Braid

Center Braid - Goddess Braids Styles

If you are not into complex styles, then this one braid will do you well. The look is certainly simple and cute. Before braiding, ensure you do some deep conditioning to ensure that your hair is able to withstand the pressure and tension that it is about to undergo.

42The Alternating Spirals

The Alternating Spirals - Goddess Braids Styles

The trick here is pretty obvious. There is one bi braid, then a small one and the pattern repeats itself. The larger braids should be significantly big, while the small ones should be evidently tiny. The point here is to change of size, so, it should be apparent.

43Sleek Look

Sleek Look - Goddess Braids Styles

Now, here is exactly the bomb! Nothing speaks of elegance more than this style. It features four braids on either side of the end, with all of them meeting at the center of the head. The eight braids are then braided into one long line. The exceptional aspect of the style is it is braided using a twisted bulk of hair.

44The Unique Style

The Unique Style - Goddess Braids Styles
Instagram / SHELDEEZ1

It is quite hard to categorize this style, considering that it is a little bit of everything. The center looks like a Mohawk, but it is not braided. The lines alternate in size, but the difference is evident. The beginning of the lines is small and the extensions get larger as you progress.

How Are Goddess Braids Done?

They can be styled in different ways depending on the projected final design.

  • Clean the hair
  • Conditioning
  • Select the preferred braid ratio
  • Install the braids
  • Seal the braids
  • Use any hair accessories of choice

Goddess Braids Care and Maintenance

Wrap your hair before going to bed, using a satin or silk scarf. Doing this will prevent your hair from drying out and will maintain your edges in good shape while you sleep.

When washing your hair, pay attention to your scalp. Avoid scrubbing with your fingertips, and instead, lather down the length of the braids.

When conditioning, make sure to flow with your braids’ length rather than scratching with your fingertips. Take care not to mess up the braids

To prevent the hair from soaking in water, clean a section of the braids at an instance.

As you dry the braids, wrap it using an old t-shirt, instead of using a towel. This will prevent friction and keep your braids looking great for longer.

If your stylist suggests a braid spray, make sure to use it after washing your hair.

How To Take Down Your Goddess Braids

When it is time to take down your goddess braids, you ought to use a conditioner. If the braids are very long, trim the ends a few inches down. However, be careful not to get close to where your actual hair has reached to avoid cutting it too.

Using conditioner reduces stress and breakage on the hair. Usually, one sheds about 100 hairs a day, so, do not panic if you see a few hair strands coming out when taking down your goddess braids.

It’s The Goddess Braids Season!

After seeing all these fantastic goddess braids hairstyles, you now have endless ideas on what to try out next time. Whatever the occasion, you will not miss a style to wear on that day among these 44 goddess hairstyles for African hair. With such creative designs, you are sure to find something that will work for your taste and hair type.

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