Best Fountain Pen Under 50 in 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You can get the best fountain pen under 50 on the market today; however, they come in various shapes, degrees of sophistication and sizes and at different prices and in our best fountain pen under 50 reviews and buyer’s guide, we’ve compiled a list of 5 pens that will help you to beautify your handwriting. Just continue reading.

Our selection consists of the best affordable pens with vital features essential for your writing job. We will review them and also present you with a buyer’s guide and at the end; we will highlight some frequently asked questions to help you find the right one for your needs.

Fountain pens, basically, use ink but are classy. One reason you should buy fountain pens instead of ball pens is that they can last longer and you rest assured of a writing partner for a very long time. The market is saturated with plenty of options, but we’ve tried to narrow down the options and came up with the best for your writing needs. So, whether you are looking for the best pen under 50 to sharpen your calligraphy skills or you want a classy pen to simplify your signing of documents, we’ve picked the best from the best pen brands.

Let’s get started!

Best Fountain Pen Under 50 – Comparison Chart

Lamy SafariDryden LuxuryDryden BambooPARKER UrbanPCM 91107
Nib Fine Medium Medium Medium Medium
Material ABS Plastic Metallic Silver Natural Bamboo Aluminum barrel Brass barrels
Refill/Disposal Ink cartridge, Ink Refill Converter Ink Refill Converter Ink Refill Converter Ink Refill Ink Refill Converter
Weight 0.96 oz. 2.56 oz. 4 oz. 4.2 oz. 3.52 oz.

How to Choose the Best Fountain Pen Under 50 – Things To Consider

There are various types and models of fountain pens and they also serve various purposes. Some pens require some experience to use while other can be used by anyone. To buy your most fountain pain for your needs, you need to consider the following factors:

Different fountain pens are made using different materials including metal, wood, plastic, acrylic and more. Some materials have a smooth feeling when holding the pen while others are natural. The material can also determine the weight of the pen; however, it depends on a personality test. Therefore, if you feel comfortable to use heavy pens, go for one made with a metallic material.
How Frequent You Intend to Use the Pen
What is your intended frequency of use of the pen? If you will be using the pen regularly, then you need to choose a tough and durable pen. This is to assure you of a long-lasting pen.
Nib Style

The ‘nib’ when it comes to fountain pen refers to the writing end that releases the ink when you are writing. The size and shapes determine your handwriting. Broad nibs produce a thicker handwriting whereas fine nibs create a finer and thinner handwriting.

Ink Capacity
What is the capacity of the ink, the pen can hold at a given instance? The higher the ink capacity the more the length of time you will use it. Therefore, buy a fountain pen with a higher ink capacity if you know you will need to use it to write longer.
The Size of Your Hands
A fountain pen cannot write by itself, you will need to hold it when writing. You should buy a pen that matches the size of your hands. Buy one that is neither oversized nor undersized. This is to make you comfortable and write conveniently.

Our Selection Criteria for the Best Fountain Pen Under 50

We understand how a pen can make or break the way you write and that’s why we’ve decided to research and try different fountain pens so as to get the best available on the market today. We’ve gone through various luxury pen brands list and come up with the best in terms of ergonomics, the material used to make the pen, quality of the pen and convenience of use when holding the pen.

Top 5 Best Fountain Pen Under 50 – Reviews

01. Lamy Safari – Charcoal Black ABS Colored Plastic Body (Best Calligraphy Fountain Pen)

Best Fountain Pen Under 50- Lamy Safari Fountain PenIf you want a pen you will carry it anywhere anytime without feeling inconvenienced then this best Amazon seller fountain pen would be your best choice. It is compact in design, very slim and highly effective. Among many other great features, the Lamy Safari Fountain pen is made of tough ABS plastic. It comes with a flexible sparkly chrome clip and a steel polished nib.

When you buy it, you also get a LAMY ink cartridge T10 which can be adjusted to use with a Z24 converter. Unlike the other models we’ve reviewed in this list that are designed with the medium nib, this pen comes with a fine nib which is Steel-polished to make it sparkly and appealing. Again the steel-polishing of the nib is meant to make it last longer. Note that steel is a corrosion-resistant material and can also withstand other corrosive agents.

The overall construction of this pen is made of tough and steady ABS plastic material. The material is sturdy and durable and this makes the pen to withstand wear and tear for a long period of usage. Converters are great than cartridges so this pen delivers the top-notch features you would want to have from a fountain pen.

This pen is also lightweight and does not blotch or bleed when writing and the fact that it is modestly priced makes it the best choice for people on a budget.

  • It comes with an ink cartridge but it can also be modified for use with Z24 converter
  • It releases a steady and smooth flow of ink
  • It comes with a fine-point nib for high-quality writing
  • It is stylishly designed with top-notch finishing
  • You can carry this pen everywhere at any time since it compactly designed and very slim
  • It offers a comfortable grip
  • It accepts external cartridges and accessories
  • It gives you value for your money
  • It is an Amazon bestseller so you should expect a pen that offers an outstanding performance
  • The material used in construction is durable
  • It features a steel-polished nib
  • It is somehow complicated for an average user
  • You will need to buy an extra converter as it is not included in the package
  • The nib is fin but not extra fin

Although you will need to buy an extra converter for use with this fountain pen, the fact that it can use a cartridge and can be modified to use with a converter makes this pen the best with outstanding features out there. The Steel-polished nib makes it last longer plus the durable construction material makes it the best pick from the market today.

02. Dryden Luxury Fountain pen– Metallic Silver with 24 Ink Cartridges

Best Fountain Pen Under 50 - Dryden Luxury Fountain penEnhance your calligraphy creativity with this well-designed metallic silver and a beautiful luxury fountain pen from Dryden. This pen is one of the most sought-after pens on Amazon since it is modestly priced and is a quality fountain pen that offers you a range of style and function.

The Dryden Luxury is beautifully designed and comes with an ergonomically designed technology so you can write with it for long hours without getting wrist or hand fatigue. When you buy the pen, you will also get extra 24 ink cartridges. This pen is one of the most comfortable and elegant writing tools you can find on the market today. The modern classic limited edition fountain pen is creatively made for your personal and professional writing needs.

What’s more with this elegant pen is the medium nib that is designed to slide smoothly over the page to ensure you get a smooth and neat writing when using it since it does not blotch and bleed on the page. Another greatest thing about this luxury pen is that it can make a perfect gift idea since it is solid with a free converter and a classic pouch that makes you to only get the ink.

Moreover, this durable writing pen is lightweight and from nib to barrel, its finishing is great and maintains a superior balance of function. This pen is available in Red, Purple, Green, Intense Black, Luscious Pink, Metallic Silver, and Blue so you rest assured to get your favorite color or one for your loved ones. Also, this pen is perfect for both right and left-handed people.

  • Comes with an ink refill converter
  • It is affordable
  • Does not blotch or bleed on the page
  • Ideal for both left and right-handed people
  • It is well-designed
  • It is a classic modern fountain pen
  • It comes with a smooth medium nib that enables high-quality writing
  • It has a slippery surface
  • The barrel does not hold the nib tightly
If you are looking for the best fountain pen under 50 with a higher ink capacity and durable construction, then the Dryden Luxury is for you. This ergonomically designed pen is ideal for left and right-handed people, for personal and professional users. It is a durable handmade fountain pen and does not blotch or bleed when writing.

03. Dryden Luxury Bamboo – 100% Handcrafted Fountain Pen with Ink Refill Converter

Best Fountain Pen Under 50 - Dryden Luxury BambooBeing 100% handcrafted from premium bamboo, this Dryden Luxury Bamboo fountain is the perfect choice when you want to give it as a gift to someone. It is enclosed in a stunning and suitable bamboo gift box and will not affect the environment in any way. With this pen, you can write neatly since it is designed with a nib that releases smooth and a stable flow of the ink.

The pen is accurately designed to prevent blotching or bleeding while at the same time brings a good and mesmeric handwriting. This artistic and sustainable pen is also a perfect choice for you since it will not result in hand and wrist fatigue no matter how long you write with it since it is ergonomically designed for comfortability purposes.

It is designed with a gilded gold-plated metal nib that is meant to guide your strokes to make a stylish curve and lines to make your writing more attractive and creative. The case is also a good store for the pen when you are not using it. When you buy the pen, you get a medium nib and a free converter which are the basics when it comes to buying a fountain pen. You can start to use this pen immediately after you buy it.

The ink converter is helpful when it comes to refiling the pen, but this pen does not come with ink cartridges.  Overall this pen is a great choice for you if you’re looking for an exotic, hand-crafted and elegant fountain pen. The good about this pen is that the bamboo case is portable and you can carry it wherever you want to use it.

  • It is 100% handcrafted fountain pen from bamboo
  • It is affordable and lightweight
  • It is stylishly designed and comes with a matching bamboo gift box
  • It is well-balanced
  • Designed with a medium nib that ensures a steady flow of ink during writing
  • It is ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Slides smoothly over the page to give high-quality writing
  • It comes with an easy to refill ink converter
  • This pen is not accompanied by an ink cartridge but that is for security purposes
  • It is a bit short for large handed people
 Aside of these two drawbacks, the Dryden Luxury Bamboo, a well-balanced fountain pen is a perfect choice, if you want to enhance your writing in an elegant way. This pen comes with an additional bamboo gift-case which you will never get from other budget pens out there. The only limiting factor is that it is a bit short so it will not be ideal for you if you have large hands.

04. PARKER Urban 1931600 Medium Nib With Blue Ink Refill 

Best Fountain Pen Under 50 - PARKER Urban 1931600 Medium Nib With Blue Ink RefillThis pen was first introduced in the market in 1888 by George Parker after he believed it was possible to design a great pen. From then, this blotch-free fountain pen has become the love of many and that’s why we’ve decided to list it as our product number 3, in our best fountain pen under 50 list.

The PARKER Urban is designed stylishly and offers outstanding performance. Its curved design and varied finishes, makes it perfect for complementing your individual style. This pen offers you the latest look that you can’t wait to have in your writing needs. The pen is made with an anodized aluminum barrel and the durable nib is made from stainless steel and designed to offer you a perfect writing angle.

This pen is also sophisticated and is a great pen for giving out as a gift. Parker is known for designing expert quality and premium products and this pen is no exception. The nib provides a steady flow of writing experience. What’s more is that it comes with a choice of medium and fine sized nib so you can choose one that suits your writing style. The medium nib is just perfect when you want to make neat and eye-catching lines lest you write with finer strokes.

The pen is airtightly protected with the anodized aluminum barrel and cap to maintain its quality for a long time. The anodized aluminum is a tough material which assures you of a durable fountain pen. When writing with this pen, your hands and wrist will feel comfortable even when you use it for long hours since it is the barrel is curved in design.

This pen is ideal for business professionals, freelancers and workers who deal with regular writing of papers.

  • It comes with an encased stainless steel medium nib
  • It is ergonomically designed for comfort purposes when writing with it
  • It provides a smooth and steady flow of ink during writing
  • It produces fancy strokes when writing with it
  • The cartridge and converter are highly compatible with a range of bottled ink.
  • Its clip is convenient
  • It designed from a durable anodized aluminum barrel and cap.
  • It can be a little messy when refilling the pen using the cartridge
  • It is slightly heavy
 If you are a freelance writer, a business professional or an ordinary worker and you would want to take your writing style to the next level then this PARKER Urban Fountain Pen should not miss in your shopping list. Durability, comfortability, and quality is everything when it comes to choosing a fountain pen and that’s what you will get when you buy this pen.

05. Pilot Collection Metropolitan – Classic Design Medium Nib Fountain Pen (91107)

Best Fountain Pen Under 50 - Pilot Collection MetropolitanOur last product in our list of the best fountain pen under 50 is the Pilot Collection Metropolitan, a pen you can give out as a gift to someone, a pen that comes with a medium nib, well-designed and writes smoothly and releases ink steadily for clean writing.  What else can you get from this fountain pen? It is sleek in design and has a great grip. Note that when a pen can offer great grip you get the opportunity to hold it firmly and thus being able to write exceptionally well and this is what this pen offers you and more.

Another thing is the fact that you can refill the pen with your preferred ink. Also, the pen offers an enjoyable writing experience and the medium nib slides over the pages smoothly to bring a great writing style. This pen is fresh and modern with a premium matte finish. The classy back barrel makes it attractive and the medium nib creates unique and exceptional lines to make your writing stand out. The black barrel suits well with the sparkly, vintage-look nib and the shiny cap.

Immediately when you see this pen, you might think it’s a highly-priced fountain pen because it is fashionable, with a modern design but its price is modesty for a pen with such outstanding features. The barrel is made of long-lasting brass and the nib is made of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. Overall this pen is stylish, modern, and durable and produces high-quality writing that you cannot get from a pen of this price range.

  • A modern fountain pen
  • It is an affordable fountain pen with outstanding features
  • It is the best pen to give out as a gift to your loved ones
  • It is a fashionable and durable fountain pen
  • The medium nib can also be replaced with a fine nib to suit your writing needs.
  • It has a medium nib which may not be suitable for many people.
  • It lacks a higher ink capacity so you will need to refill it regularly
  • It may leak sometimes.
 The Pilot Metropolitan collection fountain pen offers you a perfect gift idea for your loved ones since it is designed with a stunning plastic case. Another thing is that the medium nib can be replaced with a fine nib so it can cater to all your writing style. This pen is also ideal for personal and professional use and it does not disappoint you.

Our Overall Best Pick from the List of the Best Fountain Pens Under 50

Through our extensive research, testing and trying, we can hereby confidently recommend the Lamy Safari as the best fountain pen on the market today. This pen gives you all the outstanding features you would want to get from a fountain pen plus many others. It comes with an ink cartridge but you can use a converter instead.

The grip the pen offers on various hands makes it elegant and effective for smooth and exceptional writing.  What’s more? This fine nib releases a steady flow of ink plus the material used when constructing the phone makes it last longer. If you are looking for a fountain pen that can accept ink cartridges and converters then this versatile fountain pen would make the best choice for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Fountain Pen Under 50- Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Generally, a fountain pen is used for writing. For this reason, you should consider a pen that is not only stylish or cheap but one that can write well and smoothly. It is important for every person buying a fountain pen to ensure the pen you buy can help you accomplish the type of writing you want while at the same time making you comfortable while writing. With our fountain pen buying guide, you rest assured to pick the best from the list of available options out there. Here are things you need to check before settling on a fountain pen to buy.

The way a fountain pen is designed will determine how long you will use it without experiencing hand or wrist fatigue. When it comes to comfort when writing ergonomically designed pens are essential. This is, in fact, vital if you are going to spend many hours writing with the pen. So, you will need to consider how the body of the pen is shaped and the weight it carries.
The cost of fountain pens varies according to the style and the features it comes with. Some models can be modestly prices while others can be costly. Before you settle on a particular fountain pen to purchase, you need to understand the features and other accessories it comes with.

 Frequently Asked Questions

To have that smooth, beautiful, and comfortable writing experience, you must use the best suitable fountain pen. Whether you are a professional or you are just beginning to buy a fountain pen, you need to be updated of the latest and brilliant fountain pens out there. The best ones will deliver a smooth and accurate writing on a range of papers. Whatever type of fountain pen you decide to buy for your writing needs, you must aim for a high-quality product. To help you out, we’ve prepared some frequently asked questions below. Read on.

What Is the Best Ink Bottle for These Fountain Pens?
Any ink bottle is perfect; however, you need to ensure you are buying it from trusted ink brands like Parker, Pilot and many others out there. Just make sure you are buying from a trusted ink brand and you are good to go.
Are There Fountain Pens That Can Use Both Ink Cartridges and Converters?
Yes! There are fountain pens that can use ink cartridges and converters. However, they are used separately and not together. But first of all, ensure to check whether pen you want to purchase can use the two.
Can I Replace the Nib with Another One of Another Size?
Yes! There are fountain pens that allow switching of nibs, however, you must check to know whether your model can allow that.

Final Verdict

Picking the best fountain pen under 50 can be hectic, especially with the plenty of options to choose from out there. In fact, the process can be perplexing due to the fact that every brand promises the best from their products. But it doesn’t have to be that tough and confusing.

Reading our best fountain pen under 50 reviews, you can rest assured to pick the best and the right pen for your writing needs regardless of whether there are many options to choose from or not. Note that the best and the right pen will affect how you write. The quality and the comfort you get when writing will depend on the pen you are using. So, ensure to check all the aspects we’ve highlighted above when shopping for your fountain pen.

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