Best Electric Chainsaws For Grabs | Five Picks And Ultimate Guide

We have done the research and have compiled in this page the best electric chainsaws for you. The days of using an axe to hack down the tree or engage in similar wood works are over and should be at this moment. If you are one of those who has invested their years into using an axe to break those logs into a stack of fire-woods, you have been doing yourself a great disservice. Chainsaws are the best method to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.

For those who have been using chainsaws for a while now, the advantages of the machine are too out there to overlook. Despite the benefits of a sawing machine, the sad thing is that most homeowners and woodcutters know only or prefer the gas chainsaw. This situation is so because they are yet to see the electric saw in action.

Comparison Table For Our Five Top Best Electric Chainsaws

Oregon CS1500LCS1240 ChainsawSun Joe SWJ800EDEWALT DCCS690M1Greenworks Chainsaw
Length 18” bar and chain 12- inch chain and bar 8-inch chain and bar 16-inch bar and chain 16-inch chain and bar
Power 15 Amp 40 volts 6.5 powered Amp motor 40 volts 40 volts
Weight 12.9 lbs 10.4 pounds 7 pounds 18.45 pounds 10.7 pounds
Type Corded Cordless Corded Cordless Cordless

Who Needs Our Best Rated Electric Chainsaws And What You Should Know

Who needs the electric chainsaw? Basically, everyone who is tired of the much hacking from an axe; anyone who is weary of the much sound emission and weight that comes with the gas-powered equipment.

Homeowners are one of those people who need an electric chainsaw. You do not want to spend hours hacking that log to smaller bits, or battle with the noise, maintenance, weight, and costs that come with the Gas-powered chainsaws. Besides, as a homeworker or owner, your duty is less tasking and do not need the giant, hard to maintain sawing machine― gas powered.
Wood Cutters
Yes, electric chain cutters are not that less powerful than their gas counterparts. In fact, they work terrifically when compared to their makeup. You can use your corded electric cutter to hewn down reasonably big trees. Although most of those people using the electric chainsaw don’t use the machine to cut down giant trees, However, you can give it a shot.

Before you hop on the bus of electric sawing, it is appropriate that we inform you of the kinds of electric cutting machines that are available in the market. That will give you the needed opportunity to decide which is the right one for your cutting requirements. Corded and cordless are the two types of electric sawing machine that exist now. Both have their merits and demerits. Mostly, the cordless is perfect for your indoor cutting needs and tree pruning while the corded is the one you should use for falling of small trees and other cutting activities.

How We Derived Our Top Five Best Rated Electric Chainsaws

We took out time to check through online shops for the best corded electric chainsaws based on specific marks. We further narrowed them down based on the weight, speed, power, quality, cost, and what real customers had to say about the device after several months of usage. All these to ensure that we can provide you with an accurate account in merit and demerit of each device.

 Our Review Of The Top Five Best Electronic Chainsaws To Buy

01. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw, 16-inch

best electric chainsaws - Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw, 16-inchGreenworks 16-inch cordless sawing machine is one of the best electric chainsaws out there. Why? You might ask. Greenworks put a lot of efforts into this build to make sure that it comes out as an outstanding alternative to the Gas-powered chainsaw. With this equipment, those who have been using the gas sawing machine can experience a 70% drop in vibration and increase the torque by 30% while carrying out their wood cutting duties.

Woodcutters and homeowners who purchase this device have the chance to enjoy minor maintenance requirement. The 16-inches cordless comes with brushless technology. This innovation in Greenworks sawing machine series works on extending both the performance and life of the saw. You also get lesser noise thanks to the included Tech.

The tool comes with the Heavy-duty Oregon Chain and Bar which ensures that all set of saw users can enjoy the working ability of the device. You also get to enjoy the harmony in work coming from the combination of both the bar, chain, chain pitch, metal backing spikes, chain brake, and auto oiler all which stem from the Oregon heavy-duty product line.

As a home user, you will want a sawing machine that has much safety conditions set in the piece, Greenworks has this in mind too. With the help of the kickback chain and chain brake, you can be confident when using the cutting equipment. Both attributes will help you to keep you safe while using the device. The electronic chain brake works as a lifesaver during accidental pushbacks.

  • It is lightweight
  • Comes with an Auto Oiler
  • A superb motor
  • A Brushless tech
  • An improved torque
  • A durable battery
  • Over time the auto oiler feature fails due to clogging
  • With time the locket screws tend to lose its tight grip
  • Some of these products cannot retain oil in the reservoir.
The Greenworks 16-inch electrical chainsaw is the kind of equipment you should consider when you want to fall big trees. The 16-inch chain size gives you enough force to run through thick woods. However, you might be cashing your warranty sooner based on our findings.

02. The Black+Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw

best electric chainsaws - The Black+Decker LCS1240 Cordless ChainsawDecker LCS1240 is another cordless on our list of best electric chainsaws. With a nice and matured design, the Decker is available for those who want to cut or prune their trees. In the same manner with the Greenworks 16-inch electric chainsaw, the Decker 1240 comes packed with enough power for longer work duration. Black Decker has attached to this device a lasting 40V lithium battery. Unlike the predecessors of the gadget, the cordless chainsaw lasts five times longer.

The chainsaw owns a 12 inches bar and chain which the manufacturers have set to run faster and smoothly to provide its users with a better experience. Attach to this is a tool-free tensioning that is a dream for most saw users. With this feature, you do not need to employ the assistance of tools when the time to adjust the arrives.

The chain and kickback elements of this tool are creations of Oregon. With that in mind, you should expect a commendable performance from the sawing machine. Because of the compact and lightweight nature of this sawing equipment, you can enjoy more convenience in moving the item around during your wood chopping moment.

The Decker LCS1240 also houses an auto oiling system. With this provision, you can work without having to lubricate the chain and bar manually.

  • It is compact
  • It owns an auto oiler system
  • Safety mechanism
  • It is lightweight
  • A tool-free tensioning
  • An ergonomic handle design.
  • None
If you are looking for an electric chainsaw that can help you handle and improve the trees in your residence, this a superb cutting and pruning tool to consider. However, though the device is cordless and houses enough power to engage larger trees, you will not be getting the best experience due to the moderate size of the bar and chain.

03. The Sun Joe 8-inch Pole Electric Chain Saw

best electric chainsaws - The Sun Joe 8-inch Pole Electric Chain SawThe primary design for wood cutting tools is not always convenient for the users. What we intend is that you can use your featherweight electric chainsaw conveniently to hewn down some branches and trunks that are reachable. The task becomes risky and more demanding when the limbs you need to fall are above you by several feet. At this point, you need a pole chainsaw for convenience and better cutting experience. That’s what the Sun Joe offers.

This chainsaw is part of the corded category on our list of the best rated electric chainsaw. Sun Joe included a highly-capable 6.5 Amp motor to the equipment to ensure more work done and a better experience for users. You can quickly chop down those thick branches constituting to the risk around your home with this 8-inch bar and chain device. Due to the power of the motor, homeowners and woodcutters can defeat woods that are about 7.5 thick with little to no sweat.

Regarding the material Sun Joe used to create the bar and chain of this cutting tool, you can be sure of a durable and superb performance. Oregon is the ones who crafted those pieces for the company. There is a safe switch placed in this sawing machine to prevent accidental starts. Hence, you can discard the thoughts of experiencing a risk caused by such incident.

Rested on the straightforward and ergonomic design of this tool, Sun Joe gives you a chance to enjoy the task of pruning and cutting of your trees without the usual stress that comes with other corded, cordless, and gas-powered sawing machines.

  • It is lightweight
  • An ergonomic design
  • 15 ft of overhead reach
  • Durable materials
  • A powerful amp
  • Range limitation
This is a perfect device for the homeowners who need to prune and cut limbs feet away from their reach. However, due to the saw is a corded chainsaw, you have limited options on which tree you can take care of. Aside from this issue, the chainsaw is a well-thought-out production of Sun and Joe

04. The Dewalt DCCS690M1 16” Brushless Chainsaw

best electric chainsaws - The Dewalt DCCS690M1 16” Brushless ChainsawThe Dewalt DCCS690 is another cordless on our list of best electric chainsaw for purchase. In the same manner that the manufacturers of the Greenworks 16-inch cordless chainsaw prepared the cutting tool for a suitable alternative to Gas Powered, Dewalt has done the same with their new construct. First, the gadget comes with a 16-inch bar and chain that Oregon produced for the company. This length of cutting teeth will help you lighten the load in cutting. That added to the low kick-back design for the cutting compartment, there is an improvement in safety while working.

With the 4AH battery of 40v max backing the device performance, you can witness longer cut time. That alone makes the Chainsaw something to love when considered with the absence of the demerits that comes with its gas-powered peer. Additionally, Dewalt has included a Brushless Motor which does not only improve the general life of the equipment but also enhances performance and reduced the maintenance load.

The company went ahead to ensure that they can give more convenience through their attachment of auto oiling features. You are as a user, can employ the electric chainsaw into different cutting diameters and lubrication. There are the LubriWell and LubriLink setting for cutting prowess.

With the help of the two modes of lubrication and cutting pattern, the company improves its assurance of the chainsaw’s life and the reduction of maintenance from users end. While the Greenworks model doesn’t come with the tool-free tensioning system, the Dewalt version does. Hence, you don’t have to keep a tool box next to you while running the cutting machine.

  • Owns tool-free tensioning
  • Runs on a powerful motor
  • Holds a variable speed trigger
  • Auto oiling feature
  • A lasting power source
  • Possesses a bar tightening knob
  • May purchase one with issues of chain cutting through the plastic between chain and motor
  • It is a bit weighty.
We see the Dewalt DCCS490M1 as a terrific device for efficiently cutting down those thick trees around your resident or in the industrial area when the Gas-powered isn’t the best choice. Though the cutting tool comes packed with necessary features, you should be careful during purchase to avoid one with the issue captured above.

05. The Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw

best electric chainsaws - The Oregon CS1500 ChainsawThe Oregon Chainsaw is the last but not the least on our list of the best rated electric chainsaws. Crafted by the company that has been responsible for the most part, the production of the critical components used in the various electric chainsaws on our list, you should expect a lot in performance, convenience and durability of the material and product life from this item.

At first glance, the Oregon self-sharpening chainsaw owns an impressive portable design. Alongside this is the extensive 18” chain and bar for more effective cutting and options on tree thickness. The company included a host of new tech to the gadget to ensure they wow their users. There is a PowerSharp Sharpening System on this sawing machine. With this feature, woodcutters and homeowners can sharpen the chain of the CS1500 in a matter of seconds. It works as they described. Once the chain reduces its cutting performance, what you need to do is to pull on the PowerSharp level for a max of 5 seconds and your tool will be as sharp as the first day you purchased it.

Aside from the sharpening feature, the CS1500 chainsaw also comes with an Automatic oiler attribute to make the work of the user faster. You get to even see the thing at work with the view-through window. The sawing machine runs on a 15-amp power motor which allows you to enjoy more cutting efficiency. Housing all these excellent features, what you get when you purchase the Oregon CS1500 is a chainsaw that will satisfy you in the long run.

The tool also comes with a tool-free tensioning like the last two electric chainsaws highlighted on this list which allows you to adjust effectively without grabbing tools for it.

  • It is lightweight
  • It owns a compact size
  • Has a tool-free tensioning feature
  • Owns an Auto Oiler
  • An extended chain and bar
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • low vibrations
  • high cutting performance
  • an integrated chain brake
  • comfortable handles
  • very affordable
  • a working self-sharpening system
  • has a limited range
The Oregon corded Electric chainsaw did not disappoint us. The sawing machine works superbly for homeowners and woodcutters. However, due to the corded design, you can’t exercise full liberty in your cutting range. That aside, the Oregon CS1500 is the best corded electric chainsaw you should consider.

Our Top Pick Out Of The Five Top Electric Sawing Machine In The Market Today

As you walked through the list of products in this review, we believe that just like us, you have in your mind the device that stands out from the rest. The said device owns, cutting-edge performance, comes with an ergonomic design to improve the users handling and controls, comes with an improved safety measure. It also comes with several innovate features, durability and power. Despite that the Oregon CS1500 chainsaw has the cord limitation, there are ways to overcome that without sacrificing its features for another. Hence, it is our top pick.

Our Ultimate Buying Guide For Interested Chainsaw Customers

There are lots of chainsaws in the market and several decisions for you to make before narrowing down the one that’s for you. Thoughts like do I need an electric chainsaw or gas-powered? Should I go for the corded or the cordless? Might arise. When you have gone past that stage of deliberation, we are here to assist you in getting some markers checked on your road to convenience and best user experience.

  • Safety― we cannot express to you how essential it is for you to consider safety as the number one point in your checklist. Chainsaws are powerful equipment that can enact hazards in your life when not appropriately managed or constructed correctly. You need to know if the manufacturer built the device firmly and if it has safety measure that works. Of course, you cannot be so sure from the manufacturer point of view. Read the reviews. Ask questions. What you want to keep track of while checking, is if it has an improved kickback feature
  • Straightforward and featherweight― for further security, the best electric chainsaws comes with an ergonomic, straightforward design to enhance the grip of the user on the tool. That added to the lightweight, they aid to improve the user’s safety and ability to maneuver the machine to get their desired results. Surveys conducted has proven that the main reason most people suffer accidents from gas and some electric chainsaws is due to their weight and control construct.
  • Performance― while looking out for safety you do not want to forget the significance of performance. The best chainsaw will come loaded with lots of features that promote the device operation. These features will not, while discharging their duty, get in the way of your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Greenworks 16” saw to work? I have worked with it, and the chain dropped twice.
The secret is to make sure that you put the chain in a snug position so that the runners at the bottom don’t come out of their place.
Does the decker LCS1240 come with oil for lubrication or am I to buy that alongside with the saw?
I guess so. When I bought mine a few months past, it did not come with the oil. I had to purchase it separately.
Which one is faster? The decker LCS with 40V or the one with 20V?
They are both fast chainsaws with the 40 Volts decker taking the lead. The 50V model cuts at a speed of 5 m/s whereas the 20-volt brand slices through at a rate of 3.5 m/s.
The various advertisement I have seen regarding the Sun Joe states that the 8” chainsaw is 15 ft end to end, but you are saying it is 9 ft. Who should I believe?
Both. You see the device is 9 ft tall in its natural state. However, you can extend it to gain the reach of branches beyond the current height, up to 15 ft.
Can I use the charger for the 40V Dewalt to charge the 20 V and contrary?

Our Final Verdict

Getting the right chainsaw is essential for you to derive the best cutting experience. While there are still areas in lumbering where the Gas Powered chainsaw remains the top contender in performance, you don’t have to put up with the noise, fumes, and hard maintenance all the time. Facts are, for a homeowner; you will mostly need an electric chainsaw for any wood need that befalls you. Today, we have highlighted the best electric chainsaws out there. Grab yours.

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