Five Top Best Electric Golf Cart Reviews And Buying Guide

The idea of walking through the golf course is cool. It allows golfers to exercise their legs and body, hence, promoting their health. However, the challenge of sweat from the sun and the added pressure to the shoulder from the golf sack is something that can ruin the fun. Added to the sweat comes the pain from straining your joints and muscles. For that reason, you need an electric golf push cart that can help you take the burden off your shoulder and comes with an extra accessory like an umbrella holder to keep you safe from the sun rays. A win-win,

The problem that arises with this solution is getting the best electric golf cart. The best push golf cart is not written on the body of the vehicle. Without the needed knowledge, even if you get the chance to inspect the device, there is a significant chance of you going home with the wrong match for you. There are different types of electric golf buggies which is the reason you should follow through with this review of our top 5 best golf push carts.

We desire to enlighten you on what you need to know about purchasing the best push golf carts.

Comparison Table for Our Top Five Push Golf Carts

Caddytek EZClicgear 3.5Stewart Golf X9Spin It Golf GC1RCaddyTek One
Size 16.5x14.4x28.4 " 13x10x15 " 32.3x26x12.6 " 33x23.5x14.1 " 17x13.8x25.8 "
Weight Lightweight 18.4 Lbs Lightweight 16 Lbs Balanced 48 Lbs Lightweight 16 Lbs Lightweight 16.6 Lbs
type 3 wheels 3 wheels 4 wheels 3 wheels 4 wheels

 Whom are Electric Golf Trolleys meant for?

For beginners, that’s the right question to bring up. A golf cart is a device that helps golf players and other individuals move around the golf course. Generally, there are two types of a golf cart. One, the small cars made to carry humans and their golf bag. Two, the small trolleys constructed to hold onto golfers’ sack while they journey from one hole to the other.

The cart we are referring to in this article is the golf trolley, and the manufacturers of the tool made it with the golfers in mind. To ensure that those who like to enjoy the walk from one hole to another, can do it without the extra weight of their rucksack. As you have guessed so far, this equipment is built specifically for golfers, but here is a drop down of some people that might find the design appealing:

  • Gardeners
  • And Farmers amongst others.

Our Review of the Top Five Best Electric Golf Cart

01. Caddytek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart:

Best Electric Golf Cart - Caddytek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push CartThe Caddytek EZ is an exceptional device when it comes to performance. This device is built to serve the sports fanatics well in any weather. You can use it during the rainy, cold, and sunny seasons. Though it comes in three-wheel design which gives a right amount of balance, a four-wheel Push Trolley Cart is more commendable to battle the harsh parts of the golf course.

Despite the setbacks in the wheels, you should not be scared to take it out on any terrain as the construct of the machine allows it to fair well than those of its grade. Due to the goals of the manufacturers to make available a push cart buggy which can withstand the weather and daily prolong use of its owner, the device comes with specific necessary features and one year warranty. You get the umbrella holder for those hot hours and coverage during the downpour. Also, there is the refreshment storage which owns an inbuilt cooler to keep your refreshed.  It is also lightweight so you don’t have to go through the trouble of fighting with your push cart after a day of sports action.

As an electric golf trolley designed for heavy duty, the CaddyTek EZ-fold provides a useful alternative for golfers who indulge in round after round of sport.

  • The umbrella holder comes handy during the sunny and rainy days,
  • The compact size makes it convenient for golfers to jack or store.
  • The ergonomic adjustable handle ensures better handling.
  • A mash net along with the pad on the handle ensures a firm grip.
  • The ample storage and cooling features ensure health is sustained.
  • Has a tee and ball holder,
  • Possible quality control issues
During our test, the Caddytek EZ-Fold worked pretty well. If you are someone who loves to engage in golfing activity for a long duration, the Caddytek EZ Fold 3 Wheels is an excellent choice. However, you should know that there is a chance of you getting a poorly fitted one as some customers have complained in the past.

02. Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push CartThe Clicgear 3.5 is designed to improve the experience of users in regards to customization, portability, comfortability, and lightweight. The trolley is very light coming to the market at barely 18 pounds; this allows you to push the cart with your luggage inside comfortably. Moreover, when it comes to gathering the device for storage or conveyance, you will not have to strain your muscle much for it.

The manufacturers of this Push golf buggy wants their users to have lots of customizable options to ensure they can add to the device whatever will promote their experience in sport and the moving of the golf cart. Hence, there is a ball holder, umbrella holder, multi-colors to choose from, net storage for personal items, and a full console for the game.

Though it comes in three wheels like the CaddyTek EZ-Fold, the producers of the device patterned it in an elegant but effective manner to balance the weight adequately. You can include any size of golf sack to it, and the trolley will take the luggage wherever you are willing to go.

The goal of the manufacturers is to promote convenience, durability, and effectiveness. You can see this in the handbrake system, the adjustable bag strap, the ample personal storage, the airless tires, the Umbrella hold, and their choice of construction material. You can get this Electric push golf cart in an extensive range of colors. So, you do not have to go for the color you do not like.

  • Handbrake makes halting easy.
  • A commendable console with needed features for golfers.
  • Umbrella mount keeps the rain and sun away,
  • The adjustable clip-bag strap accepts any size of the golf bag,
  • It comes in a broad range of colors.
  • It has four extra necessary accessory attachments.
  • Its compact suitcase size and 18 pounds weight encourages quick conveyance.
  • The slide-to-close feature ensures speed closing and opening.
  • We could not find any aside from the high price.
Buying the Clicgear Model 3.5+ is an excellent choice if you are up for it. Based on our testing it delivers on its promises and has an array of needed accessories. However, it might be more tasking for your pocket than others of its grade. Also, the three wheels feature might not provide the best stability.

03. Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Cart

Best Electric Golf Cart - Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric CartThe vendors of this push golf cart designed it to promote the look of the golfer and his kit while walking the course. You can see the achievement of this goal in our slick and classy it looks. The carriage has an aesthetic, car construct that is similar to a sports car. With your bag on the Push golf trolley, you feel pretty good inside.

Aside from beauty, the manufacturers constructed the device to bring a new definition to “freedom from strain.” With the Bluetooth feature Stewart Golf X9 possesses and the control set that comes with it, you can push your truck left, right, front, and back with just a push of a button. However, that is not the only exciting part on the producer’s sleeve; you can activate the Follow Me feature which enables the device to follow you, within a 50-yard distance, across the golf course.

Perhaps it is because of this innovative feature that the Stewart X9 electric Push Golf cart dips at the weight angle. The device is 48.8 pounds, meaning you might experience some strain when it is time to jack and convey it. Aside from that, golfers who go for this cart will enjoy the perfect stability that comes with a four-wheel trolley. However, because the front tires are small, you might find it difficult navigating steep terrains.

  • The aesthetic design is outstanding.
  • The follow-me-system is something to show off.
  • The remote control feature brings something new to the table.
  • With the four-wheel construct, excellent stability is achieved.
  • The console, handle, storage, space secure tee, ball, and pencils
  • There is a spot for your handset and scorecard to fit in
  • No extra room for personal accessories.
  • There is no umbrella mount for rain and sunshade
  • It is more on the weight side and makes it a burden to carry.
  • It is also on the high side in price.
When it comes to functionality, the Stewart Golf X9 has no issues. It works well and provides users the chance to flaunt their cart and kit to others while walking free. If you are someone who loves something flashy and hands-free buggies, then the Stewart Golf X9 is the best electric golf cart for you.

However, you should be ready to do without the other accessories that other trolleys in our list possesses. Plus, be prepared to dig deep into your pocket to purchase the item.

04. Spin It Golf Products GC1R

Best Electric Golf Cart - Spin It Golf Products GC1RThe Spin It GC1R is a cart constructed with the goal of providing more convenience, freedom, and alternatives for golfers. For those golfers who cannot go for the Stewart X9 at the moment, you can consider this electric push golf buggy. The Spin It Golf cart comes with a remote handset just like the Stewart. Clearly, you can see that one of the goals of the firm behind this production is to ensure that golfers can move their luggage without putting significant energy to it.

The remote control comes with an added feature compared to the Stewart X9. You get the chance to alternate the speed of your trolley with a click of the button. Another thing one can enjoy from this carriage is the weight; built to be lightweight and straightforward, the device clocks 16 pounds. The number of pounds you see here is the weight despite the inclusion of 12V battery and a dual 200V motor to the Spin It GC1R trolley.

Though the vendors patterned it to balance weight, the three-wheel feature does not give outstanding stability like the four wheel. However, with the airless, big tire design, finding your way through steep tracts will not be difficult. The Spin It golf push cart is an excellent choice for those who like to keep it simple and enjoy the feature of the remote movement.

  • It lasts long
  • Comes with a remote feature for free rolling
  • It has a speed control for device progress regulation.
  • It is relatively cheap for its grade.
  • Simple and easy to carry for storage purpose.
  • No added features and accessories.
The Spin IT GC1R is a reasonably decent cart with an added advantage when it comes to its remote controls. It is best used for light golfers who do not have much equipment to fix. The electric golf Trolley can work perfectly under rainfall. It is best for those who merely need a cart that can convey their sack around the course.

05. CaddyTek One-Click 4 Wheel Folding Version 3 Golf Push Cart

Best Electric Golf Cart - CaddyTek One-Click 4 Wheel Folding Version 3 Golf Push CartThe CaddyTek 4 Wheel Version 3 is a thrilling golf push cart to witness. Carved out like an old-time carriage, the trolley looks ageless, elegant, and refined. Honestly, when you look at the construct and the choice of big airless tires, you find yourself attaching elegance to the name of the trolley.

Like its sister the CaddyTek EZ-Fold, the producers of the device built it to aid golfers who indulge in long hours of daily fun sport. Their goal is to achieve longevity, customization, and convenience. You can witness this objective in their choice of metal for the construct. The accessories that come with the push golf cart shows you how much they thought about user comfortability.

There are an umbrella stand and a built-in cooler in the extra storage. You can store your balls, pencil and other golf accessories in the room meant for that purpose. Also, you can conveniently close and open the device with the patent one-click button.

When it comes to weight, despite the inclusion of a fourth wheel, the aluminum construct is on the light side. You can easily transport the 16.6 pounds electric golf push cart from one location to another. Users of this buggy can navigate through the harsh tracts of the golf course when the ball falls yonder due to the height of the tires. Plus, you get to witness outstanding stability irrespective of the terrain and weight of your luggage because of the four wheels.

  • The umbrella holder keeps users safe from sun and rain.
  • You can include other necessities to the cart.
  • The four-wheel feature makes sure of utmost firmness.
  • Its ergonomic adjustable handle design ensures better handling.
  • It has a good bag storage.
You might cash in your warranty soon, that is if you get one with assemblage issues.
The CaddyTek 4-wheel version 3 is a productive push golf trolley. It is the best fit for those active Golfers who need all that the CaddyTek EZ-fold has to offer in four wheels.

Basis for Top Five Best Golf Push Cart Products

Customer Reviews
Before we arrived at our final decision for the top 5 push golf trolleys; we went online to check out what users of the various push carts we could find have to say. Though lots of products came up, we had to narrow them down through the next criteria.
Product Testing
Our top 10 list of best push golf cart got narrowed down to the desired five through testing. We weighed their cons and pros and considered the reviews online. In this stage of selection, the mark for excellence was durability, customization, convenience, and added features. Hence, you should be confident in your decision to go for any of the above listed as you will be getting all the benefits that we have captured in this post.

Our Top Pick Among the Five Best Electric Golf Cart

Going through our top five picks, you can agree with us that they are all lovely trolleys that are fashioned to meet the requirement of different sets of golfers, This truth has made it difficult for us to arrive at our best pick.

The CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 and the CaddyTek One-click Fold came up pretty close with their extensive features and durability. Also, the Stewart X9 and Spin It Golf wowed us with their remote attribute and convenience construct.

However, none of them completed the marks like the Clicgear 3.5+. The cart might not have a remote feature, but it has all the essential attributes that most golfers would need. When we ran it through our determinants, it came out as the top contender in customization, added accessories, and convenience, and faired well in the remaining marks. Hence, we selected the Clicgear 3.5+ golf buggies as our best electric golf cart.

Buying Guide to Get the Best Electric Golf Trolley

Handle and Height Adjustment
Just as much as you want a durable cart, you also need an adjustable one. The ability to adjust the height of a push golf cart becomes essential when a tall golfer is in need of this kit. Also, it enables you to change the position of the handle to get a better position for less exertion of energy. Added to the adjustment, the handle of the device should be padded for comfort and firm grip.
Seamless Collapsibility
You do not want to live through the daily experience of battling with your buggies when it is time to open or close. For this reason, top manufacturers produce their golf push carts which comes with a one-click feature or slide, and also allows a seamless collapsing of the device and unfolding.
Weight, Storage, and Material
The weight of your electric golf cart is essential to ensure balance. While that is true, it is also vital that the device is not in on the weight side to avoid the trouble that will ensue when the time comes for you to take it inside, or carry it. A commendable choice lies between 10—20 pounds. The storage system is another essential aspect of the best golf push carts, and so is the metal choice for durability.
Wheel Size
The wheel size of your preferred electric golf cart matters. The golf terrain might be smooth, but the surrounding track is admittedly, a time will come when you have to battle the harsh sides of a golf course. Going for a golf push cart with small wheels will bring a recollection of the nightmare of beating traffic during the strict deadline. An airless, giant wheel ensures easy movement, balance, and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

This session is for those who are yet to use their first cart and might have issues that this post failed to satisfy them appropriately.

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Can Any Bag Fit on the Buggies Listed Above?

Yes, any bag you buy for your golf kit will fit perfectly on the Clicgear 3.5+ because it owns an adjustable clip strap.

After the Cart Is Folded Will It Click and Somehow Lock?
No, that does not happen. These carts will merely fold in to give you a better chance to jack them off the ground and convey them to their storage location. However, they certainly click into place when you unfold.
For the ones with battery, how long will it take to recharge them after going through 18 holes?
Well, it should take roughly 4-6 hours to refill their cells.
Can the Batteries Be Quickly Removed for Reasons like Change or Repairs?

Yes, you can quickly remove the battery of the Stewart Golf X9.

Can Those Trolleys with Remotes Be Pushed When the Battery Is Flat, or the Controls Are Not Around?
Of course, you can do that. To ensure that your electric golf push cart is open to pushing, you should disconnect the wheels from the Motor. This action will make the trolley a freewheeling buggy, ready for a light push from you.
Which of These Carts Have Storage for Drinks?
Three! The Clicgear 2.5+ comes with net storage for lots of stuff. The two versions of the CaddyTeck come with a built-in cooler just for beverages.

Final Conclusion

Here is our review of the top five best electric golf carts you can find in the market at the moment. Be it as it may, the right thing to do when streamlining for the best push golf cart is to ensure that the key attributes pointed out above are covered. Even for a low budget, there is something laudable for you.

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