The 5 Best Gaming Chair Under $100 Reviews and Buying Guides

You know you need the best chair to do gaming right and to have a wonderful gaming experience and having some normal chairs won’t be the best thing. The normal chairs are uncomfortable for gaming since they are not designed with the needed adjustments to give you the maximum comfort you deserve. In this 5 best gaming chair under $100 reviews and buying guides article, you will be able to learn how to choose the best of the best chairs that will make you have an enjoyable gaming session that doesn’t make you want to have a rest every now and then.

You must understand that the market is saturated with hundreds of brands which make it difficult for a gamer to choose the best gaming chair. However, getting one is simple. Continue reading. Our article will focus on the perfect chair so that your search becomes easier.

Also, in this post, you will be able to read some guides to help you buy the best chair. Just keep reading.

Who Are Gaming Chairs Designed For?

Gaming chairs are made differently in that some are made for adults while others are made for kids. Note that an adult gaming chair is not tall in height and the weight is also less compared with that of an adult. However, all are used for gaming purposes, so they are designed for gamers.

Devoko Gaming chairGaming Racing ChairEssentials Racing ChairAmazonBasics Office ChairHomall Chair
Material Premium PU leather PU Leather Premium leather and mesh fabric Synthetic black bonded Leather Premium PU leather
Type Racer Racer Yes PC Racer
Weight 45.5 pounds 37 pounds 37 pounds 29.8 pounds 42.1 pounds
Capacity 300 lbs 280 lbs 250 lbs 225 lbs 300 lbs

How We Picked the 5 Best Gaming Chairs

 As you are aware that gaming involves sitting for long sessions, this might cause serious health consequences. The best way to enjoy your gaming is to buy a chair that will allow you to change your sitting positions after every few minutes of playing. In addition to that, you need to get a gaming chair that offers you maximum support for your shoulders, back, and arms.

Thankfully, the latest gaming chairs are designed in a manner that you cannot experience any of these health implications like backaches and strains.

Note that unlike working where you are required to sit upright, gaming requires one to be in a reclined position so that your back muscles can relax. Therefore, we picked the best chairs on the basis of support, ergonomics as well as longevity.

5 Best Gaming Chairs Reviews

01. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Red

Best Gaming Chair Under 100 - Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair – RedWhen we were looking for the best gaming chairs we bumped into this product, we felt nervous since the chair is inexpensive and it promised the best features you could ever want to get from a gaming chair. After doing some extensive research and testing, we can confirm that this product is one of the best gaming chairs that gamers need to have for the price.

The comfort you will obtain from using this product is remarkable. This 20.5” x 19.8” x 50.5” gaming chair comes with a removable headrest and soft lumbar support pillow. Besides, the chair is designed with premium PU leather material which makes it last longer.
Besides, the chair offers a 360-degrees swivel rotation making it capable of rotating freely thus providing comfort for your body.

I highly recommend it for gamers who would want to use it for long gaming sessions and hours since it takes care of your backaches worries.

Coming with recline angle adjuster; this chair is suitable when it comes to relieving the pressure when used for long gaming and hours. Another incredible thing about this chair is the ability to hold up to 300lbs which makes it suitable for people who are weighty.

  • Assembling the chair is hassle-free
  • Strong and well-made
  • Provides freely adjustable lumbar support
  • Super-Comfy, as it is designed with adjustable lock tilts, to relieve pressure
  • It is a long-lasting chair with a Curved high back and headrest.
  • Silent rolling wheels thus producing no noise while moving it on the floor.
  • Lacks adjustable armrests
The Devoko gaming chair will give you all the comfort you need for your gaming session. You will buy it at a budget-friendly price and it will give you value for your money. Check the Devoko ergonomic gaming chair on Amazon to read the customer reviews so that you can learn what others have felt about it.


Does the chair recline?
This chair reclines far enough and you can even sleep on it.
Is the chair comfortable when used by a tall person?
This gaming chair is tall enough to accommodate even tall people and will offer support for your body so you don’t have to worry about backaches. It comes with a height-adjustable gas spring pneumatic functionality which makes it flexible to adjust it to recline.

Another incredible feature is the easy lock-tilt adjuster which makes it cool to adjust it and relieve pressure while using it for long gaming sessions.

The armrests look amazing. Can you adjust them?
The armrests are super-comfortable; however, you cannot adjust them.
Can the chair accommodate your thigh comfortably?
It is designed with incredible padding and backrest and you will not feel any stiffness when sitting on this chair. This Devoko gaming chair does not leave marks on your thigh as it is smooth and cozy.
Will the chair support your back comfortably?
As mentioned above that this chair can recline far enough that you can even sleep. This best-budget gaming chair is designed with a Curved high back and an adjustable lumbar pillow to give you an ergonomic headrest.

02. Gaming Racing Computer Chair – Blue

Best Gaming Chair Under 100 - Gaming Racing Computer Chair – BlueOut of our list of the best gaming chairs, we present you our second product that can support weights of up to 280 lbs with a seating area measurement of 30 x 23 x 13 inches and comes with adjustable height from 20 inches to 24.4 inches. This chair is designed with durable PU leather material for longevity and a padded armrest to make you feel comfortable while gaming.

With this chair, you are relieved of having to worry about backaches since it is designed with a high backrest to support your spine. Besides that, this ergonomically designed chair allows gamers to have comfortable gaming sessions even when gaming for long hours. The good thing about this chair is that it comes with a 5-star base and 360 degrees swivel wheels which makes it move silently on floors. If you buy this chair, you get a free replacement and money back assurance for any quality problem that you will encounter within one month after buying it.

  • Easy to assemble,
  • Comfy
  • Designed with top-quality material/covering
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Good customer service
  • Lacks adjustable armrests
Although it lacks adjustable armrests, this chair is suitable for people of all heights. For instance, this chair comes with height adjustable from 20 inches to 24.4 inches. On matters to do with weight, this chair can handle weights of up to 280 lbs which makes it suitable for both light-weight and heavyweight gamers.


Is the chair built with the durable material?
The chair is built with PU Leather material that is long lasting; however, it will depend on how you use it. If you want to use it daily it would be good to choose a high-end designed gaming chair.
What is the maximum weight the chair can handle?
Well, the maximum weight that this gaming chair can handle is 280 lbs, however, you can use it even if you weigh more than that, for instance, if you weigh 300 lbs
Will I get some instructions manual after buying it?
When you buy the chair, you will get an inventory list of all the parts that will help you to assemble the chair quickly and easily.
Do you need to have any tools to assemble the chair?
You will need two wrenches which are sold together with the chair.
Does the chair have adjustable armrests?
Unfortunately, this chair lacks adjustable armrests.

03. Essentials Ess-3086 – Blue Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 100 - Essentials Ess-3086 – Blue Gaming ChairIf you are looking for the best gaming chairs, the Essentials Racing chair won’t disappoint you at all. This budget-friendly and stylish gaming chair is designed with the best quality to give you value. Designed with high-quality materials, the Essentials (ESS-3086-BLU) are comfortable products for adult gamers.

Besides, the chair is ergonomically designed and features incorporated headrest and lumbar support to offer gamers the super-comfort needed during gaming. In fact, you will love it when you use it for intense gaming sessions and during long working hours.

This durable office furniture is a heavy duty chair has 250 pounds weight capacity for longevity. In addition, this chair features thickly padded armrests to provide your arms and body with a supper upper support. This chair has all the supper features you will want to have in a gaming chair.  For example, it is designed with a seat height adjustment, a 360-degree swivel a tilt-lock and a tilt-tension moderator. All these features are aimed at providing you with the comfort when customizing your seat top as per your needs.  Incredibly enough is how the chair can hold weights of up to 250 lbs.

  • Assembling the chair is hassle-free
  • Comes with easy to understand instructions
  • Adjustable racing chair
  • A heavy duty chair capable of handling weights up to 250 lbs
  • A durable chair for longevity
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 360-degree swivel
  • It’s a home, office and gaming chair
  • The chair provides high-performance comfort during intense gaming sessions and long working days.
  • Although the Essentials (ESS-3086-BLU) include all the excellent features you can find in the best gaming chair out there, it lacks adjustable armrests. However, this is the only downside with this chair. You will not find any other faulty part from this.
Apart from being a budget-friendly and the best gaming chairs out there, the Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair is aesthetically great with the best performance. The flip-up arms and a contoured backrest makes you stay seated on it for longer gaming sessions without getting tired.


What is the height of this chair from the wheels to the top of the armrest?
The height is 27 inches with seat in the lower position
Is the chair comfortable to use during long gaming sessions?
Yes, it is designed with a comfortable fabric material to relieve you from feeling stress or fatigue. This chair will offer you super-comfort during long working hours and gaming sessions so you won’t feel tired.
Can the chair last longer?
The chair is designed in a durable and sturdy design. It can handle heavy-weight gamers up to 250 pounds.
Can it support your body in different positions?
The chair offers incredible support for your body in different positions since it is designed with a seat height adjustment and tilt-clock tension so your legs and back will be greatly supported. Besides, it features a spring mechanism to enable it to lean back to fine-tune to your body sitting.
What is the overall height of the chair?
This chair can accommodate gamers as tall as 6.4 ft. Besides, the armrests are also designed with a soft and comfortable cushioning.
What is the rotation experience of the chair?
The chair features a 360-degree swivel so you can rotate t whatever angle you prefer with it.

04. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

If you are looking the best gaming chairs that won’t break your bank this chair would be your best choice. The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair is another best and most affordable gaming chair for gamers on a budget.

This chair is super comfortable and the fact that the chair is dead cheap makes it a go-for chair.

Coming with a padded seat and back which makes it comfortable to sit on this chair is also made of the high-quality black bonded material for longevity. The bottom of the seat is a control handle for you to raise or lower it and rock back on it or just leave it straight since it features the pneumatic controls. And with the dual wheel caster, this chair is mobile around your working station which makes it one of the most comfortable office chairs out there.

The only downside of the dual casters is that they are rather small and work well with thick carpets. However, if you want a comfortable office chair for long hours, this would make a good choice. Besides, it has a weight capacity of 225 pounds.

  • Comfortable padded backing and seat
  • It is a budget-friendly chair
  • Features height and tilt adjustable
  • Assembling it is easy and quick
  • Designed with dual casters for easy mobility around the office.
  • It is not a suitable chair for taller gamers
  • Armrests aren’t’ adjustable
  • Dual-caster wheels and not suitable to work with on thick carpets.
The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair is the best gaming chair for people on a budget. Assembling of this chair is also easy and quick but the downside with this chair is that it may not be suitable for heavy-weight people as it can only handle weights up to 225 pounds. However, if you don’t want to break your bank; this budget-friendly chair would make the best choice.


I am a tall guy measuring 6.4ft would the chair be able to accommodate my height?
The highest position of this chair is 21 inches so it may not be suitable for taller gamers.
Is the chair comfortable?
Yes, the chair is very comfortable. Besides, it is designed with lumbar support so you can use it for more than 10 hours without having to stand up and stretch yourself.
Can the chair hold heavy-weight people?
Yes, however, its maximum weight is 225 pounds although it can handle people beyond that capacity.
I see it says 24 inches wide, is it the chair or the arms and the chair?
The chair is 20 inches so the two combined makes 24 inches.
Does it have an adjustable back height?
Is the chair easy to assemble?
Yes, assembling this chair is easy and quick; it can take some few minutes and you are done.
Can you adjust the height of the chair?
Yes, the height is adjustable
Can you move around with this chair?
Yes, the chair comes with dual casters for easy mobility so you can move around with it; however, the dual casters are not suitable for thick carpets since they are small.

05. Homall Racing Gaming Chair – White

Best Gaming Chair Under 100 - Homall Racing Gaming Chair – WhiteComing from Homall, a reputable brand that is designed top-quality gaming chairs; the Homall Gaming chair is one of the best gaming chair under $100 that will offer you the best comfort and support you need. This chair is designed with an adjustable lumbar support that offers full back support and the soft cushion makes it comfortable to relax your shoulders and neck beside the headrest.

In addition, the chair comes with incredible features and this is, for instance, top-quality PU leather padding, a tilt-lock system for easy adjustment of the chair’s tilt as well as upgraded PU wheels. The good thing about the chair, unlike the other chairs, is that it can support weights of up to 300 lbs, and it offers 360 degrees swivel.

To make it stand strong on the floor, the Homall executive is designed with 5 heavy duty and multidirectional caster wheels that make it easy for mobility. The only downside with the chair is that although it comes with well-padded armrests, they are not adjustable.

  • Quick and easy to assemble – You don’t have to be a pro since it comes with easy to understand instructions manual
  • Lumbar cushion support – The chair is designed with adjustable lumbar support for relieving pressure
  • Headrest cushion support – The Homall executive comes with headrest as well as neck cushion to give you super-support when gaming for long sessions.
  • Ergonomic- This is one of the best gaming chairs designed to offer excellent body comfy even when seating for long hours
  • Although the chair offers the super features you would want to have in your gaming chair, it’s not for you if you work on a budget.
  • It lacks adjustable armrests.
If you are looking for the best gaming chairs with incredible features like lumbar and headrest cushion support, easy-to-assemble chair, ergonomically designed and chairs that will give you the comfort you need for an excellent gaming session, the Homall executive would make the best choice.


Does the chair have adjustable armrests?
No, they are not adjustable, however, they offer you the comfort you need while gaming.
Will the chair support tall gamers who are more than 6 ft tall?
Yes, the height of the chair is capable of supporting tall gamers who are taller than 6ft.
What is the maximum weight that the chair can handle?
The chair can support weights up to 300lbs.
Does the chair offer mobility?
Yes, the chair is designed with 5 heavy duty and multidirectional caster wheels that make it easy for mobility

Our Top Pick Among the 5 Best Gaming Chairs

You must have seen from our 5 best gaming chairs review that all the chairs are suitable for any gamer’s needs. Well, if we would recommend the best of the best from the list above, we would recommend the Devoko Ergonomic for your long and super comfortable gaming sessions.

From its features, you must have seen that this chair is ergonomically designed; it features an adjustable seat height of up to 20 inches which makes it suitable for all people of all heights. Apart from lacking adjustable armrests, there are no other faults you will find from this chair.

How To Choose the Best Gaming Chairs – Buying Guide

There has been a myth that gaming chairs are costly but this is not true since today, you can buy a good and super comfortable gaming chair under $100 or even less than this; as you have seen from the list above.

Now to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your gaming chair, here is what you need to ask yourself before investing in your chair.

Is The Chair Ergonomically Designed?

Many a time you might spend long hours seated in your computer chairs in front of your best 4k gaming monitor and this could negatively impact on your health. However, choosing a modern ergonomic gaming chair, you don’t have to worry about back and neck pain, shoulders and wrist fatigue. In this case, you will have to look for features like the armrest, backrest recline, seat depth, chair height.

Is The Chair Adjustable?
Of course, adjustability should not be overlooked. The latest gaming and office chairs are highly adjustable; however, their prices are a bit higher than their counterparts. Therefore, ensure to choose one that can easily be adjusted.
How Quick and Easy Is It to Assemble the Chair
While most chairs come with instructions manual, it is good to buy a gaming chair that you can assemble easily and quickly.
Is The Brand Reputable?
This is also an important question you should ask yourself since there are cheap gaming chairs out there coming from trusted and untrusted brands. It is therefore important to ensure you buy from the top gaming chair brands.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Gaming Chairs

Now that you have read about the best gaming chairs under $100, how do you choose the best and most suitable for your gaming needs? Note that choosing the right gaming chair entails more than being visually enticed to the chair.  Here are some of the important factors you need to consider when selecting the best of the best.

The materials used to design the chair should be your first consideration factor. You must check to see whether they are soft and durable. In addition, you need to find out whether you can clean it easily. If you want the chair to last longer, you will have to choose one built with high-quality material. On the same note, ensure the material is breathable so that you can use your chair for long hours without being upset by a buildup of sweat.
Gaming chairs come in different heights and sizes. Some are designed for short gamers and others for taller gamers. So, you must ensure the chair you choose will support your height and size of your body.

This is in fact, the number one factor to consider when choosing your gaming chair. Remember, regardless of whether you are playing games on the best gaming monitors out there, there are other health problems. If you will be spending long hours gaming you need to make sure you don’t strain yourself a lot, so choose a chair that is adjustable and one that will offer you the supper comfort you need.

The Final Word

As you have seen from this article, you don’t have to overstretch yourself to buy the most expensive chairs out there since there are best gaming chair under $100 that are worthy. However, you should be careful since cheap products come with some poor features especially if you buy from untrusted brands. Choose wisely and ensure to buy from a trusted brand.

We hope from our list above, you will be able to find one that is best for your gaming needs.

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